24 June 2012

QWeekly - Set-back to making good

Hello! It's been a really, really hectic week. This post i'm just gonna put The Secret ideology away for a second and really tell you what i've been through this week. I think i need some mental note to remind myself on how to handle things, emotions and people in general.

So right, it's not very pleasant. And i wouldn't wanna talk about it cox according to The Secret, the more i talk about it, the more it'd happen to me cox i'm attracting it but no. I know exactly why i'm doing this, that is to remind myself to be more clear on what should affect me, and what shouldn't.

You know i really really really hate to admit. But most of the time, whoever Josh/ my good friends/ my sister told me to watch out for, whoever will turn out just to be like what they warn me about. No matter how much i don't want to believe and how much i try to be nice to that person, things still turn out like that. Omg i really have to stop crying becox the few incidents doesn't reflect on all mankind!



I know it when people are talking about me behind my back. Somehow or rather, i'd always find out.

I don't think people make a conscious effort to not let me know anyway.

Like, how will i react? Ignore them? Avoid going out with them? No biggie. When i get over it in a week or two, i'd still be nice to them all the same. So?

And seriously, the first blow hit me when i agree to do a hair styling photoshoot with my hair sponsor. They told me they are taking part in a hairstyling competition and would need me to be the hair model for them. Despite my crazy packed schedule, i took a Sunday morning off, woke up at 7am to do my own makeup, and then be there at 9am plus to have them style my hair.

They told me the day before and weeks before, they'd be doing 2 - 3 hairstyles for me. And that will take up about 2 - 3 hours of my time. And they'd need my help to pull vote for the competition online. So i agreed to help out for the whole thing.

On that day itself, i got a rude shock of "Oh, the rules changed, we can only use two models for 9 hairstyles" when i asked at 2pm, if i'm about done here. So i have to do 6 hairstyles for safety.

At 5pm we are still not done. The photographer had no fucking idea what he's doing. The first set of lighting was good but he was a fucking smart alec and started to play with the lighting and it just went down hill after that. Like serisouly dude, i've seen how many photographers work.

Josh shoots for a living and i've seen him work, for years. I KNOW ENOUGH TO KNOW THAT THAT BUGGER HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS DOING. I was already so frustrated and yet he still wanna act all pro and started to play with the lighting set up and he ask for the look-far and away expression, my vision was flickering cox i was about to cry =X Yes, i cry when i'm angry. For hours i keep thinking, "WHY am i doing this. WHY am i doing this. Fuck it i am still here"

I've never seen someone shoot simple straight forward glamour picture and take 40 minutes to do every single lighting that still end up fugly on picture one. Never. So although my friends all ask me to have a copy of the pictures so at least i didn't do this whole thing in vain, i've decided not to ask about it. I mean seriously, only the first shot turn out nice. The rest i probably have to photoshop the lighting to death anyway. The hairstyles were good! I believe i look good. But the lighting..... Amateur *rolleyes* bugger waste so much of my time making me so unhappy. And seriously, every single shot you need to change lighting meh?! Inefficiency at it's peak.

So i was upset with the photographer being unsure of what the fuck he was doing, right. That's about it. But when i got home. I think.. How can my hairdresser sort of lie to me about this thing taking up 2 - 3 hours of my time for 2 - 3 looks when it took me 9.30am - 5.30pm and they planned 5 - 6 looks?

I would still have done it even if it's a full day thing! But how can they just inform me only when i ask on the day itself, in the afternoon? So i guess they must have planned for it to happen right?

But i was like, ah nevermind. Then. The next day, they ask me to go back tomorrow to do 3 more styles in total.. And told me this time it won't take so long. MAI LAI.

I was like *explode* and then i was like OMG, they think i am stupid!!!!!!

So i replied saying nope and that the photographer has wasted too much of my time and i won't go back to let him shoot again. So blablabla. I've decided to drop them and here is my way of telling.

And omg, i can't believe i am blogging about this. Now seriously, i have a point! My point is, if i choose to be upset about something, that thing is not going to get better! It's gonna get worst!

