15 February 2014

My obsession for Laneige!!!

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This post is dedicated to all the Laneige fans and even Laneige fans who are not yet Laneige fans hahahah cox you'd be!!! SOON.

How old do you think i look? 16? LOLOL. No ah you don't feel this way ah? OKAY T.T

Okay i take it as you think i look 17 then. Hahahaha.

I mean when i go help people buy alcohol / cig i get asked for my identification card to check my age, to be sure i'm above 18 yros. So i guess i look 17, is correct one. LOL #自欺欺人

But say real one, i am 10 years older than i (claim to) look, you do the maths. But sometimes (after makeup) i look at myself in the mirror and i'm like "Omg what's your secret? 很会保养哦" Hahahah.


I swear the Koreans have a way to look like thousand-year-no-age (千年不老)!!! Seriously they do. It's a very admirable maintenance of not just PS but they have the most innovative skincare, makeup products and techniques to look youthful!!!

And why i am sooooo impressed, especially after the last visit to Korea, is that they don't look like they have lotsa makeup on!!! It's like subtle and natural kind of beauty and i really think that it fits the style of plenty of us Singaporean. We always hiam this too drag-looking, that one too sexy, that one too fierce, the other one too dark etc

So i really think K-Beauty is the way to go lor!!!

It's like i study their makeup trends right, they never over-do it one! If the focus is on the brows, it's on the brows. If the focus is on the lips, it's on the lips!

I think if you get the brows and lips correct with a nice flawless foundation, you'd look perfect and plenty good enough already!!!

Like Cheon Song Yi in "You Who Came from the Stars" (來自星星的你)!!! It's a super popular drama in Korea!!! DOESN'T SHE LOOK STUNNING ALREADY!!! And if you look at her makeup you'd only notice the lips right. Super outstanding lah! With just the lips colour!!!
This is in "You Who Came from the Stars" (來自星星的你) Ep 12!!! SO I THINK SHE'S USING LIPPIE FROM LANEIGE ALSO!!! Cox i have the same lipstick hahaha #crazyfan #groupie Haha!
Got this from Laneige!!! Silk Intense lipstick in Neon Orange!!! It is the same packaging lah!!

I correct or not!!! Yes right. It looks the same.
Saw this in ep 12 of You Who Came from the Stars and omg she has soooo many lippies!!!


AM I?!?!?!


Cox you see..

I have a pretty crazy collection of Laneige lipsticks myself hahahah *HEART EYES* These are my bao bei omg!! =D I love them all so much. But my favourite of them all has to be the serum intense series!!! Totally da bomb. Freaking good coverage and super moisturising for the lips!!!

Okay imma try the serum intense in the most popular colour for you to see!!! Neon Orange!
On the left is one swatch! On the right is two! Actually one swatch only the colour already very intense! You see ah.
The way i mostly like to use it evenon days when i have no other makeup on, i like to dab a little just in the middle of the bottom lip alone!!!
Just like this okay! Sorry ah you can see my lips major dry one =(((
Anyway use this Dual lipbrush from Laneige.. Use the rubber sponge side and spread and blend the lippie!!! I do this for a very light and natural tone of any colour on my lip!



I only dab on a bit of the Laneige Serum Intense lippie and my lips feel much better moisturised dee!
I love this effect lah, you can tell there's colour but it's light enough for any casual occasion!
And then if you want a better, thicker and more chic and sharp look to your lips, use the other side of the Duo Lipbrush from Laneige, this side will give you a very even coverage! And the best thing is it helps you put on lipstick on precise spots! Like the arch and corners of the lips!!! =D
Omg the results of using a lip brush as compared to using it straight from the lipstick is so different!!! I THINK I WILL ALWAYS USE A BRUSH FROM NOW ON!! Haha!
Anyway this is just after one full swatch okay! The dab is just to show you an alternative to wear the Serum Intense lightly. Hahaha. Though it doesn't really make sense cox it's supposed to be intense.

Now if you want a full, long-lasting coverage, i teach you a trick okay! I learn from flying as a air stewardess last time one. Haha. Even after a turnaround flight of 8 hours, of talking talking talking and eating in the galley, my lipstick will still stay on good one.

After the first layer of lipstick, you are pretty much looking great already haha.

But then if you want it to last all day you can try the below method~

Take a piece of tissue paper, mum your lips on it gently for about 2 - 3 times. Until there's only colour pigmentation left and not much of the moist and gloss.
Then dab on lipstick til it's another full layer on the lips! =D Dab dab dab okay. Don't do long strokes.
VOILA!!! =DDD Close up of my perfectly drawn, super hydrated and moisturised lips!!! That will last all day =DDD Does it look as sharp as Song Yi unnie? Hahaha.

Also can you please tell me my eyelashes looks perfect. All in strands and no clumping. Also using Laneige. In fact my perfect foundation is from using the Laneige BB Cushion!!! =DDD

I think you guy will love the Laniege Serum Intense lippie becox of many reasons!

- It has 35% moisture-rich serum!!!

- High-definition coverage.

- Smooth application, hydrated pad on your lips! Haha! It just feels good!

TOTALLY LOVE THIS COLOUR SHADE ON SONG YI!!! Makes her look very sharp hor! Can also see the water shine if you look properly omg haha.
Selfie time hahah!
Say real one got look like K-Beauty not hahahah. Got a bit right.
Thanks to this shade of Laneige lippie! Serum Intense in Neon Orange! Really makes my skin looks fairer!!! I LOVE!!! I can totally see myself just wearing the lipstick and nothing else on my face!

