17 December 2012

Thank You

Just a quick one i hope! Thou i am feeling pretty inspired and a bit happy-emotional! ='D

A day before the flea i had one of the most rage-ful day in my life. Tried to call for a cab in Punggol, for 1 hour 45 minutes, no cab. Ended up late for filming for 30 over minutes. So as you can see, i already catered 1 hour plus EXTRA to get there on time. Still, not good enough.

With all the shameless taxi-snatchers in Punggol + lack of taxis driving up here in the morning, the only way you can survive a morning without pulling all your hair off.. Is maybe to camp overnight at whatever place you wanna go to. Or to get to venue 4 hours before your appointment. Or to get to the void deck 2 hours EARLIER than what would be "just-nice"

Fast forward, i was gonna enter a restaurant for dinner and my feet was acheing cox i'm getting these leg / feet problems on and off. Anyway. So the restaurant opens for dinner at 5pm, at 4.30pm me and Josh went on to loiter.. But becox we have been loitering for very long before that to wait for dinner time, at 4.55pm when i went back to the restaurant, i ask if i could go in just to seat first before i order my food at 5pm. The staff said no, five more minutes. So i got all bitch-fitsy again and i'm like "HUH? WHY NOT?" And then he just walk away. They staff were all just chilling and playing around, talking in the restaurant anyway. I didn't even ask to start eating right now. So why not?

The manager came a minute later and i ask again if i could sit down first and order at 5pm. He look at his watch and said no, four more minutes. So i ask "What's the difference? It's four minutes to five. Why can't i sit down first, my feet hurts" He said cox they need to set up the place.

I'm all like.. Bullshit. So i folded my arms and stood there with stinkybomb face and death stare lol.

So 3 minutes to 5pm, i get my seat. They didn't need to set up anything lah. Really just need to get off the customers seats and start standing around. My bad, i eat into their chill time. BUT, by the way, 3pm - 5pm they are STILL in operation but serving drinks only. So i really don't see why not.

But that's not my point thou that's really a long grandmother story lol.

And then the flea happened. There you guys were, some queuing for 2 hours plus just to see me, take a picture / buy something you like / donate to Gentle Paws. For whichever reason(s) you came, i just wanna say Thank You =) By the way! We did this! You and i together ^.^

$1270 to Gentle Paws! 

Thanks to Michelle, Geraldine, NiaoNiao, Bong and my 4th sister Pearl for their help and donation! =D Erm.. Also thanks to Baby Yurou for donating her toys that nobody are keen in hahaha.

Thank You, forfleasake for the flea booth! Your fleas are always awesome!!! Thank you for helping me with the crowd control! You guys did a great job =D

I especially would like to thank a special young lady who stood in the queue for hours before she could get to the head of it. She was not in the most comfortable state, that's all i would say here.

I hope you see this and i hope you know that i really am very touched by your positivity and your smile at the end of the day!!! When i asked for a hug it wasn't for you it was for me becox you inspire me a lot =') Thank you for smiling so heartily despite everything! Thank you for not asking for any special treatment even when you could have and you know i would arrange for you out of my own accord! Thank you for being so special from the heart! You told me i am "very nice" but really that's becox you're so nice and you bring this warm to people ='D Thank you that on top of all these, even though you couldn't find something you like, you still insist on donating to Gentle Paws! So thank you, i'm sure you know who you are! Send me the pictures we took together! =D

Then this makes me think.. Why does that 5 minute wait outside the restaurant matter anyway. Yes maybe it does matter becox i think very much of service at a restaurant (i mean, LOLOLOL V8 Cafe CLOSED DOWN BY THE WAY =DDD), but maybe it really doesn't matter that much.

I just hope i can have other people's magnanimosity and peace-loving attitude sometimes. But i guess i can't take these things from others so i'd have to culture more of these good stuff in me.

Alright.. Just want to say thank you again, all you awesome readers.


Unknown said...

Thank you too QIUQIU! <3

js said...

你很感性 :) 学习版样。真的很喜欢读你的 blog (:

Anonymous said...

love love love your wordy posts!!! thank you too!!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you! you are a wonderful person!:)

Anonymous said...

thank you! you are a wonderful person!:)

Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu queued for 2 hrs plus before getting to see u! didnt take a pic cuz too shy n i thot i looked v chui without makeup haha~ was behind the little 10yr old girl :)

Hanna Lei said...

I would have been so angry having to wait. My Blog

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ, I understand your agony of not getting a cab. Me too, I stayed in Seng Kang and could never get a cab. Be it dialing or flagging along the roadside! I have asked taxi drivers and they said there are no passengers in Seng kang and Punggol. Who says!And they would rather go to the airport to pick up passengers!

Anonymous said...

The difference of the restaurant is that they have a 7% service charge but hardly give any service. While you do it for charity. Even on normal days we know you are sincere in every thing that you do. I believe you deserve every good thing that you recieve. 😊

Jane said...

By the way what camera u using?