09 May 2013

Like me, like me not..?

Quite some time back Josh and i were talking about "liking" pictures on instagram / facebook.

I say i think whether your friend likes your pictures or not, is very relevant to whether she likes you or not.

You know those cheesy lines in movie.. "Yeah but baby, if you love me, you'd get the moon for me" SO WHY NOT START FROM LIKING MY PICTURES? Lolol.

Haha. I have to clarify a bit okay before people think i need "Likes" as much as i need oxygen, to survive. Hahaha. I think it's relevant to whether the person likes you or not IF

1) She is someone who does like quite a fair bit of pictures on instagram
2) She like the pictures of other friends (especially if those friends are your friends too)

So yeah! I feel it's totally linked becox if you like that person, and if you do like pictures on instagram, why not like a picture your friend posted if it's nice / means something to him/ her.

And quite a lot of people agree with me!!! These are some of the replies i got.

Hahaha. The "THIS FRIENDSHIP IS OVER" one sibeh drama i LOL-ed when i read it.

And then i also agree with "If your friend likes you confirm will like everything you do right" hahaha. Like example.. If i very very happy in real life, you'd be happy for me right? Yeah, same thing lah. Liking a picture on instagram is kinda like being happy / sharing the joy with your friend.

Of course, there are people who are more.. Logical and less sensitive, who thinks that it's not linked.

All of them makes sense!!! So what do you think?!

I don't think you need to like all the pictures of your friends'. Especially not when you don't like pictures on instagram at all one. When i first started instagram i also don't log in to like pictures / read comments one! But now i do ^.^

And here are some of the pictures i like! I can summary it for you lah. Camho shots, doggies, babies, food (with eggs especially), couple shots (becox i like to see happy couples in love) ^.^

That's all ^.^

What are some of the kinds of pictures you like on Instagram?! =D

You can go to Profile, Pictures i've liked, to see the pictures you liked ^.^

And tell me lah, do you agree with me or Josh!!!

Is liking pictures linked to liking a person, or not?!


Anonymous said...

wtf is this?

Anonymous said...

Likes can be categorized the following ways:

1) those who just like for the sake of liking (those who scroll and tap on everything they see in the feed- or they really like you damn lot so everything you post is worth a like, even when it's not something they like if it's from some other fellow; but it becomes something if it is something posted from someone they adore/admire/like u very much/think is v cool) p.s. to test this, just post some nondescript picture, you will still garner likes because of fans who will like anything you put.

2) to acknowledge they have seen or will commit to memory when it comes to knowing more about you or ur current situation..or just to stay updated about your life without even talking to you at all

3) u are a close friend, and both of u have the same inclination towards certain stuff. this is to show mutual support.
-but even if this close friend don't like what you post, but still click 'like' to show their support for your choice of things you like. even if they don't click, it just means there isn't enough motivation on any emotional level to click lor.

let's put it down to a commoner like me....people who doesn't have floods of followers

-there are bound to be people who had seen and actually mentally liked ur picture, but they didn't click 'like' because they r hesitant as

(1)to them u r only an acquaintance, or someone not so close offline or even chat with online; so no need so obvious you've been noticed for what is posted

(2)this thinking : "ok lah I enjoy what I see can already, no need like." then they move on and continue to see other stuff.

ahlost said...

em.. to me, i'll like the pics that i really *Like* .. or sometimes, when I'm too free, I'll *Like* all the pictures that I've seen. I agree with you on if you're a likeable person, people will like what you post on instagram.. but I agree with Josh too. It actually kinda not relevant to whether that person like you or not cos people *Like* just to show that you pics have been seen by them. Haha.. simple yet complicated.

Anonymous said...

真的假的。。。好没有营养的话题 喔!

gel said...

Hmm I think not really 100% linked.

For example, when I see some really awesome photos, I will click like on their photos a lot. But then, I've never met these people in real life, so I can't possibly be liking them right? It's just that I appreciate their talent and eye for beautiful photos.

But then if you like a person, you're generally more prone to liking the things about that person, whether it's fashion, food, family, etc. So naturally, you will click "like" for their photos too.

So my opinion is that: if you click "like", it doesn't mean that you like that person. But when you like a person, the "like" on instagram/facebook happens more naturally.

