10 July 2012

Catching up

Chioest picture on top lol.

I realise i have a lot of stuff to catch up on blogging. I mean i don't exactly have to put them all down but every set of pictures help me remember things better and most of the time they are good things =)

And i don't trust my organising skill in the computer folders, as of now it's all so jumbled up i am not able to find anything i need to find if it's not in the main folder. But that's cox no one gets to see it.

But my blog is different =D Got people see one. So i have to organise the pictures nicely ^.^

Nothing much to organise anyway, it's just sets of pictures that's sort of overdue! My overdue means like maybe 2 - 3 weeks late. Lol. Not as badass as Yutaki and Wendy lolol.

Yes this one i also agree a bit over photoshopped.

Took these pictures when Zhen was in the studio learning about photography stuff from Josh. That happened after Josh help me snap pictures for EMODA ad and before my gathering with family ^.^

These days i don't even know how to caption my camho shots anymore.

Really, i have no idea. Lolol.

The act shy act young act cute smile.

I've always wanna know, is this call "peace" or "twist"? Serious question here.

Last camho shot.

Back to the family gathering for my advance birthday celebration. The girls from Perkies keep wanting to serve all the guest until i have to ask them to PLEASE, sit down and chill!!! Lolol.

Birthday cake from Perkies ^.^ Thank you!!! Me and my 4th sister ^.^

My dad and i =DDD My colour top with hearts is from Jipaban by the way!

My mum, dad, 3rd sister and Geniece ^.^ Someone must have said a funny joke.

2.5kg durian cake Si Jie got for me =DDD I heard it's very yums! I didn't eat it cox that period of time i had no time to rest much and i scared i pu zhua (body gets heaty). Lolol.

Super windy there at night so men in the house had to protect my wishing flame. Haha =) I made like as many wishes as i can think of! Lolol. If not all kena at least some also good!

Huff! ^.^

And then they wanted to me to wish on another cake. Lololol. GOT SO KIASU OR NOT!!!

I cut the cake and the very next second i lick off the knife. HAHAHA. What is hygiene?

My 2nd sis, Baby Yurou and her lucky 红色小裤裤 (underpants) lolol, San Jie, Me, Niao Niao (my younger sis) and Laomoo ^.^V Omg i was so happy that night!!!! =DDD

Mich looking like a good mum filled with Love. Hahaha.

SOMEHOW, all the short and young ones stood together so i told them to stand properly in a row. Lolol. My dad's in his mid sixties, my sis is in her early thirties and Bong is 12, Naoki is 10.

BRING IN THE YAO MING OF THE FAMILY. Hahahahah. Really is bitchplease.jpeg

All the sisters in a doremi row. Left to right, number 5, 4, 6, 2, 3. Hahaha.

I told all of them "Obvious i was picked up from the rubbish bin" cox.. Erm.. COX I IS SO PRETTY?!?! Lololol. The rest of them all wear so dull colour clothings!!! Okay except NiaoNiao.

All pin-pointing out the 15X cm. Lolol. Me and 4th sis are 17X cm. 6th and 2nd are 16X cm. LOL.

The tallest and the shortest ^.^ Love you San Jie. Thank you for being cute and for being nice to your family member. You are healthy and happy. And most importantly, very loved =)

Thank you all for making time to come ❤ ❤ 

Last one, with Zhen Zhen ^.^ Thank you Zhen for the Kitty box!!! =DDD I read the note inside haha. Xie Xie ni le. Ni zui love. Mich is a pig. UNTIL NOW Prada also give her she still haven't give me my Poppycock which is supposed to be last year Xmas present!!! Jian. Lolol. And she just reminded me that she didn't get me birthday present this year. Zhen you are my bff Mich can eat shit. LOL.
- - - - - - - -

Had filming with TV9 a Malaysia TV channel with Hanis and like really quite last minute the crew ask to film something unique about our fashion scene that can only be found in Singapore.

So of course i think of Haji Lane right. Cox all the unique and private labels are there.

And then i asked on Twitter for contacts, where everyone's sooooo helpful and Nat introduced me to Keith and OMG SO HAPPY KEITH WAS WILLING TO HELP!!!

If you remember a few posts back i was raving about how Keith was sooooo helpful and nice right.

Now pictures!!! Sorry for all the backlog! But hey, at least it's here now~ Haha ^.^

Me, Keith the super talented and nice and Hanis the host for the show ^.^

Can you believe it?! I am standing next to someone who styled international and local SUPERSTARS!!! He styled like Fann Wong, Zoe Tay, Zhang Ziyi OMG and Lin Zhi Ling!!!!!!!!!

