13 October 2014

Baby and Me Diary 3 - Finding out the gender of our bb

Hello you all!!! ^.^ This is me reporting as a 57kg girl. Lolol. It's all so new for me.. To be this big O.O I never knew how it felt to not be able to fit size XS or S. But am i happy?

YES =DDD Still super happy and feeling excited each time i look at the bump haha. I already think i will miss the baby bump when the baby is out of my tummy. Becox people are extra nice and considerate and i get double the love from Josh when i have the baby with me haha!

So here's my baby diary lah =D Baby diary has become the only thing that i look forward to sit at the computer to write about becox everything is just so.. Happy =)))

29th Sept I have started to get used to all sort of sweat patches. One of the most annoying one (other than armpit sweat lol) is back sweat and sweat mustache haha. I get these flushes of warm feeling that i cannot shake off even with aircon blasting =_=

Went to do my hair today and then meet Yutaki, Sophie and Wendy for dinner! And of course go see Dash Dash after! Wendy passed me a whole lot of baby items =OOO Really super HUGEEE bag of baby items omg. I haven't browse through the bag cox if not shit's gonna get real lolol.

Got home at 1am and had to start finishing up some work T.T I am so sleepy and tired since evening already omggg.

So hungry after i finish up snapping pictures haha so Josh went to buy kway teow soup for me. And i took one banana right after supper.. But then fml 1 hour later i get hungry again so Josh cook noodles for me haha. What the heck, bb? You pig?

30th Sept Woke up and told Josh i want fast food. He say i cannot eat fast food everyday T.T Baby it's you want one right?!?! And i didn't eat fast food EVERYDAY anyway. Just every OTHER day lol. What power do i have up against KFC cheese fries? Nothing.

Flying to Hong kong tonight. A bit scared cox of the protest going on.

Haha Yurou at the airport posing until damn kiam pa. Lolol.

Can't sleep in the flight at all 😰 I'm so dead. Lol.

Reached the hotel and then all of us freshen up quickly. I saw a button inside the toilet that is near the shower / bathtub curtain and it says "OPEN SHOWER CURTAIN" and "CLOSE SHOWER CURTAIN" so i was just curious to see eh so nice one ah i've never seen automated shower curtain.

So i press open / close / open / close, the stupid shower curtain never move at all.

So i was like whatever lah. So i turn my back on the button and then went on to pee and then clean myself up so i was bottom naked the whole time.

When i'm done with my business i turn my back again i was like


THE WHOLE "WALL" BESIDE THE BATHTUB HAD OPENED UP AND I SAW MY WHOLE FAMILY OUTSIDE. So that's what they meant by the shower curtain?!?!?!?!

HOW IS THAT CALL A SHOWER CURTAIN LAH?!?!?! That is like a wall if you didn't know!


Bb you be a bit smarter than your laobu me okay lol.

1st Oct BB we going to Disneyland today!!! ^.^

It was super summer scorching sun kind of day but it was all worth it when Yurou met Mickey Mouse!

You and me ^.^ While waiting for your Niao yi to shop mummy send a mirror selfie of us to your daddy becox he miss you i think haha.

Didn't buy anything for myself cox nothing seems to fit so i got no mood for shopping AT ALL. Except Niao Niao got me a top when she went shopping herself ^.^ Thank you NiaoNiao!!!

2nd Oct Went to the wax museum today! ^.^ And had suckling pig too~~~!!!

Niao Niao (pigpigrocks) posted picture of the suckling pig on her facebook and i commented "Niao you okay? You look tired" LOLOLOLOL!!! Why i so funny?! Not that funny meh? I laughed so long and hard over this hahaha.
HAHA. My dad say himself, Yurou and the Doraemons also wanna protest by sitting around. Stupid one hor him. He was sitting at the MTR station really out of nowhere haha.
Yurou and all the toys and whatnot her mummy Ah Pearl paid for hahaha. Lucky hor kids nowadays.
Somebody damn good mood, don't wanna go home some more. Keep telling us she likes this place.
I love my family =)) Bb next time stay close with your family okay =))) Family members will always always be there for you!!! And be silly with you hahaha! My dad hardly so siao on one lol.

3rd Oct Leaving Hong Kong! Omg from this trip i learn that it is not easy to go travelling with a kid! It's most of the time very boring for them becox they don't understand what's waiting time. And in travelling there's a lot of waiting to get documents done, queuing to get to the attractions, waiting in line to buy good food, waiting to take a picture for Mickey Mouse.

But i am quite lucky cox Ah Pearl really super blessed to have three awesome and wonderful child ='))) And Yurou is of course one of them lah. So she's consider very very good girl in this trip already!!! I keep telling Si Jie that i really envy her everyday can feel proud of her kids.

Now i can only anticipate hahaha.

