02 April 2013

Seoul far so good (Nose job / Fat grafting Part 1)

Hello guys! finally getting down to blogging about the surgeries i did in Seoul, Korea!

Thanks to DocDoc.com =))

Maybe i should start with sharing WHY i want to do the surgeries.

1) Nose job (filing away the hump + implant + rebuild nose cartilage for defined tip)
I want to remove the hump on my nose bridge, mainly. But i also would love to have a more defined and sharper tip at the same time and if the bridge between my eyes can be a little higher it'd be great.

2) Fat-grafting (drawing fats from back-thigh and under-butt, process it to be injected to my face)
I want to fill the line of "dent" on my forehead. And i wanna look less sunken and tired becox of all the hollow cheeks and laugh lines =( And the unevenness of the overall face shape, fat grafting would be able to fix it for me. Plus the angular and sharp jawline + cheekbones + zygoma makes me look really masculine and i don't want to look masucline =((

It all just adds up to making me look like a tired, overworked, unhealthy drug abuser. Lolol.

True story man, one time i came back from KL with Wendy and then we got stopped to have our bags inspected. Thing is, they don't check on everyone. And if they ask you to go over and check, it's just a lame shining of the torch into your bag, right? But the custom officers really raid my handbag and handcarry bag @.@ We concluded that it's most probably cox i look like a drug abuser cox i got no makeup and look very tired and yellow and sick lololol.

I know some people keep saying i was beautiful before and that i don't need surgery.. IT IS MAKEUP AND PHOTOSHOP. I never ever hide that i photoshop my pictures. So. Here you have, no photoshop. I see you still call these beautiful or not hahaha.

So you see.. Let me break it down for you lah okay.

1 - Line of dent on my forehead. It ALWAYS SHOWS UP IN PICTURES ONE =((( So i have try to keep fringe but you know how fringe can limit your style =X I just wanna be free to wanna do whatever i want without having to worry about a uneven line showing up as a dark line in pictures. And it does make me look very masculine =(

2 - My curb in temple on both sides makes my zygoma look EVEN larger. I'm not up to shaving my zygoma / jawline yet so the best way is to balance it out by adding my own fats to my temple!

3 - Laugh lines *immense hate on my face right now*

4 - Hollow undercheecks that again, emphasize on my zygoma =(

From the side.. You can see too..
1 - Dent on forehead
2 - Bridge between eyes not high enough
3 - Hump on my nose
4 - Sunken laugh lines
And here you can see obviously, hollow undercheeks and dented flat sunken forehead.

Okay study all my flaws i just pointed out to you without the distraction of arrows and numbers lol.
Left side of my face..
Right side..
Smile better a bit but still look old =( I am only 25 going 26 year old but i feel without makeup i look 30 plus. Is this what aging do to us girls..? =((
This is me in the most recent shoot for rarebits, no edit. You can see how jagged my whole face looks like, filled with edges and strong angles. I don't want lah. I want a young, filled and bouncy soft look.

So months ago before my wedding i got an email from DocDoc.com to check for my interest in collaborations and i swear to god, my thought process went like this..

"Siao, ask me to see doctor, so sway. Wait, worst, ask me to ask my readers to see doctors also! Lolol funny" That's just a very old-fashioned pantang thinking lah. Like if you offer people handyplast as gift, is like cursing them to get cut.

Asking for collab to anything related to seeing doctors = saying i will get sick lolol. But then.. I went to checkout their websites and i must say i was pretty impressed by the services and convenience they offer to especially modern people like us who wants everything easy, simple and fast!

DocDoc.com helps you find a doctor (compare them if you need!), make appointment and provides concierge service and health information as you browse through the site! =D

If you ever tried to grab hold of a appointment that suits your work schedule / school schedule, you'd know sometimes it gets hard!!! It's either you have to walk-in and Q for a looong time or you just have to keep calling different clinics before you can finally secure an appointment.

But with DocDoc.com you can browse the 30,000(appx) doctors in ALL medical / healthcare / aesthetics related field AND you can view at one glance which day, what time, they have slots!

