18 July 2013

About this psycho problem i have.

You know i am psychotic when it comes to shopping. I don't buy expensive stuff. But i buy a lot of stuff.

No like, REALLY, A LOT, a lot of stuff.

Anything from food, to clothes, to bags, to shoes, to accessories, to EZ-Link card sticker, to panties, to tidbits, to skincare products and makeup. If i start buying, i keep buying.

If i like a brand, i like a brand. And i keep buying.

If a brand is nice to me, i like it more, they can give me free stuff to try but i'd still keep buying.

Josh can't know this so i am hoping that he'd just browse through my blog and miss this. But sometimes i am so sick, i buy and i just keep them at home in my beauty room. It'd be there, just for me to look at, or for me to forget, until my gfs come to my room to pack and then sees it, and like it, and it's theirs. Lol. Or until my sisters say they need something and i'd be like "I HAVE JUST THE THING FOR YOU!" POOF! My beauty room is Doraemon's pocket!

But the other day i was packing my room by myself (rare) and after the many times i unpack shopping bags of new stuff that i forgot about buying, i just sat there and i was worried.

If i don't control my addiction to shopping, i'd never get to achieve the bigger things i have planned for myself. You know, bigger things like houses. If one day i can get addicted to buying houses, that will be neat. Lolol. But anyway, so i got worried. Like, i am spending all these money, not becox i wanna use the stuff, not becox i wanna give them to my sisters / friends at the end of the day (thou that makes me happy), i just buy becox i like to shop and i like to buy things and i like to spend money =X Cox it makes me feel damn good.

You know everytime we go out, if i buy something, Josh would always offer to help me carry it. But i LOVE to carry my shopping. I LOVE the feeling of me buying a lot of things.

And like i said, i spend small money, right? But i spend a lot of small money. Which actually makes it worst cox it adds on to my addiction. And make me feel like i can afford, so i keep buying.

Sigh. It feels better now that i let it out. I mean for the longest time i don't really wanna look at my beauty room cox i know i've bought too much stuff that i don't need and will never use =XXX

A small part of me was really afraid each time Josh comes into the beauty room to take something. I damn scared he regret marrying me cox i am sooooo irrational. Lol. Thank god i am not interested in branded expensive goods and thank god i don't have a credit card.

Don't ever give me a credit card unless 你要害我去死 lolol.

Does any of you feel the same? Guilty for the longest time but yet feel so good each time you shop and add to the pile of stuff you don't need =(

It's like i can clear my room today and in a week it'd be filled with stuff again.

So i have decided. Since i can't actually stop shopping, yeah, like i can't. Like i'd die. Lolol.

Why don't i actively sell the things i don't need, to make more money, to shop more! =D


I am on this high when i talk about shopping pardon me. Lol.

So i am going to do it. Look out for the page "My wardrobe" on my blog okay. When i put it up i'd inform you all! gonna be much cheaper than what i bought it for of course.

Sometimes i buy things that i consider slightly more expensive. Like if it's $15 and above, to me it's consider quite expensive. Lol. I won't remove the tag cox i like it that i bought something expensive hahah. Wendy ask me is it i wanna bluff people say "New!" hahaha of course not. If i wear before one i'd say wear before okay. If you been to my flea, you'd know. Some worn, some worn twice, some once, mostly brand new =X Josh really cannot cannot cannot read this post.

Yeah i was saying, sometimes i also buy slightly more expensive stuff right lol. Like this fake two piece dress from Lowrys Farm, it's a Japanese brand.

I LOVE THEIR STUFF. They carry lotsa pastel stuff and i love love love it! Actually they also have very casual street style so check them out if you happen to see one! ^.^

I bought this dress for $19.90 X.X So i am going to whore it all the way. Lolol. Since i don't usually re-wear my clothes =( I might as well make every cent worth right. Lol.

One thing i must say, the quality is DAMN freaking good. Mesh soooo soft and flowy. Top part comfy and all. Totally worth the $19.90.

Wore this to the Addams Family musical at Resort World Sentosa! Thank you for the invite RWS! And.. I might have overdo my lipstick hahah. And!!! I LOVE MY HAIR COLOUR!
Got to meet the Addams Family cast backstage before the show start. The little fat boy is so funny ahaha i like him!!! Overall i enjoyed the humor in the musical the most! Surprsingly the kids in the theater laughed really hard and loud O.O Haha. The songs are pretty catchy too so if you're keen to catch it with your friends and family, book your tickets HERE! Enjoy yourselves!!!

