16 November 2014

Baby and Me Diary 6

Hello!!! ^.^ I am here to jot down boring updates about baby and me haha. It's so crazy, i'm already 5 months in. Where did all the time go.. Really?! All i did was eat, sleep, work, watch drama.. O.O

Anyway!!! Here's my account ^.^

3rd Nov Baby ah baby.. I think everyone i starting to realise the growing fats on mummy's face lol.

Just remembered yesterday that when i met your Niao yi she ask me in a very concerned tone..

"Jie.. How come you face is so swollen ah? I thought you recover from your surgery swelling liao?"


Lolol. Stupid Niao hahaha! She was showing concern but ended up getting scolded by me lolol!!!

Bb.. Today your daddy got upset with me becox i wanna eat fast food again so he say i can only eat fast food once a week maximum, from now on =(

Tomorrow daddy and mummy gonna go see you at Dr Law's office ^.^ This time daddy can see for himself how much you've grown!!! =))) Somebody's growing real fast and strong!

Okay see you tomorrow bb.. Good night!

Woke up okay and everything was normal until i had to try on the clothes for feature. They are all so freaking tight and some got stuck at my thighs i can't even pull it up ='((( That feeling.. I will never forget.

After feeling sad, there's a surge of anger i have to deal with lol. Not towards the baby of course. Towards all these people sending me the kind of clothes a 5 months pregger definitely cannot wear.

And when trying to put them up i sweat sooooo much even when i was half naked (cox cannot pull up the dresses / rompers) in an aircon room. I 
am especially upset that things don't go right today becox i told myself to look good to go see my baby today.. So i did my makeup.. Curled my hair..

And curled it really badly cox i was in a rush.. So i end up looking like a fat old auntie tryna act chio lolol. And then i wanted to wear something nice at least.. But there just wasn't any that is suitable.

At the end i took out a new dress that i bought from Lzzie online and put it on.. Becox it's in my favourite green.. I had wanted to keep it for special work / date night..

(Side note: Heng i wear it that day cox it was already a little tight that day lolol if i don't wear it that day, i'd have to give it away or wear it after pregnancy haha!)

For the first time in my life.. I have no thigh gap..

I felt something weird when i was walking..




It's official. I have no thigh gap anymore. Good day to happen since i already had so much booboo happening to me before i left house hahah. And so i left the house.. With no thigh gap.. With bad hair and two sweaty armpits.. One sweaty moustache.. And off we go!

I actually tear up in the cab ride and i know Josh thinks i'm being crazy. Being angry at the heat and the sun again like i always used to. So i cried O.O Josh be thinking.. "@.@ What is happening?!"


Anyway later in the cab ride i picked myself up haha! I tell myself that in a few more minutes i can see my baby in me so i guess i'm gonna feel a whole lot better =DDD
Weighing myself at Dr Law's clinic haha!
Baby you look so cute today.. Dr Law say you are growing well =)))

Mummy also growing well lah haha. Mummy is 61.3kg now haha. You are that 300gram LOL!

Later i went to meet my sisters. It's so precious we can hang and idle around and do nothing.

Nasi Padang from Rendevous @ Clarke Quay Central.

I sincerely hope they close down soon cox the standard of their food is drop until a point it is embarrassing to the previous good standard they used to have.

Thing is.. It's not just their food that sucked, even a simple BARLEY drink (A teeny weeny cup that is the same size as something you get from primary school canteen, that cost $4), sucked.

Their sambal chili..? Some day it's spicy. Some day it's just salty.

Their chap chai (veg).. Has this weird plasticy taste EVERY SINGLE TIME i order it.

We ordered all these you see on the table for $128. I mean i know Rendevous has always been crazily overpriced but seriously.. $128 for nasi padang that taste super duper meh?

They go eat cow dung better. I will never go back again.

Later me and the sisters went to Meidi Ya ^.^ And had yummy grape tarts =DDD

Got home already feeling better! Josh (who said NO fast food yesterday) got me vegetable hor fun (my current favourite!!!) and KFC cox he know it will cheer me up hahah. Earlier today when i cry i think he really couldn't help much cox it was just my own frustration penting up haha.

4th Nov Bb today i woke up from a dream and had the best gourmet chocolate in it. So i tell your daddy you wanna eat gourmet chocolate. He tell me the fridge got kitkat =__=" 他不爱我们了 haha!

Yay me and Josh went out for a slow night stroll and he got me ice cream ^.^

Fml napped too much too long too late today. 5.30am now and i'm still awake.

5th Nov Went to JB today and bought a cuteeee cushion!!! I love cute cushions did i ever say hahah. But Josh hates it cox he say we already have two huge furry cushion name Drago and Tiffany on our bed and i have so may cushions in my room so he don't understand why i still keep buying cushions.