We don't have to go back and forth on the phone with the receptionist, "Monday 8pm?", "Oh Monday doctor is only free at 3pm", "Do you have a slot that is after work time?", "How about next Thurs? Doctor is free at 8pm", "Oh no i can't make it on Thurs, is Friday okay?", "Friday doctor is only free at 10am" And the guessing game goes on..

And this is especially true for good, popular doctors! My dentist for one, Orchard Scotts Dental, is registered on DocDoc.com as well and i know how busy they can get!!! It's hard to get a slot on a day at a time you want lah unless you go through every half an hour / hourly slot with the receptionist.

Also, if someone cancels out last minute on their appointment, the doctors can go update the now available slot on DocDoc.com and then other people can check to fill it up! =D It's really making appointment-booking much more efficient and convenient lah!

And as you can see the "map background" on the site, you can browse and find out about the doctors and healthcare specialist / providers around your area! =D Convenience level up! =D

Apart from that.. One thing that got me jumping when i browsed through DocDoc.com was THIS!!!

Read more information about doing any medical / cosmetics procedure in S.Korea HERE.

DENG DENG!!! Other than having a wide database for medical and healthcare service providers in Singapore, DocDoc.com also provides lotsa information and liaising services with regards to medical procedures in South Korea! We all know that's the place where cosmetics surgery is as commonly done as people everywhere else visit their dentist, or something. Lol.

DocDoc has plans to start up offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and other Pan-Asia locations as they expand but currently they have offices in Singapore and South Korea while they have patients from all over Asia, Russia, China, India, the UK and even the United States using DocDoc.com to find doctors in Korea and Singapore to schedule medical appointments when they are in town! =D

On the other hand it also means that if you are looking at any medical / healthcare provider in the countries listed, you can look it up on DocDoc.com as well! =D

I've been wanting to get my nose done if you've been following my blog, in this post (and a few others). Like since i was 13 yro i started to pick on my nose already. Like it's wayyy too fleshy, too big, too wide, and there's a freaking hump on it so in some pictures it looks like i have hooked nose. Sigh. Isn't this what most girls do?! Like picking out flaws on yourself.

And then people around you are all like "No lah it looks fine to me!" yeah, that's becox you don't look at it several times a day. Lol. So of course you won't hiam it lah. But i literately face it everyday ah.

Actually i am very happy and thankful =)) In 2007 i wrote a private post in my personal diary saying by age 21 i wanna get a boob job. I was one year late but it happened for me at age 22.

And i also wrote in the post by age 22 i wanna get a nose job. And i am 3 to 4 years late, but it came true too =))) It's either my diary has magic power..

Or i am just really lucky O.O

So lucky, that DocDoc.com email me to check if i'd be keen in collaboration, i replied saying i am only keen in getting a nose job so if they have any connection in that then keep me informed.

I know they are not a provider but that's really the only medical / healthcare related procedure i am keen in for now! I mean i also feel i really need to have work done to my jawline but that's quite drastic so one thing at a time haha. NOSE FIRST!!! Cox it's only getting more and more disturbing over the years.

To my utmost surprise..

Jon from DocDoc.com reply my email along the line of "Sure! Which country would you like to have it done in? Singapore? Korea? Let me know so I can get you more info. We'd love your followers to know about our new service. If you have a great experience, maybe you'll share about it."

I thought to myself.. "Is this guy serious or not!!! How can this be true!!!" I mean.. How can this be so easy? O.O I don't believe lah!

So i put the email aside for a long time and only got back to replying right after my wedding =X And it's true, Jon has been very sincere and enthusiastic and helpful all these while and he set me up with the cordinators from DocDoc Korea who help me set up consultation and help me plan my trip up.

We got everything fixed up and before that Jon got Josh to film the whole experience cox he saw the work Josh filmed for me like our wedding videos and other videos haha. Not bad ah, all these time i ask Josh to help me film this and that, who knows really got people appreciate his work haha.

