05 June 2012


Love life, live laugh. It's amazing they all sound about the same!!! Haha ^.^

You have no idea how excited i am!!! I am thumping my fingers on the keyboard!!! That's how excited i am!!!!!!!!! Why, no particular reason!!! Just excited with life!!!! Excited about being alive, doing things i love, loving people i love, living the life i'm given and having all of it love me back by making my life more and more upbeat everyday!

I know it sounds like i am too happy but i actually feel i haven't been happy enough before!!! I mean, there were soooooooo many things i could get joy from last time. But i just swing pass it and only get to be more aware of everything good in my life in recent years.

So now i'm making up for it! =DDD

Everyday i know there's something for me to look forward to, everyday there's gonna be a good news some where. For me, for my loved ones or for the world in general. Haha. Yeah, now i tend to take joy in everything even when it's not my business. Lol. Joy is free anyway. Just take, just take! Lolol.

I have to calm down. You have to understand my joy and for you to have a better idea, i shall list down ALL the things that's powering my high. Lolol.

My wedding is gonna be totally taken care of
I have 100% faith in my wedding planner and in all the sponsors i've spoke with so far!!! I don't know how they get to me, but i'm truly lucky i'd be working with the best-for-me!!! =DDD HOW, HOW did all these good things come about?! =DDDDD I mean can you believe it?! Is there a luckier bride-to-be than me. Lolol. Okay lah, got lah, but STILL?!?! I am ONE of the luckiest bride-to-be!!! Hahaha ^.^

I am having a wedding?!?!?!?!?!?
How can i skip this unbelievable part. That is.. ME, I AM GETTING MARRIED SOON. Wtf. Me. Really?!?!?! I am one of the laziest person around. I slouch when i walk. I wake up at 2pm. I shave only when i really have to. I dig my nose a lot and i'd flick it or stick it somewhere convenient. I was the kid who eat beside the rubbish bin in school pretending i am in a rush and pretending i have friends waiting to play with me, when what really happen is i'd run behind the academic block to hide alone and wait for recess to be over. Me, i am getting married soon. Defug is going on. Lolol.

My blog
It gives me all the attention i can get. It brings people, good awesome people into my life. All the bloggers i know through blogging, who now become my good friends =') It brings me money. And money allows me to get a lot a lot of gifts for the people i love. And i know money is not everything, but money.. It settles everything else, and let you worry only for what it can't solve. If you don't have money, you'd have to worry for EVERYTHING, whether or not money can solve. So a simple theory would be, my blog solves all my problem that money can solve. AND it brings me friendship. BAM BAM BAM, everything awesome starts from my blog!!! Everyone go sign up for a blog now.

My health
I am just soooooo thankful my health has been great for a long time =DDD Thank you thank you!!! Thank you my brain, thank you my heart, thank you my blood, thank you my liver, thank you my lungs, thank you my kidneys, thank you my skin, thank you my eyes, thank you my nose, thank you my mouth, thank you my ears, thank you my arms, thank you my legs, thank you my intestines and thank you my bones. Lolol. HOMG. THANK YOU, ME, FOR FEELING HEALTHY!

Today only he bought McDonald's big breakfast + extra Sausage egg Mcmuffin for me. It's just how i like it!!!! And it's my favourite food in the world!!!! Okay this part a bit kua zhang. Lol. But yeah!!! It makes me really happy and thankful i have him ='))) He is the best. Sometimes i feel guilty cox i sleep so late and he wake up so early. But i really hope he knows that i am soooo looking forward to spend the rest of our life together =D I can see us doing holidays together. I can see us in our new HUGE house. I can see us on a cruise balcony. I can see us happy together =)

My family
The best i can ever have. My dad is healthy, that i'm most thankful for. My mum is only getting better =) My sisters are the BESTTTTTT!!!! Really!!!! They give me the best support i'd need all the time. Always ready to do things with me, for me. Every year i'd organise a gathering in June to celebrate my birthday =D Although i quite loserish, i'd buy my own cake, buy food and get everything ready just so they can celebrate my birthday for me HAHAH. And i super super look forward to this year's celebration cox Perkies will be involved! YAY!!! At least someone to take care of the food for me this year ^.^ Now i just need to buy myself a cake. A bit loserish really. Lolol.

AND!!! DENG DENG DENG. My Japan trip is sort of like a work trip! I'm changing $4k for the trip and i intend to spend every single cent of it and then maybe change more there. $1.8k is for our hotel and bf's airfare. So we'd have like $2.2k to spend AT LEAST =DDD Omg i think we'd be spending more!!! What do you think!!!!!!!! OMG OMG. I am sooooo excited!!!!! Why am i so lucky =DDD I get to fly to Japan, FOR FREE!!! Want to faint of high.

I'm gonna buy soooo much things for my family and friends!!! =DDD Can't wait!!!!!


Too high, gonna crash already. I hope you'd choose to be happy in all situation.

I hope you'd love life, live and laugh, A LOT =)


Anonymous said...

Your look of life and happiness really touched me and reading this makes me also so happy. I wish you the best in life and hope you are going to write a millions more posts!

Anonymous said...

can't get enough of it!!!!!!!
sprinkles more highnessss everywhereeeee

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu, thanks for being so positive. You have spread this positivity to me too! :D Great to see so many happy blogposts!

Unknown said...

