10 October 2012

Going home..


It's been 10 (or was it 11?) days since i'm away! Did you all miss me!!! =DDD

I am having a really good time with the girls =)) It's the longest holiday i've been, ever!!! =OOO They took my first time away just like that. But we went to Disneysea (will share more soon!!!) so twas worth it hahah. I was just thinking about how lucky i am. Being able to head for Disneyland two times in a year =')) Cheesie say to some people visiting Disneyland is like their dream come true.

And i felt like crying (which i did anyway, during the mermaid show but nothing compared to pregger-hormones Wendy lolol) cox i really think dreams do come true!!!

Like i have always always wanted to come to Taiwan right, ever since Taiwan variety shows started to get popular in Singapore (which was in my teenage years like 10 years ago) i've always thought i wanna visit Taiwan and eat their food, speak their language and be on Jacky Wu show maybe hahah.

Got one leh, last time Wo Cai got like group of Singaporeans appearing on the show before one!!! Maybe next time i can appear on his show as audience also haha ^.^ I wanna tell him he is very funny and that i laugh at all his reaction and the things he say haha. And i love it when he kicks Ah Ya.


Anyway i was saying.. I'm heading home tomorrow after the longest trip i ever took!!!

Next is to clear all the emails and work before i fly off for Japan again 25th Oct. Can you all please be nice to me this period of time or not lah. I very easy homesick one lolol. Most of you are very nice lah so it's all good. If you wanna leave a mean comment please wait til November.

Talking about November!!! I am excited also! Filled with new things to do and all. Thankful for all the stuff i get chance to try =D And then December is me getting married to Josh.





FiSh said...

waiting for your update bout your shopping haul in japan and taiwan! :D


Hanna Lei said...

I want to see all the Disney Sea pictures! http://www.hannamarielei.com/

❣ 네스차 ❣ said...

Can't wait for the pictures!! <3


Janice Fan said...

Yeap you are a lucky girl Qiuqiu! So sad I couldn't bump into you when I was in Singapore for 8days! Can't wait for you to update! I view your blog everyday!! =DD

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! You are back with a blast!!! Happy happy happy!!!!
you're truly extremely lucky!!!!!!
dreams do come true!!!!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your life seems amazing. Not like mine :(
Anw, thanks for updating your trip while Xiaxue & cheesie tou lan :x

Anonymous said...

Super super super miss you!!!!
Super excited for the remaining of October and looking forward to the amazing things in November and the best time of the year!!!!