22 August 2014

3 Months Post-Op Before / After

Finally put together all the pictures and have Josh help me do up the video for this post-op recovery blogpost. The video was taken exactly 3 months after my surgery.

Part 1 of my surgery HERE

Part 2 of my surgery HERE

And this blogpost is the final part. Happy to inform everyone who told me i will look better, thank you, your words came true as i thought they would. Hahaha! But yes, really, thank you. For your kind words, for your encouragement, for your good faith in good things happening for people.

Also really happy to inform everyone who hope my surgeries will fail, thank you, for you just made yourself look even uglier, inside and out =D Maybe it's YOUR turn to go at least, fix your looks if you can't do anything about your ugly hearts =))) I hope the surgeries turn out to be good for you though =D What am i gonna do? I am just so kind =))) And now better looking. Sigh~

Big thanks to REGEN Medical Group (Korea) for the surgeries =) Thank you Doctor Oh.. Sun, and the nurses. Thank you thank you thank you!

Continuing from when i went home from Korea in Part 2 of my surgery blogpost..

So what i did this time at REGEN was..

1 - Jawline reduction + V-Line surgery to make the entire jaw line smaller. This can also be called the small-face surgery.

2 - Zygoma Reduction to make my face shape more even and no manly protruding contour lines on my cheekbones especially when on my profile

3 - Chin Augmentation to make my chin more defined

4 - Paranasal Implant to improve the sunken parts on my laugh lines

And that is how i look day to day =)))

Note for those going through the surgeries:

In the first 2 weeks post op you have to be on ice packs. REGEN gave them to me. Two. So one in the freezer while you use the other one. Periodically, use it. It helps with the swelling and the cold will just help you feel better overall! Especially sometimes you feel a little bit of burning sensation at the stitches inside of your mouth, if you eat things that are too spicy or sour. So the cold pack from outside helps with that after food also!

Gentle and light massage with my finger tips also help me with the swollen feeling ^.^

Some of my stitches started falling off on their own at 2 weeks post-op. But i am suppose to have them remove on the 14th day after surgery. But i didn't cox i was already back in Singapore. But REGEN uses stitching that is self-dissolve. So by week 3 most stitches fell off. By 1 month all the stitches are gone on their own.
On the 14th day post-op.. This is how much i could smile. Hahaha.
On day 16, lips got significantly less swollen and on day 17, i put on makeup for the first time for Yutaki's birthday. Actually you can put on makeup much earlier lah. I just humji only.
Day 25th i accepted work again. I kept pushing work back cox i don't want people to think i look damn bad after surgery when i'm still in recovery. 3 weeks (21 days) post op i feel actually in real life already look quite normal! It's just on pictures the swelling is a bit more.. Amplified.


2 weeks post-op onwards you can brush your teeth with baby toothbrush and remember to rinse your mouth with mouthwash REGEN prescribe =D It doesn't burn like the normal mouthwash T.T

I finish using them about 1 month plus after surgery.. Had no choice but to get dental mouthwash from dental clinic near my house T.T It burn so bad i had to mix in half part water.

Then i went to buy mouthwash over the shelf also burn like mad. Cox i think got like stitch wound recovering mah. Already heal liao but i believe it's still sensitive and feels raw to some point.

4 weeks post op!!! No makeup!
After work, with makeup! And this is how much i can smile! ^.^
One month post op. No edit except on colour~
Love taking pictures even from this angle!!!  No more agua manly jawline and zygoma!!! Haha.
Below pictures are all 1 month plus post op..
No edit to all pictures~!
Love my jawline~~~ ^.^
Hello! Hahaha. Please take pictures of me from any angle!!! Hahaha! ^.^
2 months post op!!! Is it very weird to say i am in love with myself hahahaha.

But i am!!!

For all the physical pain and judgement i went through i think it's okay to indulge in the results a little! Haha ^.^ Some people ask me if all the pain (actually not a lot, it was real short and it wasn't painful it was just discomfort) was worth it..

