14 November 2013

I hate Apple

You know i've been a Apple / Mac user since 7 years ago when i met Josh. And i've loved it to bits cox it's just so.. Thoughtful and sleek.

But now i HATE IT.

I hate it i hate it! =(

My computer crashed yesterday. Just like that. Gone. Dead. I feel super helpless cox i don't know what the fuck went wrong i was just on Youtube repeater and pinterest. And then it just blacks out on me but the sound from Youtube repeater was still on but it's super jerk-y.

Then i reboot it and it got stuck at white screen. Then i reboot it again and it got stuck at blue screen. Then i reboot it again it got to the desktop!!!! YAY!!! ='D

I was like omggggg my prayers worked!!! I will do lotsa good deeds omg thank you thank you thank you  computer God!!! I promise i will blog more for you!!!

So i quickly transfer the info i need from the computer to my external hardisk right. Omg at 80% it crash on me again =__=" WHYYYYY APPLE.

Last time (say 5 years ago) apple computer super hardy one. Like will never say die like this. No virus and what not shit. Totally immuned to any sort of bugs and virus. Now a bit a bit die on people!

7 years ago i met Josh, his computer was let's say 1 year old. We used it heavily (he use it to edit super huge file size pictures) but it still survived for another two years before it died in my hands. That's 3-4 years old. Okay. So we got another one.

This time was a tower. It died 2.5 years later.. IN MY HANDS. Again.

So we got this computer about 1.5 years ago.

Today it's dead.

In my freaking hands.

I am actually a little depressed.

If fucking apple cannot hold out, what can. I told Josh i don't understand. Why now, i have so mych work undone, so much things and pictures that matter to me. Now i don't even know if it got transferred to my external hardisk or not ='(

And then i wonder.. WHY ME. Why always me?!?!

Then Josh not very helpful. He reminded me that his laptop (3 years old) was working perfectly fine until he brought it to Korea for me to use and then it just died in my hands. Like completely dead.

Somebody tell me what is this about.

I am for real upset. Pray that the firewire transfer will work tonight. If not.. I just really hope  my external hardisk is fine..


I was gonna blog silly pictures today. But sibeh no mood. Is there any conputer more hardy and equally user-friendly as Apple? I know the answer but i'd just ask anyway..


Anonymous said...


林慧颖 Hui Ying said...

Hello QiuQiu!

Sad to hear about your computer. You do know people are going to recommend non-Apple products like me right?

Maybe you can consider the Alienware laptops, which seem to be durable even for my brothers who use it a lot, for really taxing programs.

Take a break from thinking about it, and cheer up soon! Hopefully everything works out.

Jiayou! ;)

Cat said...

I'm probably not the best person to give advice given how much I want Apple to die in a fire and take all their proprietary stuff with them.

That and like you, everything Apple I have ever owned died on me (usually within a year or two) and wasn't repairable without super effort or cost :/ and I'm mostly gentle with my gadgets.

Best was when my iPod died in three months :/...

The longest lasting and hardiest computers, tables and mini pc's I have ever had have all been ASUS.

Fiance had one ASUS laptop for seven years and it never died he is only getting a new one (ASUS Zenbook) this year because the screen clips on his old lappie broke and he is a gamer and mean to his computers.

My ASUS laptop has been dropped so many times and I have spilt coke on it (too many times). It has not failed me once ever and it's over 5 years old. I also have a ASUS tablet :D super powerful and I can run flash.

Sony is reliable too but super expensive, it's strange because here Apple are huge status items to say look I have an expensive phone/laptop but aren't known at all for their longevity.

They look great but don't last, then again a lot of Apple fans trade their phones, laptops and tablets up regularly, the second a new Apple product is out (six monthly to yearly).

So I guess if you do that the products don't have to last :/... I like to keep my things till they die because I am cheap and am trying to have a lower carbon footprint.

You could try swapping to Windows/Android. The new Windows interface is pretty much a rip off of Apples anyway (so it would be easy to get used to) and Android is very user friendly too :)

Cat said...

Hui Ying is right, if you want super strong and powerful Dell Alienware laptops are great.