After i got the greenlight to search for and choose my preferred doctor in Korea from DocDoc, i went through the comments and reviews on DocDoc.com from people who have their surgeries done in Korea and with some help from the people from DocDoc.com giving me suggestions and helping me ask the clinic whatever questions i have etc..

Decided to have Dr Lee Seok June from REGEN Medical Group to do my surgery! He's the leading Director of REGEN Medical Group and is known especially for the nose and faces he crafted for many KPOP stars and celebrities internationally! If you visit their website you'd see some of the celebrities that REGEN has worked with and some of them are pretty big names in Korea!

They have translators who can speak many languages and dialect and from one of the translator i get to know that many actresses and celebs from Hong Kong also go to REGEN =O But of course they won't be open about it lah. But they go to REGEN cox REGEN is one of the top, if not the top clinic in Seoul T.T I am very very lucky Dr Lee is willing to work on my face and nose.

So DocDoc help me set up a skype interview with the consultants from REGEN Medical Group

Watch the consultation to find out more about my fat-grafting and nose job =)

As you can see from the video, the consultant and the translator both from REGEN are very nice and friendly lah =D So it makes me feel even better that i decided on having my surgery done there!

And super happy the people from DocDoc (Jon, James and Ina especially) are all really responsible, efficient, helpful and friendly lah =')) Thank you guys =))

More background story.. Sorry ah i know i very long-winded but this is a big thing for me and i wanna put it down as much as possible =))) I hope you girls are keen also lah!

I decided to do my surgery in Korea becox i want a nose that is.. Nice like the ones Kpop girls have. Like the kind i see ladies in K-Drama has. LIKE SONG HYE GYO omg =DDD

And i know different countries got their different style of doing the nose lor. Korea one is known to be natural looking + they can do really nice tip building with your own nose / ear cartilage.

Plus!!! After sending them my pictures, they suggest i do fat-grafting too, which is something i know i need anyway!!! And they are very good with it cox it's all the heat now in Korea, fat grafting! So i'm like, THIS HAS TO BE THE PLACE TO BE! Hahaha ^.^

So we set the dates.. And i ask Michelle along to accompany me cox.. Cox i know i will feel a lot better with her around!!! And then Josh couldn't leave his work in Singapore for 10 days so in the end he had to ask his assistant to stay in Singapore to handle the work here. But we still needed a helper for Josh so we got Monkey to help cox anyway Monkey has helped Josh a few times before! So tadahhh~  Four of us heading for Seoul =DDD I am super happy cox it makes it less like "SURGERY" for me. It's more like "HOLIDAY" so it makes me less anxious.

Gem came to send us off =))) How's my daisy knit wear looking? $4 only. Lol.
One last one of my sunken uneven face line and humpy hooked nose lol. This post is easy to edit cox i don't have to edit my face at all haha. Already going to fix it anyway, let this be history.
Mich and i ^.^
Josh and i ^.^
Monkey and Mich ^.^ Thank you ah Monkey!!! For helping Josh so much during the filming and all! And for carrying and lugging all the heavy equipment around!!! =X 辛苦你了!
Reached Seoul!!! =DDD
Our sponsors arranged for the Ritz Carlton to provide us with a room and it was awesome. I expected a normal hotel so the Ritz Carlton was ten times beyond my expectation haha. I mean the fact that i am going to Korea for my surgery is already quite surreal! Their service and all *thumbs up*
Our view from the hotel =)
Off to consultation at REGEN! =D They are located at Gangnam hahaha. Don't get started on the song. Gangnam is a really nice place! Will share more in my next few posts!

REGEN Tower is a 15 storey high building.. With each and every level catering a specialty procedure of its own. Like one whole level for eyes surgery, another for boob job, another for jaw contouring etc. It's just amazing when you see how they function. Very systematic, welcoming and professional.

One of the level.. They have a coffeehouse at this level and you can order whatever drink you want from there and just chill before your consultation / while you wait for your friend to have their surgeries done. Very considerate hor ^.^
A wall with all the doctors onboard REGEN. My doctor, Dr Lee Seok June is at the top =DDD
Hey old face.. Will miss you..
Filling in my details..
One more face-to-face consultation with the consultant before i go meet the doctor.

