25 May 2014


I don't want to die, surprising. Lol.

Now what other options do i have?

Does that even makes sense to you?

It doesn't. Becox everyone should by default, want to live. Right?

The reason why you would want to live, should not be becox you DON'T WANT TO DIE.

There are many reasons to stay alive.. Family.. Friends.. Good career.. Wonderful bags.. Flowers.. Neat cars.. Nice clothes.. Yummy food.. There are sooooo many reasons to stay alive!

So if i tell you, "If you don't want to die, then never be born!" as if that's the only option.

You'd be like.. Say whaaaaaaat?

Maybe this analogy too wtf. I put it in a level down from death for you.

If i say "I don't want to be knock down by the cars on the road" Duh?

Then you tell me "Then don't go on the road, you dumbass? Stay home! You already should know that if you want to be on the road, you have to be prepared to be knocked down by the cars! It's your choice!!"

Really? Does it even make sense?

No, it doesn't. And we can all see it.

What if i put it down for you like this..

Actual human beings putting their life online, on every other social media platform.. Some share about food. Some share about their school life.. Some share about their kids.. Some share about family.. Some share about beauty.. Some like me.. Share about themselves lolol.
Becox social media is a channel for them to reach out to people. Some call it a job.. Others share cox they truly enjoy it.. But then of course out of the thousands of audience.. There has to be people with nasty comment, or just their "two cents worth" or just "my own opinion" or with their best offense, the "NO OFFENSE" trying to reach back to these characters online who are just trying to do what they love to do..

Of course there are also the very awesome people who bother to tell you nice things =') Encouraging things.. Things to wish for your speedy recovery.. Things to cheer you up.. Things to make your day.

But then those are definitely not a problem we need to clear up things about.

Those are people i would love to meet up and shake hands with.. Take a selfie with.. Say "thank you" to.. And i will.

Thing here is.. I am not famous on the scale. I am not exposed to the public on that kind of scale. But i can tell you that for every 100 people who sees you online, there will always be a ratio of the people who hate you, and the people who hate you enough to leave you a comment to tell you.

Other people don't hate you but they have some agenda or hidden intention to hurt you, and it's obvious even with all the masking of "no offense" or "i meant well".

And when you get back at them by telling them to STOP.

They (and everyone else who choose to be fucking self-righteous) will go "If you put yourself out there, you should be prepared for this"


When you walk out of your house today, what did you prepare yourself for?

You'd have to cross the road, are you prepared to be knocked down by a car?

You'd have to eat something. Are you prepared to choke on your food?

You're alive. Are you prepared for death? If you're alive you have to be prepared for death! You better be cox all the bitches are saying "If you write a diary online and you want all these attention then you should be prepared for all these hate and different opinions from other people, if not please write in a diary book and keep it to yourself."

So am i right to say? They are essentially saying, if i want to drive on the road, i should be prepared to die on the road, or i should just get the fuck off the road?

But what if i don't want to get off the road?


What if actually, people on the road should all just TRY to be nice, drive safe. And if they can't be nice, at least just drive away or find other ways to work around it? Why does it have to be this or that.

I am not speaking for myself becox i am much much stronger than this cox i've been through this for years. That is why sometimes you see i fight back, becox you see it when i want you to see it.

But most of the time, i just let it slip. I either delete, or i block them. But i'm just saying.. Whoever could have the mindset to agree with people who are OBVIOUSLY trying to find trouble..

They are really screwed up. And do i want trouble with all of them? I can. But do i want to? No. All i want is to block them, help them help me, to just keep everyone who dislike each other, away from each. So for every social media platform, where social creatures are hanging, i think when nothing else seems to work out, block out is what we need. 有时候不是每个人都讲得通的.

We can agree we hate each other but that doesn't mean i have all day long to fuck with you. Unless of course.. If i want to. I will. And i will go in fully loaded. But most days.. I just want to block and move the fuck on.

I am a family person. Everyone knows that. And when my family member is hurt or upset by fucktards, i have to react beyond a comment or two. Also.. I want to just ask you..

In this scenario..

When my sister Pearl (Baby Yurou's mother), jokingly share about how Yurou's nose is big (as everyone in the family knows, is a joke, as how we have always joked about ourselves, our flaws and and each other's, and still grow up to be perfectly functional, happy people) and someone comment..

"Don't make her grow up to be another Bongqiuqiu"

Tell me, this is offensive, or not. My sister scolded her (though he claim to be a him, but i just cannot believe a guy can be this bitchy and manipulative and be such a liar) and then deleted her comment about me becox she feels that if she had left it there, more people will attack that girl cox she assume i have supporters who will speak up for me and all so the lesser people sees it, the better.

But that bitch went on to tell everyone my sister deleted her comment becox my sister want more people to "bomb" her cox they will misunderstand her and "bomb" her more.

Please tell me what is there to understand or misunderstand from the comment above?

But the bitch went on and on about how she meant well and her conscience are clear and went on to defend herself with everyone who told her to stop / told her to shut up already.

Why ah? Is it she cannot accept that other people will have a different opinion from her?

My opinion would be for her to shut the fuck up, why she never prepare herself for that and just deal with it graciously? Hahaha.