I think the only "pain" so to say in this entire journey was not being able to chew hard on hard food until about 2 weeks plus, 3 weeks after surgery. That period was horrible for me cox i am a food junkie and i love food O.O I could only suck on it and then chew lightly. But actually i started eating chicken 1 week plus post surgery haha. In Korea. But then actual proper chewing only started about 3rd week post op! So to compensate for not being able to chew hard food like chicken..

I ate 4 - 5 chocolate sundae a day.. For about 2 weeks in total i did that.. At least one sundae a day. Most day i have 2 or 3 or 4 or even 5....... =OOO

So i lost 3kg when i was in Korea for 11 days. But i put it back on quickly once i got back to Sg LOL.

I didn't work for about 1 month becox my work requires my face lol. So income that month was affected but then everything was piled up and then i got extra busy right after so it didn't really affect me that much. And all the stitching were inside my mouth so there was so scar left visible.

But was it all worth it?


First question people always ask me about my surgeries are.. "PAIN OR NOT?!?!"

No. Cox you fall asleep. And then you wake up with work all done by people who studied and work decades for their professions.. And then you wake up to help of medication to manage the pain (i didn't even take their painkiller so trust someone like me, who has super low threshold for pain, to tell you if it's not painful hahaha) if any, and then you just spend the rest of the time in Korea (or wherever you are) and recover while you shop and sight-see and tour the country! Haha.

So going under the knife for me, was definitely a better choice than to dislike my own features for the rest of my life. Or have this constant feeling like.. "This could be so much better if only....."

I know some people might think my original jawline was really defined and some people would love to have it.. Well i had it for 26 years and no one would know better than me for making the choice to live without it. Right? It worked for a while, when i just started part-time modelling. But i didn't do well at all anyway so no loss~ Hahaha! Guess i'm more suited to write nonsense online haha!
Did my nose job and fat grafting at REGEN one and a half year ago. BEST CHOICE I EVER MADE. Fat grafting lasted me til today (though some has worn off when i feel terribly sick for 3 consecutive weeks and lost lotsa weight earlier).
 And then it was good but then my prominent and masculine jawline still was a problem. Along with my zygoma T.T And short chin. Lol. This is the unedited picture of me at the PENTAX photoshoot.
So i went through the surgeries at REGEN..
Had blood coming out of tubes from inside of my mouth for one day.. Had a total of 6 to 8 wound opening inside my mouth.. I can't remember..
Had major depressing swelling on day 4 / 5 post-op due to allergy T.T Haha this is Josh's favourite picture of me by the way =___=" But i started like this..
 This was taken right before the surgeries three months ago..
 And this is me 3 months post-op.
Put them side by side and you can see from the structure of my face! LOVE THE SMALLER FACE!!! And the depression of my laughlines are also improved and not so sunken!!!
Zygoma no longer so protruding.. Jawline not so angled and large anymore~!!! Chin also not so squashed. Hahaha. I don't have to photoshop my face shape in pictures anymore~!!!
Full profile. Good bye zygoma, forever haha!
Omg can really see the paranasal implant help me so muchhhh!!! I suggest girls to do this!!! If you're just mid twenties like me then just get a small one like me! Dr Oh picked a real natural one for me. So you still see a natural laugh line (if totally gone it'd look very fake!) but if you're much older and the laughlines are making you look real tired and old.. Then he also have various sizes and length!
Dr Oh and the REGEN Korea team was real nice to check on me every now and then to make sure i was doing okay in Singapore during my recovery. And they even sent me more mask and beauty products!!! All manufactured by REGEN! I can't be finishing all of them cox they gave me A LOT when i was in Korea! So you see those bags?! Imma give them away!!!


I've packed them into 4 goodie bags!!! Each bag consist a mixture of all these products! They are selling real well in Korea and it's so far, only available in Korea. So if you wanna try them..