Sam's cousin shared with me about her pregnancy experience and i conclude that i am gaining a bit too much weight! Lolol. Josh tell me i have to stop eating so much so i was like..

"Huh?! For now or forever??" I mean i can understand if he meant for me to stop eating so much at that particular dinner becox i already ate a lot the whole time before and during dinner =X

But i was afraid he meant for the rest of the pregnancy that i have to eat lesser. Becox now i am already a food monster and it's hard to stop like that! Lol.

Bb today Auntie Wendy say her impression of you is this. LOLOLOL sad to say but mummy also picture your hair to be like this but in black so i photoshop the hair and brows and eyes black. Hahahaha. She say i have to book appointment for you at Cleo liao!

6th Nov Haha my fingers also become chubby omg. So i think i'm gonna remove my ring before they become unremovable lol. Pearl's ring is unremovable during pregnancy one! Lol.

Went to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday and had some time with Yurou =))))) She makes me happy. So very happy =)

7th Nov Bb, your daddy fell yesterday while getting us stuff in the rain =((( So he injured his wrist and hurt his back T.T I wanna help with some housework but he don't allow. Still he take care of all our meals without fail.. ='( I hope he get well quickly!

OMGGG. New stall at Punggol plaza foodcourt!!! =DDD It's good!!! The lor dih ka and zhu zha tang is good!!! =DDD I've been eating for 5 times already. Lol.

8th Nov Went out with Mich and Zhen today.

One thing about being pregnant.. Is having your friends touch your tummy whenever there's a free moment lolol! And they never ever ask for permission lol.

One thing about having a BFF is she will help you crack half-boiled eggs if you ask her nicely LOL.
Had mookata today ^.^ Eat until baby super duper full =DDD
Also grew a pet double chin unknowingly~ Lolol.
Late night snack! Salad with red kiwi Michelle airflown back from Japan! IT'S MAJOR SWEET!!!!!

9th Nov Bb today you become the size of a pomegranate! But the app says you are 10.5inches!!! I don't know what kind of pomegranate is 10.5inches haha.

But you are so big now! Now wonder i can feel you on my bladder sometimes haha. You move around a lot when it's night time! Just like mummy hor? Nocturnal haha.

I have been looking out for perfect and cute baby girls to follow on instagram. There are plenty out there but the account is always mixed in with lotsa random personal updates from the parents so i don't follow, i simply stalk them every other day for their baby girl pictures.

But today i found the perfect solution. To follow dolls fanatics. Their instagram is filled with pictures like these!!!!! I follow a whole bunch of them who don't insert too many personal random updates plus updates regularly lol #PowerofChoice #FeelingOfSupremacy lol.

Bb you look like them okay! Haha!

Daddy still cooked dinner for us with his injured wrist today. But i volunteer to do the dishes lolol big deal i know haha.

I don't dare to wake your daddy up at night for supper but we are both really hungry =(

10th Nov Bb your daddy has been trying to feel your kicks and movement with his hands but most of the time he miss it and then you stop kicking when he puts his hand there lol. Other times his hand is there and you obviously kicked but he can't feel it omg. I think his hands are numb or something.

Now if i get one portion of rice.. I feel like "what is this omg. I'm gonna get hungry in an hour" =.=

And when people offer to share food with me cox they scared they cannot finish.. In my heart i'm like "你看不出我已经在跟我的 baby share 了 meh!!! 我很饿!!! 为什么要 share!!!! 为什么?!?!?! WHY?!?!" But of course if i'm not too close with the person i'd say "Yeah sure!" LOL #SharingIsCaring hahaha!

Went dinner with Yutaki, Sam, Sophie and Rykiel before movie! Laughed so much at dinner i think i might have peed a little O.O =X Sophie and Yutaki are like pros at winking wth. How come they can wink without looking like stroke victims one lol.
Forgot how uncomfortable typical seats are T.T Only premiere / gold / platinum from now on. Lolol.

Bb.. At shower time mummy realise my belly button has come out a little bit more than before again ^.^ It's not popped yet but i guess that's you showing me that you're growing bigger and bigger!

Re-watching Robots with your daddy and at the end when every sing and dance, you kick and you kick and you kick! Haha! Are you dancing?! You are so cute baby, i can't wait to see you =)))

11th Nov Went shopping with Josh today. Supposed to go to a very unique baby toy shop at Taka but then kuakua the shop close down liao. Had a good time walking and eating around Orchard.

Lunch at Sushi Tei! I loveeee their kani salad!!!

Also supposed to shop with Josh to get his winter clothes for our Japan trip but end up i am either eating froyo or eating fruits as i walk..

And then there was an announcement for "No food and drinks allowed" in the shop so i very paiseh so we left T.T Hurt my feelings this announcement. Last time i skinny i'd be thinking "she's just jealous i can eat non-stop and still be so skinny" hahahahaha. Kidding lah.

