08 July 2015

Biolane - A relationship deeper than skin-deep

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Hello all of you~!!! Introducing Biolane to you guys today ^.^ Meredith and i are both Biolane ambassadors for 2015/16 and we're happy to be onboard cox Biolane is developed by Laboratoires BIOPHA, and is specially formulated to protect and meet the needs of baby's skin.

Biolane products are suitable for even the most sensitive skin as it contains active ingredients carefully selected for their non-aggressive nature. It is also alcohol and paraben-free =) Mummies will know how important these traits are by now for any baby products!

Why and how is Biolane really good for our babies? It's formulated at physiological pH to maintain the skin's natural balance. And it contains Hydra-bléïne®!

Hydra-bléïne® is an innovation by Laboratoires BIOPHA, it is a unique natural complex of plant origin, combining wheat oils and proteins which helps minimise moisture loss (dehydration) and at the same time nourishes and protects the skin. That's why even some adults use Biolane! FYI.. Biolane products are made in France! ^.^

I've been using Biolane stretchmark cream since i was pregnant. If you follow my baby diary you would know that i am silly enough to only apply stretchmark cream to the front of my belly and totally didn't know that i have to apply for the sides of my belly as well T_________T"

The first time i realise stretchmarks on the side of my belly T.T It was already too late lol. Already come out liao! So i could only minimize it and prevent it from getting worst with Biolane Stretchmark cream!
It is also hypoallergenic so people with sensitive skin need not worry!

I especially love the smell and texture and how it is so easy to spread!

To be honest i tried a few (cox always got free samples in mother-baby goodie bags lol) other brands.

But i only use them once each to try and then go back to Biolane becox some of them either have a very strong coconut oil smell (Eeeks sorry i was pregger and couldn't take that smell =S), or are so oily i don't know how am i supposed to go through the day with it / go to sleep with it! Some other are too thick and hard to spread out across the huge belly surfaces.

There was once i couldn't find the spare tube of Biolane stretchmark cream that i bought from baby fair, i was like boh bian, try this other brand one. Cox the rest of the free samples i threw away after one use cox they really don't suit me. So yeah, i try this new one right. It really gave me a HUGEEEE RAGEPISODE OMG. After application, the product dries up AND FLAKES OMGGGGG!!!

I was sooooo angry =OOO It got to my tee shirt, the inside of my nails (cox it's makes me super itchy so i have to scratch it) and all over my bed omg. It's like you know "gao gwei" the black dirt we rub and roll out of our skin if we are dirty, except this is white in colour. I got so angry i went to shower again. Lolol. You know how hard it is for a pregger to shower. LOL. It is hard for a pregger to do ANYTHING AT ALL. Hahahaha.

So heng the next, next day Biolane sent me extra supply of the stretchmark cream. I'm still using it till today to reduce the stretchmarks on the side of my belly and also to keep the skin around my belly moisturised so that they can close up faster and better T.T You know right. Stretchmarks are like your skin tearing apart.

For mummies to be, you must must must find a good stretchmark cream for your belly okay! You see the front of my tummy very flawless one omg. Only the sides got stretchmarks T.T Start using it 3.5months and above! So your skin's elasticity becomes very good! No matter how big baby grow your tummy still can tahan haha!
And then out came Meredith.. =)))

So tiny, clueless and pure (and yes, a little grumpy looking haha!).

So perfect (O.O Sorry i am her mother i think she's perfect! HAHA) but so fragile =')))

Her skin was so.. Soft.. God gave her to me in perfect state. Perfect skin, perfect health, perfect pure character. Everything is up to me to maintain / make better..

And it's a huge responsibility! To handle something perfect..

Covered with soft fuzzy hair that almost feels like puppy fur =X Haha! Sooo soft and furry!

I was very very very careful with what i do about her skin. To a point i was quite fussy and strict to everyone else handling her =XXX And i can't help it, i am a new mother handling a newborn with dedicate skin that can turn red with even the mildest irritation.

So i am very very thankful that through this 4 month journey (and hopefully all the way in the future!) Meredith never had any skin problem *TOUCH WOOD!*

There must be a reason why Biolane products are recommended by paediatricians and used in maternity wards for over 35 years. Biolane has accompanied millions of newborns and their parents =))) And my baby, my husband and myself are now part of this big group!

It's quite sweet when you think about it! My baby will grow up with the Biolane fresh and subtle fragrance, and i'd remember and associate her babyhood with this smell T.T It's so touching.