All you have to do is.. Post a picture (PICTURE HAS TO BE FROM THIS BLOGPOST, any picture would be fine, so long as it's from this blogpost) on your Twitter or Instagram or Facebook and caption it with:

" I want to win the goodie bag from @bongqiuqiu latest blogpost of her Before / After surgery with @Regen_n #qiuqiuXregen on www.qiuqiu.sg "

This is super interesting!!! It has elasticity and firming function to slim specific body parts! Be it for your arms / waist / thighs! It is supposedly very good for people who did liposuction before cox it holds the skin firm together in many ways but even if you didn't but just wanna have firmer bodyline, i hope you win this in your goodie bag!
THIS IS THE HOTSELLER!!! Gives you double lifting from outside-in!!! Same thing, it helps people who did small face surgery to hold the skin up firmer but even if you just use it as a regular mask, it works it's magic just as fine!
God knows i need this. Hahaha. So much fats and loose skin to rid of. But be patient! Full recovery takes 6 - 9 months! I am only (at the point of this picture was taken) 3 months into it!

Today (Four months after surgery)
This is me. Straight from my phone.
With soft skin mode and no other edits. PARDON ME BUT I FUCKING LOVE MY FACE SHAPE NOW!!!!!
You could still see some fats hanging from my lower cheeks but they are have already gone down by so much as compared to 1 - 2 months ago! So i believe when i hit full recovery they will be gone =D Especially with the help of lifting masks from REGEN!
No edit also can =DDD
Thank you again.. Dr Oh and REGEN Medical Group Korea..

Video of me and some thoughts. Hello, the all new me =)

I guess i've come a long way..

Going from this to this..

I am really scared of pain. I am afraid to hold or even touch wooden planks or anything wooden becox woodsplint hurts like a bitch.

I didn't dare to pierce my ear or to tattoo something i really wanted to.. Becox as far as i know.. There is no GA (General Anesthesia) to knock me out entirely for it hahaha.

I slept on my right side for more than a year becox i didn't wanna press on my BCG jab wound (on my left arm). And i didn't shower my left upper arm for 1 year plus becox i didn't dare to have water and soap touch my BCG for i think it must hurt. Hahaha.

I limp my way through 9 months of my life when i was 16/17 year old becox i stepped on a tiny piece of glass and i didn't dare to apply pressure on it until 9 months later.

So in summary.. I AM SUPER SCARED OF PAIN.

But i did everything (almost) i want to, to my face becox i love my face and myself too much and i understand that if i don't do it.. I will spend the rest of my life feeling like something is amiss.

Like there's too much "What ifs" and too much of what "could have" been. So i did it!!! =DDD

Some people say i am brave. I cannot emphasize how much i am NOT brave. Hahaha. I am in fact the least brave person. I am the biggest humji (coward) anyone could know. Did i ever tell you?

That when i was 8, and my younger sister Niao Niao was 5, we were home alone one day and then i really wanna eat instant noodle. But becox i saw on the TV and newspaper back then of cases where gas stove just explode O.O And so i taught Niao Niao how to switch on the switch.

And she did! LOLOL. Horrible sister i am. And then for about 2 years i never dare to on and off the power switch directly with my finger becox i saw on TV someone got electrocuted real bad. So i always pull up my tee-shirt and use it as an insulator O.O I don't know if it helps for real but it sure helped a coward like me feel better!!! =D Hahaha.

So am i brave?




Too vain to not do something about.......


My friend sent me this and ask if it's me.. YES IT IS FMLLLL. Lolol! But to be very very honest.. Though the makeup mediacorp did for me back in 2008 was fugly (didn't help i was so tanned last time) i still thought i was good-looking one!!! Hahaha. Like i look at my features and i know where work could be done to make it better!

So despite everything.. I learn how to put on better makeup slowly.. And then did a nose job and fat grafting.. And then removed my masculine facial bone structures and whatnot..

I end up with a face that i am satisfied with.. The face that i know i want, that can be achieved after one nap and some hibernation after while i recover LOL.

People might associate plastic surgeries with people who have no self-confidence.. True, some times it's for confidence.. In fact, most of the time, for most people, it's for self-confidence.

But i think it's evolving to vanity, mostly. Not all of course, mostly. I want smaller face cox when i face the camera / video camera, i feel EVEN better about myself knowing that i now look good in all angles. But if i don't get that smaller face, what will happen to me?

Low confidence suddenly meh? Quite impossible. My confidence level is limitless. Lolol.

If someone come and tell me "Your face is too huge" i'd tell him / her go screw yourself your kneecaps are black and your teeth confirm will kena root canal okay?" Lolol.

