22 February 2014

Check out my Clozette!!!


Have you always wanted to find out what's in my closet?!

The things i buy. The things i wear.

Also, the things i bought but never ever wear. LOLOL.

Now you can find out what i have in my closet and more than that, what i WANT in my closet..



And you can find out all these..

On my Clozette account!!!

You can find things that i bought and worn.. Things that i bought but never wear, things that have been hiding in my closet. You can also find out things that i WANT TO HAVE!!!! Looks i did that i most love~ And styles that i feel inspired by! =D Go and check them out!!!

Before i share more about Clozette~

I just wanna announce.. That..

I am an ambassador for Clozette 2014!!!


Clozette is major fun lah! It's kinda like a your very own fashion and beauty social diary!!! You put up everything you want related to the topics (fashion, beauty and glam)! Super addictive!

There are many other ladies (and some guys..? =X Haha!) around the world who share and discover on Clozette too! BUT BEST THING IS?!?!?!??!


YOU MAY BUY IT!!!!! More on this in a bit!

As you can see, there are four main categories on Clozette!

Beauty Community where you can discuss and and discover beauty secrets and share tips etc!

You can easily get inspirations for your next manicure design / hairdo! =D Or learn how to do Korean gradient lips in just a few quick simple steps! You can find out about these in Beauty Community!

Fashion Community where you can peek into users' OOTD, style of the day, desires and wishlists for their wardrobe and their latest buys!!! Basically you get to look into their 'clozettes'!!! =D
Like for example..

I bought this jacket for a really good price!!! You can find out where and how much on my Clozette lah! Haha. Totally luring you, yup! Haha!
rosebullet added this beautiful top to my closet ^.^ So i camho-ed a little with it and added it to my closet on Clozette =D

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wanna feed your instagram posting to Clozette, remember to add #clozette on the original caption! If you add it in the comment it won't show on your clozette~

Anyway Fashion Community is really my favourite category becox there are sooooo many chio fashion-related inspiring posts there!!! You should really go check it out! =D

Another cool category on Clozette is where they showcase items for sale from the popular brands!!! Wanna shop the latest arrival from ASOS, Nastygal and more?! Find them on Clozette Shoppe!

Now i hope you already wanna rush over to Clozette to showoff your entire wardrobe / your latest steals and posh buys, and your pretty OOTDs.. And if you sign up as a member (for FREE of course!)

You get to win..

A Givenchy / Prada bag!!!
Membership is really easy!!!
Sign in with your Facebook and follow the simple steps! =D The earlier you sign up, the higher your chances are to win the Givenchy or Prada bag!!! So sign up now~ And share away~ =D

ONE MORE GOOD NEWS!!! At the end of the year, Clozette will have a grand draw for all their members!!! And then prize is..

An all-expenses-paid trip to Korea!!!


Holy shit i need that!!!!!!! T.T But only you all can win lah i cannot haha!

So quick sign up HERE now~

One more thing i love about Clozette is that there are constantly contests and giveaways on their contest page! =DDD And they are all giving away pretty awesome prizes!!! You have slimming packages to branded bags (Balenciaga, Prada, miumiu, proenza schouler etc), to skincare etc!

Oh and.. One more exciting category on Clozette is the BAZAAR category!!!

I only shared three main categories with you earlier! Now this is the part i think a lot of people will appreciate!!! If you love to buy things that are pre-loved or brand new but at a lower price..

You'd love the Clozette Bazaar!!! You can find anything from clothes to skincare, to accessories and more! Just browse through! =D You may put up things to sell if you want too!!!

Like i did!!! =DDD All these items and more are up for sale! There will be more! =DDD YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW ME THERE NOW~!!! ^.^V I also look forward to seeing your postings!!!

So be sure to check out my closet at