But anyway so Josh never manage to buy anything loh. But i did have a good time eating around! We also dabao FEP chicken rice!!! I had 1.5 box of rice for dinner. And then one more box of rice for supper!!! I am a 鸡饭桶!!!

Tomorrow Yuxuan is coming out (i hope!!!) and i am quite gan jeong for Ah Pearl. Omg.. Yuxuan ah Yuxuan how will you look like? You will be a happy and healthy girl like Yurou okay!!!! Ah yi hope to see you tomorrow!!!

12th Nov Bb your daddy gotta work today! So he got breakfast ready for us. Usually we would eat breakfast and watch TV together but without your daddy i realise i will never on the TV one. Becox there's just nothing much on the TV that interests me. Haha. I guess some things are only interesting when you have someone to share and talk about it with.

Had a sudden bobo chacha craving so i went to the foodcourt at Punggol Plaza. And had the WORST bobo chacha i ever had. Lolol. Spit it out after one spoonful and left it as it is. Where got nice one?!?!

Went to see Si Jie at the hospital today. I cannot believe her hospital make her wait for 8 hours plus before they could have a available labor ward for her. How can that happen when it's a hospital for women and kids what the heck seriously. In the end she told us to go home. So now everyone's just really excited to meet Little Yuxuan but don't know when.

Today  i wear a torn underwear (again) becox most of my underwear are already too small T.T Josh laughed at me and i teared a little bit but he doesn't know hahaha! Thing is i really am not upset over it! Cox i know he's just teasing me but I think the baby is a ham bao!

Doing work at the computer and Tiffany keep bothering me by giving me cute puppy eyes =_=" Hahah! She very annoying one! She will keep giving me these eyes and smile at me with waggy tail until i give in and go get her treats. EVERY NIGHT without fail. So tonight i purposely don't wanna look her right. Hahaha. Then she went out to the living room, brought her milkbone in.. And put it right beside me on my seat and then smile. I GIVE IN!!! MY HEART IS CONQUERED. Hahahahah. So cuteee! I wonder how she's gonna react to my baby next time hor!

Reading my old diary and remembering how much Josh and i went through the first few years of our relationship T.T I am so thankful we are still so in love and so thankful for the days we smiled.. Cried and braved through together. I hope my baby will be kind, gentle and patient when things don't go the way she wants it.. And at the end, i hope she can meet someone who truly cares for her.. Like her dad cares for her mum =))

13th Nov Couldn't sleep until 6am ish cox super excited to meet Yuxuan!!! At 6 ish i buay tahan and knock out. Little Yuxuan only come out slightly later lolol!!! Shit! I missed it!

Woke up and saw Yuxuan's pictures in the family group chat.. She is like a mini Yurou!!! ☺️ She's beautiful and perfect and healthy.. ='))))))) Went to the hospital to meet her for the first time..

And she very give face!!! Open her eyes when i was there!!! So i could have a good look at her..
Hello my baby niece.. Your mummy how to keep you keep until so big!!! Hahaha! Your cheeks omg.
Baby snatcher ^.^V
Me and Yuxuan~
Hello smiley baby!!! =)))))
Oh who made you sad~!!! Hahaha! You sho ugly and grumpy angugu~!!!!! Guchi guchi~~
Everyone else came with Yurou!!! =DDD Becox Yurou was the only princess since she was born plus you all know how feisty and HUGE her personality is so we were all really worried on how she might interact with her newborn sister. So Pearl pretend to say this Hello Kitty toy is from Yuxuan to Yurou. Hahaha. Yurou believe wor. So i guess that's a pretty good start!!! #BriberyStartYoung
When Sijie first put Yuxuan closer to Yurou, Yurou was like "Huh? I don't know. She is too small" Hahahah =)) So cute and sweet!!! And the whole time, Yurou was whispering!!! SHE NEVER KEEPS HER VOICE LOW ONE!!! Hahaha. Usually she's like a loud speaker. But when she's at the ward, she speaks like a little mice. Cox she's scared to wake her meimei up.
Baby Yuxuan cry and Yurou voluntarily pat her to calm her down =)))
Trying to interact with her sister hahahaha. She was trying to use baby voice as Hello Kitty, and talk to Yuxuan. Yuxuan be like "................." Lolol. Yurou be thinking "She's so not fun" HAHAH.
Look who went down to shop and came back up to see her baby sister =)))) She kept telling me in the shop, "I want the pink Hello Kitty. Yesh, the pink one" Lolol. Yes lah yes lah. You know what you want all the time! Little Miss Character.
5 洪门女将 lolol. Seriously our family is overloaded with girls. Hahaha.
Josh came after work and offer to charge Si Jie half price for her baby's first day photography hahaha.
DSLR taken pictures really got more feel hor!!! Hahah. Look at this peaceful smiley angel!!!
Aiyoyo~!!! Ah yi kiss kiss~!!!!!!!
Hello grumpy wrinkly ah ma~!!! Hahaha!
Cannot call her ah ma hor. Hahaha. She not happy. Okay i guess looking at these baby pictures that Josh anyhow-ly snapped i can feel safe that my baby next time will have very good pictures also hahaha. The daddy anyhow snap only already look not bad hahaha.

