01 September 2013

Of every day =)

I've been busy. With what.. I don't exactly know but i know that whenever i have free days i only wanna spend it with my family (especially Baby Yurou) and friends (Especially Wendy now becox...... She has Dash Dash hahahahah kidding lah O.O) Hahaha.

Then again, i know why i've been busy and will onyl get busier.. More on everything when they are more concrete! =D Urhhhh my life is gonna be so exciting it scares me a little bit =O Haha.

I love doing things i love so much haha. Does that make sense. Quite thankful that i've been surrounded by good honest people. Over time the 小人s in my life (or rather, in my social circle) is cleared already =X So it's great now i only mix and hang out with people i like =D

That makes everything quite awesome. So yeah here we go~~~ Some pictures from my iPhone ^.^ I got a lot more nonsense haha cox i quite trigger-happy one.

Josh and i one (of the many) day at my sister's place.
Each time we'd pass by this place on the the way to her place. I wanna go chill there some time! Initially it was like a ghosttown but looks very chill and scenic! Lately i see much more people hang there and even got like a ice cream man haha. I think i wanna go there sell tidbits. Confirm make.
Naughty Baby Yurou and me ^.^

For the longest time she has this habit of dragging people into her bedroom to watch iPad with her or to just play with her. So this was my turn hahaha. She didn't want to snap pictures one. But i promise her jellybeans afterwards =DDD Haha. 小孩子真好骗 XD

The other day Josh and i join Wendy, her mum and Mike for their family picnic haha. Look at xiao pang Baby Dash de face hahaha! He just had his jab i think a few days before this so a bit siansian.

I was tweeting that about it and saying that! Like for maybe 10 year, since i started getting my own shower gel instead of sharing with the family, i've never repeat purchase for any shower gel before cox i just don't feel they smell good enough / texture not good enough / after shower skin don't feel smooth enough / over promise like WHITENING effect in 2 WEEKS!!! =__=

So i've always changed my shower gel in hope to find one that i'd love.

So i chance upon this Johnson's one. It was the silver one that i tried first cox it says hot-selling in Japan haha. I THANK ALL THE DEITIES AH GAMXIA FOR LETTING ME TRY THIS!!!!

It's sooooooo good. Like i usually shower at 5am and then have a long day and shower at 5am again.

After using the silver one my skin stays smooth ALL THE WAY (provided i don't go do sports or what lah) even though i stay in aircon room all day, leaving house to buy dinner only.

So usually my skin is ultra dry cox of the aircon but this shit makes my skin feel sooooo smooth!!!

Okay what i feel about the purple (lavendar) one is that it does smell good, but the moisturising effect not as long-lasting nor as great as the silver one.

Then the pink one, thou is labeled Lasting Moisture, no i don't think it's as moisturising as the silver one too. BUT IT SMELLS THE BEST among the three =DDD

I finished all these three and I am on my second bottle of the silver one already! I couldn't find it at NTUC / Mustafa / Cold Storage. The only place i saw it was Venus. Some beauty chain store. But if you want to get refill pack of the pink and purple one, then Watsons have i think.

Okay enough raving about the silver Johnson's shower gel haha. Just love it too much. My girlfriends who tried it also damn freaking love it =DDD

And this is how i keep my belts. Is there any other way? Curl them in rolls? Very troublesome.
Executive Chef Yurou whipping up plastic for her family members to eat. In full concentration.

You CANNOT touch / rearrange her masak masak (cooking toys) when she is working. She will tell you politely for first few times, "Eh, 不可以", "EH. 不可以 OKAY?" If you still dare touch again she will probably fake cry already. Hahaha. Geh gao.

Today i went to the SEA Aquarium with her and my family. We had lunch at Bakerzin before that and she insist on wanting to drink the coke. There was 1/4 left. So when she's done, she got angry.

She took out the straw and started "caning" the coke can with the straw =_____= "你看!! 没有了啦你!!" She's scolding the can for being empty and for not having anymore coke O.O

Hahahaha. Simi sai this is the ultimate "pushing responsibility" stunt i've seen.

The most (pleasantly) interestingly done up taxi i've ever seen ^.^

Remember the post i did about all the horror stories i had in my years of cabbing =X Haha.

I shall add on one more to it..

MY TAXI UNCLE WAS ON (what i believe to be) SOME SEX CHATLINE.

While driving =OOOOO I am not angry or what i am just a bit disgusted and mostly shocked!!!!!

He's like maybe 50 plus yro?! I heard him whispering a lot and laughing sheepishly.

Bu then he had like three different phone call in that 20 minutes cab ride. One of it i heard was (all in Chinese) "Are you a model? Haha how long are your legs? Very long? Haha. Are they smooth?"


Cannot be. Lolol. So i am assuming he hang up and call again MAYBE becox the chatline got some kind of promo like first 5 minutes cheaper / free. The horror.

And this is in memory of my pink sports shoes from SPORTSLINK (great service, friendly and helpful assistants!!!) @ Kovan Heartland Mall. I am not sure when i will wear it again but i will!
So you know i was at a free trial for a fitness class the other day right.

And it turned out soooooooo badly for me.

Don't get me wrong, the place (Amore fitness), the instructor, the counter recept and staff, the facilities are ALL SUPER AWESOME. And i actually do like it a lot but..

I was dumb enough to go on an empty stomach the whole day and the class was at 7pm =_= What was i thinking ah. So like when it first started I was thinking to myself..


5 minutes into it..

"Woah woah woah i am sweating!!! Awesome!! The instructor is soooo energetic and passionate ah, wah great! I AM IN THE RIGHT PLACE!!!"

15 minutes into it we had to do dumbbell and i picked the lightest one hahahaha. It's small, like a toddler could lift it effortlessly lolol. Eh what, don't be too ambitious. But then the instructor say that that won't help me much so she pass me a one level heavier one. Lol.

So i was thinking "好! 她很看得起我!" Lolol.

20 minutes into it.. "Omg i feel like dying. I am sweating like a pig but it's good! I can feel my abs, thighs, arms and butt toning haha. The intructor is still so energetic how the heck she does it lah!"

25 minutes into it.. "I am really dying BUT DON'T GIVE UP!!! Don't give up. Don't give up. Don't give up. I cannot give up!!! For fitness! For health! For a toned body! But most of all, for i don't want to throw face and feel embarrassed"

30 minutes sharp "FUCK I SEE WHITE LIGHT"


I'm thinking "OMG SHE'S A MONSTER she's not human she's a fitness monster i am dead i better go now" Then i had to sneakily with my heads down go put back the dumbell across the room and then walk back across the room again to get to the exit door =__=" Throw face die.

Lolol. For real though, i think with enough training i am able to do fine!!! But i am just too traumatised. Cox the whole lack of sugar and food thing was a really bad experience!

I feel so sick i vomitted like clear acidic stuff when i get down the taxi. Lolol.

Got people go fitness class go until so 狼狈 one not.

Dinner with Shuyin, Wendy, Sophie and Yutaki after an event =DDD
And one more of us =)))

Shampoo and blowdry my hair at Cleo Hairmake before that =D Always love how Sio does these soft curls inwards for me =))

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

Alright~ That's about all~

One more thing..

Laugh. Or not. Up to you. Lololol.


Hanna Lei said...

Baby Yurou looks so cute! -Hanna Lei

Fion said...

Hahahaha this post is damn funny. The sex chatline cabbie thing is epic man!

Unknown said...

it's not good to exercise on an empty stomach or a stomach too full. maybe u can have something light abt 1 to 1.5h before ur exercise? :)
and baby yurou is cute as always :)


Klara said...

Hahahah Qiu those last Pictures... lmao >u<