This post oozes positivity!! (Y) Dont ever stop blogging! :D

Anonymous said...

I smiled when reading this.

trish said...

qiu qiu i love you!! you are so optimistic =)) Im such a lonely person but you're slowly turning me into an opposite of what i am! Thanks to God for someone like you! you are officially my fave blogger!!!! lotsa love! and Happy for you that you are so happy with your life!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you!!! Your positive attitude really is contagious :) thank you for inspiring me to be more optimistic about life!!!


The chic and cheap said...

i accidentally came to your blog and since i discovered you i cant stop reading your blog.
you are really inspiring and all this happiness is really contagious!

kisses from Italy.

it would mean the world to me if you could have a look at my blog too.


The chic and cheap said...

i wish you all the best and i hope your happiness lasts as long as possible.

i came to your blog by accident but i cant stop reading it since that day.
i think that you really are an amazing person, so cute and kind and with an amazing heart.

i'm super happy that your life is going good. see sometimes dreams do came true.

billions of best wishes from Italy!

p.s it would mean the world to me if you take a look at my blog..
here it is:

QiuQiu said...

Thanks guys!!!!! =DDD

Shanee, i will always blog!!!! =DDD

trish, i hope you can find more people to share your joy =)))

Gigi, thank you!!! =D

TCAC - I read it! Thank you!!! Just keep sharing!!! People'd love! =D

Winter said...

QiuQiu, I love how positive you are. I always look forward to reading your tweets and this blog entry makes me so happy. I'm glad that your loving life. Keep doing what your doing.

FiSh said...

it's so positive and bright on your side! :) everyone has problems in life, but you can just look everything from a bright side. how nice. im learning how to do that too.. keep blogging happy stuff! :D

WANLIN said...

Hi qiuqiu.

Thank you for always being grateful and happy and positive. Thank you for influencing me and now, I'm also grateful in many things and learn to be happy. You made me smile when reading this.

You are really awesome. Don't stop blogging!! I need your influence more. Haha~

Love from me =D

Anonymous said...

aww qiu qiu! i hope things continue to be rly awesome for you :D

wada said...

reading this post makes me want to see all the positive things in life and be happy too!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu! I love how your happiness and positivity rub off on me everytime I read what u wrote :) Thank you for being YOU. Thank you for your kind thoughts and kind heart!

Enjoy your Japan trip and Happy Birthday in advance! My birthday is in June too. so Happy Birthday to us - June babes!! lololol...

Look forward to more of your happy tweets on twitter and pics on instragram and blogposts! :D

Anonymous said...

Make another post now! ^^

Huien said...

Love how you're so positive! So cute ah you!!

Missymiyen said...

Qiuqiu, your blog is really one of a kind! sticks out like a sore thumb from the rest... in a positive way. haha.

it's soo inspiring :D i do practice law of attraction a.k.a. the secret for the past few years, and things have been getting better ever since :) like seriously, from being once penniless a few years ago to being surrounded with comforts that, although basic, i'm very grateful for :D

but looking at what the secret has been bringing you, wow, it really blows me away knowing that i can achieve what you've achieved too!

keep up the positive vibe!

Cynthia said...

I love how even though you're so successful you remain so grounded and grateful. Ging! ^_^

Anonymous said...

You are such a special and lovable girl who shares her happiness around.

May God Bless you abundantly. I am very happy for you and your family especially your parents who have brought you up well. They must be very proud to have a daughter like you.

Please continue to sprinkle happiness on your readers especially those who visit your blog when they are feeling down.

Wish there are more happy and positive girls like you!

Anyway, enjoy your trip to Japan to the max and may your wedding preparations be a fun and beautiful process.

Much love and best wishes from a reader who is in her 50s.

queerpinkfish said...

Gosh!! I Love You~~~
Your good vibe is so infectious!!
Thanks for spreading so much positivity..
Lots of love, Pam

Rachel said...

Awww , i damn happy for you :> . But please don't neglect budget barbie after you're marriage . QIUQIU FOR THE WIN !!

Juszes said...

I wish I had Your optimism! I always worry about so many things and dont really have time to simply enjoy living. Thank U for inspiring me Qiugiu (:

esther said...

Hi nice to know u r getting married =) high time after like 7 years of living together with josh. Btw the flat u share wif ur bf - r u owner or is it rented? just curious....hope u dn mind.

Anonymous said...

I feel your happiness!!! Happy for you!! You are one of the few real bloggers who are not afraid to show ur unglam side and i enjoy reading your blog! :D

Kimberley said...

I wanna take photo with you in Japan... Please tell me how to stalk you?

Dora said...

I love to read your blog! It's full of happy and positive stuff =)

Btw i dont think $2.2k is enough for 2 pax. I just went Tokyo for 6 days and my S$1.3K wasn't enough at all. Even swiped over S$300 at the airport!

Willyn said...

I found the spirit of positivity at your heart. I really inspired it much, I hope i am too. Been a looner for this past few months...

SINGAPOREANLifeStyle said...

Nice "Optimism"

Gratz & Good Luck for "THE WEDDING"!!

Anonymous said...

where is your husband's photo?

Anonymous said...

This post made me smile :) I love your candid entries :D Stay happy!

Unknown said...

reading your posts I can tell you're really good at using the secret!

Enjoy all good things that you deserve!