While waiting to see the doctor.. I saw a REGEN photobook. Where their clients send in unedited pictures of themselves and keep track of the before / after. Holy god they make you go =OOO and then speechless.

Here's some..

From this..
To this after face-contouring.. @.@
And there are a lot more from the REGEN site. You really should check them out O.O
And then i went to visit the DocDoc office in Korea and said hi to the people who have been helping me plan this! =D Ina and James sitting by my side ^.^
And then we went for Korean BBQ =D
Ina and me ^.^
Michie and me ^.^ Look at the horrible dent on my forehead. GOODBYE SOON YO.
Me and the DocDoc guys! =D
Everyone were super excited cox we're going to one of the nicest BBQ BEEF place in Korea.

So i said okay even though i don't take beef becox i am pretty sure they have other side dishes and anyway, i'd be okay with just kimchi and white rice. Haha. But in the end when they were taking orders, they ask roughly how many people want pork and how many beef, so they'd know how much to order.

When asked for pork, me and Mich were like the only two who raised our hands =.=" It's a bit embarrassing like everyone's shock like this lolol. So James casually ask if i take beef i'm like "No i don't but it's okay please go ahead i'm good wih pork!"

In the end he ordered pork for all i think he scared like it's cox of religion that i don't eat beef? End up everyone had pork. I feel so bad for them lah!!! =X They were all looking forward to the beef i could tell lolol. Even Josh was looking forward to try the beef.

Just wanna say i love brown / purple rice ^.^ And i feel that Singapore should change all normal white rice to these chewy rice like those they use in Japanese curry rice / sushi! =DDD

Went back to the hotel after shopping at Gangnam subway station and snapped a picture with this beautiful lady at the hotel lobby ^.^ She looks flawless. Also, i can't tell you the shopping is great becox if not i scared Cheesie will kill me but i'd just tell you, i bought quite a fair bit of stuff =XXX Hahaha. Sorry Cheesie!!!!!!! But this picture is kinda like tell-tale signs! =XXX
And then we went for early dinner at 5pm i think. This is their big pan fried rice? Mich's reco.
Last few pictures of me and Josh with my old nose and face = l Haha he quite poor thing lah. Just got married only but become like he have a new wife. Lolol.
Surgery is at 2.30pm the next day and i have to fast 8 hours before that so me and Josh ordered room service before we sleep. Just so i won't get too hungry!

So yeah! That's all for now.. Will share more soon!

For now.. I just wanna clear somethings up.

1) For those who say i should just eat more and grow the fats on my face instead of having to go for fat grafting, you so genius one. Like this everyone can grow boobs, and grow fats on their temple and chin for even face line and sharper chins, and as they wish. Right? YOU WISH.

Gaining weight doesn't balance out the fat-growth on your face lah!

THE KEY WORD HERE IS PROPORTION. Why would i wanna grow fat when all i want is just fats on certain parts of my face?

2) I didn't do surgery becox people say i look ugly in the Ah Boys to Men movie. I didn't do surgery becox anyone told me i am ugly. I mean, sometimes people (especially people online *stares*) do tell me i am ugly lol. But that's not why i did surgery.

I did the surgery for myself. Becox i want to have a nicer nose. Becox i don't wanna look tired and old and sunken with those hollow cheeks and protruding cheekbones and zygoma. I also wanna look more feminine, so i have to balance out those angular bone structure with fats.

I just wanna say that i don't think i look ugly before lah! I look decent, and especially with makeup and all, everyone can look pretty. Okay, not everyone, most people, with makeup, can look good. But i still choose to do surgery becox i wanna be even better-looking. That's all.

Let's say i am a 65/100 before surgery. That's not BAD-BAD. But there's absolutely nothing wrong if i want to do something to make me a 75/100. This is also a form of self-improvement and i am sure everyone is up for that.