For those who love something EVEN more natural and subtle, but still gives good nice coverage, you can try out the Laneige Serum Intense Sheer Beige! I quite love it too!

Great for sweet girls!!! My original lip colour is a little dark at the lip line!
Try see if the Sheer Beige is good for me not!
LIKE TOTALLY!!!!!!!!! Love it max!!!
A go-to colour that can never go wrong!
Haha totally acting chio. Smile still must tilt head back one. But this is how i envision zi ran mei nv (natural beauties) smile. Hahaha.
Okay lah you go try for yourself if you pass by a Laneige boutique or counter store okay! You will fall in love with it one, confirm. The pink one i also love!!! But i am waiting to use finish my current Laneige Flash Pink first then i use the new one!

So if you wanna try the Serum Intense lippies from Laneige, please go ahead!

I wanna share now some of the items that i have that is from Laneige / my friends / bought by self!

These are the latest update of my "Laneige stock market" lolol.

I have a lot more but those that i bought to try that doesn't suit me, or those that was given to me and i have extra cox i already bought, i will pass it on for people who wanna try. You'd be surprised how many people are actually waiting to get samples before they go ahead and fall in love and buy the products!

All my skincare from Laneige *HEART EYES* Out of which, my MOST LOVED PRODUCTS ARE..
THIS!!!!!!!!! BLACKHEAD MELTING GEL!!! Freaking awesome!!! When you pull out the pore strip you can see skyline of blackheads and white heads hahaha like tall buildings, short buildings.

The mist and eyecream i bought!!!

I actually bought the smaller bottle of mist cox i don't know if i'd like it but i totally regret. Should have gotten the bigger one!!! I love it lah. It's like anytime you just spray on and pat pat pat, and then your skin feels hydrated and refreshed!

The eyecream i bought two the other time, one for my sister one for me. Cox she ask me to help her buy. BUT I DON'T THINK SHE RETURN ME MONEY YET *angry face* Hahaha. My own eyecream finishing so i got one spare right. But then the tub that i thought is finishing i use for about 1 year plus already. Miraculously i can still still squeeze a lot out hahaha.

The White Plus Renew Original White Essence works like magic for those who want fairer skin with lesser blemishes and to even up patches and dull spot! So consider trying these! I use them a lot!

Also major excited to try the new BB Cushion with melanin crusher!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. As if the original BB Cushion wasn't already awesome enough?!?!?! This one i heard can more put more fair one. So it now comes with 6-in-1 benefits like Brightening, UV protection of SPF50+PA+++, Moisturizing, Make-up tint with medium coverage, cooling effect and water-reistant properties! Kinda like treatment on your face to crush the melanin in our skin that causes dark spots!

Also excited to try this new White Plus Renew Sleeping Pack in capsules!!! I hope it's as lovely as the sleeping pack but i kinda think this will be better cox it has brightening factors!!! =DDD If i can wake up with doink doink skin + look fairer, i'd be happy!!!!!!
 My makeup collection from Laneige!!! I am obsessed, am i not?
My current favourites are the Artplay eyeliners in pink and pearl!!! I love to dab a little at my under eye. Kinda look like i am tearing hahahah and have sparkly eyes. And the new Radiant eyeshadow!!!!!! Totally idiot-proof and major chio.

Okay lah i am sorry i went on to yak about how much i loveeee Laneige but if you find a brand that you major love, you'd do the same! =D But mainly i only meant to tell you that you should try out the Serum Intense lipstick!!! They are very very pretty and moisturizing!

 One thin slight layer from just one dab from the Serum Intense.
Wo shi hen mei de. With the lippie i look extra fair omg i love it hahah.

My four baobeissss!!! They have 20 colours in total, you should totally go check it out! I am going too!!! Wanna collect the whole range!!! Cannot get enough of it.
This is me with one full layer of the Silk Intense =D

Okay i leave you here lah! After so much gushing about my love for Laneige ^.^

Super looking forward to all their events and sales =XXX You should follow them on Facebook to be updated!!! The last time i was at their Christmas party for their customers..

IT WAS SO AWESOME. Great discounts, giveaway, performances, games, FOOD, goodie bags etc!

Totally crazy. I hope they have more lah i wanna go too!!! Haha. I went there to buy stuff also O.O Shit i AM obsessed with Laneige!!! It's hard not to be cox they make superb products, and their brand image is so.. So.. SO ME~ Hahahah. I mean the "Me" that i'd love to be lah, Song Hye Gyo! The waterful beautiful girl!!! ^.^V And the brand is so clean and simple and youthful =)))


Follow Laneige on Instagram (@LaneigeSG)and Facebook (facebook.com/sglaneige) for updates, contests and promotion!!!  Their contest major easy to join and always very generous one T.T Please look out for them~


MITCH said...

Aww.. I love Cheon Song Yi's lipstick! Thanks for sharing.


Hanna Lei said...

I love those lip colors -Hanna Lei

Unknown said...

You look so youthful & fresh without the thick eyelids! And the neon orange lipstick looks very nice on u! U should wear neon orange whenever u go for work occasion/meeting, coz it makes u look super fresh! Go girl! I will go get one for myself too :)

Unknown said...

Hello! I just wanna ask what is the difference between the silk intense lipstick and the serum intense lipstick? ^^

Unknown said...

Hello! I just wanna ask what is the difference between the silk intense lipstick and the serum intense lipstick? I wanna get one but not sure which to get! ^^

Unknown said...

Hello! Have you tried the two tone lipbar? What do you think of it? Could it be also moisturising?