Imagine when Meredith is 21 years old and i smell Biolane products and i'd be like "MY BABY WHY YOU GROW UP SO FASTTTTT T_____T" Hahaha.

The first day we got home from the hospital =)) Biolane sent this gift over. It's just so nice they gave us all the different ranges of products! From cleansing range to bathtime range and more!

Ask my boss to model with the products and this is what happened:

"DIZ BE HOW I POSE. RAH!" No baby, do a little more feminine!
"Okay. Top model enough ma? Sensual enough?" No no baby.. We prefer happy shots.
"LIKE THIS?? =DDD" Yeah but not too happy, we can't see your eyes.
"Yeah? You know what, you come do it if you're so good, okay. I had enough. I'm outta here" Hahaha. My little diva hor!

How time have passed.. From the first time we shower Meredith.. She didn't seem to be okay with the water at all. Half the time she'd be crying. Another half the time she'd just be helplessly calm about it.
"Boh bian" Haha! But as time goes.. She start to LOVEEEEE showering more and more!!! She enjoys it so much that if i have to take her out, she'd cry haha!
Sometimes after showering she's in such a super good mood we can put her in cute outfits and take pictures of her haha!
With the Nourishing and Moisturising Cream from Biolane! It's ideal for moisturising dry and sensitive skin on both the face and body! It is rich in amino acids, minerals and pro-vitamin B5 which promotes skin regeneration! It also reduces redness and irritation. The texture is creamy and it spreads easily and is quickly absorbed by the baby's skin! And then Meredith will smell like a sweet pea i love ittt! So subtle and fresh! ^.^
Sometimes after shower and after me massaging her with Biolane skincare products, she can shiok until she flip eyes and sleep LOL.
Our everyday routine!!! Moisturise and keep her skin hydrated with the Biolane Gentle Moisturising Spray! It helps moisturise and softens baby's sensitive skin in a pump! It's a spray so you can just spray a pump or two (two is a bit too much LOL) and moisturise the baby's arms, legs, ears even! Yes do you know you need to moisturise their ears also O.O I didn't know until Meredith's ped told me. If not it will be very dry and if there's ear lobs it might even crack =OOO
About 2 - 3 months old. Dressed her up all blue after shower. Some people ask me why her hair always look wet wet in picture one LOL. Erm that's cox she just showered lah super good mood after shower and massage! =DDD
"Yup mommy, you know me best! ^.^"
"Please massage me more! ^.^" Baby you have to start paying me to massage you hahaha.
"It's not funny. I don't like to pay for stuff" LOL. Stingy hor my baby haha!
Fast forward months down the road.. She's a big baby who can sit with us at meal time. Not to eat yet cox although it doesn't look like it, she's really only 3 months plus LOL but we just want her to be around us. Us including the doggies. Haha.
"Boring sia, 都没有我的份" Lol.

Dog owners who have kids will understand how hard it is to keep your baby skin clean and clear of dog fur and dog dust.

Especially Tiffany is EXTRA active and jumps around regardless who is around her, and Drago has no sense of personal space at all omg, he can come SIT ON YOU even when you're seated there first. Lol. Act cute hor ^.^

So sometimes i worry for Meredith's skin too. What if it becomes extra sensitive to allergens and all.

But thank god (and thanks to Biolane baby skin care lol!) her skin is still maintained quite perfectly.
But if your baby has atopic tendency skin (turns red /breaks into rash easily) you may try the Lipid-Enriched Dermo-Paediatrics Hair and Body Gel.

It's hypoallergenic and fragrance-free and it gently cleans the dry / atopic tendency skin of your babies and young children! This lipid-enriched Gel nourishes and protects sensitive skins with it's high levels of superfatting and lipid-restorative agents. It's a very powerful product used by Paediatrics all over the world!

It's also formulated with glycerine, a nourishing and softening agent which helps retain water in the epidermis of the baby's skin. Most of all, its 2-in-1 formula and tested under ophthalmological supervision to make sure it does not sting the eyes and gently cleans the hair without drying it!

So if unfortunately your baby has sensitive skin, it doesn't mean you have to be super fussy and super paranoid about everything she comes into contact with. You may start from the basic of good, moisturising cleansing routine with Biolane =)

"Dad, don't drop me okay" Here comes the Meremaid. HAHA. A bit too fattybombastic to swim freely in the ocean so thank goodness we caught and capture her from the wild haha!
Meredith is also using the Biolane cleanser! The 2 in 1 Body and Hair Cleanser! Super duperrr convenient i love it!!!