3) Although the surgery is sponsored, i am not tied to write anything (positive) or NOT write anything (negative). I am sharing based on my experience and i am happy i'm able to share! So guys and girls out there who are keen to do the same things.. Are better prepared and have a better idea what to expect..

So buckle up for post two (very graphic details =X) for my post-op entry and lastly.. For the recovery and full recovery post.

You'd wanna stay till the end cox..

DocDoc.com will award a prize to one lucky reader of mine!
It's a contest you can enter to..

Win a cash prize $$$ for ANY healthcare / medical / cosmetic / aesthetic procedure / service you wanna receive =OOO
You don't have to use the DocDoc service or even book an appointment with any of their doctors. You just have to enter to win their contest by telling them why you're most deserving of medical care and the person who submits the best story will win. What you do with the money is 100% up to you!
Behold~ This contest is open for my ALL readers WORLDWIDE!!!
So it doesn't matter where you are right now.. If you always know you wanna do something to your face / body / health.. And maybe you haven't done it cox of financial constraint, maybe you're scared cox no one is telling you how it'd be exactly..
Then maybe this time your wish can come true too =)
I wish you luck, the ONE special reader who will eventually win this gift.
I sincerely hope he / she will be someone who will receive this gift, like it's a dream come true =)
You may utilise the sum for any healthcare / medical / cosmetics / aesthetics procedure so don't worry, even if you're not into plastic surgery, you can always use it for let's say..
Invisalign? Interested? Haha. Got backache / shoulder ache problems? Find a chiropractor. Can also! Or how about.. You wanna lose weight properly with a professional nutritionist / doctor? Or you wanna get a full laser facial by aesthetic doctors to get rid of the uneven poke marks on your face? Or.. Botox? Haiyah you wanna use it to find a GP to do full body checkup also can lah haha. But like this your story probably won't be interesting enough to win O.O Lol.
So stick around.. Details will be out soon in the next few posts.
Thank you, if you have been leaving me encouraging comments.

Thank you, DocDoc.com for this trip.

Thank you REGEN Medical Group for the better looking me now =)

I have tried to think about why DocDoc chose me for this collaboration.. Other than me being extremely blessed and lucky.. I guess the honest answer would of course, partly, be if i find their service useful and like it, i'd be able to share my experience with the people i know, and people following me. Just like how i usually share where the cheapest bargain is.. Where i had a good lunch last Sunday etc. I share everything good / bad on my blog. Haha. That's pretty much a given.

After the meetings and emails exchanges with the guys from DocDoc.com, i think they already know i wanna do cosmetic surgeries for self-improvement / vanity, however you'd call it.

But they also realise that there are many people out there who are deserving of medical treatment for health reasons, or due to accidents or to being born with a birth defect of some type.

This is why through the meetings, they decided on their own, that aside from sponsoring me, they would also offer a cash prize to one lucky reader via a contest. So everyone, for whatever reasons close to their hearts, deserves a chance to win this for him / herself.

I guess this is DocDoc's way of giving back to the community - of being part of a greater cause. After all, DocDoc is in the business of patient care. I can tell that they really do believe in helping patients by quipping them with more information about doctors and improving the overall healthcare experience for everyone, in their own little ways.

Alright.. I'd stop going on and on haha. But wait.. More people i wanna thank!

Thank you Josh, Mich and Monkey for taking care of me the whole trip. Thank you, to my dad who couldn't stop me, but didn't stop caring for me haha. I am sorry to him, but i thank him for supporting me no matter how worried sick he was when i was in Korea. Thank you, to my sisters.. =) Thank you Si Jie. Thank you to my friends who did it before and tell me affirmatively "Don't worry, it's not painful / it'd be okay one"

Thank you to anyone who wished me "Good luck".

Now i wish you good luck back, this could be life-changing for you too, i understand..

Talk more soon. Hang on for more details on the one special prize and for more updates on my nose job / fat grafting procedures =) Thank you!

 Part 2 of my nose job / fat-grafting : Day to Day Recovery 

Part 3 of my nose job / fat-grafting : RESULTS + Before and After pictures


Anonymous said...

