17 March 2014

Ayataka Japanese Green Tea – Tastes closest to teapot-brewed tea

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You just gotta keep reading~ Haha! This is gonna be a quick one cox really, it's just for you to reach the end, and discover how you may win a trip for two, to Japan!!! To experience the Japan magic i've always loved ^.^ I have two planned trips to Japan just this year =DDD

One for work, one for holiday~ Haha. And there's something about Japan.. That makes everything better, prettier, cuter, yummier =D You cannot disagree with this fact! Haha!

Don't say please. Last few times i go Japan all i wanna cry T.T Too touched and overwhelmed by the dedication the Japanese put into their product and services and their country.. And erm.. Their Disneyland T.T I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

If you win the trip, i'd be very happy for you =))) And you'd be happy to know that it's very easy to stand the chance to win the trip to Japan! =D Keep scrolling lah! This post very simple one!!!

Here i have the Ayataka Japanese Green Tea from Heaven and Earth®!
Ayataka™ is a ready-to-drink Japanese Green Tea from Heaven and Earth®  It’s got the great taste and cloudiness of authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea! You just swirl the bottle gently you can tell the cloudiness already! Cloudiness is a unique characteristic of authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea!

Picture of a Maiko at tea-brewing.. Maiko is an apprentice geisha in Japan.. Japanese tea-brewing cannot get more authentic than this haha.
Ayataka™ is inspired by traditional and authentic brewing techniques that date back generations using carefully selected tea leaves! So i can safely say we get the closest to Japanese teapot-brewing tea with Ayataka™!!!
I suggest when you open up the bottle, give the tea a gentle sniff!!! You can smell a faint and distinct fragrant that is really unique and it's nothing like i've ever smelled and I like it!

It contains no added preservatives and is calorie free.

In a study conducted by Ipsos K.K. amongst 100 Maiko and Geiko (Geisha) through a face-to-face interview at Kyoto in July 2013, Ayataka™ emerged amongst other leading Japanese green tea brands in Singapore as the closest to authentic Japanese teapot brewed tea, as well as the best tasting Japanese green tea!

You see, even the "pros" of Japanese tea-brewing also say Heaven and Earth® Ayataka™ Japanese Green Tea is the closest you’ll get to Japanese teapot brewed tea haha! Isn't it awesome!!! You can enjoy the experience of drinking traditional Japanese green tea on-the-go with Ayataka™!!!

Anyway after reading a bit about Maiko.. Next up is the exciting part!!!


You just have to join the Maiko Me contest!!! Guy or girl also can join lah!!! =DDD

All you gotta do is to pose like the Ayataka Maiko (of course holding Ayataka!) and hashtag #ayataka on Twitter or Instagram!!! =DDD EASY HOR!!! All valid entries will enter a lucky draw! You can submit as many entries as you want to increase your chances!

Just like that lah!!! Head tilt down slightly.. Present the tea with hands at an angle! That's all!!!

Then just remember to un-private your Twitter / Instagram account and..

Post picture with hashtag #ayataka =D

Okay it's very easy for you all to win right?!

You just need a bit of luck..

But I say you are already very lucky!

Cox i am not qualified to join!!!


If i can join..

You all confirm lose one..



. . . . .

 . . . .

. . .

. .


本小姐我 sibeh effort. Hahahahahaha. You no need to do until so kua-zhang lah!!! I just thought it'd be interesting and fun to do!!! I mean when am i ever gonna have a chance to powder my face white again!!!

My quick guide to becoming a makeshift Maiko:
1. Twist, pin and secure your hair into three sections - Left and Right sides, top crown!
2. Get white face paint / crayon / cheap powder. I got mine for $3.90 only hahaha.
3. Draw on thin upwards brows, eyeliner, blusher and eyeshadow join, small red lips!!!
4. Add and pin random necklace / hair accessories to your head hahahaha!

Total cost for me to look like a wannabe Maiko = $13.70!!!

Not bad hor =D

Okay lah let me camho for a bit more with the Ayataka tea and i'd let you go!!! Hahah!
Although it's good to drink like this but for me i think it tastes extra refreshing if it's chilled!
Sidetrack a bit ah. I love my double eyelid stickers and hook earrings!!! Haha!
You may go try them for yourself =))) To have a very close taste of what Japanese authentic brewed tea will taste like =D And if you happen to try it, remember to join the Maiko Me contest!!! =DDD
Remember, head tilt down by a little, present the tea with arms at an angle! That's all you have to do.. Don't need costume, makeup or props! Upload the picture to Instagram / Twitter and hashtag #ayataka and you may stand to win a trip to Japan for 2!!!!!

Okay remember to try ah!!! If you wanna dress up so kua zhang like me also can lah haha! Be creative~ But all valid entries (as long as you hold the Ayataka and pose like the Ayataka Maiko) will qualify for the lucky draw! So you do the easy way also can!! Contest period is 7th March to 11th April 2014! So quick join~

I love #AYATAKA =D

Find out more details about Maiko Me contest HERE! 

You may find Ayataka at all leading supermarkets in Singapore, go grab yours today!


Hanna Lei said...

It'd be so cool to win a trip to Japan -Hanna Lei

Unknown said...

Can I ask how come you didn't fix your double eyelids (to ur expectations?) during ur PS days, although I know you have them to begin with. I'm just curious that how come you need to stick double eyelid tapes even after PS...?

Anonymous said...

ur drawn eyebrow and real eyebrow like each has their own life >_<

Daniel's Food Diary said...

I must say you put in a lot of effort!

Anonymous said...

The eyebrow product you're using looks weird and it really doesn't flatter you.

Anonymous said...

Dear qiuqiu, you should use a darker eyebrow product omg :O Otherwise I've gotta say, your make up is flawless nowadays :D

Anonymous said...

I think except the eyebrows ur gorgeous, lil more effort on them, mine too are always like that spend lots of time to make em right

Anonymous said...

Lovely post - you're perfect as usual except the eyebrows.. what happened?