24 May 2013

I love Laneige

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You guys know i've been a great fan of Laneige! Haha! I've tweeted, instagrammed and blogged mentioned about their products before and EVERYONE knows how super-awesome their water sleeping pack (mask) is!!! So awesome it has won multiple awards from beauty magazines!

I am on my second tub already haha. I find it especially useful when i need it to soothe my skin. I've had itchy rash on my face once and i apply that to sleep and woke up the day to nicer skin haha.

Anyway~! I also openly love their BB cushion!!! It's a relatively new product! I bought it like.. In January i think. I recently just started on the free refill that comes with it =D Pretty lasting!

Launched in 1994 in Korea, Laneige is a premium cosmetic brand that promotes lively, youthful skin with its most advanced ”water science” technology. Positioning itself as the ‘moisture-expert’ brand, Laneige introduces a variety of "Waterful" skincare and make-up items to us! =D

We all know how moisture is vital for our skin to stay radiant and healthy. So in all Laneige products, "moisturising or not" and "hydrating or not" will be the last things you have to worry about lah! ^.^

You can only imagine how happy i am when Laneige wants to do an advertorial with me ^.^
This shot is just to show some of the Laneige products i have now haha.

 I have a few more but they are in my bath room and i a bit lazy to bring them out for photoshoot haha. When i took out all these, Josh (who shot all the pictures for me! Thank you!!!) confirm already find out where i have been spending my money hahaha.

I bought some of them, a few are given to me as present from Michie. And i have been using them (that's why you can see some is half used hahaha) and Laneige very generously sent me the rest!!! They are really one of the most generous sponsors!!! ^.^
Holding the NEW Firming Sleeping Pack =D As if the original sleeping is not already super awesome enough!!! I think this is going to be one of my new favourite from Laneige! =D

This sleeping pack improves Skin Restoration Capacity during sleep. So as you sleep, your skin regains firmness, moisture and suppleness!!! GOT SO GOOD DEAL ONE?! Hahaha.

As you can figure, the time we spend on sleeping, is also the time our body recharge AND of course, it's also a very important time our skin use to heal and recover from fatigue. Eh, you don't say what, you think we talk talk talk whole day, eat, chew, smile, laugh, frown all these, not stretching the skin meh haha. Our skin also can get really tired and dry with impurities all over it after one day!

However, when the body is most relaxed, the skin is also under the strongest pressure during this length of rest. “Pillow marks”, contrary to dismissive belief, are not temporary marks but the beginnings of potential wrinkles =OOO HOW NOW?! If i sleep sideways i apply pressure on my face, if i sleep facing upwards i am stretching my face from all ways down due to gravity.

*flip table* DON'T SLEEP LIAO LAH so difficult. Hahaha.

Laneige calls this “Sleep Lines” Studies show that skin, exposed to UV rays during the day, is more likely to form Sleep Lines when the damage is accumulated and the skin has not recover. Makes sense cox if you expose it to harmful rays in the day time, and then end of the day you go to sleep and apply more pressure on it no matter how you sleep.. I guess if i am the skin i also give up. Lol.

But don't worry!
Recognizing through research that Sleep Lines can be prevented by keeping the skin supple and fortifying ‘skin restoration capacity’, Laneige presents a solution in Firming Sleeping Pack.

It is a simple idea:
What we need to solve this issue is, a hydrating, firming sleeping pack that restores supple firmness while you sleep.
If the skin lacks a natural ‘skin restoration capacity’, it bounces back less quickly from stress applied on it. So if your skin lacks firmness, it takes longer to restore, forming temporary ‘sleep lines’ which eventually become wrinkles.
Laneige’s answer to moist, supple, and firm skin lies in its "SleePop7" and Sleepscent7 technology, which boosts three actions:

1) Fortifying Skin Restoration Capacity by strengthening and improving your skin’s firmness
The components of "SleePop7" (Sleep + Operation) improve the skin’s shape-restoring ability and regain the skin’s firmness during sleep, ultimately preventing sleep lines that propagate during the day.

