31 March 2013


Click on picture to get to QWeekly site ^.^

DENG DENG DENG! Finally! First 'issue' of the blogazine QWeekly is out!!! =D


There are already a lot of things to see and there's even things to be won so i TRY not to blabber too much here lol.  Anyway~ Here are some behind-the-scene! ^.^

Some of the makeup i brought that day. Lots of the rest are still in my bag when i took this picture lol.
Shio doing my hair ^.^
❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page
Done the cover haha. Snap a peek of it from Josh's laptop. Josh is the photographer lah ^.^
While Shio do the makeover girl's hair.. Me and Samantha goof around. Lolol. Look at her.
And after i do her makeup.. She's up! YOU HAVE TO SEE HER "AFTER"!!!!!!!!
After all the four girls left, we whip out a surprise for Shio haha ^.^
 Happy Birthday Shio!!!! You're the best hairstylist in Singapore!!!! Hahah though you're really a Japanese. Erm.. By the way ah ladies, Shio is single =X Hahaha. He's been looking for a girlfriend!
Mich help me buy the cake one OMG I JUST REMEMBER I HAVEN'T PAY HER BACK =X I whatsapp her now lolol.
YSL sent me a huge bag of stuff just yesterday!!! =OOO I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!! There's the TOP SECRET UV shield and a nice sweet eyeshadow palette perfect for Spring and..
If you noticed.. At the back.. The ALL NEW, JUST RELEASED YSL Forever Light Creator skincare range! And!!! If you noticed again.. THERE ARE TWO SETS OF SKINCARE!!!! =DDD

Which means giveaway time! Thanks to YSL =D
 Alright i leave you to read QWeekly to find out more for this week! =D And yes lah, you can find out details on how to win these products also! ^.^ Please enjoy.

Feel free to email qweeklyonline@gmail.com if you have any suggestion / enquiry!


Anonymous said...

Your new blogskin is SO GORGEOUS!!!! Can't wait to to see the makeover post! And u look even PRETTIER XD I can't believe that Shio is single! He is so handsome ^^

alpen01 said...

Thanks for the constant updates!! Always look forward to them!! Keep them coming!! Anyway how to sign up interview to be Shio's girlfriend!! >< hahah!!

Anonymous said...

shio is 27 yo?

Unknown said...

Ooo love the new blogskin!

Hanna Lei said...

I love the new look of your blog, its so pretty. I can't wait to see the new looks of people -Hanna

Anonymous said...

Super Super Super love your new blog design and also qweekly blogazine! Love love love everything!!!!

Unknown said...

I love that your photos rotate on top- it shows such a variety of your cute poses^^


Daphne said...

yay! pretty blogskin!! :D

glad that your surgery was a success! <3

Anonymous said...

How can he not have a girlfriend? He looks good and he's Japanese!

Anonymous said...

Super chio blogskin.. Love it allot and suits you very much...

And wow... The transformation is so huge~~!! Qiu qiu.. you are really a pro in make up.. Hope you will do video clips on how you transform the girls to inspire others to do so themselves.. I for one would like to do it myself! If possible I would even like to have a tutorial for girls who wear specs and are too afraid to use cons.. :D