Also good for running photo shop, video editing and hardcore gaming :D

Also have glowing lights and mad geek cred.

Huien said...

Maybe can send it for repair though it will be costly. Last time I was updating OS and my com just died. But I sent for repair and the guy managed to help me backup everything that was on it, upgrade my software and upgrade my memory space.

Painful expensive experience though. And plus our problem also might be entirely different... So it worked for me but may not work for you.... ><

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I've been using Lenovo for 1.5 years and it's pretty good for me. It can tank photoshop, maplestory, web browsers and windows media player all at once without hanging. Heard from friends' recommendations that it is very durable and hardy. I also spilt half a cup of water into it and it revived on its own after a few hours o_O

Anonymous said...

Apple not compatible with Qiuqiu!
Lenovo?Back when lenovo was called IBM,it lasted with me for 10FREAKING YEARS like when I was 4 to 14 omg! My sister macbook crashed when she used those cheap apple cable. Good Luck Qiu!(:

Anonymous said...

Nowadays gadgets be it hp,computer,ipad,iPod etc.....anything that look chic and stylish and small and light won't last long. My old old computer can last very long. Their interior looks fine and chic but the inside of the gadgets are not good. They won't last long. I give it one or two years. It will k.o on you and that is what happened in your case. It also apply to tv, fan etc.... My old old tv and old fan can last me for more than 10 years but now new tv and fan can only last for one or two years, I guess that how the suppliers earn money so when our stuff spoilt. Either we repair or get a new one. So any new brand or model come up. I don't usually trust 100% , I trust old brand more. My 2 cents worth

missxxx said...

Maybe you can save all your files in another thumbdrive or hard disk? This way, even if your com dies, you dont have to worry about having another backup again. Erh.. Im talking crab... ok. Sorry.

And you can buy other non-apple com. Maybe 1 desktop? And another laptop for you to carry around?

Not sure if my comment helps..

Anonymous said...

my macbook died on me before, but you need to go find out whats exactly wrong with ur macbook. if its hard disk issue, the job is simple. you need to google how to use a external hard disk and partition it to work with your macbook. thats what i did. once its complete then your macbook will work exactly like how it used to be - but with a new memory. then u just open up your finder - under devices, u shld be able to still see your harddisk. just transfer everything inside first. im currently using my macbook using the external hard disk - abit slow but works fine :)

Anonymous said...

hello qiuqiu!
tht totally happened to me before.
BUT NO WORRIES, you can retrieve yr dataaa!!!
bring yr laptop and hard disk now to wheelock center apple repair service!
th IT guys knows how to back your info up n not having it crash halfway!
but do rmb to tell him tht it crashes halfway!
i rmb staying at th mac shop for 2-3 hrs just waiting for all my info to be backed up in my hard disk......

Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe you should buy a desktop and have a good laptop to work with it.

My laptop is a Sony Vaio and it's probably 6-7 years old. And still very much in okay condition (and I'm a heavy user--tweaking, gaming, etc).

My sister's old laptop, which is still usable, is more than 10 years old. It's a Toshiba.

But my 4gb hard drive desktop survived for almost 20 years hahahahaha. ^.~

Good luck!! You can't be that unlucky with Apple products/computers.

Anonymous said...

Ah... I still wonder if there will be a time when people realise that Apple is just... well, let's stay polite. I have no idea why so many people are fussing about Windows, especially Windows 8 - it's super userfriendly, you have to be a complete idiot to not to understand how it works... I highly recommend Windows. If you're looking for a laptop, I'd say go for Lenovo.

Robotgranny said...

While I am really sorry to hear about your Mac, I am curious. Ive been an apple user for the longest time (prolly as long as 7 years too). My first Macbook lasted me for 5 years and now, its with my brother for about a year now. Its abit slow but it hasnt died (choyyy!). I got a new macbook pro and its a year old now and everything is still good.

I am not judging because we prolly use our mac differently (programmes and stuff). I had my iphone 3gs for 4 years and the only problem with it was the battery life after the 2nd year. I've switched to Samsung for about 11 months now -after iPhone 4- and I cant wait for my contract to be over and go back to apple!

