28 September 2014

LUMINE @ Japan Travel Fair 2014

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Hello! Here to share some fashion inspiration and of course, there will be awesome giveaways ^.^ Glad to work with generous people most of the time!

And nothing beats working with the Japanese =DDD They are so efficient, generous and polite O.O

After having worked with many Japanese clients, i realise.. They are my favourite =XXX I think i am biased cox i LOVE Japan hahaha. This time i am major honored to be working with LUMINE through Nuffnang! =DDD

LUMINE is a station mall in the heart of Japan, Tokyo. Many people (especially young women) who live around Tokyo love LUMINE. There are a wide variety of shops inside LUMINE that ranges from fashion, gourmet, beauty to lifestyle.

And they carry some of the most trendy fashion brands!!! That is why i am so excited!!! Becox i get to wear some of the in sets of outfits haha ^.^


Lumine will be having a pop-up store at the Japan Travel Fair 2014! Find them at booth #8 inside the Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) And they are bringing in some of the best of Tokyo fashion to you!!! Right here in Singapore!

So very simple, i tried on three outfit here and you vote for your favourite set on HERE! And stand a chance to win attractive prizes =D

Honored to be in a collaboration with LUMINE to share with you some cordinates from some of the leading fashion brands from Tokyo! ^.^ So these are some of the Tokyo fashion by LUMINE!

Do you like this set from Lily Brown.. The concept of Lily Brown is “Vintage feature dress”. They proposed new fashion in retrospect of vintage. Think of the brand like a closet fulfilled with treasures! They let you enjoy your own style in clothes keeps you positive and happy!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE ENTIRE SET!!! So playful and a little sexy =X Haha!

Isn't the skirt super cute!!!

Or do you like a more street style set from ROSE BUD? ROSE BUD draws it's fashion and style inspiration from sources abroad. It's a celebration of colorful fabrics, designs and spirit! They have a wide selection of shoes, bags, accessories, denims and dresses gathered from across Europe, the US, and around the world, they aspire to inspire and fill "the garden" - Your closet!
The way the jacket is wrapped across the shoulder is their producer style ^.^
Quite cute, you'd realise you can do a lot of poses with it hahaha.
Of course you can also just wear it as it is lah.
Love how this coordinate is of a mixture of cool and casual street style + femininity!

Or this casual chic set from RAY BEAMS? RAY BEAM was born in 1984 as the first women’s label of BEAMS. The Concept is “The Way of Chic”, which depicts a "stylish way of life, dress and living". They have a variety of items for us ladies to enjoy the seasonal and standard coordinates as we like, in hope that we'd all find “The Way of Chic”!
Love the details with the knit cap!!!
This outfit is soooo comfy lah omg T.T I love it!
New profile picture can? Haha!
Check out the cool knit cap!!!
So which is your favourite?! VOTE NOW til 6th October to win awesome prizes!!!
- - - - - - - - - - -
Printscreen this ticket and head down to spin the lucky wheel at booth #8 inside the JNTO section at Japan Travel Fair 2014 at Takashimaya that will be happening from 3rd to 6th Oct 2014!!!

What will you be winning?!

Spin the lucky wheel at Takashimaya and you will find out which of these awesome prizes you'd win! If you notice from the previous picture, there is an extra chance to win EXTRA PRIZE!

After voting, head on to "LIKE" Fun and Fashion in Tokyo facebook page, powered by LUMINE.. And you may stand to win a stay for two at The Tokyo Station Hotel Maisonette Suite Room, breakfast for two included!
Omg.. I am soooooo envious!!! I've never stayed in such luxurious hotel room in Japan ever!!! Though i've stayed in pretty decent 4 - 5 stars hotels O.O BUT THIS IS A SUITE LEH!!! IT IS A FREAKING TWO-STOREY MASIONETTE SUITEEEE =OOO I want T.T
The bedroom!
The view.. T.T Located with great accessibility.

So for those of you who have been wanting to visit Japan.. And love Japanese fashion.. You have to visit the LUMINE Pop-up store at the Japan Travel Fair 2014 at Takashimaya!!!

LUMINE Pop-Up Store
Japan Travel Fair @ Takashimaya
Booth #8 inside JNTO
3rd - 6th October 2014

Expect to see lotsa fashion, food and travel deals!!! And remember to bring your winning ticket to the LUMINE booth to spin the wheel and collect your prize!

I'd be there one of the days as a regular shopper lah haha. I wanna go check out the tickets to Japan and of course will go claim my prize at LUMINE store also hahaha! I hope i win the makeup!

Japan is really beautiful.. Brings me so much fond memories. This was me at my first fashion event in Japan!!! T.T

Mecond trip to Japan for lotsa food (this was at a Hokkaido food fair in Tokyo!) and sightseeing!!!

My third trip for a fashion show too! This is Cheesie and me at Harajuku having famous crepes T.T

And then i spend the rest of the days just strolling and exploring streets of Japan with Josh. And we see lotsa beautiful things, at every little corner of Japan =')))
My first time trying out Japanese traditional costume =)) This was during my trip to Japan in March!
Me on my most recent trip to Japan in April this year!!!
And jang jang jang! The magic tree in Hakone that indirectly got me pregger hahah.

Omg i am so so so thankful for all the time i've spent in Japan and all the food i've tasted there and so thankful for all the beautiful things i've seen there!!!

And the beauty is not just the streets and sights.. It's also the Japanese!!! I LOVE TO PEOPLE WATCH in Japan!!! Everyone is so stylish and fashionable.

That's why this time i'm really happy to be collaborating with LUMINE T.T To bring you guys the latest fashion trends and i'm happy they are so easy to work with and also so generous to be giving out sooooo many prizes for my readers and the public! =D

So head over to EnjoyTokyo.sg to vote for your favourite set, get your winning ticket and collect your prizes at the Japan Travel Fair 2014, Lumine booth!

Link for your convenience:

To vote for your favourite set - EnjoyTokyo.sg
LUMINE Fun and Fashion facebook page (for extra chance to win hotel stay!)

Go have fun and have some fashion eyecandy at the LUMINE Pop-Up store!
LUMINE Pop-Up Store
Japan Travel Fair @ Takashimaya
Booth #8 inside JNTO
3rd - 6th October 2014

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