And then some people just think plastic surgery is for people who hate themselves.. Seriously. I love me so much i keep making me better. Version 1.1, Version 2.1, 2.5, Version 3.1 etc lolol. Each better than the previous.

Not my problem you dislike me and think it's becox i hate myself when you just don't have enough things to love about your own life that you have to go feel negativity about someone else's life, okay?

About being addicted to plastic surgery.. I am not. I said many times, i know what i wanna improve on, and i did them all. The list didn't grow as years pass. I didn't add on to the list as i get done with the ones on the list. Now on it's just maintenance! =DDD Actually nothing much to do.

Only just maybe go top up my fat-grafting 2 - 3 years later since it last 3-5 years and it's 1.5 year old now. The rest is pretty much settled and fixed on my face already!

So.. Thank you, if you've always wished for the better of me =) I am better now!

And i only have more good things coming my way.. So.. I am very very thankful.. =')

Thankful for everyone around me who cared enough about what i can eat and cannot eat during my recovery.. Mainly my family, husband, and good friends.. =) Thank you.. I love you all.


Carolyn Lee said...

You look so pretty :) Stay healthy and pretty as always :)

Anonymous said...

I admire your courage in showing us your recovery pictures. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu how much is the jaw surgery ??

Anonymous said...

Great! Love this post

Anonymous said...

can you share how you turned from so tan to a lighter skin tone now?

Anonymous said...

i really love your courage and your attitude
you are just an awesome blogger
thanks for listening my request and your effort in making this post ♥
really how can someone hate you?

you are AWESOME
thanks a lot for being responsive to you fan/fans

Anonymous said...

wow qiu i salute your courage! you're a beautiful soul, rock on! :)

Anonymous said...

wow qiu i salute your courage! you're a beautiful soul, rock on! :)

Anonymous said...

How to have a fairer skin tone??

Anonymous said...

Qiu qiu!how did you become so fair??mind sharing=)))

Tanned girl

Anonymous said...

It's such a blessing to see you grow (outer & inner beauty wise) cause you're one of my role model. I really hope things will get better for you now and I will alway have your back! Do your thang gal. :)

Anonymous said...

It's such a blessing to see you grow (outer & inner beauty wise) cause you're one of the person I look up to! I hope things are going to get better for you now and I will always have your back. Do your thang gal! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing qiuqiu:) esp the part whereby plastic surgery is not for ppl who have low confidence/hate themselves.

I hope to have the courage to go for it somehow, hate my nose argh.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad ur surgery went well :D U look soo adorable now! (Even though u looked great before as well of course >~<). I will get plastic surgery in Korea as well one day. Regen seems like a very good clinic! Thank u for sharing ur plastic surgery journey :)

Anonymous said...

I like your old picture. You look like Zhang Zi Yi (except a bit tan) before your facial surgery.

replica said...

ah you look perfect.
I'm having simular next surgery next week, i hope I get good results as well ; u ;

Candy said...

PS is definitely wonderful.
But qiuqiu, I wanna know after surgery u still need to go back every few years to maintain?

Then what kind of rough actions cannot be done on nose and face?
Like the maintenance of the face.
Like digging of nose? Or someone push your face? Hahahahah.

Unknown said...

Qiuqiu, jiayou. You're pretty before you did the surgery. However you look Beautiful right now. Don't matter how much haters out there. you're great and awesome. I admire your courage and do what you want as well as to achieve it without saying things blankly. You're great qiuqiu. ♥

잭클린 (JAC) said...

Oh my god! i didn't know regen is one of the casts in let me in (the korean plastic surgery show)!! I enjoy the show a lot and it never fails to wow me!

Anonymous said...

Hi QQ,

Can you pls share the price?

Am quite interested.. Anyway referral discount etc?

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful and money well spent! Ignore haters, they are probably jealous they are not sponsored by Regen haha

Anonymous said...

Screw what they say Qiu Qiu, I honestly think you look much better now and deserve to be happy and left alone by the haters. Wishing u further luck for your future fat augmentation and keep up the gd work at budget barbie.


Anonymous said...