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiuqiu! I'm one of those people who think it's irrelevant, since I'm pretty objective/pragmatic when it comes to things like this. I mean I don't there's a connection at all and prefer not to lump what I feel are two separate things together.

Also because in my case, some of the people I do like in person is how to say ah... Have no sense of aesthetics WTF. Like they will anyhow take selfies in a really dark dirty toilet that kind! Or anyhow take pictures of their food with no proper lighting, angling, editing whatsoever. Literally like just take one picture and post up immediately. Sorry but I really cannot bring myself to 'like' them...

Anyway based from what I see the people you associate yourself with take nice pictures, so I can see where you are coming from lah. But yeah just putting it out there that not everyone has friends with good taste haha. Have a good day Qiu! (Eh first time commenting leh!)

Wynne C. said...

Aww! You screenshot my reply. :) I'm @wynnechuwen on Twitter. Quite honored!

Keep blogging and inspiring girls like us. X

Chantal said...

I love this post of yours! i've been wondering about this question and i absolutely agree that its linked! I think whether its linked or not, it depends on individual la.. Not everyone will like simply because they like you. But I personally think that most people will like because they like that person.

My best friend is very popular and she garners many likes on fb. It's a lot, considering she's not a model/blogger etc. I've also noticed its almost always the same people liking her posts. They are like somewhat her 'fans' lol. These fans will like whatever she posts.. In fact almost ALL her posts. Sometimes the post is only meant for a few friends to understand cos it's somewhat like an inside joke. But the usual fans will still like, although they don't know what the post means. So I do believe they like the posts simply because they like her :) and maybe to some, this is some form of maintaining friendship. Well I admit to me it is! :)

Anonymous said...

I think it depends? If your friend post a nice photo, and it relates to you, ofcos like! But if your friend post a photo that isn't very nice, I wouldn't like it. Also need to see the photography skill/angle nice or not. HAHA.

And also becos there was this once, Friend A posted a picture of her damaged DSLR lens. Friend B, went to like it immediately without reading the caption, that it is a damaged DSLR lens. So it was pretty awkward, becos Friend B is someone who likes almost all photos of her friends.

Yup yup, so I think it depends! But I would like most of the photos that my friends post, that is relatable! Heh.

Anonymous said...

I don't think liking a photo has anything to do with whether a person likes you or not. For me it is an option, a way to express myself, whether or not I like a photo. I am not going to like the same things as you. If I like everything, I think it says very little about myself. If I don't have the option to like or not to like, then what is the point of free will?

Anonymous said...

1. For people I'm not so close to, I'll only like their picture if it's nice.

2. For people I'm close to, I like almost all their pictures but if it really looks shitty (super bad quality, grainy, orange lighting I think you get what I mean cos you hate orange lol) I won't like it.

3. For popular people (bloggers, artists, celebrities etc) I only like their picture if it's nice too.

Unknown said...

I think to some extent, it holds true, but still very dependent. I agree that liking a picture just because it belongs to your friend's doesn't make sense. But if your friend displays something happy/something she/he's enjoying you'll definitely feel happy on his/her behalf also right, so again it doesn't make sense if you don't like such pictures.

By the way, I love this topic you started. Have never thought of that! And those comments you received are so constructive :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu..
I dont think it is link! I'm sorry to say but I guess I'm on Josh side... because it seems irrelevant.

its like saying "if you like your friend, you should like every thing of theirs."
I'm sure there are things/clothes/bag/brand/ppl that you like and your friend have different opinion.
Cant expect your friends to like every thing about you!

And I suppose that liking a picture is just a matter of preference.
You cant be sad when no one likes your picture! because there is nothing to prove through the number of likes = how many ppl likes me or how popular you are. =D

The Expat Chick said...

I agree with Josh, like somebody picture doesnt mean I like the person. Because sometimes you don't even know the person probably just random cute or funny photos you see on instagram.


Anonymous said...

Liking pictures does not necessary mean licking the person who posted them :_/
I may not knwon a person or don't like her/him but nevertheless like her/his pictures or comments.
Le'ts be objectives for a while.

Anonymous said...

seems like the real issue here is an unhealthy obsession/need for public affirmation...

"so and so didn't like my pics-- so and so doesn't like me?!?!! Boohoo"

Yuxing said...

xD I think to an extent it is! I notice this one day when some friends and I grew apart, the likes dropped too.

