19 August 2012

Well-wishing, i wish!

Eyelash from Smoochiezz, blusher from Heroine Make.
Lipstick colour from CANMAKE and eyeshadow from Maybelline.
Really can't wait to change my hair colour NOW! URGH. I want something darker =(

Wait till i'm done with my last scene of Ah Boys to Men then i'd go dye my hair.. ASH BLUE!!! =))) How?! Can or not you all think?! I think not bad cox can fit into the winter cold cold feel also. Lolol. I actually wanted green hair but Budget Barbie is filmed on green screen so.. =(

Anyway! Some ground rules here, i am not going to approve rude/ hate comments in my advertorial postings so if you wanna leave loserish comments, feel free to leave it on my other posts. Lolol.

Like now. This post. Right here.


Lololol. What's the best you can do?

"This is the last time i am visiting your blog"

"Your face is so ugly. Stop saying you're pretty. Yucks"

"What achievement have you got in life? This blog? It's a joke"

"You're so flat-chested"

I HELP YOU LAH. I also have very bad posture, i slouch, i dig my nose a lot, my poop is smelly just like yours but if you wanna find things to pick on me about, let me know! I'd give you a list, okay.

THIS JOKE, earns me money and allows me to travel and get paid, go hang out with my loved ones, make them happy AND it basically will pay for everything for my wedding except the wedding dinner which is fine cox i am super thankful for everything else is sponsored already lolol.

So what you gonna do about it? Dislike me and make moments of your life unpleasant when people talk about me/ when you ownself can't resist it and have to come read my blog to get angry?

Wow, what a hobby you have! ^.^ Thank you!

I do realise why the past two days i keep getting nasty comments. Like much more often than i usually do. And say real one, i don't ALWAYS get nasty comments cox.. Hmm.. I nice? Lololol.

Anyway i suspect they are from the same few people cox some will ask this "Why don't approve my comment! Scared? Lol"

Scared ni ma de tou. MY BLOG. You play by my rules. Not approving any mean remarks on my advertorial postings. Oh, why? Becox YOU don't call the shots here if you're being an asshole.

So i was saying, only this past two days these rude comments keep coming in. I think it's cox of the picture i posted of my paycheck from Nuffnang. You would expect people to feel happy for you cox it's not as if you haven't been working for that money. But no, they handle the fruits of your effort with jealousy, mockery and condescending attitude like you should be beneath them and beneath what you in fact, did earn for yourself.

And for goodness sake, that's not my monthly pay, i hope this makes the sour people less angst. Lol. 

They are all like "SHE DON'T DESERVE IT!!!!" ROARRR!!! BITCH BURN!!!! DIEEE!!!!


Chill. I worked long and hard for it. If you think i don't deserve it, that's fine. But don't get yourself upset, alright? I am sure with all that talent you have, you're able to earn much more than that, in a shorter period of time. Except, right now i don't see any job openings for keyboard warriors.

And also, usually you have to attach your picture with your resume =) Oh too bad for you people with no names, no faces, no identity =(((


A face, a name to it, a whole lot of personality in one small corner of the cyber space, right here.


Lolol. But you must always remember, the more energy you devote to me, the more popular i'd be and the more unhappy you'd be becox you are as such, your character is like that, i don't blame you. So you might as well ignore me. Really. This is my most heart-felt advice to you if reading my blog doesn't make you happy. Go. Go find your happiness =))

And i hope you choke.

Lololol. Kidding lah.

So yeah! I learn one thing. Sometimes people over-think things. And wait, two things. Sometimes you wish people will be happy for you about certain things, but really, you wish! And what is this, my list just keep getting longer.. Alright last thing, my life is just gonna keep getting better from here.


Don't take life too hard. Especially when it's not yours.

Omg can i quote myself. That was awesome it just popped up in my head and i typed it straight!

"Don't take life too hard. Especially when it's not yours" - QiuQiu

WAH ERXIN. No please don't quote yourself. I can't quote me too cox Sophie might unfriend me.

Alright bye! Tomorrow you all no need to work and no need to study hor?! Hahaha. Good lah.

开心就好! Knock yourselves out!
- - - - - - -
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Mindy.H ♥ said...

Har..you are so adorable and sweet! Got people so mean? Well, I guess it is always hard to please everyone, I always believe that no one should ever affect how you would want to lead your life. So don't get too affected by these comments lor! Jiayou!! (^-^)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Let the haters hate. You have a awesome job and its something you love. Who wouldn't be envious? Hehe.

Pingping said...

For all that it matters, I think you're a great blogger Qiuqiu! I've been your reader for really very very long (I think around the time you were on TV or so, can't remember o.o) & have always thought you were very down-to-earth ^^

Anonymous said...

people will get jealous and mad. stay strong qiuqiu!

FiSh said...

true! "it's my blog so you play by my rules", i am totally agreeing with this statement of yours! So what if you have so many weaknesses, because at the end of the day your strengths will definitely outdo your weaknesses :) people give hate comments because they are jealous. but we accept hate comments because we are strong, and we know who we actually are :) jiayous, qiuqiu!