But i must ask you thisssss! Was the shopping experience there pleasant? I heard that the shopkeepers can get quite rude at times ._.

Calista said...

I am sincerely touched by this post. You're a brave girl, who knows exactly what she wants. Beautiful things really happen to grateful people, and you're the perfect example. Thank you for being an inspiration, Qiuqiu. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu,
Just wanted to tell you something that my friend said.Today in class, when I told her that you were married, she looked genuinely shocked, and said that you looked like you were only 19! Hope this little compliment(sorta) cheers you up :) Have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu!!
I think in some of your pix, your 'new face' (sry idk how to say it properly) kinda looks like Min Hyo Rin. Korean actress!! ^^

Thunder thighs said...

I don't know what I must do to win. But I've always had really fat thighs and I dare not even wear my swimming costume to swim let alone bikini. And the sad thing is I just gave birth and my baby is 3 months old. And I am just thinking will I ever be confident and go down to the swimming pool to swim with her? Friends have been asking me hey, when are you going to swim with baby? But I keep on dragging it because I dare not wear a swimming costume to show off my thunder thighs...hopefully one day I can.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're recovering well qiuqiu!! :)

Lisa Cheah said...

Just so you know, I have always thought you look beeeaaautiful, before AND after! :)

I think your personality trumps all flaws! :)

But ultimately, I'm super happy for you. Hope you recover soon and I am looking forward to your next post!

Ari said...

Can't wait to see clear shots of the after surgery!. Btw your skin is really nice now, barely need makeup to look super pretty!. =)

Amaya said...

I'm a new reader of this blog
why can't you eat beef? do you not like it or is there something wrong with it?

angela992 said...

Hi Qiuqiu!

I really love your new blog skin! It's so pretty!! But I'd like to feedback one thing.. Is that the font of this new layout is a bit small! So whenever I use my Iphone to read your blog it's really quite hard to read! The previous layout's font size was just nice, didn't have this kind of problem!

Hope you can consider making the font size a little bigger? :)

Alina said...

Dear Qiuqiu,

I have been enjoying your blogs for a while now and finally buckled up the courage to comment ;)
You are gorgeous and your posts are always so interesting!!

So let me share my story with you. Kekeke

I used to be a gymnastic member for over ten years so i have a lot of muscles on my legs....no matter how hard I diet and try it seems like i can't achieve more female/slimmer looking legs.
It's is depressing to see everyone around me wearing pretty skirts, shorts and dresses while they tell me that m legs look too masculine :/

This October I'm planning on a trip to Korea, also to ask about a possible surgery for my legs. :)

Stay beautiful an kind dear!
Much love


ikaykay said...

Thankyou for always being so truthful and opening to us!

I support you all the way and am so proud and envious of you ! :) <3

Joelle said...

Hello Qiu Qiu! :)

I love your daisy knit wear..where did you buy from?

Anonymous said...

Wow how did you get your skin so clear now? Would you recommend the Rachel K line or the Senka line? I respect your honesty and decision! Glad that you are recovering well ^_^

Anonymous said...

I'm the one who had hit a real raw nerve with you and you swore at me qiu qiu.. I was horrified cos you had looked nothing like the old you.. A complete face-change isn't self-improvement.. It's an overhaul.. But I guess this meant a great deal to you.. Just hope you can caution the young girl followers to consider this judiciously, and not make hasty choices.. And just simply learn to love ourselves lah, some flaws and all. Plastic surgery isn't all wrong... Self improvement is good.. Who is to say I won't consider Botox or a tuck or two when I start to sag? Just not a complete face change lor.. But you happy lah I can tell.. So relish it yah

Anonymous said...

cant wait for the new posts about how to enter are up.. im pumped it says world wide, i want to win so badly!! I have a huge bulbous nose, and after a bad experience i had with breast augmentation in my own country, i will never do plastic surgery here again. i would kill for your pre surgery nose.. even xiaxues pre surgery nose..

phOebe said...