Maybe I am just pro apple that they can never go wrong...even if steve jobs being in a different universe. I'd def say Apple ftw however, thats not really helping you either. SORRY. Hope everything turns out for the best thou.

Hanna Lei said...

That's too bad about your computer. Hanna Lei

Alexis said...

Oh I know that feeling :( my acer laptop outlasted my apple one, and I used them equally. Actually, I still have my acer one, 6 years, still going strong...

Ennie said...

Standard laptop life expectancy nowadays is about 3 years or less, regardless of whether it's Apple or not :( (but pretty sure this is all because companies and greedy and want us to buy more computers)

I was once a PC user. Then I went Mac, never looked back. But I have to say that while Macs do their job(s) very very very well... they are also kinda annoyingly accident prone. Talking about MB/MBP la of course, iMac won't die so fast one :P MBPs always dying because of overheating... until now also they haven't found a solution for it. HAIH (that's why Applecare sells so well)

Anyway! I do have one tip... last time when my MBP kept getting black screen over and over again I went to Google like crazy and found out that it was part of a batch of MBPs that got faulty graphics cards. So a lottttt of MBPs had the same problem. And Apple issued a statement on their support page (hard to find though, must google) saying that all affected MBPs get free repairs. So just saying la, next time if you're still using a Macbook and you get this recurring problem, might be worth looking into.

(not even gonna bother jumping into the silly Mac vs Windows debate since most of the arguments are BS -_-)

Angeline said...

Try to use time machine next time! It will automatically back up every single thing on your external HD!

You can retrieve anything files that was edited 5 mins ago:)

QiuQiu said...

Thank you guys for all the advice! I actually want a desktop not a laptop leh =( But yeah i think i'd look into it~~~ See if i can salvage my desktop first! Thank you!!!

vivi said...

Hi Qiu Qiu~

Long time lurker supporter here and my first comment to you! I always see you at events but am too shy to approach you hahaha.

Apple might be da bomb in reliability but I favour Lenovo desktops/laptops for one reason only - ONE KEY RECOVERY. The number of times it has saved me from trouble... countless.

Quick summary on Lenovo from my pov cos this is becoming a damn long comment: sturdy can take abuse, higher end models good for multitasking ram consuming programs, hidden partition inbuilt in Lenovos to restore data safely - provided you are religious in backing up. And of course the miracle one key recovery which has extended the lifespan of my lappie for about 5 times already. Wo shi guo lai ren!

Hope this helps your quest for a new PC =)

Anonymous said...

From my experience, the best kind of desktop is to go build one yourself from Sim Lim. $1600 and you can get a really good one which will last you for a very long time. But best if you know of a computer geek to help you out.

If you decide to build one desktop yourself, I'd recommend Fuwell (not the cheapest but imo they have the best service).. In any case, just don't go to Trade Pac.

Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

Hope that you're able to recover every single bit of your data and that you'll get a new computer pronto.

Hmm..My Acer PC (used it heavily too - photoshop plus lots of games) lasted me for 7 years before I gave it away (to my brother) and that's only because I got married and shifted to my husband's place which is really cluttered with lots of stuff so I couldn't bring it with me.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend Acer since I have heard really bad reviews of it as well, but my experience with it has been good.

I'm now using a Lenovo laptop and so far, it's not been that great - 1) Upgraded to windows 8.1 and there's a constant brightness issue with the display driver.
2) I've got the blue screen of death quite a number of times already and I've only had this laptop for 10 months.

Fujitsu laptops are also lousy - my husband's died within 2 years.

Kels- said...

I will say asus ! I love their laptops. I never had any problems and it's very hardy. My laptop is at least 3 years old and going fine. I own 2 asus laptop, one 3years old and the other 5 years.

They have given me no problem at all. The only problem I had with my 5 years old asus was that one USB port out of 4 is not working well now. But that's all. Never crashed on me and never had a problem with it.


FS.Rain said...

I recommend Asus, Cat is right.
Apart from that, I have over-used Lenovo and Acer before, so those can try and even if died will not be too difficult to repair.

Don't be too sad.
Try to back up your precious photos and stuff as often as you can.