08 June 2014

I am the ambassador for PENTAX =DDD

SUPER GOOD NEWS~ Haha. Actually it's not really NEWS, NEWS.. I already announced it a couple of months back ^.^

I am the ambassordor for PENTAX!!!

And now that i am writing about it.. I can't be more grateful..

How often brands choose bloggers to be the face of their products / services?

In fact i think more brands should do that cox bloggers not only appear in front of the screen but we share a lot about our personal lifestyle and all.. And these are very good and relevant ways to really use, familiarize with and eventually promote the product..

I've brought my Pentax Q7 overseas a few times and PENTAX very kindly offered to let me try any camera i want!!! BUT!!!!!! To not be greedy.. I only begged Kate (the incharge) to pleaseeeee let me have one particular camera!!! AND WHEN I HAVE THAT, IMMA LOVE IT TO THE MAX!!!

But i cannot reveal details about it cox it's not launched yet O.O HINT: Just something a camho like myself will LOVEEEE!!! =XXX I hope that hint is not very obvious hahaha.

Anyway these are some behind-the-scene shots taken by a very nice photographer the PENTAX peeps engaged and some others taken by Jayne my manager who went to take care of me during the shoot =))) I am very very thankful that day cox there's so many people looking after one me..


Plenty of good things to be grateful for..

All pictures taken with PENTAX cameras!!!

Some shots from by the bts photographer..
Eric making me look pretty for the camera haha.
Omg why do i cringe a bit when i see my face unedited. Just wanna keep it for memory sake..
Final touches on makeup..
Heels on.. Let's go.
Nah.. My face unedited. Haha. Those laughlines..
Not sure how i love the matured look on me hahah but everyone say it looks nice on me ^.^ All outfits are from rosebullet!!! Nikki and her colleagus came down to dress me up and that's Manisa touching up my hair on set =)
Yes please fix my hay thank you!
Hair done..
 Being happy on set ^.^
I love this set the most cox it's something i would do everyday haha.
And something that i'd never do unless i am stranded on an island hahaha. Also.. Looking at this picture.. Of Nikki, Manisa and me.. I just wonder if anyone keeps normal hair anymore. LOL.
Blusher-no-need-money day ^.^ Hahaha.
All eyes on me O.O O.O O.O I LIKE IT! Hahaha.

There are a few more looks but i can't show them all so you may look out for them everywhere else ^.^ I AM SO EXCITED!!! And i can't wait to see myself in prints!

Actually i was supposed to do the television commercial too but T.T I was overseas T.T One of the biggest regret T.T But nevermind!!! I believe there's always a next time =D

With Eric and Manisa, the beauty team of the day!
Kate and Xin Ning, sweet folks from PENTAX ^.^ KATE IF YOU'RE READING PLEASE YES PLEASE GIVE ME THE CAMERA O.O Lolol thank you first ah!!! Hahah!
Group shot!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE for making me look good that day and for taking care of me head to toe for the photoshoot ^.^

I am heading to Genting and KL for 4D3N with my family and now that i am all relaxed and just blogging whatever comes to my mind.. I can't help but to feel super touched and happy that i have so many good happenings going for me..

And so many nice people around me to help me.. But mostly to grow with me and to be my advisers haha. I often ask people around me "How ah like this?"

I guess i am still lucky there are still people in my life who bother to help me think. Haha. Cox sometimes people change becox of changes.. You know what i mean?

And it's sad when usually.. It's not for the better of anyone.. Not even for themselves..

But lucky girl here (meeeee!) still has people who care enough to stick around and stay close.



And i hope for more tomorrows where people put effort in making me look great hahaha.

Thank you PENTAX for this opportunity and thank you PENTAX for all the awesome cameras you sent for me to try so far! =))) Looking forward to THE camera i want!!! ^.^

Look out for me and let me know when you see the print ad!!! ^.^


Anonymous said...

woo. i'm amazed at how versatile your face is. you can pull off soo many different looks!

Unknown said...

I love your floral helmet on you. Hahaha. I too do think that people nowadays don't keep their normal hair anymore but I actually like it that way. The world is becoming much colorful and nicer, I guess. Haha.

Hanna Lei said...

I love these photos, you look great! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Im so happy for U QiuQiu! And i can't believed u missed the television commercial, omg i really want to see you on TV commercial breaks!!!! U are a star already!!!

Pentax made the right choice of picking u as their ambassador, u are not only pretty, u are so fun, perfect!

Anonymous said...

HI QiuQiu,
I certainly look forward to the new camera that you are endorsing for Pentax, and I hope it is a easy and versatile camera to use for Noobies like myself. Also wish it will be reasonably priced!

janjann said...

Was this photoshoot beforeyour recent surgeries or after? Because I love love love your face shape and everything about it!

Tysh said...

waauuuu so pretty! *.* the black dress and make up 5*

Anonymous said...

U looked like stephanie sun for the mature style!!

Jo said...

wow! the photos turned out beautiful!! congrats~~ I love how mature you look :D <3

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Love all the styles! I just went on to IG to search for #bongqiuqiu in case anyone has spotted your print, i didn't see any yet but saw a lot of drawings done by fan si so cute wan. 😊