4th Oct Your daddy told me that he is only at the airport to pick you and not me =_= Whatever~

Went to play with Yurou again =DDD I guess i can't get enough of her~

Bb mummy hope next time you be as close as, if not closer to mummy like Yurou okay!!! =DDD She's a bit too smart a kid to trick so you don't have to be so smart hahaha but i hope you will love all the songs and games mummy will sing and play with you!!!
The only kind of egg craving i have now. Hor bao dan. It cannot be sunny-side-up cox i see the exposed egg i feel it's very gross O.O It cannot be hard boil egg becox i don't feel good about the texture of the egg white it feels like plastic to me now. So Josh cooks this for me if i request ^.^

5th Oct Bb you turn into an avocado today, 4.6inches =O And you can start hearing my voice now..

So.... You mean you were not listening to me the past 16 weeks?!

Your daddy is applying stretchmark cream for me =)))

Yay!!! ζ—©ι€ζœ‰δ½  daddy 真ε₯½!

Bb you don't like black carrot cake anymore.. O.O You prefer white carrot cake now. Your daddy think i am trying to be difficult =( It's not me. It's you. Lol.

I went to work on this Sunday.. Work 4 hours, ate one huge meal, do one hair, eat another meal, got home and knock out for 6 hours. Thank god i have Josh to help me and very grateful that the client is so super nice to work with.

Yayyy! Woke up from nap with snacks Josh prepared for me! ^.^V

6th Oct Today haze very bad so i told your daddy not to go out and buy food but he say PSI 500 also he will go buy food for us LOL. Action barbie.

Mummy play handphone game play until too agitated i shouted "CCB LAH!!!" =XXX Lolol.

So your daddy twist my arm jokingly and say how can i scold bad words when you can already hear us. Hahaha sorry ah!

Daddy say today mummy only eat and sleep, never get up to walk around =( So i walked to the kitchen to get a snack for you and me, bb *fist pump!*

Tomorrow we should be able to  know your gender already!!! EXCITED!!!

Good night bb.. See you tomorrow =)))

Oh, not so fast good night. Got hungry again so Josh prepare prata! This time round much better!

7th Oct Woke up at 6am. Only slept 3hrs cox i kept having dreams about your ultrascan and about you having a kukubird omg.

So now i'm hungry (what's new?) and Josh is making me breakfast =))) Seriously i think being pregnant would be one of the best 9 months in my life.

Bb we gonna go see you nowww! Please co-operate so that we can see your.. Private part today, okay!

As usual having a very cheerful and lighthearted session with Dr Law!!!

I seriously loveeee to visit Dr Law loh!!! Not only cox that's the time i see my baby but also cox he's always so assuring and positive but the best about him i find is that he doesn't ever STRESS or guilt-trip me about my choices!!!

Instead he offer his advice and expertise base on my choices and then we work from there to make both a HAPPY MUM (me) and a HEALTHY BABY!!!

Stressful mums how to make cheerful happy baby lah O.O

HELLO BB from toilet bowl view hahaha!!! Dr Law say you are 90% girl!!!!

Hahaha so to me i'm looking at it in a way.. It's either you ARE a girl, or you are a boy with micro dick O.O Daddy and mummy are both so happy!!!

I mean if you're a boy we'd still be happy....... But it's like we've always picture you to be a girl =DD

And i've always wanted a daughter to play dress up with, and daughters are always sweeter!!! Like you see Yurou!!! And also leh, i observe that if you have a boy, you grow old to lose him to his wife / girlfriend lol. If you have a girl, you grow old to gain another son(in-law)!

So.. YAY!!!!!!!!! MY BB IS (90%) GIRL!!! Hahaha!

Auntie Mich say she will give us her atm card already cox you are a girl. LOL. Let's go!

But your san yi and yeye are both very disappointed hahaha becox yeye wanted a baby named Yong Sheng in the family and your san yi wanted a Keonz =_____=" Sibeh erxin the name Keonz. Sounds like some ah beng whose name is Ah Keong and then ang moh name Keonz. LOL.

Daddy and Mummy both so happy we went for one of your daddy's favourite - Army stew. Lol.
And mummy and you had froyo!!! We've been craving froyo for weeks!!! Haha!
And then go shop around for your clothes! Daddy say wanna buy you your first outfit ^.^ He got you a pink onesie i let you wear next time okay! We also got clothes and shoes for Yurou plus i miss her a lot haha so we went to find her ^.^
Show my dad the ultrascan and he said "不要紧.. η¬¬δΊŒθƒŽ try δΈ€δΈͺη”·ηš„ε’―" =___=" He told me "It's okay, next pregnancy try for a boy loh" LOL. Simi sai he thought i wanted a Keonz?! LOL.
Then he brought me and Yurou for a quick spin on his trishaw. Haha. Hope my baby also can go for lotsa rides on my dad's trishaw =))) Priceless memories.

8th Oct Bb.. You are a girl leh!!! Still cannot believe it! Daddy and i are picking your Chinese names haha. But your Niao yi say it's very tiong bu. She then tiong bu hor.

Celebration dinner with Josh cox we are both so happy we are expecting a girl hahaha.
Bb, daddy brought this home for you =))) It's so sweet! And it's a little goat! The year you'd be born in haha! If you turn out to be an Aries you'd be a double-meh! Lol.