One more example, i've been getting a lot of requests for free advert. It just keeps coming. People email me with "Please please please help me! I'd sponsor you one outfit! Pretty please?!"

Pretty, no please. NO.

So Qiuting, please, remind yourself that you don't have to spend time getting unhappy over things that'd pass. Over people that won't matter if you just IGNORE.

You don't even have to go judge it as good or bad. Once you see it coming, just ignore.

The Power says so also. Once you judge something as bad, you're already building up negative thoughts. So you should either recognise it as it is "Lack of love" and then you decide if you wanna add more love for it, or you should just ignore it. So i will try my hardest to think only about people and things that i LOVE!!!!! So yes it's been a tough week but bah~!

Sure i had great times this week too. Filming for TV9 (one of the national TV channel in Malaysia) brought me some fun time! And much gratitude cox somehow things work out fine. When i started asking for help to film in shops in Haji Lane, helpful people just flock in with their suggestions and thanks to Nat i manage to get us some time to visit Hide & Seek and film there with Keith Png!!!!

Oh my god?!?! =D He was sooooo nice and helpful and so super friendly and talented all at the same time! How do these people stay grounded actually?! Like even after achieving so much, they still remain so humble and down-to-earth. When i first met Wendy i also feel like this!!! It's like you'd expect them to be all "KNEEL BEFORE ME" HAHAHAH. Lolol. Okay not so dramatic.

And Yutaki and Sophie and Eric joined in for the filming and we had fun! ^.^ Thank you!

Also, big thanks to you guys who came for the flea. I'm sorry if you didn't even get to see the booth cox of the crowd. I promise i'd shop more hahaha and then maybe do another flea! Lol.

More about filming in another post. Oh, that is after i clear like.. 5 overdue posts. I NEVER SEE MYSELF IN THIS SITUATION!!!! Yeah! Like usually i'd have zero overdue post. But i guess ever since Japan, i've been getting a bit more got-life. Lolol. No not really, it's the post holiday trance.

For now, other than my Japan trip, Perkies cum birthday gathering, INVISALIGN, this, is what i must show you!!!!!!!!!! I SWEAR IT'S ONE OF THE BEST THING THAT HAPPEN TO ME this week!

I present to you my chocolate sponsor for the wedding favour.. =)

Chocoélf: The Niche Chocolatier 
Chocoworks Pte Ltd
182 West Coast Way Singapore 127088
Tel: 6775 5117
Other than the main outlet at West Coast, they have a space at Takashimaya basement. You know the place where a lot of food, snacks, edible gifts are? Find Chocoelf there!

I went for a chocolate tasting session with Josh and my wedding planner Clarice (from Eternally Yours, whom you will hear a lot about along the way cox she is sooooo helpful and hardworking) at Chocoelf and i must say it's very very very super yummy!!!!!! =OOOO I was so touched that i really almost tear. Like why am i so lucky. To have a chocolate sponsor for my wedding?! =')))

And then after popping my 4th chocolate.. I was told by Alice (the super nice marketing lady at Chocoelf) that most of their chocolates are sugar-free.

She must be kidding.


And they are also free from preservatives.

And and. They only use finest ingredients from Belgium BUT made fresh in Singapore.

What, is, this. Since when healthy chocolate can become so yummy one?!

Oh yes, they are sugar-Free!!!


Thank you, my dad for one will really appreciate this. We have been bugging him to keep his hands off chocolates. And we tried to get those that's sugar-free for him but they are mostly high in cocoa content and is very bitter =X So cheers to varieties! I mean, look at ALL the flavours!

Here's some interesting ones i spotted, Kaya, CURRY?!?!?! Brown rice, Chilli Pepper, Orchid?!?!

Of course there are milk / nuts/ fruity chocolates too, the ones everyone loves.

Alice was so nice she ask me to pass these two for my dad to try. Red wine is SO DAMN GOOD OMG. Yes i tried some =X HAHA. Eh eh eh, my dad gets the most of it lah! Lolol. I didn't get to try the Blueberry but i'm sure it's equally yums! ^.^

Look at the packagine so pretty! Light pink and you can't see here but it's shimmery one!