Making the $19.90 work for me. Lolol.
My sneakers are from HnM. Bag is 1 for $5 and 3 for $10 from Tampines interchange.

Hair done by Shio Tel: 6338 5250 ^.^
Another picture from another day i can't remember which.

Okay now that i am done whoring the dress after wearing it once..

*throw it into the pile*

Do you know how big the pile is now?

6 bags full. Bag size is like those smaller china bag lah. But still, 6 bags full. Of bags, clothes and stuff @.@ Please look out for the "my wardrobe" page on my blog, i'd do it up soonest.

Some stuff i cannot bring to flea cox it's bought at $70 plus =XXXXXX And i wore it twice only. But don't worry i'd still sell it cheap but not 3 for $10 flea-cheap haha.

*continue online shopping*

I am hopeless. Lolol.


Anonymous said...

How come you don't want to wear your clothes more than once O.O

Pramila said...

Hi qiu qiu!
After reading your post, I'm like slapping myself literally because in many ways I'm like you : ( hahahhaa it's like "oh look it's damn cheap, I need to get it!" however ironically it's not what you need. You had always been someone I look up too because of your hardworking nature! Hahahaha welcome to the clan of hopeless shopaholics!

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i just don't like to =( Only the comfy home clothes / basic tank tops i'd keep and repeat wear. The obviously shown and seen before ones i'd put it in a pile to go.

Pram, IKR!!! =(( What are we gonna do?!

Hanna Lei said...

If you bought more expensive clothes I think your over buying would be an issue, but since you don't spend much it isn't so bad. Little things do add up though. I bet if you did a total on how much you spent on clothing in a year you'd regret the purchases Hanna Marie

Anonymous said...

Here's what I did: I wrote down every single thing I've brought and totalled it up. Never fail to be shocked lol. In the end may things go to the people at my workplace or Salvation Army or rubbish bin.

Usually that amount I could have bought something else more lasting and from a better brand. There's this saying: you buy a huge quantity of one lousy brand and have to keep buying because it doesn't last long; that amount you spent over time adds up to one single item of a way better quality and durability. .....

Ya the flat itself is a motivation... if you try to discipline yourself to control your spending in a manner, learn to see the big picture and work towards that. Now that you are married, you have another person to account to in regards to how you spend your money. Ask him help you lor, no need to be embarrassed of telling him this weakness...we are all humans lor. For all you know, he's also got something he's not told you yet lol. Afterall, a married couple is richer than a single person.

Good lah, see you wearing affordable clothings and still look good. Some bloggers always wear expensive stuff one leh. Some commoners have the money to buy atas brand but they cant pull off the look lol.

BTW HORH just realised ur blogger profile pic...that must be eons ago?? lol.

Suetyen said...

Qiu qiu ! I feel you. I really do feel you. Because I'm just like you, kept buying because it makes me feels good. I wouldn't want anyone to carry my shopping bag for me because when I carries it by myself I felt like I really did shopped. And if I start shopping, I couldn't stop too :(

QiuQiu said...

Hanna, Yeah it's the little things =( Hahah i agree, i'd probably feel really bad about th emoney i wasted.

Anon, haha i don't dare to do the total count. And yeah hahaha the pic is from 1000 years ago i shall change it now that youmentioned!!!

Suetyen, wo dong ni. I get you totally.

Anonymous said...

faster upload your selling post! :DDD i'll help you to clear them >:D

Penny said...

Helloo! Commenting on this all the way from London. It's so great you're so honest in this post! It seems to be a global phenomenon right now, there's loads of articles about shopaholic women in the UK and don't worry they're definitely way way worse than you (to the point that they buy clothes, keep it in the closet for a few months and then wear it so they can tell their husbands 'New? Don't be daft darling, this isn't new, I've had it for months' and not be lying...).

But I think you're really smart to start selling your stuff, I completely agree with you, everyone should do that too! EBay is our friend...

