30 May 2014

Cleo Hairmake A/W Lookbook

Went for a photoshoot for CLEO Hairmake Autumn / Winter hairstyle lookbook and i was really excited cox it's their first lookbook!!! =DDD

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

The photoshoot was quite intensive and was spread over two days omg. Can tell Sam put a lot of heart into it! And the hairstylists too!!! They have started preparation and planning since months ago.

Thanks to all the models who participated ^.^ I can't wait to see the final results!!! Cox everyone looked so good =))) Thanks to the hairstyles done by stylists from Cleo of course.. And Makeup done by them as well! Particularly Yui san who did all the makeup for the models and bloggers! Yui san is a new staff from Japan, she's good with hairdo and hair braiding / styling, also makeup!!!

I'm sure a lot of you would be happy to try her out cox she's so.. Pretty and cute hahaha.

Here's some group shot i stole from Rachell's camera haha ^.^

With the Jiejie men and Gege men ^.^
Rach titled the email of the pictures "Wo men hen cute" hahaha i can't deny that. Hahahah!
Ben, Rach, Randy, Peishi, Me! =D
From first day of shoot i think. Ryo doing his model.

I must say that i love all the creative colouring from the all stylists!!! BUT!!!

Say real one.. I might be biased.. But say real one, I LOVE THE COLOURS SIO DID!!!!

Hahaha. You all see the photobook when it's out you'd know!!! I have started to bug Sio to let me do the colour since i saw it.. So i think it'd take about 4 - 6 months before he give in and say okay do for me ^.^ Hahahahahah. I'd bug him every time i see him until he say yes!!!

Ryo being serious. All the models damn pretty!!! You really have to lookout for the A/W hairbook!!!
Second day night time! After all the models are done from first day and first half of second day.. It's time to work on the bloggers! =D
A shot of Randy looking serious and Cheon Song Yi approaching. Lolol.
FML seriously. This photoshoot have to happen when i'm still swollen hahaha. But nevermind lah i look at Sio with very very ke lian and sincere eyes and i say "Onni chan.. I am very swollen. Please make me pretty" He say "Okay!" And i think that means okay! =DDD Can always trust Sio =))
Getting started..
AND DONE!!! How lah!!! All the hair curled in a way to cover my swelling / make it look intentional like babyfats hahahaha.
Sio is a genius~
Straight on. My upper lip is still swollen also. Together with the inner cheeks and inside of my mouth area cox that's where all the stitching happened.
Werking it.
That one not my shoes ah that one is studio slippers lol.
Sio in action.
Like this look like we same tall.
All the friendly faces at CLEO Hairmake!!! ^.^ Missing Genevieve and Joey who left earlier.
YAY! Hope our family grow bigger and stronger ^.^ With the dedicated and fun team, i think they can do it!!! =))) What the heck Hitomi scared me when i look closely hahahah.
Here! Your friendly stylists.. And a.. Not so easily amused Sio O.O Hahahaha. THERE YOU SEE LAH, YUI SAN HEN MEI RIGHT! She's the one sitting down.
Me and my swollen face non-edited haha. Like this angle + lighting chio hor.
Chio okay lah, one more give you ^.^ Hahaha.

Okay please look out for the release of the CLEO Hairmake A/W Hairstyle Book!

You'd find the coolest hairstyles / colour to go for your A/W getups. I AM EXCITED!!! I'd probably ask Sam for a few copies to give to my readers =DDD For now, to book appointments..

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250


Anonymous said...

You did so much surgery just to look like your best friend Michelle???

Anonymous said...

hahahaha the shape of your face is like Mich!!!! which is not necessarily a bad thing... it's very youthful and babylike :)

And it's like u got free lip plumping fillers as a result of the surgery lol!!!!!!!!!1

Tysh said...

I would love to learn fashion from you all T_T

Anonymous said...

I love you Qiuqiu but you look plastic now not pretty at all.