02 May 2014

Teadot - New chill out place~

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Went for lunch at teadot @ Westgate the other day with Josh ^.^

After that I am damn jealous of you Westerners =((( Becox i wish Teadot was closer to meeeee!!! I'd go buy their Fruity Frappe (mixed berries and passion fruit!!!!) everyday cox this is how delicious it is!!! Suo yi wo hen jealous ni men!!!

First time here at this outlet!!! Must say i like how warm and cozy it is =)) Perfect for a chilax day just doing your own business on your laptop.. Or to spend time with your favourite book.
Or if you're like me.. You're simply there for their food hahaha and of course beverages!!! Mainly tea and some awesome coffee but they serve very good frappe and cakes too!!!

Doesn't matter what you're there for lah, you have to go and try at least once!!! I can tell you now you will be damn sian if you don't stay in the West side =X But their food and cakes are love + drinks is heaven + concept and feel of the shop is very soothing and calming and wind-down.

See for yourself!

Very spacious and open concept..
Haha perfect for tertiary students to discuss project or even a few girlies to just hang and chit chat over tea, cakes and snacks. I LOVE THE LIGHTBULBS EFFECT LEH! Like bokeh like this.
Tea art. Haha.
I love places where there's lotsa space!!! Good for thinking, getting inspiration and watch the world pass by you O.O Haha. You know, "me" time with a cup of quality tea and a slice of cake.
Just chilling and acting chio.. Lol.
Shabby chic menu board..
Wide range of pastries for you to choose from ^.^ PLEASE TRY THE CARAMEL SURPRISE AND THE TRIANGLE WAFFLE LOOKING THING call Hazelnut Daquoise !!!
You will love one!!!
If you prefer something more fruity and light.
I WANTTTT!!! T.T The sandwiching crust is so good.
By the way the lighting is quite nice for camhos, FYI. Hahah! So if you're there you can try hor. Don't be shy, hashtag teadot all you want!!! COX YOU STAND TO WIN $50 VOUCHERS!!!

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That's all! The campaign will end on 31 May 2014 and 3 lucky winners will be announced on teadot Facebook page on the 5 June 2014.

Being an extra glutton, i ordered the All-Day Breakfast set!!!! SOOO MUCH STUFF on one plate!!!
Ginormous serving of scrambled egg on thick toast, portobello mushroom with cheese, sausage and bacon and a huge side of fresh greens salad with cherry tomatoes!!!
Their customers' choice!!! Also Josh's choice haha! The Swiss Rosti with smoked Norwegian salmon and Crème fraîche!!! Topping a huge serving of salad! Super worth it!!! I don't usually like potato (i like fries though!) but this rosti is roasted to perfection, crispy and charred on the outside! I LOVE IT!!!
Another of Josh's pick for the day. Royal Earl Grey Latte! Made with the finest Earl Grey with milk and a dollop of mellow caramel. Josh loves it a lot! He say the tea is real smooth and goes down perfectly with a subtle touch of aromatic earl grey and is just sweet enough, nothing too sweet!
Me, i am all about sweeeeet!!! =DDD I love sweet and refreshing drinks and this Fruity Frappe has been my favourite since Teadot first started!!! I have loved this drink for yearsss omg.
Sweet blend of mixed berries at teadot = Happy me!!! Cox i can't take drinks with caffeine ma. If you like refreshing blend you should also try out their other specialties!!! I heard Little Red Fuji and Yuzu Oolong are top favourites when it comes to cool blend! =D
More pictures of me please.. O.O
Yes please.. Haha. Omg i am so hungry nowwww!!!!
Josh and his rosti ^.^ I am happy when i can find a place with food and drinks that Josh likes!!!! Cox he usually have damn high-standard for food =__="
Me and my all-day brekkie! Sorry ah, ambiance good plus my mood damn good, so i camho a lot lol.

I think teadot is really great for people who wanna nua-sai and really just chill and watch the world goes by loh. It's very comfy to hang there with a cup of nice drink and do nothing O.O

And just munch on your afternoon cake or after dinner dessert.. So trendy cafe hoppers, be it if you're still studying or if you're a young adult just starting work or even if you're a stay-home or working young parents or if you're like me, a stay-home taitai hahaha, you'd wanna give teadot a try!

Warning though.. You'd crave the food and drinks so much after you leave so don't say i never warn you first ah. I miss the Fruity Frappe with my all-day breakfast so much, along with the cakesss!!!

For people who are non-coffee drinkers or prefer healthier beverages than the typical market offerings, teadot adds a modern touch to their specialty tea and brings you interesting tea concoctions with strong focus on taste and health. We all know.. Tea is a healthier choice but really.. Most of us go for taste first. Haha. But be rest assured at teadot, you get to enjoy benefit of both haha =D

Huifen came to join us quickly for dessert after our meals ^.^ She got herself a Yuzu Oolong which is another popular choice at teadot! ^.^

Then we satisfy our cake-craving!!! =DDD Too many cakes and pastry to choose from but there's only three of us so we maintain a bit lolol.

Earl Grey milk tea cake!!! =OOO So light and fluffy i think it's an instant favourite for most people!!!
MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!! The praline chocolate cake!!!!!!
Inside is like this one!!! Soooo many layers of yumminess!!! You have rich creamy, you have crunchy, you have nutty, you have crispy, and overall you get intense chocolatey!!! =OOO I LOVE!!!
DENG DENG DENG DENG. Everyone's default choice lah okay. Hahaha. The chocolatey rainbow cake! I know it's not the most pleasing colour-combi cox if it's cream it'd be chioer but you don't say, some people don't like cream, and chocolate base really adds to the flavour! Sam went to buy one whole cake of this rainbow cake from teadot cox her friend don't take cream!
You know what to do when you have a rainbow cake in hand.. ; ) Lolol.
Yes you go crazy on the camhoring lol.
WHAT THE HECK SO CUTEEEE!!! Latte art is also another way teadot "spice it up" for their customers! If you check out #teadot on instagram you will see people having different latte art on their coffee! =D My one looks like a smart bear going to work haha.
Having a pretty blessed and relaxed afternoon at teadot =DDD
Ohmnoms ^.^
OMG FIRST TIME I AM DRINKING TEA!!!!!! In freaking 14 yearsssss!!!! T.T Last time i super loveeee tea and coffee one, my sisters would remember. Without fail, everyday i'd have tea!!! Coffee sometimes but not as often! Then i learn that teadot has a decaf herbal tea!!!!! =OOO

So confirm i must try right!!!
Pressing my decaf teaaaa ^.^ Super excited please. Imagine i've been doing without tea for 14 years.
Slow sips.. Hahaha. I so long never drink tea until i find it a bit scary omg haha.
Josh captured this right after my first sip. Very.. Light and there's a subtle touch of flower.. Not "siap siap" kind of after taste! So it's good!!! =D I think i'd have more tea from now on haha.
Just chilling with ma tea ^.^
Omg i really camho a lot at teadot hahaha. I do realise. Okay lah when you're here please also snap pictures of their cute drinks / cakes / latte art / ambiance or your selfies okay!

Stand to WIN $50 teadot vouchers + a pair of movie tickets for yourself!

3 sets to be given out =DDD Just remember to hashtag #teadot on your instagram / Twitter and follow + tag @teadot on instagram or Twitter okay! =D

Okay i leave you..
With even more camho shots taken at Westgate hahaha.
Last one promise!

Okay that's all! Go chill and enjoy yourselves at teadot!!! Remember to hashtag #teadot ah =DDD

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