Oh and did you know the average Brit woman spends £133,575 on just makeup in her entire life?? I've read a lot about this recently, I'm doing my research as I've just started a blog about budget beauty in London and how to cut back on spending (which is how I found this blog post btw!!!! I love how pretty your blog is). If you click on my name it takes you to just the specific post with all the crazy figures of how much the average woman spends a year and how much is wasted. It would be interesting to hold the same sort of surveys in Singapore too!

Niing said...

Can I buy things from you if I'm not in Singapore?

Milly said...

Shopping addictions can be hard... but good idea to sell them to make more money... and shop more! Lol! Lucky you got to see Adams' Family! I've watched it when it was still playing on TV as a kid! Wednesday used to scare me... but I guess that's just her charm haha :P

Sicreci said...

You sounded like the girl from the shopaholic, except she had a credit card, but thank god. I feel you, bcoz I'm "almost" the same. I say "almost" bcoz I'm not working, and I can't afford to keep buying, but I still do buy and spend "almost" evry penny i have.
N these days I'm obsessed with online shopping (been keeping it under control, by reducing the amounts of clothes bought per month)
I don't buy branded stuff either, I always go for the quality and design and price must be worth it. I also resell most on my 2nd hand stuff on blogs and forums, and if no one wants it, I'll just giv some to my relatives(those that is damn good condition), and donate some to the needy.
Anyway, I love your outfits, wish I cud purchase it, but I'm from M'sia. hahaha. xD
One advice I tell myself (that u might thk it's useful): Keep track of the money I spend, regardless of how much, then next month, reduce that amount, and another thg is, bfor u feel d urge of buying sth, MOVE AWAY, I mean CLICK away if ur online, if u still FEEL like buying after walking around or browsing around, then ok, that means u rly like that stuff, so u can buy it. :P

Anonymous said...

omg Qiu! when I read this post, it really hit something that's close to my heart. I was addicted to shopping for years since I started working. But I worse than u cos I buy expensive things, from expensive clothes, bags, shoes, makeup etc. can u imagine the amount of money I spent over the years. It was shocking that I can't believe it myself. everytime i get my pay, it will be gone in a flash. Sometimes gone like within 1-2weeks. then for the next 2 weeks before I get my pay, I survive on air lol. Like u I love to shop, and so addicted to shopping. I would buy alot from a particular brand too if I like it. When I say ALOT, it really means ALOT. if i really like the design, I will buy the same design but in all the different colours. Siao right! Like u, I can't stop if I start shopping. I know the feeling too well. It makes me feels very very good when I shop. Yes totally. That's why they call it retail therapy. But I worse cos I really burn big big hole in my pocket. I always end up with alot alot of shopping bags and once I'm home, some of stuff i buy are forgotten and left to collect dust. And I understand what u mean by Josh cannot know this. I also had to hide my shopping things from my parents and my ex last time once i get back, i quickly sneak all my shopping bags into my room when I get back so that they dont see I have been shopping again. Like u, I also dont like to repeat wearing the same thing. so everytime my colleagues will ask is this new? And i think some girls get jelly cos they see me always wearing new things, so they hate me for being so "show off" - but it's not my intention cos I enjoy shopping and after i buy them, of cos i wear them right? Not that I wan to show off. Lucky u is married le. sometimes I wonder issit bcos of my big spendthrift ways that my ex(es) got scared and left me. Maybe in their eyes, im a materialistic girl and too high maintenance for them. Boohoo! Kinda regret spending so much... now i spend lesser but still trying to control and resist the urge of spending money. I try to tone down and not to appear like I spend so much. I still need to find a bf and get married de! True colours can reveal later hahhaa lol just kidding. Sorry I write so long and thanks for reading this! but I just wanna share my story with u so that u dont feel bad cos u are not alone in this. we are all girls. and girls love shopping and buying stuff.
Btw can DON'T publish this? cos I just wan to share my story with u only. It's good enough u read this. I don't want let others see. Ok I know I'm using Anon but still... pls pls DON'T publish... thank u Qiu (:

Unknown said...

but u r budget barbie! u should wear ur clothes until po po lan lan.... kidding! just wondering whats the reason behind for not wearing ur clothes for more than once?

ahlost said...

omgosh. i thought i'm the only one having this problem. i shop until when i do my room cleaning.. i discovered many bags with things i don't remember buying cos i normally don't unpack stuffs immediately when i got home. HAHAHA !!

QiuQiu said...

Penny, omg that amount of money can actually be down payment to buy a neat house here in Sg!!!!!

