17 June 2012

Japan - Day 1

Me at Singapore airport. Looking like a superstar ^.^

You might have to understand a few things.

1) I haven't been to Japan ever but i've heard many many many things about the country and i superrrr look forward to visiting and tadang, one wish off the checklist and i'm sent there for work actually! So, sweet jesus, i'm a rockstar!!! Lolol. "Lucky" would underrate what i am. So please bear with me!

2) Don't blame me but this post is only 1 out of 4. And this is the shortest post of all. Cox the rest is soooooooo heavy with pictures i had to take out like 30 to make into this post so as to make space for the rest. Next post you can expect even more pictures. Next next post, even more. Next next next post.. Just stay tuned please. Lolol. And the pictures will just get chioer ^.^

3) I extended my stay in the hotel people from Emoda kindly booked for me. It's a pretty expensive one so i think i deserve all rights to show it off instead of doing what i'd usually do, a collage.

4) No collage for Japan in short. Cox everything is too nice i cannot bear to collage them and call it a day. Not even on food!!! I loved EVERY meal i had in Japan!!!! =DDD

5) Be prepared to see a lot a lot of pretty girls along the way through the four posts. LOL. Okay say real one, it's mainly me and then followed by Cheesie hahaha. But i met other really chio girls too!

Alright so if we're good, here's me again! Hahaha ^.^

Make up on the flight there and look at my luggage please!!! Ke Ai hor?! $100 from Chinatown. Last piece so don't bother. You can try getting it online i think it's about the same price. Good luck. And.. AHEM. This is the first time i come out from the airport got people hold "MS QIU QIU" to receive me please. I hope next time i arrive at whichever airport also got people do this for me. LOL ^.^
In Japan. Looking instantly chioer. Maybe it's the air. Maybe it's the sunlight. Maybe it's the water i drank at their airport. I suspect even their plants look nicer than me X.X With all the Japan water, sunlight and air. Yeah, i think they do. Lol. Well, i have 5 days to absorb as much as i can. Lol.
Quite love the location of this hotel! Can just walk to Shibuya to explore anytime and has a 100 yen shop super nearby, convenient stores and makan places etc all super near. Love!
When i got into the hotel room i was like, okay! Pretty spacious! Nise...
Two beds, awesome. One to put things =X and to chill with our wear-out clothes on to rest a bit before heading out again, one to sleep on with fresh clothes. Great ^.^
Typical bathroom shot. Lolol.
Love that it has a bathtub..
And a shower room AND MFG WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT PLEASE!!!! Josh lifted the curtain when i was snapping pictures and i was like "OMG SOOOO PRETTTTTYYY!!!!!"
So i went back to the living room and lift the curtains and snap pictures of the view <3
My rest chair for 5 days ^.^ With perfect view!
Nice to meet you, 久 仰大名, 百闻不如一见, you Japanese toilet flushing system. You're so famous i've heard so much about you each time people sing praises of Japan, you're always one of it.
Went a bit crazy and all touched when i saw these flowers.. THEY ARE ROADSIDE FLOWERS CAN YOU FREAKING BELIEVE ME PLEASE?! They are!!! Roadside flowers also so chio O.O
Cheesie and i ^.^ We were having our welcome dinner with the people from Emoda =D
With Chigira San and Cheesie. He's very nice and friendly and omg, what am i saying, isn't everyone in Japan like this!!! Nice, friendly, helpful and super hospitable! ='D
Guess what's this! Not a mermaid's bra/ bikini~ Lolol.
It's a spoon! Gotta give it to the Japanese. All the cutest and innovative things you can think of, they are most probably already doing it.. *whispers* better =X
Crispy beancurd wrap with cheese <3
Nami San looking really pretty at the back of this picture ^.^ She's been the most helpful in this whole trip!!! She even had to run around with me to get stuff prepared for the fashion event (you'd see next post! =D) in the rain!!! =( I feel so bad about it please. But she's still all smiley and patient.
How it will all look like. Every single piece is arranged please =__=" They really put in a lot of effort and thoughts in everything they do. I love the soup base by the way!!! =DDD
LIVE PRAWN OMG. It jumps!!!!!!! And some of the live prawns jumped off and Josh even caught one with his bare hands. He's my hero ^.^ Go ahead and gag! =D Hahaha! You're just jelly! Lolol.
Sweet prawns is sweet. No like really, it's DAMN sweet!!!! =OOO Like i exclaimed "OMG it's damn sweet!!!" and it's like i didn't even thought about it, my mouth just said it after tasting it. Lol.
Soba sushi, got eat before? Quite yums also!! Love whatever they put as fillings. Super refreshing!
A picture with the super nice people from Apparel Web! Nami San, QiuQiu San (lolol), Cheesie San, Mickey San on the top, Ivene and Chigira San ^.^

