07 January 2014


Hello! I am sooooo stoked. Lol. SO VERY FREAKING EXCITED cox i am going to show you my double-decker bunk bed!!!!!! =DDD

Some people might not know why i am soooo excited about it. Lol. It's becox i've always wanted one since i was a kid!!! We used to have one, a hand-me-down for my family, from who i don't remember.

But i think it was a queen double decker on both decks. So it was really zhor-deng so my family threw it out. I NEVER HAD A CHANCE to sleep on the top!!! And then i slept on the bottom for a while only and then it was thrown out already cox really too bulky especially when the family is soooo big and we only had one bedroom haha.

And i've always loved the idea of double-deckers ^.^ It's so cozy and safe. You'd feel so protected and secluded especially if you're on the top deck. Like you can stash all your secrets up there and write love letters to boys that you'd never send out, and not have anyone else see it.

Not that i done anything like that. I just think that is the kind of privacy you get if you sleep on top.

Anyway years after years, got money and no money later, i still didn't buy a double-decker bed cox 老天弄人 hahaha. Got money, no space. Got space, no money. What the fuck lolol.

Real one, for the past two - three years i've been doing okay but seriously my bedroom. It's like a tsunami just hit. Best place to hide a body after you kill someone, might just be my beauty room.

And no matter how i clean up and organise and reorganise, there's just no place to slot in a double-decker!!! But one fine day..

I just decided to do it. I pack and repack my room, three days non-stop. Got the geomancer in, look around, and then later i decided to really get a bed. Maybe i am turning over a new leaf and never want to be a hoarder again hahaha.

SO! I got my bed!!! AT COURTS!!! For only $289 (was $489!!!!) i think. But it's the chioest one i've seen in many places. Most are wood (vomit, just think about the mites), some are silver, some are matt silver which is okay but not ideal for me, some are black metal (vomit, like NS bunk bed haha), some are bottom super single or double, or bottom work-desk area.

But i just want the mostttt simple and single one!!! So like monthsss ago i saw this and fell in love with it but really had no space to put it. Josh promise say if i clear up the warzone in my beautyroom i can then buy the bed.

Monthsssss (nearly a year) later, i did it!!!

I DID IT!!!!!!!

WU WU~ WU WU~ ^.^ But i've decided to nua-sai on the bottom cox easier for me and my friends who come and chill! If i am sleeping on it for good then i'd prefer the top deck but it's for nuasai!

It's nice right?! Simple and nice. I went to buy pastel pink bedsheets and pillow case for only $17.90 omg. 365 threadcount only though but good enough lah! The stupid mattress is damn expensive for foam mattress lah! $89 =_= I would have gotten the $119 one, that is spring. But then it's a bit too high and if i get that i can't really sit up properly on the bottom deck.

So after i did this up (2 staff from Courts came to assemble it for $35 but it's really more like they both assemble half of it, Josh alone assemble the other half =____=" Took like 1 hour plus to put the whole thing together. I got quite upset becox they were really inexperienced and slow but hey, i try to think about how one of my childhood wish just came true hahaha) i sent a picture to my sisters..

And i open invite everyone to come to my house and chill. Hahaha. Just want to show off my bed lah.

And then stupid Niao Niao reply me "Lol. Bunk bed ah Jie? Wtf. You think we NS man?"


So okay! I whip out the limited 4 metres of wallpaper sticker i bought 3 years ago and decided to make my bed less NS-Bunkish =(

DIY-ing ^.^ And it only took my less than 20 minutes!!! AND I AM DONE!!!



The upper-deck is meant to put all the random things like products advertisers send me, things i kio-ed from my room, mostly brand new, to give to people. Or gifts that i bought, waiting to meet the owners. Just lotsa random things waiting for my attention. Lol. I haven't open a lot of them.