You need to do something about eyebrows and you will be PERFECT. :)

Anonymous said...

LOOKING greaT.. but your nostrils are not balanced.. one big, one small... another "job" to correct?

Anonymous said...

did u puke after ur surgeries? i heard its common. can share? cos i dont want to puke, haix :(

Anonymous said...

Honest. You have lost your own uniqueness. You look pretty but generic.

Anonymous said...

As long as it makes you happier and it is your face. Why bother about what others think? Ultimately, this is our life to live. Love your positive energy. Keep it up, gal!

Anonymous said...

You look fulgy.....

yanna said...

I prefer your old look qiu.. I was browsing yr old budget barbie videos... N I miss e old qiu qiu.

Anonymous said...

dear qiuqiu
it would be great if you could make a new post about beauty like how you got a lighter skin tone
and how much a jaw surgery cost and if it was painful
best luck

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your honesty.

I doubted your decision to get surgery and still don't think you needed the extreme bone surgeries, as beauty is subjective. In the US, sharp features are considered beautiful. But alas, I have to learn to be empathetic and understand why you chose to get the surgery - you wanted more feminine features. Your features are more dainty, child-like and feminine now - a look that's more popular in Asia. So congratulations. You seem very happy and I'm happy for you.

I had my doubts before about you, thinking you were a bit narcissistic and vain, but who am I to judge? I don't even know you personally. But sharing your story and how you felt about your former face is very brave and I feel a connection. I really do appreciate your honesty and I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

Hello QiuQiu,

Wow, you look like getting prettier but also going to be new mummy soon. It's double blessing! Congrats!!

Sorry, I am kind of excited and curious when you will announce the winners of the giveaway?

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful before and after, a little like IU. The surgeries might seem extreme, especially for an already pretty girl, but the changes are very natural looking. I like both QiuQiu versions. Thanks for sharing your results!

Anonymous said...

I think the only mistake was the jaw surgery...the forehead/nose/paranasal/cheek areas all look great. Infact I think you looked really beautiful in that pic you posted where you commented about your 'manly' jaws, sort of like an Asian Monica Bellucci. Shaving down your jaw makes you look like an 8 year old in some of the after pics you posted. And as you get older having a very narrow, short jaw means your cheeks will hang lower after gravity takes its toll, and the chin will stick out even further resulting in a witch chin look...the jawline recedes naturally with age, you know...just check out pics of old people and young children, those are the only ones with very small/short jaws. Post pubescent females and beautiful females at their prime are supposed to have soft curvaceous jawlines. I have a feeling that 10 years down the line (or maybe even earlier) you will end up re-filling your lower face.

Anonymous said...

as incision is made inside the mouth(V line surgery), then how they deal with extra skin and fat and muscles also......???

Anonymous said...

as incision is made inside the mouth(V line surgery), then how they deal with extra skin and fat and muscles also......???

Anonymous said...

as incision is made inside the mouth(V line surgery), then how they deal with extra skin and fat and muscles also......???

Anonymous said...

Really ugly result and a waste of money..you need surgery for your attitude. Now you look like every other try hard Asian that gets surgery in order to look more Western.

Anonymous said...

I like your first surgery result to be honest

anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your experience. I love how confident you are and not giving a shit about what other people think. You look good both before and after.

Unknown said...

Nice Post.Thanks for sharing this valuble information about cosmetic surgery

historypak said...

I really enjoyed reading this post, big fan. Keep up the good work andplease tell me when can you publish more articles or where can I read more on the subject? liposuction abroad

배하늬 said...

언니 너무 예뻐요~~ <3 ^ ___ ^

ZARA said...

i am not against surgery, in fact would love to get a nose job, but what I don't understand is the obsession of Asians to look the SAME after surgery, I live in Australia and I see so many Asians after plastic surgery who look THE SAME..the same V line jaw, baby lips, big eyes with contacts, even same expression in photos, it seriously scares me, how do you distinguish yourself from another person who had all the same surgeries? I am genuinely curious

Anonymous said...

I do not understand this. For a european guy like me you looked attracive before. Now you look unnatural. Its ok but i liked you before. Best regards.