14 March 2013

I gotta face it..

In case there are people missing out on my instagram / Twitter update..

I got my surgeries done. Nose job and fat grafting for my face.

I've seen comments saying i look like a pighead after the surgery but seriously, it's still swollen and it's expected to be like that for about 2 weeks and i am only 1 week into it. I am happy to know that there are people who are eager to jump to conclusion that my surgeries will fail.


But i am more happy to know that most people have been wishing me speedy recvoery and sending me well-wishes =))) Thank you guys. I have been very well-taken care of and DocDoc has arranged everything properly and professionally for me =))) I am very thankful.

I'm gonna be showing you guys video and i am sad and happy to let you know that those videos would probably be the last videos i make with my old face and old nose lol.

But for now, for most of you are keen and who are cheering me on, this is how i look during my last day in Korea before i remove the splint. One week after the surgery. Zero photoshop. The bruises below my eyes are from filing the hump on my nose bridge and it's expected too lol. In any case, in case you're wondering, no, it doesn't hurt. But i'd share more on what to expect =D

But yeap~ For now, i just wanna say.. Fat grafting is da freaking bomb!!! Makes you look more youthful, appear more feminine, look less sunken and tired =D Will share more REALLY soon =D

I mean look, without fat-grafting, this one also zero photoshop. There's so many uneven sunken areas especially below my cheekbones and on my laugh lines and under my eyes. Also, my forehead is the worst. One full line of dent =( Anyway~ Will share more again!

Now i wanna update my backlog! LOVE this set of pictures taken on the last day of my Japan trip earlier =) Mainly i think cox i 4 - 5 days never wash hair lolol and the curls became softer and chioer.

All the pictures i never edit my face. No need to edit anymore cox i think we ought to have one blogpost to remember how my face actually looks like lol. WITH MAKEUP at least haha.

Hello me, you look very familiar.
One shot before i head out..
To explore Tokyo with Josh ^.^ Actually we didn't go far lah. Always go same places cox everytime go still got new things to see / eat and buy one ^.^V
Found a cute shop front so i had to whore my Hello Kitty bag there haha.
Went for morning breakfast at Freshness Burger =DDD I LOVEEEE the spam + egg burger!!! Can have two at one time. Lol.
While waiting for Josh to do his stuff. I sat outside Freshness and started camhoring lol.
And another angle.. Haha.
And then we had to head for the airport already =( I miss Japan. I miss Japan. I miss Japan.
Have to have a meal at the airport becox i know i'd miss Japan so gotta milk every moment i have there lolol. Just a very simple tomato sauce pasta with prawns. Simply yummy thou.
Josh's aglio olio and our best minestrone soup!!! I LOVE IT!!! The soup!!! It was awesome.
Have to.
We flew ANA i think. Or was it JAL. In anycase.. I think my 80 cents eyelashes are love.
Josh added a surprise ingredient in my pasta lol. He bought an egg from the supermarket and then add it to my pasta as a surprise lolol. Very cheap thrill hor, but it made me happy ^.^
Their convenient store eggs damn love one lor. The egg yolk is melty one also.
Okay that's me drinking milk. Lol.
And my last picture in Japan before we fly back home to Singapore =)))

Alright that's all the pictures i have for Japan =( I will be there soon one!!! And if i go back there again i wanna visit places outside of Tokyo ^.^ Just to experience another kind of beauty there.

Anyway, now now, i am back at home, from Korea. And it's been a pretty insightful trip. I struggled a lot within myself, at many times. I had to choose between being thankful for there's wayyyy too much to be thankful about, or being extra super violent like want to kill a human-being kind of violent, just becox i have reasons to. And i believe it's all Singtel / SKTelcom's fault.

"You don't wanna mess with a social-media whore's mobile data" My mental threat the whole time, to no one. That's why you see, i was really frustrated. It would have helped if i had something to punch.

Punch punch punch. Kick. Slam. Smash.

Okay good night.

*search online for anger management courses*


Angel Vanity said...

omg you look very cute before and after! i am excited to see pictures of you in the future with your new and also cute face ^^

chelsea said...

Aw can't wait to see what you look like after! Here's to your speedy recovery<3 -chelsea in US

Susan Lolo Bua said...

I love Qiuqiu!

Anonymous said...

Photoshop on top of make up and now plastic surgery... I don't understand cos your facial features are ok. Enhanced with make up, really pretty. Anyway, did you specifically asked your doctor for a certain kind of nose shape? I mean like some go in with an actor/actress nose in mind and they ask their surgeon to copy it...

Anonymous said...

Qiuting, everyday I eat and drink pangsai and weewee. Why ah liddat?

