09 June 2013

QWeekly - I'm back

Sup you all. I'm back~!!! With QWeekly!!! =DDD And this week's cover very special hor!!!

It's Genevieve and Caesar! Go browse QWeekly now! Got cute pictures of Caesar! And there's a GIVEAWAY!!! 3 hampers worth $100 each for your pet ^.^ Very easy to win one!

Go go go, go browse QWeekly when you're done reading this short post!

Please see the results of the makeover also becox i think i am becoming an expert for eyebrow reconstructing. Haha. The last time with Feng Yi and this time with Angeline.
Me at work few weeks back haha.

And very quickly i just wanna tell you about the staycation at The Sultan Hotel! Thanks to Nuffnang for helping me liaise, i went back for a staycation to celebrate the June Babies birthday!

This time round we had a loft suite and it is SO NICE. My family popped by cox they stay really near the hotel and they don't want to leave after that! Thank you The Sultan!!! =D

Just very chillax and comfortable cox the daybed is perfect to nua-sai haha. And the whole attic loft thing is so like.. Unique? Like you're safe at the loft, camping and sleeping away. Omg i wanna go back soon already. Really quite shiok. Some more so near to food and entertainment. You see lor. We had Thai food for dinner and went to Lavendar foodcourt at night for supper after our KTV.

Snack all day long, watch cable tv, chillax, drink with friends and family, chit-chat, eat, chill some more, KTV, supper. Staycation is.. One word, Awesome.

Josh got us A LOT of tarts and macaroons etc. I LOVE. June babies Gem, Me and Mich with September baby Zhen haha. She hen ke lian, forever extra. Lol. After some beer......
 And that's baby Yurou joining us in the day earlier ^.^ She's so big now and she can say A LOT of stuff. Mostly rude stuff like "我打你啊!" or "走开啦" =__= But she also know how to say a lot of sweet stuff lah. Like if you climb something she will say "小心啊 不要跌倒" =D She later fell asleep and the adults all pig out with snacks and drinks before we actually went for Thai food haha.
Some time in the night Gem saw this picture of Jesseca Liu and FYI she have always claim that she look like Jesseca Liu (bing bu hui lololol) and then so zhun Jesseca Liu was on some red sofa and the daybed at The Sultan hotel also is red one. So.. The rest you can see lah. My friend delusional. Lol. I help her lah, help her photoshop in Jesseca Liu de background lol.
Next day they both super happy to go see Baby Dash =DDD I had soooo much fun looking at his gazillion expression hahahah. And he's soooo chubs O.O Look at those thighs. Thank you Wendy for having us ^.^ Really is a sweet and cute last-stop for our staycation.

Go Browse QWeekly now! It's the 10th issue already =)


Manon said...

(Or is Genevieve really tiny?)

That picture of you is so funny, looks like your waving over a waft of farts or something :D

Priscilla Chiang said...


So pwetty :)

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Haha the doggie is so big!


Anonymous said...

the baby boy legs too shrot hahhahha

Anonymous said...

You can consider having baby dash as your "coverbaby" in your next Qweekly issue! That is provided if Xiaxue agrees to it la ;)

Anjo said...

The baby boy is so adorable, so as the baby girl too.