9th Oct Filming day today! Gotta wake at 6am and Josh made me breakfast just the way i like it!!! Hor bao dan~!!!! =DDD

I couldn't sleep last night (slept at 3.30am fml) so i was thinking of the things Josh does for me and wondering if it's me will i be unhappy doing all of it alone (like he is now). And then i concluded that i probably will be quite unhappy. So i feel quite bad for Josh =(

But looking at today's breakfast that Josh brought to the bed for me..

I realise that the comfort is that our baby will have one thing in common with me.. We both have AWESOME DADS!

My dad is the one who will wake up before dawn to bring us for breakfast / prepare us for school / bring us to school if need be. I can see Josh being that kind of awesome dads too =')))

Taken by Randy haha! Thank you ah! Josh had to make guest appearance at filming today.

Only slept about 3 hours last night and gotta work from morning til evening and then rush home to finish up drafts =( Times like this i just wanna STOP. But Josh work so hard for me and bb.. How can i stop leh.

So today's been tough.. I am tired but i know i gotta keep going becox i have to earn more money to give my baby what i want to give her. Like how i've always wanted to love my family the way i want to. So.. JUST KEEP GOING!!!
10th Oct Started to have pins-and-needles on my feet when i poop lol. Is it how being fat feels?

Cute gift from mothercare! Thank you!!! Bb you so lucky!!! Lotsa love is waiting for your arrival! =)

Show Mich a picture of the acnesssss on my entire face now and she say my baby should be very chio cox she suck all the beauty out of me hahaha.

Not sure if she's tryna say that i will have a chio baby girl or that i look very much like crap now.

Josh and i went to buy baby speaker for the baby to listen to act-atas music lol. I think she must be so bored inside. Maybe i'd consider letting her listen to Katy Perry / Jolin Tsai. Yup i shall. Lol.

Okay i am hungry again. Gonna go wipe out my Hokkien Mee for supper O.O

The app say i should have gained 2.5 - 4kg by now. I'm thinking bitch, please. I already doubled your highest expectation. Lolol.

The irony when i (still) get angry at songs / quotes mocking "skinny bitches".

As if i'm still an advocate for the skinny clan. Forgot my membership kena suspended already lol.



Anonymous said...

Your girl will be the princess among all the princes (Dash, Fighter and Junya) :) She will be pampered by so many people :)

EXPOSED said...

Congratulations Qiuqiu! So happy for you, and it makes me excited for you after reading this post. :)

I am not married or anything yet. But I shall continue reading your posts to prepare for my future. :)

Jeneve said...

Hello. Can i ask hw many mths are you now? Im also 2015 mom to be currently 3mths! Having a small bump. But ur bump seemed big!

Anonymous said...

Like what you wrote except for being so rude about "57kg=fat"...

I'd say you're healthier now than before... so just enjoy being HEALTHY :)

Carmen said...

I was also quite disappointed you used the word "fat" when you're 57kg AND way taller than most Singaporean girls. A lot of young girls are ardent fans of yours and easy targets of influence. 57kg is an extremely healthy weight for a whole range of heights, but your choice of word may cause some of these younger girls to suffer from further self-esteem and confidence issues.

Bearbie said...

Congratulations!!! Making a boy is easy....making a girl is little hard...:) I have my girl first and then when I try for a boy.....only take one try. if you wanted to know I will tell you how.....just base on the calendar...really easy!

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Ur comment on pigpigrocks' suckling pig lolol laugh die me! πŸ˜‚ And omg Keonz; bu yao la, at most pet name la even if it's a boy, hahah cannot put into IC hor.

And yay yay yay!!! It's a girl! 😁😁😁

Rebeca said...

Congrats! Girls are really cute!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Am really happy for you :)

Nira said...

Congrats qiuqiu! happy for you as your wish comes true. Looking forward to see your little angel and enjoy your pregnancy!

Anna Lou Chen said...

Congratulations QiuQiu! I'm sure she'll be as beautiful and funny as you! =) Do you and Josh have any names in mind for the baby?
- A reader from Montreal Canada!

Tiffany said...

Hello from Spain QiuQiu! I feel happy about your pregnancy, I'm waiting too haha my first hapa baby (husband is from China) now I'm in the 19+3weeks, my baby bump it's sooo little, but doctors says that my baby it's okay :) at the 16weeks we made a ultrasound to know the gender...But the baby doesn't want to colaborate lol, they says "maybe it's a girl" haha now we're waiting for the next ultrasound at 20-21 weeks!! I hope know the gender this time!!
I only gain 2kg haha I'm 62kg now...I think this 2kg are included in 1kg for boob lol they're getting huge T_T Anyway, my llitle one come out in March he or she is an little goat too! Take much care of you and your family!

Potato Queen Travel and Lifestyle said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello! What app are you using to know how much weight to gain each week? And what brand of baby speaker did u buy? Want to buy for my baby too....maybe will play jay chou songs to him/her =P

Anonymous said...

Hahaha your bb diary is so fun to read! Really happy for you and Josh for having a bb girl. And no worries, you still look super chio! All the best to you!

Nana said...

As a reader who has been following you, I can't help but get giddy of your pregnancy. I feel so happy that you received such a blessing. I am also so excited to see you and your princess in matching clothes because I love all your matchy photo with cute baby Yorou! I will pray for your healthy pregnancy and delivery. <3