01 July 2014

❤︎ BBJunya ❤︎

Stayed in KL for two nights cox Josh went to shoot for 76style so i can go kajiao Cheesie for another day ^.^ Totally miss BB Junya already T.T I think he charmed me!!!

When i reached Cheesie's place bb was sleeping so okay lah no choice, go out for lunch with Cheesie hahahaha. Chin cai lah.

She brought me to a Japanese restaurant, shocker. Lolol.
THE KANI SALAD I MAJOR LOVEEEE!!! Also they very generously gave me a huge bowl of sesame sauce when i asked for more haha. I think that amount would easily cost $4 even if i buy from the supermarket hahah. Also other than the kani there's lotsa other meat that i am not sure what it is but it's just really yummy hahah ^.^ Great way to start my day is definitely yummy food + good friend + BABY VISIT~!!!!!!
Went back and the sleeping beau still sleeping =_=" So.. It's okay~!!!!!
I smell him and kiss him anyway~ Hahaha. I just creep around him like a stalker would and smell him hahahaha. BB Junya if you grow up and read this, Auntie Qiu is love you one! Lolol.
Woke up and gave me this sweet innocent look.. AND THEN...........

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .

Proceed to poop a really massive one. LOLOL. Cute die me.
I make sure i am clean to go see baby okay. Lol. So i shampoo my hair the night before! And went to sleep with wet hair =X Lol. So my hair so messy i am not sure if i am doing confinement or Cheesie lolol.
Look!!!!! He loves meeeee ^.^ He's holding my finger like this =)))))) Hahaha!
Angry oh~
Sweet angel feeling the sleepy bug again =)))
Really feeling it.. Hahah!
Those eyes T.T YOU KIDDING ME~!!!
Le sweet smile =)))))) HEARTEYES MAXXX!!!
Making funny faces haha!
Hamsum boy ^.^

And more pictures from Cheesie's camera!
The milk bottle VS Junya, 1-0. Hahaha. Milk bottle so big! Make him look extra cute and tiny =)))
I am so in love. Sorry Josh!
Champon lai chup jit kah. Actually he was in the midst of bullying Cheedie hahaha.
I posted this on instagram and someone say the baby is blowing a kiss! It does seem like it yes! Haha!
Absolutely love Cheesie's new place!!! The sunlight is so bright and cheery! This one has no treatment done. The sunlight just comes in like that.
I think BB Junya is saying "Hey i love you too~" Hahahah! This picture major sweet lah!!! He has these eyes that, when not asleep hahaha, just looks around so intensely like he is so smart and is inspecting the environment =)))
"Poop i think she got the wrong idea. Please get her away from me"

I can't wait to go see BB Junya again!!!

I am so glad that i now have one more happypill to look at!

My instagram is filling with more and more love!! ^.^

Soon, when Pearl's baby is out.. I will have ONE MORE! Hahaha.

Everyone also ask me when is my turn when is my turn. Haiyoyo. I am going to see doctor soon lah okay! I am trying to make this as casual as possible. This kind of thing really cannot stress one hor haha. You see all my friends no stress no stress, all their babies come out so cute ^.^

Or maybe i only make friends with cute people so naturally their babies all very cute hahaha.

Okay lah! I don't say any more liao. One day after my birthday i get M attack T.T Sigh. I guess i have to be thankful cox 26th i have M attack also. Then 29th 6am (which is technically 30th) again. So 27th and 28th i was good and healthy i guess god was merciful enough not to ruin my birthday party.


But hey!!! At least after the M attack i told myself.. I have to be thankful for the people who are genuinely nice to me and not be too affected by people who don't really matter or who don't care anymore =) The thing i need to learn is to live and let live..

Becox there are too many things to be thankful for.. And too many beautiful things happening around me. Like the pure joy a newborn can bring.. Like kids growing up healthy. And i am so happy i am invited to share this joy =)))

So i guess.. I am thankful.


Anonymous said...

What is "M Attack"? Don't understand....

Hanna Lei said...

Her baby is so cute. -Hanna Lei

Christianne said...

Awwww qiu qiu, I love reading your posts!!! Love your smile, your humour, your love for your friends and family etc etc. you are such a JOY to everyone around you!!

I like going to work and checking your blog every morning haha (stalker much?)

Anyway I hope this message will cheer you up just a little bit! Because you made my morning a cheerful one eventhough I'm stressed with other things in life. And I'm sureeee I'm not the only one.. I'll try to leave more comments every now and then!

bb qiu qiu will come to you when you least expecting it I bet!!! :D

Anonymous said...

ur mouth like got ruin...

C. said...

@Anon, I believe by "M attack" means migrane.

Anonymous said...

migraine attack

QiuQiu said...

@christianne thank you!!! ^.^ I will also try to blog as often as possible!!!

@hanna CUTE YESSS!!! ^.^

Yvonne said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

Saw the kani salad and mouth already drooling..lol

Can I ask where is this Jap restaurant? Thanks.

Yvonne said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

Can you pls share the Jap restaurant name? Thanks.
mouth started drooling lookin at the salad

Cherrie said...

Junya so cute! Cannot tahan..
All bloggers have baby boys ard this time, maybe it's "zhu ding" that u'll be expecting later than them bcos u r getting a GIRL!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your baby in the future. Im sure you'll be a great mother, babyzilla! :D

Anonymous said...

haha imagine if you have a daughter! Got a Chi/american mix, Jap/chi mix de, uber handsome de fighter gorgor to protect! wah jealous max!

Jam said...

Love your blog posts :D Continue being an awesome blogger :)

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Bb Junya is so cute! And you really look so happy! ^^

M will go away and all the other good things will stay with you ok! :)

xiaxia said...

Pretty QQ!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu.. try not to take cold drinks.. Easier to get pregnant.. tat's how my case.. cheers!