The main reason i chose this other than it smells awesomely nice haha, is the convenience!

You may use it for cleansing the fragile skin and fine hair of babies and children in one simple step! It's soap-free and its mild cleansing base cleans without drying and maintains skin's natural balance! And it doesn't sting the eyes!

It is also very rich in wheat proteins that helps with coating and detangling powers of the hair. So after showering when the hair dries, it's very easy to manage! Don't see Meredith the hair always standing okay, stand is stand but they never ever get tangle up! Haha!

"Yup, my hair's pretty dope" LOL.
"Dad you're doing a great job!"
Can you imagine.. This is her in her first week home..
She was just slightly bigger than the Biolane 2 in 1 cleanser ='))) Haha. So shrivelled and uncle-looking LOL.
"OMG DAD I SAID DON'T DROP ME!!!" Haha. Now she's like a pufferfish haha! All puffed up!

After shower, other than moisturising, what people typically do is to put powder all over the baby right. I swear to god ah, not kidding. How i see my sister and friends apply powder for their babies is like they are preparing for the babies to go for deep-frying like this. Really is coat them all over with powder. Imagine a prawn coated with beaten egg, and then roll around in flour. Lolol.

Actually from all my experiences with my nieces and nephews, i realise one HUGE problem i have with using powder is that the powder will always fly ALL OVER THE PLACE during application. And then sometimes damn unlucky, if the baby flinging arms hit the powder bin then it just gets all over the bed. Disastrous.

But the more serious problem would be that the volatile nature of powder - It flies around and get to the air and basically everywhere, and when the baby inhale it, over time it can be a serious problem. Either causing chronic respiratory issues or your baby will have a lot of pi sai (bogger) all the time lol.

For some kids, inhaling tiny substances like powder might trigger asthma even. Just do a simple search on the internet. You know it's quite silly people say talc powder are bad when actually cornstarch is equally bad becox it's still powder form, cornstarch is slightly heavier granted so it doesn't get carried around in the air as much as talc powder but still, they are both in powder form.

Read this article if you're keen. It's the form of the powder (being powder LOL) that is bad for the baby.

I've once tried a cornstarch powder before for my niece and omg how can anyone even live with it =SSS It doesn't get off your hand unless you wash / rub and roll it into dirts and dust it off.

How is that gonna feel comfy on the baby i don't know O.O I would just not put powder for my baby if i can only choose between this two. But applying powder is actually important becox it helps absorbs any excess dampness that might cause irritation for our baby's skin!

That is why ALL MUMMIES SHOULD GET THIS FOR OUR PRECIOUS LITTLE ONES! I bold and red it haha cox i really really really cannot tahan seeing one more mother using conventional powder on their babies anymore =XXX Why would you do that it's so bad =OOO

Biolane Hypoallergenic Liquid Talc works all the same and has all the benefits and attributes of a powder but it's not in powder form!

As you can see in the picture, it's in a form of emulsion which, on contact with the skin, transforms into talc!!! AWESOME OR WHAT?? Very easy to spread and apply so don't worry! After application there won't be eeky feeling like stickiness / rolled up dirt / oiliness!

All you feel is smooth and soft skin~ ^.^

This liquid talc is specially designed to protect all of an infant's skin folds that are sensitive to redness and irritation from dampness. I use it for Meredith on her neck (Especially now omg she learns how to play with her saliva and learnt how to suck her thumb, her whole neck whole day covered in saliva!), legs, bumbum, armpits and all the michelin rolls are. HAHA.

Where the folds are, where liquid talc should be! Don't forget the folds at the back of the legs ok ^.^

Plant-origin powder is used for their liquid talc and it gently works it's magic on the baby skin and strengthens skin's natural protective film against harsh external factors like urine, stools, abrasions and rubbing of clothes on their skin!

So should you put powder for your baby skin? Yes! But the form of it shouldn't be in powder form! So please please please, from a mother to another, stop using the typical powder-form powder!

Another of my favourite product from Biolane! Their Thick H2O Baby Wipes! As you can see lah, it's really thicker than most wipes in the market LOL therefore the name.

The truth is.. Even when i received the Biolane wipes for free cox Meredith is their ambassador, i feel a bit heart pain to use it on Meredith's bumbum becox it's not one of the cheapest.

So i'm not proud to say.. =X That i went to buy a cheaper one, a typical brand most parents use. I only used the cheaper wipes to wipe her bumbum for normal diaper change (no poop).