2) Prevent Skin Damage
Components of "SleePop7" reverse and prevent skin damage as you sleep. Find out more on the components of "SleePop7" and how it's so effective to get wonderful skin overnight, click HERE.

You may go find out more about "SleePop7" but i MUST show you the texture of the Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack! I think this is also one reason why it's very effective in firming up the skin!

It's like this soluble jelly!!! It's exactly like jelly, but flowy one i don't know how to explain so you just look at the picture! When you scoop into it, it had these dents from the scooped out portion right? Within 20 seconds it'd be back into the jelly form which won't break unless you scoop in again!!!! WHAT THE HECK IT'S AMAZING I've never seen something like this before!!!

I feel like the Firming Sleeping Pack is engineered in a way, the molecules will always wanna be kept together. So when you spread them out on your skin, they still wanna be kept together!!!

So after applying, from about 10 seconds onwards, you will feel a "HUG" on your face. Really that's how i feel! Like the mask, collectively from all angle, hug your face. And i guess it sorts of make you FEEL the real action of firming on top of the intensive firming and moisturising ingredients!

If you'd like to find out more about the Firming Sleeping Pack, click HERE =D

Spread it on your face (it comes with a spatula but i never ever use it lah =X) and feel the love!!!

3) Relieve Skin Stress
Sleepscent7 suppresses skin stress hormones for deep sleep with a mixture of natural calming aromas from Orange flower, Rose, Ylang-ylang, and Sandalwood Oil. Haha, actually i think not only the skin gets relieved of stress, even our mind also will feel stress-free after smelling it on our skin! =D

Take the Firming Sleeping Pack as a quick pamper massage for yourself 2 - 3 times a week! I do it alternate days if i can. If you think that is kiasu, let me introduce you to my gf who flies as a air stewardess, she does it EVERYDAY @.@ She say cabin condition is the worst for skin cox of dry air + very near to the sun got a lot of UV rays etc. So.. Let's all buck up hahaha.

Remember to cover the vital areas where firming and moisturising is especially needed! Mainly, your laughlines, cheeks, side of the mouth AND NECK!!! Please don't forget your neck. Really. I learn that necklines can tell your real age no matter how much makeup you put on your face =X

Another new product from Laneige that is essential to your daily skincare routine!!! Especially if you adore the dewy, glowly, radiant and translucent fair skin!!!
White Plus Renew Original Essence

It contains MelacrusherTM so you will get visibly fairer after 2 weeks of usage.

MelacrusherTM is a skincare technology developed by Laneige! To find out more about Melacrusher, click HERE. But in short..

It decomposes the melanin veil that cause discoloration of skin by reducing dark spots and bringing back the inner radiance and beauty of the complexion. The essence is also mildly formulated with clean ingredients without paraben, animal ingredients, artificial pigments and mineral oil, restoring and brightening up the skin tone without upsetting the skin.

With this new technology, Laneige White Plus Renew line improves 6 core elements of brightening – glow, moisture, brightness, transparency, even skin tone and reduced melanin level. So you don't just look fair and white, the time has moved on to BRIGHT and glowy looking radiant healthy skin!

Let's try it!

I like to try new product on my hand first lah. I wanna see how well it gets absorbs into the skin! The White Plus Renew Original Essence works pretty well for me cox main thing i look out for in the texture is that after applying, it cannot be sticky! So i remove makeup and leave only eye makeup!

And try on the essence ^.^

In a gentle swipe ^.^ Then slowly spread it. Avoid eye area! =D Do this twice a day, day and night. And in two weeks you'd get visibly clearer, fairer radiant skin!!! =DDD

It smells damn good also!!! =DDD And feels gentle and soft on the skin!


The new star product at Laneige!!!
BB Cushion, a compact that contains a cushion filled with cooling air and BB cream. It is a new type of BB product with surprising benefits!!! I have been using this soon after its launch!!! I bought it =( Hahaha. Cox it's just TOO amazing!

I share my personal thoughts on the BB cushion okay!!! Later then tell you the product details.

Why i decided to buy it is cox firstly, i like the "watery" glowy finishing on the skin!!! Powdery finish is okay but sometimes if done wrongly, i can look very washed out and cakey in pictures.

