18 April 2015

My Meredith week 4 - 6

Sorry in advance for not really being sorry for spamming Meredith's pictures on my blog haha.

Everyone says that babies' newborn period last a very short while only and that we should enjoy it while it lasts.. Better, i'd enjoy it and snap videos and pictures of it keke. Wtf did i really just use "keke". Cox it's so gross, that's how i really feel.. Infatuated.

The last time i used "keke" i was probably flirtexting Josh when i was 17 yro LOL.

Now i feel a little shy (becox it's my production ma LOL), a lot overwhelmed and very much in love with Meredith. So.. Please don't mind me! O.O Don't even know why i explain so much.

Not like you all super wanna see my pictures instead hahaha!

Siao daddy making her into a Mermaid.. Haha. Never see before mermaid the hair so little one lol!
Yup, definitely a daddy's girl! Lying on daddy's chest..
Er.. Someone needs a haircut pronto. Lolol "Don't say me ah, i box you!"
"MOMMY PLEASE GIMMIE MILK PLEASEEEE" =___=" She always cry until machiam Josh and i starve her!!! Cannot wait one hor baby you!
Looking cute on somedays..
At some point of time in the day..
LOLOL and not so cute at other point of time.. HAHA. Damn old coffeeshop uncle hooligan lah this one.
"Yup, a lot of people told me i am goodlooking" LOLOL.
"Mommy, last warning" =O
One night she smiled at me for a long time =))) Sorry ah night time very dark my phone camera resolution not so good hahaha.
Next morning still very smiley =DD
This is her at one month old exactly!
One month old.. But still a daddy's girl. Hahaha!
Went to Thomson Medical for my post-natal massage.. Mainly to get rid of the remaining dirty blood clog in my uterus and to shrink the size of it lah.. Brought Meredith along to pop by Mrs Wong office!
Also the first official time i put on makeup since giving birth haha..
Took some videos of the session! You can watch the video embed at the end of this post!
Brought Meredith to the Punggol Riverside for a stroll after dinner!
The weather was superb.. But not like she cares haha!
Looking like a grumpy boss in her stroller. Bugger cannot appreciate good scenery and weather one hor lol.
Shower time with Biolane.. She always smell like a sweet pea after shower time!!!
Fatty ask you why you all call her fat. Lol. She wanna box people again!
Out to do my hair at Cleo Hairmake the other day!
Ask Josh how is Meredith at home.. He send me this picture hahaha! Er.. Fine but not so fine i guess?
Naughty girl!
Looking mischievous..
Someone just let her box please lolol. She always has this "I WANNA BOX SOMEONE" look.
Hello my little sponge you look very squeezable haha.
Went out shopping and used a nursing room for the first time! Hahah!

You can watch the video of random snaps i collected over the weeks haha.

Yup as you can see.. This is my life now.. Other than work.. It's all family and Meredith..

Soon enough hopefully i can add back in "friends" to my life..

And then soon enough i can add back in "SLEEP" in my life..

And then add back in shopping and leisure etc lol.

One thing at a time lah hor.. People who ask how Josh and i are coping.. All we gotta say is..

WE NEED MORE SLEEP. Haha. I would love just one whole day to sleep and wake up only when i want to O.O Josh say want the two of us to take a few hours off to go to a movie and leave the baby with Pearl for a while.

I think movie is a great idea, you know, for our couple bonding time and all.. But i am 100% affirmative that both of us will fall asleep at our seats, under the blanket.. LOL.

Which movie is showing now that last more than 8 hours? Please advise. Thanks. HAHAH.


Hanna Lei said...

She looks so much like you! -Hanna Lei

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post. I look forward to your updates especially with Meredith's pictures and videos. Your sentiment resonates with me as I am first time mom with a 2 month old. Very sleep deprived indeed but infatuated with my baby too.

Cat said...

She is so grumpy! But luckily she is cute and can get away with it.

Lisa B. said...

More smiles, Meredith! Save the grumpy coffeeshop uncle photos to show when she's grown up and her boyfriend comes to visit.

Christy said...

friends u can add back in a few months time.. sleep wise I think it is a kiss goodbye for at least a few yrs... but jia you! they grow up way too fast! Enjoy parenthood!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu...can I check wad is the brand of your stroller. TIA!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu can I know what is the brand of your stroller? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

meredith, anty hope my future baby will have a nice and flawless skin like u horr hihii

Anonymous said...

I hope you don do plastic surgery for your baby. You were such a sweet person before your plastic. Now you look almost scary.

Anonymous said...

damn what an ugly household