Jir0x3 said...

Personally, I like to be constructive. Best friend or not, if I think it's cool I'll like it.

On the other hand, at the same time I won't like acquaintances photos at all. Unless I think it's super nice or more worthy.

In other words, chances of me liking friends post 70%, liking acquaintances post 30%, strangers post 50%. It's more of a tendency thing too.

I think it's awkward for me when your not close but it's kind of like in real trying to join a conversation unrelated to you.

So yes, generally when people like your photos they have a more neutral to likable opinion of you.

Jir0x3 said...

Personally, I like to be constructive. Best friend or not, if I think it's cool I'll like it.

On the other hand, at the same time I won't like acquaintances photos at all. Unless I think it's super nice or more worthy.

In other words, chances of me liking friends post 70%, liking acquaintances post 30%, strangers post 50%. It's more of a tendency thing too.

I think it's awkward for me when your not close but it's kind of like in real trying to join a conversation unrelated to you.

So yes, generally when people like your photos they have a more neutral to likable opinion of you.

Anonymous said...

I am more into Josh's side. If i like the picture I will press like, not related to the person actually. even if my friend post a photo they like/love, if i dont like i will ignore.

Anonymous said...

not really i think, if i like the person but the photo not nice maybe wont like. BUT if i dont like the person, confirm wont like even if photo is of bobby kiran's standard lol

xxshinrai said...

It's a bit of both I think. Very dependent on the type of person your friend is - maybe they aren't social networking junkies or are the typical sit-back-observe types, but not the type to get involved. For me, my ratio of likes for a given friend's posts is directly related to how much I like them. I get pissed at a friend, I have a falling out with a friend, I ignore ALL her photos and posts because I want nothing to do with her. I also agree, if you like someone, you like their photos - you are happy when they are happy etc.

Miko said...

I agree with Josh. I feel that it is not linked. It depends on the person, if the person is more arts-inclined they usually like pics that have art sense or maybe friends pics like birthday parties and events. Not a need to like all or most of your friends photos, to me it feels creepy if my friend likes most of the photos i post.

Anonymous said...

no likes for audrey ooi pics, ah?

must not like her or something....

G said...


I may like the person but if he/she takes ugly and poorly lit/composed photos I will not like them. It's nothing personal, purely aesthetics.

Also, if my friend is some popular blogger *ahem* who gets thousands of likes on her photos all the time, I feel like it's inconsequential whether I click like or not (even though I like them).

Anonymous said...

i think it's linked. think of the other end of the spectrum, for instance, the bitch that stole ur bf took a super nice scenery photo/ super cute baby photo, u would never like the picture.

so yeah, linked!

Sue said...

It depends. If you believe it's true that a friendship is based on whether or not someone likes/dislikes your picture, then by your own standards you've established whether or not you yourself are a friend based on your opinion of other people's pictures.

If you both agree that liking/disliking a picture has nothing to do with friendship, then you can communicate and make that agreement with each other.

People are different, and so are friendships. You will know the solution simply by verbally communicating this question to each of your friends. For example, "Since we are friends, we will not dislike each other's pictures" or "Since we are friends, our opinions of each other's pictures has nothing to do with our actual feelings for each other."

Mystery solved.

Fiona Chan said...

Maybe the two are very much linked if you think they are linked, and you like for the sake of friendship or something, and they are not linked if you're not that type of person.

Me and my friends are more towards the not linked, so yay less chance of drama I guess haha. Heck, I am not even following one of my best friend's twitter account.

Anonymous said...

I only like photos I really like or can relate to. I still love my friends. So not true for me. :)

I believe there are many like me out there. I am a passive new media user. So maybe that kinda explain why....?

AJ Jericho Stephanie said...

No Lah I also like my boy classmates picture ...

Anonymous said...

I FEEL YOU~~~ like totally! OMGOSH! it's like.. when i post something on instagram, the following day, my friend would be like 'Eh wow ... blah blah blah..." and i would be thinking.. if they saw the picture why wouldn't they like the picture? like u know.. that feeling..!>?

Anonymous said...

I'd go with Josh... very fake to like a friend's ugly pic right. Then friendship very fake No honesty ar?