And this watery finishing is the trend in Korea now! Don't be mistaken with oily skin hor hahaha. Oily is really like no control one. This one makes your skin glow at the right places! Looks especially nice in the sun!!! =DDD Don't worry, it has SPF50 PA++. Haha. WHICH, is another plus point for me cox i don't like all the hassle of having to put multiple products especially when i am rushing out!

After using, i realise there's so much more to love about the BB cushion! I love it that on first contact with your skin, it feels cooling one!!!! Yeah, no matter where you carry it to, even under the hot sun outdoor, you whip it out to touch up or whatever, it still feels cooling on your skin one!

And, not sure how many of you who have tried it, appreciate the same thing as me! THE PUFF!!!!!! This puff is the MOST awesome makeup puff ever!!! It's sooooo soft!!! And it helps you dab and blends so well! And you can easily fold it to apply coverage on corners of the face. Like corners of the eyes and brow bone area and the sides of the nose. And the pores on the sponge is soooo small!!!
Look. When you dab some form the BB cushion, it's already sort of blended on the pad in the sense every micro pores also got the bb cream so when it goes to your face you don't get patches! Okay thank you for listening to me and in what way i love the BB Cushion haha. Oh and one more thing! It's so compact and easy to bring it out in your makeup pouch for touch-up on the go if you need! But i don't lah, usually it last me through the day ^.^

Okay here are the actual five benefits in one awesome Laneige BB Cushion:
1. Brightening effect
Laneige BB Cushion contains White Plus Renew ComplexTM

White Plus Renew ComplexTM brightens up the overall skin tone. It is one of the core ingredients used in Laneige's White Plus Renew brightening product line to care for dark circles and spots on skin, creating a brighter, more radiant complexion! So you're treating your skin when you wear the BB cushion!!!

2. Daily protection against harmful UV rays and sun damage SPF50+/PA+++

3. Soothing effect that instantly cools down and refreshes the skin fatigued under heat! How? I got look very refreshed or not hahaha. Benefits of cooling, sweat-proof and sunscreen make is extra useful for consumers in Asian countries cox skin is vulnerable to heat, humidity and storing sunlight!

4. Sweat-proof, long-lasting coverage
Good lah, wear the BB cushion to exercise! JUST the BB cushion and nothing else! Deng deng deng, the secret to looking radiant and glowy with even skin tone even when you're sweating haha.

5. Tone correction to medium coverage, creating a clean and natural look

To give you a better idea how the coverage of the BB cushion is..

I am going to try it on one side of my face! Remember i removed all makeup on my face already ah, except eye makeup! =D

The side i am pointing at, is the side with the BB Cushion applied.

A clearer comparison. With the BB cushion, skin is more evenly toned and redness on my face reduced until like cannot see anymore lah =DDD Dark patches (on the side of my mouth especially) also can be lighten and be less obvious. But of course becox it's not a very thick coverage, you can still see some of the blemishes on my forehead. But we give and take some! If you have too thick a coverage, you'd need to put full makeup. If not your features will look washed out.

With BOTH sides done. On my eyes is only liner, brow filler, mascara and concealer undereye! And whole face is based with the Snow BB Soothing Cushion =DDD

So as you can see, though the coverage is not say very thick, it is perfect for your everyday wearing. Esepcially if you just wanna look presentable and clean enough at work / in school but don't wanna go OTT. Haha. Cox after you apply this, you'd realise it's just like a veil over your original skin.

Hides the tiny flaws on your skin and lessen the attention on the obvious flaws but doesn't wash out the features of your face! So you'd look fresh, waterful and clean!!! =DDD And!!! Natural.

You know now the trend is, got wear makeup but look like don't have. Right. Hahaha. The BB cushion will do just the job!

Out of all the five benefits, the ones that i can relate with is the protection against harmful UV rays and sun damage!!! I love products that has SPF in them!!! Really saves me a lot of time and hassle and it's a big plus point for me! =DDD

I also love it that it has cooling effect on the skin! Feels quite shiok when you apply it haha ^.^ But most of all, i love that it corrects your skin tone and makes it look even and glowy! =DDD

So if you're into k-beauty Natural and Light Makeup, this would be the ideal product for you!!!