Thank you thank you thank you so much!!! For inviting me over!!! And for being such awesome hosts =')) Thank you!!! Thank you, all of you! For making my Japan trip enjoyable as can be

And this is the end of this post! Please be warned, this is just a warm up. A very very mild warm up!

Lol. Brace yourselves.. The picture spam is coming for the next few posts about Japan!

A bit about the next day. Hop into a ramen shop that Cheesie recommend cox she had it with Wendy before and it was DAMN AWESOME. I couldn't finish it thou cox the serving was quite huge!
Mine!!! LOVE.
Cheesie looking super pretty in the morning =__= Cannot be more kiasu than her one. Lolol. Me with no makeup. Badass in Japan Tokyo yo! Me! Hahaha! Talk again really soon!

For now, sayonara. Mata Aimashou.

*smug smile*

怎样~? 人家我用 iPhone 学回来的嘞 *proud face*

Lololol. I didn't speak a single Japanese word there thou i learnt a few before going =/ Too shy.

I know lah! Me being shy is as believable as a pair of crocs can be chio.

Oh i really have to go, sumimasen (lol ngair ngair squeeze in Jap words) but it's early in the morning 7am and i really have to run (to bed) after i schedule this post.

Ja ne! Yeah, Ja ne also is Japanese. Duuuh? Of course i'd know!!!

I breathed Japan air for 5 days? Dude? *rolleyes flick hair* Lololol.

Aishiteru lah =)
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Anonymous said...

Honestly in the group shot of you with the Apparel Web people, you're the prettiest hands down.

Saph said...

/camps for next post and wtf Japan air makes everyone more chio I swear.

trish said...

qq you're so pretty!! ^^ with or without makeup =) thanks for this japan trip post! =))

Susan Lolo Bua said...

Qiuqiu is the most beautiful in these picture... cantik sangat!!
can't wait to see your wedding dress :)
i wish one day i meet you and say hi to you you give me reaction :)
its just my dream..

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a lot of fun!looking forward to loads od pictures to come♥

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a lot of fun!looking forward to loads od pictures to come♥

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a lot of fun!looking forward to loads od pictures to come♥

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a lot of fun!looking forward to loads od pictures to come♥

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a lot of fun!looking forward to loads od pictures to come♥

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a lot of fun!looking forward to loads od pictures to come♥

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a lot of fun!looking forward to loads od pictures to come♥

kerker said...

you are so pretty!!! love the foods pics and the view outside your hotel room is awesome!!

xo kerker
The Ugly Moments

Anonymous said...

all super pretty
waiting for all posts
more pleaseeeeeeee
japan air hahaha

lemonysnoo said...

Pretty girl overload!! Beauty radiating inside and out - tacky, but true I swear!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyday you get more pretty ;)

Lilivanilli said...

qiuqiu!!!!!!!!!! you're perfect already except for your hair hoh. i feel like putting conditioner for u leh how?? haha

sorry ah i bey tahan ur hair only. the rest of you is perfect ^ ^

Anonymous said...

Cheesie is so pretty :D

Comparative Eye said...

beautiful hotel! hope to see more pictures!

lizchewy said...

Japan is really such an amazing place!! I have been there twice for holidays and I really want to go back again soon. All the food looks so good and you look so pretty. I am so happy to have found your blog ^-^


Anonymous said...

Hope you have fun=) I wanna more photos xP More Japan less food plz(cox i cannot eat them all)

Unknown said...

so chio...so very the chio! side track a bit, the hot pink bag that Cheesie has, is it bought from Japan? Samantha Thavasa?