To cover the mess on top, i throw a blanket over it. I liked it for half a day. Hahaha. Thought it's chio and it's my favourite colour!!!
Shit sorry can see my sanitary pads in the picture hahaha. I LOVE LAURIER AND I AM A PROUD USER! Hahahah.

I never buy any teddy bear / soft toys becox i never had a place to place them. BUT NOW I CAN!!!

Not like i love teddy bear or whatever but some soft toys are just soooo cute!!!! Now i can dump them all on my bed ^.^ Also i wanna start getting cute unique cushions maybe!!!

Also also, why i really wanted the bed also cox ah, everytime my maid comes, it's like 12pm or so. And when she comes to clean, i can't really sleep in the master bedroom. So here's perfect for me to continue to snooze while she cleans the house =D


Next day Josh and i went to Daiso and i saw lace curtains and i was like..


Each piece is only $2 somemore!!! Don't know how it will look on my bed but i JUST BUY!!!

And 15 minutes and some ribbons later..

May i present to you..

The chioest double-decker bed..
In Punggol.. LOL.

It hides my luggage underneath the bed pretty well also!!! =D

The more i look at it the more i feel very ready to decorate my daughter's room next time ^.^

I mean can you believe?! With just $6 i manage to make my NS man bunk bed into a princess bed.

There's a lot more things i can do to my beautyroom but one thing at a time lah. When it's all done i'd show you a room tour, maybe.. IF YOU PRAISE ME ENOUGH FOR THIS BED i'd do it lolol.

Kidding lah. No need you to praise i praise myself a lot already!!! Each time i open the door i'm like "Wah. Gan. Sibeh chio" *pat self on shoulder*


Last picture of my chio bed. YAY~ Good job me! ^.^

Anyway don't say i never share lah. You can get this bed on Courts website. I am a bit sad lah! I go there purposely to buy. And then no free delivery. Buy online got free delivery! Nb.


Alyssa Low said...

SO CHIO! Very Princessy look! WO YE HEN LOVE!

Cindity said...

HAHAHA Why are you so hilarious?! I think I just had a good abs exercise lor!

Chiew Nee said...

damn cute can!!! <3 haha so pinkish =D

Heaven Knows

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu, very pretty bed indeed! Good job! Anyway could you recommend me your part-time maid? I am looking for one. Thanks.

Papylla said...

Oooooh, it's so cute!!
Now you can sleep like a princess ^^ good job ♥

Fion said...

LOL! LOL. You are damn funny hahahahaha.

Hanna Lei said...

It looks so good! Congrats. -Hanna Lei

Milly said...

Omg! Love the bunk bed and decoration! I share one with my roommate and yours definitely gave me great ideas to spice up our own!

Cat said...

It's so beautiful! I always loved them as a child but my room was small with a ceiling fan and so hot, would of chopped head off >_<

Cat said...

It's so beautiful! I always loved them as a child but my room was small with a ceiling fan and so hot, would of chopped head off >_<

R said...

Wahh very chio! I used to share a room w/ my sister back then and we had one pretty much like this. She wanted to sleep at upper deck but only managed to do it the first week only leh cos she hated climbing down the stairs at 3 AM to go pee lololol

midorie said...

so the bed frame is matte white...it looks pink in your photos...

i used to have a bunk bed both top and bottom all to myself too when i was still single... bottom to nuah, top to sleep at night... very cosy right!!!

Yuxing said...

I love bunk beds too! :3

Jane Fong said...

It's super chio! Never know bunk bed can be that chio! Love it so much!:)


Anonymous said...

Nice bedsheets!! Got it from Courts too?

posy of kisses said...

Nice princessy bed!! *loves

Qiuqiu could I please get the contact of your Geomancer? AM looking for one for my house. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu!!

I really love your bed omgggg! pretty pls do a room tour, ive always been waiting for your room tour ever since I watched Wendy's first blog room tour which was years ago omg. PLSSSSSSSSSSSS T_T We all wanna see your room!! Great job qiu! Jiayou!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, now I feel tempted to have one myself too!