Just wanna say your skin condition is pretty good now. What exactly did you use to achieve that?
Having bad skin and I really want to improve it without having to spend lotsa $ at the same time...
Please share..

Unknown said...

Congrats on the free surgery! I am super jealous! Of course you were gorgeous before but I agree about wanting to perfect what you have to see everyday :P I feel the same way about my flaws! I have been considering surgery in Korea the past year :) Once I can afford I'd love to get a nose job there! I loved your detailed post! Much love!

Unknown said...

Hi QiuQiu,

I am a 21 year old Chinese girl living in the US :)

I found your blog after researching plastic surgery--even before surgery I say that you're definitely very beautiful, I don't know why you need it xD.

I've always been known as the smart girl, or the funny girl, but I've never been known as the pretty girl. My girl friends are all very pretty, and everyone always compliments them on their looks when we go anywhere together, so even though I love them to death, I still feel very sad sometimes. My eyes are so small, I've looked into getting eyelid surgery, but I don't have the money. Like you, I have very deep laugh lines that I would like to get filled in.

Anyways, you are gorgeous girlfriend :P

Anonymous said...

I have the same awful dent on my forehead :( and sunken cheeks and laugh lines omg in fact I think I look like the old u lol

Susan Lolo Bua said...

Hi Qiuqiu...
i'm so happy in your previous post you reply my comment,.

i wait your newest picture with new good looking, and also the contest information, i keen ti enter it, just wonder if i could win, i will try.

Have a blessed day!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Funny how girls contour under their cheeks to get a slimmer face but you went to fill it in.

SL said...

Love your new look! I wanted to do a nose job too! Thanks for your recommendation, i'll check it out. Thanks! :)

PLL said...

I thought you look very natural after the procedures ...The video is especially helpful.I wish i have the budget to do some improvements on my face too ...I had a short chin , meaning i can only take photos frontal and slightly to the side..I look horrible from the side as thearea between my jaw and my neck is well...short ...

Anonymous said...

Qui Qui I must say that your skin looks flawless in the video where you were skyping. Also, you do not look like 26! You look so much younger. Just sayin' (:
You're lucky! People always think I'm in my early 20s but I'm only 18 -.-
Last but not least, you are beautiful. There is nothing that you need to change. But if it's something that you wanted to do and it makes you happy, then I'm happy for you lah (:

Sue said...

Hi Qui,

I just found your post when I was googling up information on skincare. I found this blog post of yours while googling:


Can you do a tutorial on how you did your hair like that? It is so lovely.

I also read this most recent post. I'm happy for your surgery and am sure you will look pretty as a result, but I do also think you were pretty beforehand. As for the zygo, I have that too (but didn't notice it until you pointed it out in yourself). I'm fine with it though, but different strokes for different folks (which makes us who we are).

Sue said...

P.S. Did you know that "Bon Qui Qui" is a famous comedy sketch in the U.S.?

If you search "Bon Qui Qui" on youtube, you'll find this clip:


Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu,

I hope you reply my comments. I am very keen to do a cosmetic surgery but i am not sure about the detail, i have zero knowledge about it, i am scared and nervous. is it painfull? Does it need a long term commitments, means like in future i have to do something to maintain it? What will happen to my face if i am getting old? Do i need another surgery? Or is it permanent? Means i just need to do it once in a lifetime? Do i need to spend a tons of skincare after the surgery?

This post is very usefull for a people who dont know anything about the surgery. I hope i can find the answer of my questions which is always in my mind in your next post. Excited to see your next post! I hope it will be soon!

You are really pretty before the surgery and even after the surgery! Even prettier!

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu,

Honestly speaking,you're really pretty before the surgery. But I can understand the urge of girls to look even prettier and the fear of ageing. Sincerely hope your surgery would be a great success! update soon!

Please be strong and patient during the recovery process, bear in mind you will look even prettier than before! You're still the famous hometown blogger Bong Qiu Qiu.

20 year old poly graduate

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

It's understandable you would opt for fat grafting judging from your untouched pictures... The emaciated, sunken skull-like face does not do your beaming personality any favors!