Becox we are all human.

And i don't want to die but i definitely will find a way to live on my own terms.. And to make sure that when i am living my life, i don't go around hurting people's feelings.. UNLESS, THEY ASK FOR IT =)

So.. If someone tell you to give up something nice, when all you tell them is.. "I have a problem.." then you just be sure to know that they are not your friends nor are they nice human beings.

Becox if something is worth fighting for, you fight harder to make it better.

So if anyone still think "If you put yourself online, you should be prepared for everything" is a smart comment to make.. Then i am just telling you.. You are the exact kind of sour people..

Who tells someone to give up when all they say was they are facing obstacles with something.

Becox that something is something you can never get even if you want it.

Not everyone can get lucky. I happen to be very lucky, and very strong =) So thank you for your wise advice but nobody is giving up. You give up trying to ask us to give up ba =D

Look into the mirror and ask yourself if you like yourself.. Please. For all the things you said and done. They call it reflection.. I find that scarier than soul-searching for some people cox sometimes some people don't have souls you know, so at least they don't find anything from soul-searching and what you don't know can't hurt you lolol.

But when you're face-to-face with yourself.. Can you tell yourself you're happy and you're balanced and you're at peace. You try lor.

I can wor, in case you're wondering. Lolol. These days i look at myself like much longer in the mirror and everyday i'm like.. "Omg you so gorgeous your face so small but why you don't want to shampoo?" Then i look away already. Avoid answering questions that hit raw nerves.

Cox we're all just human being. C'mon. Don't be so hard on yourself. Laugh about it! Even if you had more intention than just good intention and you got caught red-handed.. Just move on! People will forget things very soon these days! With so much distraction from everywhere. So many people waiting to make a fool of themselves these days.. Don't worry, you'd be fine and forgotten quicker than all the hours you wait anxiously for someone to give you a reply to agree / disagree with you!

Enjoy your weekend!!!! UNLESS.. You're being an asshole than i really hope something bad happen to you =D My words always come true one you just wait hahaha. So many years, so many enemies, so many awesome things happened to me and so many shit happened to them lolol.

怎么说呢.. 我想做个好人还是比较好 =D


Kimberly said...

I hate this idea a lot. Yes there are negative people out there and yes you should expect their negativity to affect you sometimes. Does knowing that mean you should accept their bad behavior? No way. I love that you stand up for yourself, and that you do what you want in spite of anonymous internet commenters trying to judge your life when they don't even know you. And I can't wait to see the post-surgery pictures, hurry! Lol

Jess said...

Trying to make this comment sound as neutral as I possibly can... Yes I agree that the comment that person made crossed the line and even though they claimed to be speaking out for the welfare of the child, they made things personal by bringing you into it so it was totally uncalled for. However, I think some people just don't have a lot of exposure to internet trolls and therefore started feeding this troll by continuously commenting. Everyone told the troll, just shut up and go away. But receiving comments is what makes the troll happy. On a side note, I think it is totally plausible that the troll is a guy just secretly laughing at all these people responding to him because I know some guys like to rile people up on the internet for the fun of it (in DOTA, CS etc etc). So yes, the troll has an evil heart but he DOES have the right to post whatever comments he wants, just like all of you do. But he will not stop unless all of you do first.

Nick Chan said...

That's just life isn't it, all sort of people, all sort of comments. At least, the people you met opens up your mind to experience different behaviours. Good that you have your own stand point. As long as you are being good and right, don't even need to bother what other is thinking about. Cheers!

Inke Maris said...

My English is not good enough to say what I want to support you ..
You have to know for sure that the first time I read your blog till now I am trully support you ..
You know what? Because I like reading and you are a great writer (blogger)
Whatever you did to your face such plastic surgery and everything to make yourself pretty is the right thing and if they don't like to see or read it why they still open your blog? Follow your IG?
You are a blogger and your job is tell ur reader what you know, what you have experienced before, what you saw, and you do extra (you motivate people including me)

Baby Yurou is ur fam, that is funny they tell you what you shouldn't do??
So funny I think.

I must congratulate you becox you're officially now a star.
You have fans and haters.

Plz don't be sad ^_^

Love from Indonesia


Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu, I haven finish reading your post. Just done reading the many reasons to live, food, friends, family, even just bags and flowers. Hee! Thank you so much. At this pt in time, this statement Strucks me so hard. No, I'm not someone that's gonna commit suicide, I'm just at e crossroad of making decisions.

Unknown said...

It's natural to feel upset when people leaves negative comments. But it's important to know that those are insignificant people in your life. And because they do not matter to you, their opinions shouldn't too. =) Live your life the way you want and enjoy it!! Don't let people bring you down!

Anonymous said...

People has right to do what they wrong. Negative petiole always stay negative and mind too much about others' life. I'm on your side bongquiqui. :)
"Human are everywhere but not everyone carry humanity"
What's more important than when you look in the mirror and you're pretty. :) family friends support, what more can we ask for for being alive. <3

Anonymous said...

Guys can be very manipulative and bitchy too. Don't discount them! Just take a look at the world of politics!

Anonymous said...

Why must it be a girl that is bitchy though?