31 December 2012

2012 Summarry

Sup!!! Year 2012 has been the MOST awesome year in my life so far! And here are the highlights!!! You may click on the event links to read / re-read those posts if you're free and keen lolol.

January wasn't too good and i don't wanna talk about it anymore but if you're keen you can just go through my January archive.

Visited KL a few times with Wendy to find Cheesie to do acupotomy. It is awesome. I have been healthy for VERY long. And every now and then i think about it.. Holy shit i must have been introduced to 华佗神医.

Went to Thailand for botox and alarplasty. Eh.. I think it's still consider a nose job even though there's no implant. I didn't do implant last minute becox i saw the exterior of the clinic that i went to and i got scared. Lolol. When i actually do the procedure, then i realise okay lah, inside is not as bad as it looks on the outside. The exterior really is rotting paint / wall, and then it's all like dirty looking =X But my nose looks okayish now although one nostril is slightly bigger than the other lolol. But for $160 i think it was a blessing i didn't die in the op. Lolol. The operation was just to reduce the size of my nostrils. Like they slice wedges off my alas and then sew it back. Actually ah, i watch alarplasty procedure on Youtube so many times i feel i could do it on myself or on someone else. Lolol. But i won't know how to stitch it back becox the only stitching i know is cross-stitch lolol.

Went to Phuket with the nicest bunch of people at the MOST AWESOME beach resort!!! =DDD

Booked a yacht trip to celebrate my dad's birthday and for good friends and family to gather =D

Got mad enthusiastic about The Secret after Wendy introduced it to me in March haha. Now i'm not fanatic about it but the concept is already deeply etched in me so it's all good!

GOT PROPOSED TO =DDD With big thanks to these friends for helping Josh plan the proposal!

Visited Japan for the first time ever to watch the EMODA A/W fashion runway show! And at the same time went to Tokyo Disneyland and cried a lot lolol cox still crazy about The Secret then.

Celebrated my 25th birthday with family and friends at a very humble corner of our void deck =))

Took part in the movie filmed by Jack Neo and then it finally aired on the big screen and last heard, the movie broke the record of Singapore's box office =DDD Congrats to the whole team!!!

Also went to Penang for Audrey and Tim's wedding =DDD

September ah..The hell i really don't know what i did i think it was just busy clearing work stuff and celebrate Josh's birthday!!! =D Oh oh oh and preparing for the wedding!!! @.@

Went to Taiwan and Japan with Cheesie and Audrey and Wendy!!! =DDD We visited Taiwan Hello Kitty Cafe, Tokyo Sanrio Hello Kitty Land and flew on EVA Kitty Air!!! =DDD

And i also started my blogshop with Mich and Zhen!!! rarebits was born late October! =D

Close girlfriends and sister did up an AWESOMEST hen's night for me!!!

I GOT MARRIED TO JOSH after seven years of pator haha.

And this is our wedding album.

And i can't be more happy about this year.. I mean dude, i got married. Me. Like, erm.. Me?


So that's the Summarry. Lolol. I got married in the end. And i am still married. And we are in the midst of trying to live happily ever after and i'm trying not feel so awkward saying "My husband".

Phew~!!! 2012 has been a super awesome year!!! Did lotsa things i wanna do, went to places i've never been before and travelled quite a fair bit!!! =DDD

Very very thankful and happy for nice and helpful people around me, my friends, family, Nuffies and Josh =') Never knew how awesome life can actually be, until i started to believe that good things can happen to me. And it's a very very nice feeling when you see nice things happening to your friends.

My gfs are all getting a flat with their other halves or getting married and Wendy is expecting a baby =DDD Next year i can play with him already!!! =DDD

2012 has been great, and i have to thank you readers for it also =) Thank you guys for the support and thank you guys for being nice and thank you guys for leaving me nice comments/ tweeting me/ snapping pictures with me when you see me outside. Haha.. I feel like a superstar but we all know i am really just another human typing stuff on computer and posting pictures from my phone lol.

Alright.. I hope 2012 has been good for you too.

What i learnt is that if you're not feeling good about things/ about your life for the longest time then maybe it's time to look within yourself instead of looking for others and waiting for chances to solve your issues. Things will work out but not when you don't work yourself out. Good luck!

I already got a feeling 2013 is going to top 2012 =D

I WELCOME YOU WITH BIG ARMS 2013!!!!!!! Muah muah muah!!!


Hanna Lei said...

You had so much going on! All of it seems so exciting My Blog

Anonymous said...

pics of your surgery? thx.

Anonymous said...

OMG you have an awesome life.. How i wish my 2013 will be as interesting as yrs hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Great 2012 and even greater 2013!!!! may 2013 be bigger better and awesomer!!!

Cynthia said...

Gosh I thought my 2012 had been an eventful year! You've done so many amazing things like travelling and well, getting hitched! Thanks for letting us be a part of everything!! ^^

Yuxing said...

QiuQiu!! Happy 2013!!~! <3

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu please show us the before&after for your surgery? I too have wide nose ))=

Anonymous said...

Pictures. Of your nose job.

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu mind sharing the contact for the surgeon you went to? Your nose looks great now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

happy 2013!!! stay cute!

Anonymous said...

Will you be sharing about the $160 nose job? Please do i am sure many of your readers are keen.

Anonymous said...

Is it better if we email you to ask about the nose job?

Anonymous said...

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