13 October 2013

Wendy, Dash Dash, Yutaki, Me and Vivian Hsu lol

So the title sound like i hang out with Vivian Hsu right.

It's true thou! We hanged for like 30 seconds. It was beautiful. Lolol.


If you google her younger pictures, she basically look the same. Small face, perfect innocent eyes, small perky tip nose, cute lips all. Totally unfair? Lol.

Thanks to Wendy's invite from an app call Paktor (i guess it helps single people find a date?) i get to go see Vivian Hsu and have photo op!!! =DDD One of the few celebrities i would be keen to go support and see hahah. I mean afterall i am not that young anymore, like maybe a few years back i'd be happy to go meet ANY celebrity lah. Hahaha. Now i just wanna see those that i'd love to see!!!

I damn sad i didn't ask her for a camho shot!!! Wendy and Yutaki did. I was too flustered to see her and stand beside her haha ^.^ But here, i cropped out everyone, just me and Vivian hahahah. Yutaki and Wendy might kill me. Thanks to the Nuffies who were there, for this picture! =D
Okay now they won't kill me. Here's a picture of the cast with Yutaki and Wendy and me =DDD They are all in a movie call Rhythm of the Rain 听见下雨的声音.
Left to right, Ke You Lun, Yutaki, Me, Vivian my bestfriend (i mean can you see, her hand was touching my back AHHHHH!!!!!! I DAMN SHY!!!!!), a lady i don't know her name O.O, Fang Wen Shan (super famous lyricist who wrote like ten thousand songs for Jay Chou!!!!), another lady i don't know her name (but i think she sang the song for the movie which is really nice!), Wendy!
A shot of us three =DDD
So happy i manage to get this shot of Vivian my twin ^.^V Hahaha. Mich and me always fight to see who looks more like Vivian Hsu. Honestly, have you seen this video? I win! Hands down! Lolo.
End of event~ One more with Yutaki and Wendy!
And then we went for lunch~ At some Japanese restaurant call Ten. Which didn't turn out as nice as i tried it the last time with the Cleo Hair team. And one of the staff kind of manhandled Wendy hahah.
One more~ Yutaki de necklace now then i notice. Look damn 50 cents hor haha.
That day super good mood cox can go see my sister Vivian, then can go see Ah Fat after event and lunch, then after that is to fetch Mich from the airport!!!!!!!! =DDD
SEXY. Hahahaha. Look at his thighs omg hahaha. He keeps doing this. I think he feel damn proud of it he learnt how to do this balancing stunt hahaha. Yutaki very funny keep calling me Dashzilla, i think he sibeh hate going to visit Dash with me. Cox i practically allocate time for him to play with Dash. That's when i go to the toilet. Lolol. Other time, DASH IS ALL MINE *ROAR* hahaha.
Hip flop! Lolol.
"Auntie Qiu why you say i hipflop? I was doing hiphop"
"Oh no, gotta suck it in if imma camho in this angle"
"Look Auntie Qiu!!! I CAN BE A BRIDGE!!!" ❤ ❤ ❤ He's on his toes, so cute!!!
Here's one of Dash's signature rosey cheeks and lotus arms. Hahaha. Oh and the pink brows. Last time i spam Baby Yurou's baby and toddler pictures hor, now is Baby Dash lah. Next got Baby Jude okay hahaha. Sigh. So many babies. None mine. Zuo mo jiang de leh. Lolol. Never mind! I wait until i get my BIG HOUSE!!! Then i get pregger haha. For now i "better work bitch"
Okay last one of me and my sister Vivian Hsu. Haha. Sorry very blur!

Hope you have a nice weekend ah! ^.^


Candies said...

The lady who sang the theme song for the movie is 魏如昀! She is an awesome Singer from the second season of 超級新光大道! She got the 8th place! I think she quite talented though cos she can compose her own songs and sing it at the competition. And she also has got a sister who is 魏如萱!

Anonymous said...

Dash is so cute!! Is Xiaxue okay with you posting Dash's pictures?

Sharon said...

I love your dress! Where did you get it from? >.<

Hanna Lei said...

Dash is adorable! -Hanna Marie

Joyce said...

Hello Qiuqiu, mind sharing where you got your white crochet bag from? Looks real good and easy to match! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

You don't look good with short hair. Sorry

tori lovely said...

vivian hsu! she is so awesome i have always admired her.. :-)

tori lovely said...

its vivian hsu :o so awesome.

Unknown said...

Lucky you to be able to snap a pic with Vivian! :D