For me ^.^ The bottom left one, red wine, IS DA BOMB. No really, i love it so much i don't wanna share it. The flavour is sooooo good and chocolate soooo melty!!! You must get some for yourself.

So other than a great range of chocolate bars Chocoelf carries mainly truffles and pralines too!

This is what good look + solid substance combi looks like.

Great gift idea for all your special occasions ^.^

Customisation like the letters you see above is available but you'd have to contact them!

Various packaging to choose from, for your special ones.

^.^ Sweet!

Pardon me, one last shot of these super yums and pretty chocolates.

A shot of pretty and kind Alice. Defug she follows me and is super supportive and nice all the time one i remember from her Twitter dp. Lol. Omg such angels do exist among my followers!!!!!
Alice, me and Clarice ^.^ All the "ices" are my lucky stars or what. All the EunICE, BeatrICE, JanICE, please, come into my life and be my lucky stars too. Lolol.
One more!!!

I really am happy to have Chocoélf as one of the sponsor for my wedding in December! ^.^

Wedding favour is one of the things i really look forward to at all the weddings i've been to!!! But most of the time.. It's disappointing =X Keychains that say for example, "Alex and Amelia" really?

Lolol. I don't wanna carry Alex nor Amelia around leh. And then chopstick holder? =X

Lolol. My wedding's gonna be awesome.

Alright if you really cannot wait and you need to have some yummy chocolates now, head on to West Coast/ Taka! If you really really cannot wait any longer and need to buy some chocolates now,

Oh, my mood has become sooooo much better suddenly! ^.^

Chocolates, oh, chocolates.


Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu!! Thanks for the flea!! Because of this i dont have to buy anymore clothes till next year!!!! Thanks so much but i missed your makeups due to the MASSIVE crowd ;(((( So upset.. so pls have a next flea, subsequent flea and flea more for all you can!!! And you are so polite irl!! Kept saying thank you after taking each photo! We should be the one thanking you ;)

Unknown said...

Chocolate makes happy :)

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! Such chocs do exist!!!!!!!
wonder how!!!!! hehe
and nice packing too!!!!!
All chocs should be that good!!!!!

Unknown said...

Sorry about that shoot, sounds it sucked! I'm glad you were firm enough and declined their offer the next day! Shit happens, but you are right just ignore and move along! :)
Chocolates sounds nice and tempting! And you seem so inspired at once!

Anonymous said...

Ohmygod I've heard about them before but I've never tasted their chocolate! I definitely need to do that, looks super yum *-*

- siow wei - said...

For the 1st time I saw you tweeted about negative things and now I know why! Dont worry babe, get over the bad things and I'm sure good things will continue to happen! So stay positive as you always do! =)

Candy Rose said...

:O i feel hungryy now

and best wishes for ur wedding! :)

ms.bulat said...

i love chocoelf!!! they really taste yummers! and negative stuff, begone ba!

Pam Tan said...

hello qiuqiu! ((: i really love reading your blog! it always gives me the happy feeling!
congratulations on your wedding and i hope the preparation will go on smoothly for both of you ((:
hugs! ((:

maryanne said...

the experience seems cringe worthy :S I think you should stop getting those sponsors for things qiu, because sponsors wont ever be the one with the short of the stick (they want to profit A LOT more than they provide i.e. get 20 new customers for each hair treatment they do for you) & usually sponsors in general aren't really good ones - they're the less popular/struggling businesses in their industry

6uni said...

Thank you for recommending these awesome sugar-free choc.. Cos I dun like sweet stuff from young, therefore never understand the joy of eating chocs.. LOL.. But now i'll know how it taste like..

Best Regards
Eunice aka 6uni (your loyal lucky star)

P.S: My sis name is Beatrice! LOL.. So WE R UR LUCKY ANGELS!!!

Kristel said...

OMG! This is awesome! I'm a big chocolate fan.. can't stop eating once I begin eating lol. But this is so good, and healtier I guess ^__^ delicious <3