And then i use Biolane only for when there's poop cox if not the poop will sip through the cheaper thin wipes LOL. Yup, it happened to me haha. So i have to use Biolane wipes for poop cox it's thicker and also i use it to wipe Meredith all over when she's outside and the weather is hot and humid.

About three weeks later i switch to Biolane for all purposes, for good. Becox one day i don't know why, i think it was a hot day so i got home, was too lazy to take a quick shower so i went to use the cheaper wipe to wipe my own arms and neck. I was like "OMG DARLING IT'S SO ROUGH LAH!!! We don't use this for baby anymore lah!" I told Josh. So later i told my helper she can use the leftover to wipe the surfaces in the house lolol.

The Biolane Thick H2O Baby Wipes is specially formulated for diaper-changing for sensitive skin and you may use it to clean the baby's face, body and diaper area without the need to rinse!

Super convenient lah!!! We always bring one pack outdoor cox other than "number 1" and "number 2", Meredith also sweat A LOT hahaha. So sometimes i use one wipe to freshen her up on the go!

For baby-mummy bonding time you may also give baby a deep massage with the Biolane Sweet Almond Oil Spray! Unlike other baby oil, this is not oily and does not leave a sticky / oily after-feel! You also use it to get rid of cradle cap by rubbing it lightly into the scalp, leave on for a few minutes then wash with Biolane Gentle Shampoo ^.^

And these are just some of my favourite products from Biolane! You may check out their full range here and follow them on Facebook to keep track of their fairs and promotion ^.^

I am a very proud user of Biolane becox i know everything Biolane carry is formulated to protect my baby's skin to the best. Remember how i say it's very stressful for us mothers cox we need to maintain and make better something so perfect (our babies) that was given to us..?

I think with the help of Biolane this task became a little easier =)) At least i don't have to worry about Meredith's skin so much with Biolane =) I can just focus on character-building, her daily diet, nurturing her talents as she grow up.. And her schoolwork omg and.. MORE. Haha.

The list of things a mother can worry about - Endless.

Fast asleep at the shoot for Biolane cox she really just showered. Haha.

So it's very important the baby products i use for my baby does exactly what they have to do, and don't inconvenient me / cause me more problems. When it comes to baby skincare and cleansing products, Biolane works perfect for me cox other than it smells pleasantly fresh, it's gentle on my baby skin but protects my baby skin effectively with all the active ingredients in it.

And it's very user-friendly. Take the liquid talc and the thick H2O wipes for example. No powder-in-the-air problems that might cause more serious problems, no poop seeping through to my fingers when i wipe my baby's bumbum.

But of course with all these good attributes i understand if the price point cannot be one of the cheapest but precisely becox it's so good, i think the price point is worth every bit for the value it can offer. So even if Biolane is no longer sponsoring Meredith, i will still continue to pay for their products simply becox it's very good.

In fact i am very thankful not just for the sponsorship but thankful that i get to learn about all these clever and effective products from Biolane becox if not i might have just bought and live with what's typically seen over the shelf =X

You may find Biolane at Kiddy Palace, Robinsons, Watsons, Guardian and Big Box!

Biolane will be at the upcoming Baby Fair happening this weekend! Meredith and i will be going there on our own time cox erm.. We wanna snap pictures with the booth where the official pictures for the ambassadorship will be blown up into huge posters haha *shy* Haha.

Anyway this will be a good chance for you to understand more about Biolane products! Smell it, feel the texture, know why it's good for you and your baby skin =))

Baby Fair @ Expo Hall 5
Booth K03
10th - 12th July (Friday - Sunday)

Mummies-to-be / new moms will be happy to know that you can now get the Biolane Stretch Mark cream at only $33.70 (25% discount)! =D Remember to apply it on the sides of your belly also okay haha!

And MY FAVOURITE Thick H20 Baby Wipes (72pcs) are going at Buy 2 get 1 free!

For those who wanna try all the star products at Biolane, you may wanna get the BabyCare Set which include Liquid Talc, Sweet Almond Oil, Nourishing and Moisturizing cream and 2 in 1 Body and Hair cleanser - Selling at a bundle price of only $59.90 (35% discount)!

All the items in the BabyCare Set are what i use for Meredith also *hearteyes* you'd love them like i love them for my baby~! Go check out the Biolane booth and enjoy all these special discount! =D

Only do the best you can for your baby =)))
"Hello, so do you still need me here? If not i'm gonna go play~" Meredith says bye bye to yall~!

Links for your convenience:


Biolane Page- For more information on all the products

Biolane on Watsons, Guardian - To purchase it online.


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