02 September 2012

QWeekly - What's happening?!

On some days i wake up and i ask myself, "What's happening?!"

Like really, what's happening?!

My standard of living has changed. For better and for worst, all at the same time. Haha. There's only so many days left where i feel "Right! Today i finally have nothing to do, i feel like cleaning the toilet!!!" and there's only so much time left in the day where i feel motivated to clean the floor, which gets dirty right after thanks to Tiffany and Drago. Haha. I guess i just need a part-time maid.

I don't know man.

My life is changing. And i am super duper thankful i have Josh and my sisters and family and friends with me. It's like if not, i might not know who i am anymore. People who loves you wanna see you soar sky-high but you actually need them to keep you grounded mostly.

The other day i was just asking Mich and Zhen if being kind is still "in fashion" Haha. They say only to people who deserve it. How then do we know if someone deserves it or not.

I don't know. Maybe on some days you like this person, you be kind. On other days, you have to decide again. Haha. "Do i wanna be kind to her today?" "But oh god why, she's so irritating"

What makes us think our thoughts on that person is gonna affect anything, anyone, anyway. People might not even give a fuck about us. It's confirmed that most of the time it's just us and our mind fucking ourselves up. Lol. But we just can't stop doing it!!!!! I am guilty as charged.

And i am not surprised if i am being judged like that every other day too. And i accept that. So i urge people to accept it too. That not everyone is going to like you. And even if they do like you today, it doesn't mean they will still like you tomorrow. Haha.

But the up-side i see is, similarly, not everyone is going to care about me enough to dislike me! =DDD And even if they don't like me today, they might like me tomorrow!!! Haha #positivity

Also. I am a bit guilty whenever i see quotes like

"Small minds talk about people. Great minds talk about ideas."

I have small mind ah? =(

But what if the "idea" we talking about here is.. Say for example.. A people-business. Fashion, modelling, blogging, acting etc.

The whole freaking idea is about people. How do you not talk about people when "people" is the "idea".

And they also say "It's nothing personal, it's just business"

But people-business is every bit personal as it is business.

Bah. This is too much thinking in one shot for me. Lolol.

I concluded in my head as abruptly as i am going to move on from this topic, that.. No matter what's happening, you just have to stay close to people you love, who loves you back. And people who appreciate the things you do for them and who will do back the same for you when you need them to.

And most most most most importantly, hang out with people who can be happy for you.

If you can do that, it doesn't matter what's happening, it'd always turn out to be good.
- - - - - - -
Anyway~ If you read my blog/ follow me on Twitter / Instagram (@bongqiuqiu), you must already know i am playing a small role in the movie directed by Jack Neo ^.^

JACK FREAKING NEO BABEH~~~!!! Lolol. Don't mean to be disrespectful but it is awesome to have a chance to work with him! I mean he's produced a whole lot of recognized and popular local movies that are super well-received overseas as well!

And even thou i am only playing a small role in it, i do know the movie is going to be a blast. Like literately. There will be major scenes, you gotta look out for it when first part of Ah Boys to Men opens in all theaters on 11th November 2012! ^.^

I have one more day to go for the filming of the movie and here's some pictures i've got from my first scene! Hopefully i can show more of the other scenes soon!

With one of the male lead, who's my boyfriend in the movie O.O Haha. Joshua and Jack. Joshua keeps a blog too so if you're keen!

Defug he's 22 i think. I am almost pedobear.

Makeup is very very different from what i'd usually do to myself =X But i don't know, i guess it'd turn out okay on screen! Not used to seeing my own brows defined and skinny. Haha.

Spot Noah Yap. This is before all of them "enter the NS".

And the story begins. Haha.

I already know i will cringe at myself when i watch the movie. Lolol. Cox i have to act as this shu-nv =X Lolol. Like super mild-tempered and understanding and soft-spoken. WAH buay tahan. LOL. But i still look forward!!! How many people can have the chance to appear on the big screen right!!!
- - - - - - - - -

Josh brought us for Slava's Snow Show. You must must must must watch it if you can!!!!! Bring your kids. I swear they'd all love it to the max!!!!! It's the most interactive and engaging show i've been!
While waiting to go in. Lol. Thought it's very atas to snap a picture at their holding lobby.

After many fun parts that we can't take picture of, we finally were allowed to whip out our camera towards the end! And it was the most fun and beautiful part of the whole show!!!!

Josh picked the best seats!!! Our seats were just right where the staircase to the stage was and as i wished, the clowns interacted with me during the show I LOVE!!! Lolol.

And no matter where you're seated, you'd be involved and can join in the fun!!!

Snow (confetti) and bubbles and water and HUGE HUGE BALLS. Lots and lots of HUGE balls!!!!!!

It was quite a sight ^.^

To all the beautiful things and people in my life. To Josh. Thank you!


Elise said...

Your on-screen boyfriend is so good looking! Must have felt strange to act like your 'in love' with someone else then your own bf!

Unknown said...

Ahhh the clowns are scary! D: But, your life does seem really fun, lah! I also liked reading your opinion post; you should write more opinion posts. :)

Unknown said...

It looks like you are having so much fun lately!! Being in a movie, omg. You'er such a celeb. You made a small comment I really liked, you said be friends with people who can be happy for you. It's so true!! Jealousy in girls is the number one reason I've lost friends. So toxic.

Alice said...

I think you look really really nice with those thinner-but-not-so-thin eyebrows! May be it's the shape. Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

This is how I interpret the quote "Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas."

All three are inter-related but it is how we bring all three together that distinguish our minds.

Small minds- She is a nice person. Okay, she is not bad.

Average minds- She is a nice person. Okay, she is not bad.
Her birthday is coming soon. Oh, is it...

Great minds- She is a nice person. Okay, she is not bad.
Her birthday is coming soon. Oh, is it... Shall we use this opportunity to celebrate our friendship by buying her three private sessions with a Japanese coach. This will help her pick up the language.

From, TT

Unknown said...

The movie is it got abit like Army Daze?

Anonymous said...

Wow Wow Wow! you are truly busy with lots of good stuffs!!! happy happy happy!!!!! super excited about your role in the movie! and your bf in the movie cute also!!!! hehehe make up in movie also very nice!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how your on screen boyfriend's name is "Josh" (Joshua) as well :p

Anonymous said...

You talk about being grounded but you get more and more mean to other people, even strangers. Why?

Be careful who your friends are.

charmaigne grace said...

i really like the quality of your pictures! u're using s95 right? do you edit it before posting it?
i'm planning to buy a canon. i'm torn between s100 and s95. they are both amazing!!!
i'm your avid reader from the philippines *.*



Anonymous said...

thin brows look better on you versus thick brows.

Anonymous said...

The make up for the movie looks better on u. Thick brows don't really suit ur face.