Complex makeup stages all compact in one product! Laneige BB Cushion sheds the heavy makeup layers and keeps your look tinted and natural without irritating the skin ^.^


IT COMES WITH A FREE REFILL!!!!!! And is available in four shades, 13, True Beige, 21 Natural Beige, 23 Sand Beige, 31 Brown Beige at $59! Totally worth every cent and more!!!!!!

If you're heading to get the BB cushion, don't forget to try their Firming Sleeping pack as well! Intensive skin care is essential when skin recovery is most active at night to prevent Sleep Lines that damage the skin. This is your Sleep Lines eraser! You deserve your "Beauty Sleep" for real!

And for those who want to achieve beautiful glowy skin in 2 weeks, you have to give the White Plus Renew Original Essence a shot!!! =DDD You'd be happy with the results!

Okay that's all i have for you!!! You'd have really really good waterful skin in no time, promise! Becox when i take care of my skin with Laneige skincare products, i have good skin too. Remember when i went to Korea? Before that period i damn siao on, every alternate day put sleeping pack haha.

But then after that a bit afraid to clean my face properly so the skin wasn't too good for a while. But now i am back on track with the skincare regime =DDD And Laneige never let me down when i want to see results! It's a undying love. Just like my obsession with how perfect Song Hye Kyo looks haha!

I've always loved her face!!! And in 2008, i came to a huge discovery. That maybe Song Hye Kyo and me are related *affirmative nod* Lololol. You see lor.

It's like these pictures i already took, and then one day i was googling Song Hye Kyo. And then i'm like "OMG i have a picture that looks similar!!!" X 3. And then that's when our fate cross path. 姐!!!!
Okay don't play already. Bye bye~

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


Bluff you one! How often a brand you super love, endorsed by a face you major adore, ask you for advertorial. Right. So one more family portrait with my jamaeui (sister) hahahah. Got look alike not? *shy* Hahaha. No? No nevermind.

Look at what i have! I keep using the same products as she use, one day we'd look the same hahaha.


Ahem. Except she is legit. And you will be legit.. But I is ownself claim to be a Laneige girl one =( Haha.

So good!!! You be a Laneige blogger i am sure you get to be the first to try their new products and to try ALL their products that might suit your skin type. I AM VERY JELLY OF YOU!!!

What do you have to do to be the Laneige Blogger Ambassador?! You just have to blog!!!

Do a blogpost (in your own style and creativity ^.^)

1. Tell us which LANEIGE product do they love most?
a. 1 skincare product
b. 1 make-up product

2. Submit by 30 May and stand a chance to be one of the 10 selected bloggers to attend a hands-on beauty workshop on 8th June where you’ll learn K-beauty secrets from Laneige.

3. If you emerge as the overall winner, you stand a chance to be the “Blogger Ambassador” for Laneige for 1 year and S$2,000 cash =DDD

For details on the contest, click HERE!
You may also submit your entry at the same page ^.^

Simple hor! Plus you get to attend the beauty workshop!!! I went before, it's very very useful with lotsa secret beauty tips one =D Also~ Laneige is such an awesome brand, if you do well, WHO KNOWS, you might get a chance to fly to Korea becox i saw on Laneige Youtube that they indeed did a brighten up camp where they fly girls from SEA countries to Korea for the beauty camp! =OOO

I am very very jealous of the one grand winner blogger =O

But nevermind, i ownself make myself into a Laneige girl. Hahaha. Thank you ah Josh, fulfilling all my dreams by helping me snap these pictures haha.

Okay bye, 我死而无憾 (i die with no regrets) haha.

Links for your convenience:

Laneige Singapore FB Page for promos, events and updates on new products

Laneige Singapore Website for more information on the products

View this video to see how you can do a simple Day to Night makeup with the BB Cushion!


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Btw, the text has gone awry where you posted the first photo (it's on the side rather than below)

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Laneige is more suitable for younger skin, Xiao Mei Mei type...

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