Anonymous said...

Hello qiuqiu, Thank you for making me appreciate my face shape, I honestly loathe them a lot because I think they look puffed up as I have high cheekbones but.. From this post you made me felt extra contented abt them. I mean I always love those hollow cheekbone shadow and etc but now, I think I get it.

Jessie LH Voo said...

love your haircolor!!

Anonymous said...

issit painful? :/

QiuQiu said...

Angel Vanity, thank you sweet! ^.^

Chelsea, thank you~~ Will share soon! =D Still swollen now! =O

Susan, well thank you~ Haha!

Anon, you don't understand then don't bother asking abut the nose lah. Ask for what =_= It doesn't seem like you approve of photoshop nor makeup nor plastic surgery.

Anon.. LOL.

Anon, ^.^ Different folks different stroke eh.

Jess this one is old ash brown colour haha. I am going for darker hair colour soon i think!

Anon, nope =D

blurcat said...

Hey qiu qiu, hope you recover soon and heal nicely!!

Btw.. Its also your fault that i have been sleeping late these few nights! Just stumbled on your blog a few days back n its real addictive n funny.

Looking forward to more updates!

Walter said...

You are going to look better, don't worry. Maybe a local Angelababy? Hahahah.

Forget about the haters, keep going!

Anonymous said...

Hello qiuqiu, how does fat grafting make your face feel? Is it Boooing boooing like the SKII commercial? Anyway, you're looking good! :)

Anonymous said...

Harboring anger inside makes you age faster... not to mention it's emotionally draining!

You should look into activities that can help you unleash negativity n frustration. You wanna punch--why not try a boxing class?? ;)

Here where I am in the States, gym n fitness are part of the culture. I literally cannot get thru the week without punching/kicking the bags in my kickboxing class. In my head, it's not really the bag I'm hitting lol...

Rin said...

Qiu, even tho ur still swollen, I can already tell ur goin to look super gorgeous!
And, I have the same prob with u, having hollow cheeks and looking all tired because of tht, I'm definitely considering to get fat grafting! One question tho, is fat grafting permanent?

Unknown said...

Hello ,I think before your surgery you look very very cute and after I wanna says PERFECT! >////<

I'm Thai who read your blog followed your page on facebook and watch your video clips "Budget Barbie" ,I really like you. :D

my nickname is Fame. >///<

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I'm really happy that you're happy with your new nose! ^^ Hope you get better really soon! *sending the love* <3


Anonymous said...

You have the courage to do what you want in life and this is really not easy.

You will look great for sure!
Awiting your sharing.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you QuiQui!! Best of luck <3 <3 You were already pretty so maybe 50x prettier?

Rose said...

Get well soon QQ! Can't wait to see how much more beautiful you look after you heal! =D

Anonymous said...

Honestly I always think you look pretty and I like the way you blog. I'm sad to see that you've chosen the plastic surgery route because I'll never see your old face again. Still, it's a personal decision, and I don't doubt you'll look even better. Hope you'll have a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

you have a inner beauty, other than that is bonus

Anonymous said...

best of luck

Anonymous said...

Hi Quiting! I would like to ask if you could give me the name, address and contact number of the surgeon/clinic who did your fat grafts. I know someone who is interested in the procedure. Thank you very much! Peace! c'',)

Anonymous said...

I tot who is that in the first few picture then I realised is you... OMG you look so different. How much does it costs for fat grafting.. I also want to look younger :)

Pika-Steph said...

I hope you're feeling better after your surgery. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your over-the-knee socks. I just can't find a good place to buy ones like those you're wearing in solid colors.


ahlost said...

While chubby face people want your kind of face shape.. sharp face people want chubby face .. hahaha..

I can't wait for you to remove that bandage on your face QiuQiu..

wish you fast recovery so we all can see your current face.


Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu, I have been your blog reader for many years now.I am quite taken aback when I read about your surgery.I am happy for you because you got what you want and everything went on smoothly. But honestly, you are one of the prettiest girl I've ever seen( I am a girl btw .I need to justify this to prevent myself from sounding like a psychotic perverted old man haha )Really, I am a little disappointed because you are unhappy about your old face because I would be really really glad to have urs. I am sincerely glad for you but I don't know there's something sad in my heart, it's like, qiuqiu, that I've always known, she'll never look the same again. I hope you get what I mean. I am sure you'll get prettier each day.

Love, your big fan!

Anonymous said...

You kinda remind me of sophie in pic no. 6! Btw, you look so beautiful! So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

I think u are Borned pretty. After surgery is more to cute side.

Unknown said...

I love your blog Qiu Qiu.
Hope you recover fast too.

Check out my blog guys :D