And he was the one who designed and made Wendy's gorgeous ROM dress!!!! =DDD

I feel like a celebrity just standing next to him hahaha. And dude, my dress nice or not ^.^

I bought it from Hide&Seek one yo =DDD Yeah Keith is the man and brain behind Hide&Seek and as much as i am now at this stage of trying to accept more black into my life, when i wore that dress i was like.. "Omg 我很美 leh!" It's first reaction, i couldn't help it lolol. The cutting and all is just pretty lah!

One more. Thank you, Keith!!! For being such a great help that day! ^.^
- - - - - - -
Me at the flea. Jayne and Hui Xian brought a cake and it was meant to be a surprise but end up the crowd was so mad i couldn't even get out of my booth to say hello to them lol.

So they had to relay the cake through the crowd and here it is ^.^ Thank you thank you thank you =))

After the flea ^.^ Eric, Hanis, myself, Sophie and Yutaki at TV9 filming ^.^

One more ^.^

Last one with the crew photobombing us at the back.

Alright that's all the backlog (don't say Japan ones)!!! YEAH~~~ I feel much better now!!!

If not i constantly feel this dread to snap new pictures cox i have this voice telling me "You still got a lot of things haven't blog about yet hor!" Lolol. Now i can snap ALL the pictures!!!

Alright thank you for giving me all the attention and thank you for leaving me comments to tell me my camho shots are nice. Lololol. You know what to do.


José Victor Karam said...

Awesome pictures! I love your blog!

Unknown said...

I like camwhore photos alot! You are just beautiful! I can't see photoshop at all :) OK, I'm not too sophisticated :)
Your family photos are so sweet and touching! That's so great you really enjoy being together! That's smth to cherish indeed!
Everybody has great smiles!
I like that top with hearts! Lovely!

Susan Lolo Bua said...

too bad i can't watch you on tv, i really hope can watch you and your friends on tv. Qiuqiu, why dont you come visit Indonesia, indonesia have so much great palace to be visited such a Bali, Lombok and Derawan :)
they have super nice beach.. but i don't know whether you like beach or not..
i love read your blog! tell you this so you know there is your fan from Indonesia.
i have mention you on twitter but never reply :( hope one day you will mention my tweet ^^.
you are cute and nice person!
God bless u

Aki No Yuutsu said...

Hey there!
Wow! I just filmed with Hanis on Saturday too! Yup, she came to Thailand!

You guys are so cute!!! Can't wait to see you guys on air!


Anonymous said...

You have so many sisters. It's quite cool. Haha. Is there an age gap though, between eldest and youngest?

Anonymous said...

soooooo prettyyyyyyyyyyyy =DDDDD

Anonymous said...

pretty..look abit like joanna peh

Anonymous said...

want more shotssssss
faster take all the camwhore shotsssss and post for us!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are already a celebrity and a successful celebrity blogger like xiaxue :) Your blog is so nice, love it! :D

Anonymous said...

How come you don't look like any of your sisters ? Hehehe

나니 said...

Aw you cutie youuu : D Glad you had a lovely celebration! And the cake looks DELICIOUS D: noms! You look amazing btw!

Anonymous said...

Your younger sis is pretty. & Hanis is gorgeous omg!

Evie. said...

Qiuqiu when is the show airing???
would love to watch it!! haha :D

Kiwi said...

I think you look really pretty with your hair up in the last couple photos.
And wow you have so many sisters. I've always thought that it would be so fun to have a sister XP

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Gorgeous pics, Qiu Qiu! Any yay, snap ALLLLL the pictures! lolol Looking forward to the next post.

HitomiNeko said...

ooo so many birthday cakes n they r all so cute! happy belated birthday!!! I can’t believe you hv so many sisters! you def stand out with your tall/skinniness n also being the colorful one! haha.. but u all actually hv the same smile! <3 def sisters!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Anonymous said...

you look exactly like your er jie!!

Yan said...

I just celebrate my mom birthday last month and after my mom cut the cake i go lick the plastic knife till very clean too! Yay, HI-5! ^___^ And my mom just keep giving me the buey ta han look lol.

๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said...

You look like your dad!!


Anonymous said...

Hanis is so pretty

Fay Lim said...

Hi Qiuqiu,

Can I know the shop name where your sister bought the durian birthday cake for you? Is it superb nice? Thought of buying one for my mum who is a durian fanatic.

Jessie LH Voo said...

found your blog and fell head over heel in love with it instantly!! keep up the good blogging

Shiqa Nawar said...

Cute sangat :)