@ ohfishiee.blogspot.com

Irene Chan said...

Hi I have small boobs too... TT-TT lolol high five..

Unknown said...

I CANT WAIT FOR YOUR NEW HAIR!! AS EAGER AS YOU ARE!! hahaha and i strongly strongly strongly think that you'd look even more gorgeous in darker hair. haha :)

Ning said...

Haha i love you!!! You are damn awesome! And i love your adverts too :)

Anonymous said...

You deserve that paycheck!!!!!!
can see you work very hard and well for it!!!!!
Wish you can get that paycheck every month!!!!!!!! you so deserve it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you are awesome, and deserve the very best!!! I hope you don't let the loosers get you down, they are only jealous!! And holy cow, superchio pics!

Popiah said...

I think this is a great quote!!
"Don't take life too hard. Especially when it's not yours" - QiuQiu

May I have your permission to use it sometimes? heh, some people just get overly jealous over other people's life without questioning what's wrong with themselves =.=

Anonymous said...

Haters are gonna hate! So just ignore them and let them say whatever they want cause you are just gonna be more popular and happier no matter what! :) Jiayou and stay happy qiu qiu!:)

Vanessa said...

Well said Qiu Qiu! Have always hated ppl who called other ppl names and being mean to others too. It's so weird when you think about it. What makes them to think that they are even qualified in judging other ppl? What you have and others don't don't make you a better person in life. Jia you and live happier than before!! You've got my full support girl!! ^.* And I could safely say from other readers too. XOXO

Carlyn said...

You are a really nice person and you have a great entertaining blog. I love watching Budget Barbie and look forward to your blog posts. But I know what you mean about haters, you can get dozens of nice comments but it only takes one bad comment to feel bad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! Don't be affected by haters! They're jealous that you're cool, nice and have a kind and warm heart! Keep going and living life to the fullest! I like to read your blog and see you enjoying life! :D those people are immature. Didn't they learn "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it?";)

:D said...

LOL i think your hair reminds me of barberella (is it the correct spelling? ) from the noose!!! hahahahah keep up the good work and continue working hard!!!

Yuxing said...

xD Me love you!! (Ok this sounds scary but..)

It is so silly of those people, why bother getting themselves so angry when they can just don't read your blog. And what? Posting another comment to demand why their hate comment is not published? Please~!!

Stay lovely as always!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu i am especially happy to see you upgrading ob the product you use!! You have to upgrade to a higher level of standard and you wull grow prettier to spite these haters off because 1: haters are foul mouth so sponsers dont look for them. 2: Hater are generally ugly because their soul is on the wat of rotting inside out 3: haters are WANNABES eventhought they hate you, you will nvr know if they are dying to be like you in terms of the qualities you possess.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu. I heard that you are intending to have another flea. Pls dont have it now okay?? Cause most of us are having our major exam but we dobt wanna miss out your flea too =)

Unknown said...

The people who comment nasty things are prolly just damn jealous that you can afford to have so much fun while still earning money for it. It's so low...

Anonymous said...

There will always be someone out there who thinks you do not deserve so many good things in your life, but it's ok because there will always be someone else out there who thinks you deserve so much more. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome blog! Those haters after reading might angry till bite tongue to kill themselves! QiuQiu.. U R The BEST~~

Unknown said...

I love your comeback so much too omg! You are soo funny and great. I will use your quote ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow those people are dumb. This is your blog and you deserve the money. If they don't think you did good, they should try being a blogger like you. Also, you shouldn't have to respond to them :) you're too nice haha.

Susan Lolo Bua said...

hi QIUQIU, dont take heart with all bad comment in your blog, just delete them, they dint worthy for your attention, maybe they are mad at you cuz they dont have happy life as you and not blessed as you.
you know, many people overworld love you, wish could meet with you.. you are famous and great blogger, so dont worry if there are people hate you, remember many people love you.

Keep strong <3

Anonymous said...

LOL nice quote there!

-sk- said...

hi ms qiu qiu! :D

i want to say that i am really impressed at how you handle things. its really inspiring cause you always seem to try your best and be cheerful and all which makes you really likeable!
wishing you all the best in everything!
you deserve loads and loads of happiness cause you work hard and is always happy! your the best ^^

hope one day i can be as confident and radiate so much positive energy like you cause i am the socially awkward kind of person.


Rachael said...

Honey - you're wonderful. Just snub your nose at the jerks. You seem extremely sweet and caring - so what if you're vain? Taking good care and loving yourself is a right!

The people hating on you are girls who want to be you or jealous of what you have... and guys who want to control women.

As it goes: Be you and be proud! :)

Rolling Funbling Thug said...

Wah I don't know what to say about those haters. They are as annoying as those reckless drivers I've met! Anyways, all I can say about you is friendly, down to earth and pretty!