Went home and marathoned 10 hours of drama O.O I didn't even know it was morning until i saw sunlight through my curtain =XXX 

14th Nov Wake up alone cox Josh went to work but he prepared food for me 😊 Two serving haha probably one for snack later. Eating + watching a drama that i like is the best!!!

Went shopping for new clothes today cox whatever could fit me in my first trim can't fit anymore. I am way pass size M and moved on to L or XL. Hahaha.

Went to Cleo to do hair for work tomorrow.. And then shop at Lzzie!!! I love their dresses. So Josh got me one for my work tomorrow =D Thank you Darling! And then treat me to a filling dinner! This layered pork with foie gras and truffle is goooood!

Bb ah.. Mummy's been thinking and i think.. The few most important you'd need to learn is to always be nice to people (unless they are super mean to you, then you have to fight back for yourself!), have courage, be truthful to the people who love you, and stay true to who your heart knows you to be..

Becox i've been watching K-drama again and i think.. The good people always are happier in the end. Yup.. Meaningful life lessons you'd soon learn.. From watching drama. Hahahaha.

15th Nov Went to Philips Avent 30th Anniversary celebration!!! It was super enriching for a mom-to-be like myself! Look at these cute cuppies haha!
The mascots cute hor!!! My dress is from Lzzie! Haha. I only wish i could wear the S or M becox it's sooooo pretty! Bag from Samantha Vega.
I get to go from counter to counter to learn about all the items i'd need for the baby soon! Must say i learnt quite a few new things! Also you see the couple at the bottom right of my collage? Omg the girl is super lucky lah!!! As i stand in to listen to the demo, i hear her husband kept asking very meticulous questions! Can tell the husband is very hands-on and super love the wife and baby!
But then.. I also very lucky ^.^ Hahahaha! I have Josh to go around listening and learning about these baby stuff also! Thank you Philips Avent for having us!!! Excited let my baby grow up with Avent!

Okay that's all for now~!!! You guys have a nice Sunday!!! I'm gonna go snatch Yurou and Yuxuan away from their mum now! Hahahaha! I am pretty sure Sijie hope i will quickly give birth and stop snatching her kids hahahaha.


Lisa :3 said...

I love your baby diaries! They're so interesting and funny cox you're awesome lah
I'll keep you and your bb in my prayers =)
Jia You, Stay healthy and I pray that your bb will grow to be like her mommy (aka nice, funny and pretty)
Have a nice day~

Anonymous said...

Talk more about your past rship with josh :)))

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu! I think you look even prettier now during your pregnancy hehe :) hope that you will have a smooth delivery, and that both of you will be healthy and safe!

Hanna Lei said...

All the food you post looks so good. -Hanna Lei

Faith said...

qiuqiu you're not even fat, don't worry about it!! as long as you have a healthy baby and smooth pregnancy, everything else is worth it ^-^ jiayou and looking forward to more baby dairies!!

Janice said...

I actually think you look a lot better now with the extra kilos!! :) :)

Vivian said...

Hi QiuQiu,

I am a big fan of yours! I think you are cute, funny, and most importantly, not afraid to be unglamorous! I love it! :D (Okay, you quite pretty and cute also lah).

Don't worry about the weight gain. I heard that skinny girls tend to put on more during pregnancy - it's nature's way of getting them ready for the baby! I put on 17kg for my girl, and my girlfriend put on 20+kg!! :O But we've both lost the weight already...

Your two nieces are sooooo cute! I really enjoy coming to your blog leh. It's not typically what i read but it's such a happy place. Even if you're sometimes sad (pregnancy is hard lah! I hated being so bulky and slow. My stupid hubby used to shout to me from in front - eh? how come nowadays you so out of shape?), it's understandable and you always find a happy place.

Hey, can you please promise your readers to always update your blog, even when your baby girl is born? In fact, especially after she is born. I am sure she will be cute and funny, just like you.

Can't wait! Congrats again!!

QiuQiu said...

Lisa haha! THANK YOU!!! ^.^

Faith.. Thank you! I will keep updating! Hahaha!

Janice =O Really..... =O Haha!

Vivian.. OKAY PROMISE!!! I scared i'd e so obsessed with my baby i can't stop posting and will end up spamming hahahah! Yes my nieces are lovely!!! =))) You are so kind your child must be so blessed to have you as their mummy!!!

Unknown said...

That curly hair looked really really good on you! :)

Ahmed Khan said...

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