Niing, can but i am going to reply the earliest buyers first!

Jean Gan, i don't know leh, i just feel sian if i keep snapping pictures with the same outfit?

Ah Lost!!! YEAH!!! Shop so much sometimes u get home you're just "I AM TIRED" and then you throw everything on the floor / sofa and forget aout iut.

wxy said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! you are not alone! I am also like that buying cheap stuff which almost always I don't need them but I want them. Especially for accessories. I just cannot stop buying $1 $2 accessories (and the fact that they are normally priced at like $10 $20 just makes me needa and wanna buy it more) and I feel sooo good when I buy them and buy things. But yeah, I have like this whole chuck of stuff that I don't even wear/use before but I am worse than you because I am a hoarder and I just cannot bring myself to sell/giveaway items I don't use, because I really really like them. Even if it means that I will never use it, but i just wanna keep it.

I guess that's why I have always related to you so much.

Unknown said...

OMG QiuQiu, you are not the only one having this psycho problem.. I have the same one... Also spend a lot of small money.. :'(
I recently got married also and we are suppose to save for our new house.. I knew my hubby keep on saving and earning more money, but what a shame on myself, i keep on shopping and wasting my own money, even i earn by myself.. My wardrobe cannot cope the load of my stuff alrd..
Similar like you i am not going for so many branded stuff and i dun even dare to apply credit card.. But still shopping.. Every week always have brand new piece of 'something', especially dresses.. I feel so hopeless, can't even control myself.. Oh so guilty.. But can't be helped.. :(

QiuQiu said...

Yuni, omg so where you all staying now?!?! Cannot lah hubby save save save, u spend spend spend lolol. I got buy some savings plan but it's nothing significant, definitely not enough to buy house but i wanna buy a house =( So really gotta do smth about this shopping addiction!

Angela said...

@about not wearing clothes twice because of snapping pictures:

then how about buying quality stuffs that you can wear repeatedly AND style differently? i'm not really good with fashion though :x but I read a many fashion bloggers recycling simple pieces for different looks every shoot. D: i bet it will be easy for you coz you're very creative. :D

but if you're gonna sell them again, it's all good i guess. D: but in the long run you'd probably have to face it more seriously.

elderflowertea said...

For me, I keep buying food and drinks. It's eating a lot of my money!

Anonymous said...

How much do you spend on shopping monthly? If it's not a lot despite a lot of shopping, it's still not that bad. I've the opposite problem of yours. I do a lot window shopping but don't buy a lot. My shopping is seasonal. Say when I go holiday then I'll spend my entire annual shopping money there. Like 15k one shot. Lol. :*( Just save a sum aside for other big purchases in life such as house and car and u should be fine :)

m said...

same here omg! i don't buy expensive stuffs. i buy a lot of cheap stuffs. when i say cheap it's like $10 or under. only at times i buy stuffs that are a little bit more expensive. even a top at $15 is expensive to me lololol. so because is cheap, i keep buying and buying. I FEEL DAM GUILTY ALSO WTF. Don't know what to do with the stuffs that i bought but i don't want. tried selling it away but noone wants it. so sad :(

Anonymous said...

OMG qiuqiu i love you ahahha you are so nice you reply to all ur comments !!

Anonymous said...

OMG qiuqiu i love you ahahha you are so nice you reply to all ur comments !!

QiuQiu said...

Angela, i am not very talented in that!!! I am a dress or top and skirt girl most of the time =(

Elderflower.. Actually, that's my other problem. I BUY TOO MUCH SNACK.

Anon, i don't know exactly how much i spend but i know i can't save even thou i earn alright. Lol. That's horrible enough, to have no savings.

m, you maybe just do up an ig shop lor. A lot of people do that to sell their pre-love!

Anon, cox i feel strongly about this shopping thing hahaha i wanna see what peope say.

jtvheroxql said...

I love you, Qiu....haha you just summarized my entire life in this blog post. *slaps self* :)

jtvheroxql said...

I love you, Qiu. I feel like you just summarized my entire life in one blog post! *shoots self* :)

Jun said...

No comment about your addiction, just wanna say your last pic is very pretty!

JoeiMacaroni said...

OMG! you get to meet the crew at ADDAMS FAMILY!! I wish I can get to take a picture with them like that too!