12 August 2012

QWeekly - New things

In the recent months.. I've been introduced to a lot of new stuff.

Stuff that in their own ways, make my life better ^.^

Example, wearing contact lens. Using better quality makeup. Brushing my teeth 2 - 3 times a day cox i'm on invisalign, straight teeth, i'm on my way!!! Also.. I use conditioner/ treatment masque on my hair every time i shampoo now. Of all the ones i've been changing and trying, Essential Damaged hair care (orange series), the treatment is still the best. I should have used it regularly since earlier on. Lol.

Also, in recent months, maybe half a year, i've been more open to shop at F21 and HnM O.O I mean not all the stuff but sometimes they have pretty affordable stuff. I think i have Wendy to blame if i go broke on shopping. Lol.

So in short, now i spend a lot more than i do last time O.O I hope this means i earn more lol. If not i'm gonna be in big trouble. Still, i'm loving all the new stuff that i open myself up to! =D

Alright! Some quick updates.


I know some of you have been asking about this every now and then and here it is! Go shopping with me and receive a free makeover! From hair (My hair sponsor CLEO Hair is gonna do your hair ^.^ So good for you if you're the chosen one!!! =D) to toe! Lol ^.^

You just have to chillax and do a quick video of yourself, maybe tell us why you need the makeover, or tell us something about yourself, or tell us why you're so awesome but you just wanna be on the show to show off and to make my job easier lolol. ANYTHING! The video is freestyle! =DDD

After you do the video, upload it to somewhere (preferably youtube) and send us the link at info@clicknetwork.tv and the production team and myself will pick ONE lucky winner ^.^

And of course, you get to keep all the stuff you bought on the show lah! =D

I look forward to meeting you and have a lot of fun shopping together ^.^ Please don't be weird. LOL.

Alrighty! Looking forward to receive your video links!!! ^.^ Here are some new Budget Barbie eps.

An episode to shop for a celebrity (Victoria Beckham) style with under $100! You know the deal! =D Watch out for an epic moment lolol. Laugh die me one.

Find out in this Beachwear episode where to get the nicest, cheapest bikinis, accessories and whatnots to hit the beach! =D 3 sets of items (total worth $170) is up for you to win ^.^ Good luck.

Went with Josh to watch Cirque du Soleil - Saltimbanco. It was pretty good. Sometimes their moves are SO high risk i'm all sweaty and gan jeong for them. Like my heart is being squeezed. I'm SO afraid they'd fall O.O I hope Alegria will come the next time!!!

This is also one of the new things i'm opening myself up to. Watching exciting shows at close proximity. Lolol. I feel like no matter what show i watch live, i have to be seated as near to the stage as possible if not i might just doze off cox it'd be just like listening to the radio, no visual one. Also cox i have a bit of a short-sighted problem and i don't wear my glasses most of the time.

Any show, but Kungfu/ martial arts show. Quite some time back there was something like a shaolin show or some martial arts and weapon show. I'm like "Who the heck would wanna buy their premium seats. Like what if the weapon fly off stage or what. So dangerous!" It's true if you think about it.

Right. There has to be a time in a blogpost where i insert my face. Now is the time.

Before the show start.

During interval.

Outfit that day.

How's my hair that day. Very easy to tie one this fringe. Just tie and roll inwards, secure with pins.

Okay bye bye! Next week i'm gonna see my wedding gown "first draft" for the first time!!!!! =DDDD So excited about everything that's gonna happen to me and my friends i cannot wait.

Life is so awesome. Thank you =)


Cynthia said...

Your hair is looking so much healthier and more volumous. Pretty lady!

Anonymous said...

Super pretty as always!!!!!
love your hair!!!!
love that you're happyly shopping more!!!!!!!!!!!!!
looking forward to the wedding updates!!!!! and all the new things!!!!!

Laura said...

you are always so pretty !

A.R.T. said...

Qiu Qiu ..
I also wanna go shopping with you. But I'm in Malaysia. It is super impossible fr me!

Kobelco said...

Qiuqiu, I want to go shopping with budget barbie! but I am a plus size, is it still possible?
cause I understand that plus size clothing are hard to find, and they doesn't come cheap :(

JIAWEN said...

Is there a age limit for the shopping with you?

QiuQiu said...

plumi, thank you!!! ^.^ You look great yourself =D

Anon =DDD Thank you for your passion lolol. You're like more excited than i am.

Lianda, thank you ^.^

ART maybe another time if i go to Msia to film BB!!! ^.^

Aipoh, you can just send in the video!!! I don't see why not!

Lim Jia Wen, no! But not too young until need parental guidance. LOL.

Test said...

OMG I love your hair like that, so pretty!! xx

JIAWEN said...

If its 14 can right?

Sockhan said...

Hi Qiu Qiu ~

Really really in love w every episode of your budget barbie!

Always looking forward to news ones!!
Hope you can hold up more makeover to give your fans a new look, so that they can also look as pretty as you too!

Pretty girls doll up girls into pretty girl (: (: (:

I may not even catch your attention by giving this comment, but just hoping that you can come up w more make over sessions to give people a chance to boost their confidence level towards their looks!

Don't choose those who look very pretty ones, never neglect people who don't look extraordinary pretty, cuz they really need this chance to showcase their "real beauty" :D

Thanks Qiu Qiu!
Really a fan of yours :D

Have a great day ahead!

Sock Han


Sihui said...

Qiuqiu! Your posts always make me feel happy! & I hope that in return, my small small comment can make you happier from all the haters' comments! :)

Want to go shopping with you! Wondering if the contest still open :(