And your profession requires you to look good effortlessly or how else will you sell ads? Superficial is social media but we've learnt to accept that to each his/her own terms n conditions. Willing to rely less on makeup/ photoshop by way of cosmetic enhancement to simplify your beauty routine is reasonable n quite smart.

You have chosen a life of constant exposure n public scrutiny for yourself n whether u look like a Korean celeb wannabe or not, at least no one can say you weren't proactive or progressive in ensuring your individual success as a person or blogger/model. I commend you and hope you make the choices that will help you help yourself.

Fan of Your Life

Anonymous said...

hi qiu qiu

Where should i submit the story to? :)

Thanks and you look great after the surgery!


Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,
You seem really happy and I love your new blog layout. It's really cute!

Um so here's the story,

My uncle just recently got his nose checked up since he has been having problem breathing ever since he was a kid. One side of his nose trip (I’m not even sure if it’s called a nose trip since I’m just typing out what my mum has told me so far) is crooked and the other side has a small rounded muscle along the nose trip that is blocking the nose from time to time, thus preventing him from breathing properly when he lies down to sleep. Due to this, he is not able to absorb enough oxygen while he sleeps. The doctor advised him to proceed the laser surgery ASAP since there is a high chance of his brain not getting enough oxygen while he sleeps, which is dangerous as it can cause him to die in the middle of his sleep at anytime. But the thing is my uncle can’t afford a Singapore $15,000 laser surgery for his nose, which really worries us. Especially my grandmother since he’s her youngest son and all. I mean what kind of mum won't get upset and sleepless when this happens to her own kid?

It would mean the world to me, to us as a family, if we could get some money in this short amount of time just to make sure that he’s okay and healthy.

We’re extremely worried and I’ve been trying to figure out how to help for days! I feel like God has given us a chance ever since I read this blog post of yours. I was like “OMG THIS IS A GIFT OF CHANCE & HOPE THANK YOU”.
Lastly, I want to thank DocDoc for even considering about starting this contest and you for sharing it with us. It is really kind of you guys.


Unknown said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

Wow you did it!!!


Anonymous said...

Lucky you!

How i wish i got the money to do double eyelid surgery. But it's so ex to do it..

♡ ×t s u k i.- ♡ said...

Hi QiuQiu! =)
Congrats on your face-improving ^-^ I like to see people that want to be at their best!! It's great to see you step up your game :) and I so wanna do the same!! I really hate my nose >< when I was 12, a guy tripped and fell with his head over me, hitting my nose very hard, since then it's been broken. Now it's obviously healed buuuut there's bumps here and there that I can't really stand when I look in the mirror! I contour the shit out of it but then again, I hate it in real life, contouring is only for photos... Anyways, it's a good thing to see that there's such a great experts when it comes to nose jobs!! :D You lucky girl!!
I wish I could really afford it ._. but I'm from a third world country and almost everything seems so impossible for me XD ;_;

Much love from Argentina~~! xoxo

Anonymous said...


May i know what is the name of your plastic surgery doc? thanks

Anonymous said...


May i know what is the name of your plastic surgery doc? thanks

Issac said...

Great job! Nice nose job work done.

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu i just hope you see and reply it .
n now i only can hope .
i really need rhinoplasthy to correct my nose .ive been feeling depressed and it disturbing my social environment n i just cant tell how i feel until now .i just really wanna live like other girls .i tried to be happy n let it go of thinking rhinoplasthy but i end up frustrating .
the cartilage in the lower part or tip of nose is really weak n also look weak n a bit droopy plus it bcm wide and looks like im flaring all the time .
i really want to fix my life n i have my big goal to be a succesful in the future but ... ,i have problem tht my parents really againts rhimoplasthy n they cant understand how i feeling this depressed i feel like my dream is all impossible .its strange but its true .so i think i should do it by my own money but i dont know how to get money to $5000 since im still a student . but im wondering if there s solution to make the price easy .
thank you qiuqiu i hope u understand me :)