11 March 2012

QWeekly - Really just what i did

HALLO!!!! ^.^

Just scrolled through my phone and looking at random pictures and feeling happy. It's 80% Baby Yurou's pictures but i think i'd save that for spamming another time haha ^.^

A picture NiaoNiao sent me when i was in Thailand.

I lol-ed hen i saw the picture. Becox one, Ah Bong (my nephew) very good at acting. He even tip-toed, look! Lol.

And i also laugh becox my dad look very.. PRC =X

Hahahah! Really! We always tell him to stop wearing sports shoes everywhere!!! And also stop wearing the pouch outside his top.

Lolol. He don't care of course. Sometimes he even wear sports shoes with long sleeves shirt and black long pants =_="

But to be fair, he IS a China man born in China so i don't think he can drift that far away from his bloodline lolol.

That makes me a half china woman and i think that explains a lot of things. Lolol.

Nia ma ge bor. HAHAHA. Nothing lah, scold for fun one.

"Watch out!"
"We got a badass over here!" Igloo! ^.^ She's quite big now already!!!
Went to Wendy's place for movie night and look at the dishes the ladies made =O The trio egg vege done by June and Shuyin, laksa or tomyum (i cannot remember) by Wendy, and the nicely presented drunken chicken by Shuyin, super pro one. And the chao da roasted pork by bf ^.^
A picture of myself before flying off.

Since i've been back on Thursday, i've blogged about the trip, i've cleared all the emails, cleaned the house, did laundry and grocery shopping with bf, passed the stuff i bought for my family to them and collected my Hello Kitty parcel!!! Show you all again!!! Hen cute de!!!

Gonna go perm and trim my hair soon i think O.O Hope it turns out good!!!

Wish me luck! If nothing goes wrong, you'd see me with new hairstyle next week! ^.^


Anonymous said...

Stop acting like you are a nice sweet person! Just want to get clOse to popular bloggers to get yourself famous! Disgusted with you totally!

Anonymous said...

U did plastic in thailand?

Anonymous said...

Your dad looks cute n kind! :)

Ari said...

LOL what's wrong with those 2 anons hating on you?...crazy

Anonymous said...

try to cover up that you did plastic surgery in bkk. post pictures of your shopping to distract pple's attention. fake bitch has the cheek to whine bout haters?

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i'm sure you know me very well!!!

Anon, why do i have a feeling you're the one same person who keep asking me the same question!!!

Anon, THANKS ^.^ HE IS!!! Kind! Cute... Hahaha!

Rely, they got nothing better to do!

Anon, cover up your head. Did i say i DID NOT DO SURGERY?! Did i say I DID SURGERY?! Showing pictures of my shopping = distract and coverup, the whole Budget Barbie series must be a conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

Im so excited to see your stuffs in the hello kitty parcel *curious* :D