22 January 2013

CNY outfit shopping on Jipaban

Have you done your Chinese New Year shopping yet?!

New clothes, new shoes, new bags, new accessories to go with your new clothes ^.^ Haha. This is the reason why girls always have exploding wardrobe. We have reasons to shop all the time!

But really, CNY is the BEST time to shop!!!

I can also say CNY is the BEST time to shop ONLINE!!!

For many reasons! One, i know many of you don't like the dongdongqiang CNY music playing in all shops hahaha. I love it lah, i'm just saying i know lotsa people don't like it and can't shop in peace with the CNY music playing.

Two, everyone, young, old, extra old, men, women, everyone is shopping for CNY stuff everywhere. So if you hate crowd, you better not go squeeze in it WITH the music playing lol.


I hear you! So i'm showing you some pieces i selected from Jipaban! They of course have plenty more styles and designs but here are my picks! ^.^

Unique lattice cut out skirt EXCLUSIVELY MANUFACTURED from Smitten!!! =D
Before i get too carried away with my own pictures, one more good reason to shop on Jipaban is that brands on Jipaban carry exclusively manufactured outfits! So you'd be wearing something more unique! These are just some of their exclusively manufactured pieces i picked out that i think will be suitable for CNY lah ^.^ You can check out Smitten and maryjulian to find more exclusive pieces!
Love how this skirt is so simple and cute! =D The cut-outs + floral prints very sweet ah ^.^ I would wear this for reunion dinner lor! Not too over-the-top cox usually reunion dinner is with family ma.
And you can mix-and-match with these accessories and shoes i found on Jipaban!!! The set of rainbow bangles and necklace very cute hor!!! =DDD

For first day of Chinese Year i usually wear a bit more showy lah haha. So i picked this red dress from Smitten to show you what you can consider to wear for CNY day One!

And similarly, i found these matching accessories and shoes to match! The clutch featured here is quite easy to match with most outfits! And perfect to contain your angbaos also =X Lol.

For rebels who don't wanna wear all red OR even better, wanna wear black stuff on CNY.. Haha i salute you. But i suggest you wear a subtle hint of red lah. Black part leather pants and floral top with black collar both from maryjulian =D It's very comfortable also lah if you wear pants, cox can sit on the floor to gamble =X And snack + slack around, don't need to worry zao-gng! Lol.

Some of the stuff i found on Jipaban that you can match with. The ring is quite unique! =D

For visiting your boss / colleagues i suggest you wear something more prim lah haha. Not say too serious, but it looks more classy! =DDD You can consider this top from Dress Down Friday! It comes in various colours but if you pick blue..
These are some of the items i found on Jipaban to match it with ^.^

*NOTE: Most of the outfits comes in various colours so it's best you check them all out on the site!

And then after the first 2 - 3 days of dressy getup, on the next few days of Chinese New Year i usually spend it with friends ^.^ So i'd prefer to wear something more fun and casual lah! =D

Like a tank dress like this from Smitten!
Pair it with brown / earthy colours and i think it'd look great! Kinda like Jappy haha ^.^
Maybe you don't go to people house with straw hat lah.. But if you really like also can lah. Hahaha.

So go go go shop on Jipaban!!! =DDD

I swear they have the largest collection online for Chinese New Year for you to shop. All the brands they carry have different styles so it doesn't matter if you wanna find something prim / cute / cool / stylish / girly / sweet.. Anything, they have lah.

Find your new bags, shoes, accessories and clothes for Chinese New Year..

on Jipaban NOW!


Anonymous said...

Your lip is so SEXY!

Hanna Lei said...

I really like the rainbow bracelet. My Blog

Linda Zhang said...

I love all the outfits, especially the first one!


Sydney said...

You should darken your eyebrows with a darker shadow shade because your hair colour is darker than your previous hair colour. Your CNY photos are nice but the eyebrows are so light that you look a little under the weather.

Anastasia Goenawan said...

CNY is a great time to go shopping, second best time after christmas..:D heheh...but, no i haven't go shopping for the CNY..D:

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Vic A. Lee said...

Absolutely love the third picture! You look so good when you pout!

Bel said...

I can't seem to find the floral top with black collar on jipaban ): Could you give me the link for it? Thanks!