15 July 2015

❤︎ Elisa Litz ❤︎

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Some of you savvy shoes shopaholics would have already know about Elisa Litz as it's a homegrown Singapore label that took root in the year 2010 and have been producing footwear that for both style AND comfort. If you're on of those who have tried on a pair of Elisa Litz, you'd know what i'm talking about. No doubt they carry a variety of styles, some might suit you, some might not. But one thing their shoes have in common - Comfort!

Personally i won't pay for something pretty but uncomfortable haha. More so now that i have to carry baby and walk quite a fair bit when we're outside. She can be on the carrier now so i really need my shoes to not cause me discomfort.. Last time maybe i would pay for $10 shoes and just wear them despite hurting my feet and causing blisters =X Now really cannot sia, can die.

For those who have been shopping with Elisa Litz at their shop fronts at Bugis and Clarke Quay Central, you might wanna check out their online shop at Elisa Litz

Very happy to be at their shop to try on some shoes! Elisa Litz is inspired by the contemporary sophistication of the European streets.
 That's why the Elisa Litz backdrop is also influenced by the architectural grace of the ageless structures in Europe.
It's really quite different with it's vintage opulent touches even around the whole shop decor. If you visit their shop you'd be able to spot little ornaments that's really interesting!

Elisa Litz stores are located at Bugis Plus and Clarke Quay Central

Spot the red phone booth! It's very iconic!

For those who prefer online shopping could shop at ElisaLitz.com

Although to be honest the shoes on their online shop are always sold out VERY fast T____T

That's why i am super excited that they have a new collection in hope that i can grab something for my size before everyone else snaps it up!!! But i can understand why some people might prefer online shopping with Elisa Litz!

They offer Free Delivery locally and internationally!!! And offers FREE repair in their shop if the accessories is available. Plus with a new collection twice a month shopping with them can be a healthy addiction HAHA. For me at least!!! =XXX

PLUS~ You receive an exclusive Elisa Litz gift with every purchase online!

Having my time in the shoe paradise *HYPERVENTILATES* Hahaha. Can't really tell but i'm very excited lah cox i can choose 2 pairs of shoes to bring home lolol =X

I LOVE THEIR SHOES LAH~!!! The last time i got them was about 1 year plus ago and i've fell in love with the quality of their shoes ever since!!! It's soooo comfy inside, for some of the designs, it has a quilted cushion designs. For some others it's comfy to walk even though it's heels!!!

Elisa Litz make quality leather shoes and all their shoes sole are made of pig lining!

My sister also got a pair of black low heels from them, for her work. She has been wearing it 6 days a week, for 12 hours shift daily, walking up and down and it's still alive today. I mean.. Not alive for real LOL but they are not dead from my sister's weight you know what i mean =XXX Lolol!

Look at the quilted cushion padding! I LOVEEEE! Walk whole day also feet not pain~!!! When i was pregger i wear their size 40 / 41 flats mostly T.T It's quite a lifesaver!
My favourooooots~!!!!!! All the holesome designs and flats~!!! Cox i quite tall lah so i'm not SO used to wearing heels unless i have to for special occasions / work.
Spotted this pair of low heels and went OMGGGGG it's so pretttty!!!! It's like icy cold and sparkly!
The champagne gold version also pretty! But the silver one is really epic gorgeous in real life. Sorry my pictures don't do it justice lol.
Having a hard time deciding which are the pairs i wanna try on. Haha. How about everything haha!
Elisa Litz manufacture and craft a wide range of intricate designs so that you'd be able to find something suitable for all occasions!!! Like this would be perfect to spice up your work-wear with little sparkly details!
And this perfect for school / day out with girlfriends to shop and brunch etc~

❤︎ ~ Werk Werk Model Time ~ ❤︎

Hahaha.. Please bear with me~ Hardly got chance to try out so many shoes and camho~
Trying out some of the shoes i fell in love with!
LOVE THIS PAIR OF FLATS~!!! I picked it home =D Wish they have a brown version of this! It's how easy to match please~!!! Japanese magazines featuring more and more loafer-style female shoes!
Comfy much~!!!
Also picked this black one home =DDD My style recently is like that hor hahaha. Maybe to help me look slimmer hahaha. Black makes people look skinnier right lolol.
Changing into another outfits to try on the other styles haha.
Haven't wore something so high and so comfy for a while now~!!! I always try to avoid heels also cox it ALWAYS give me blister and painful feet!!! Outfit loaned from Lzzie!
Squat and stand also okay lol.
Another outfit loaned from Lzzie I LOVE IT OMG. Trying out to see which pair of shoes fit the style more!!!

So sorry to mafan the Elisa Litz staff to help me with sooooo many pairs of shoes to try on! But she was still very friendly and happy to help!

In case you're wondering, they are also VERY nice and helpful to the rest of their customers cox i've went in as a shopper before and they greet EVERYONE who walks in!!!

And then keep a comfortable distant from them so that they are not too close for comfort and near enough to be reached when their assistance are needed.

Omg sorry cannot. Really love this outfit hahaha. It's so cute and casual and fun~!!!
My cute navy blue pumps with low heels~
And tiny bows to add a little girly touch!
Oh woah who's this 18 yro girl =))) Haha!
Another pair of heels another styling~
This pair of nude open toes is COMFORTABLE UNTILLLL =OOO
Last of werk werk model time LOL.
Saw these cute mugs and thought they were ornaments and then realise they are free gifts haha! The London bus one is especially cute!!! Thank you Elisa Litz for gifting me all of them *hearteyes*

So super cute or what!!! Erm *** Elisa Litz PLEASE DON'T SEE THIS *** To be honest.. Since it's a free gift with every online purchase.. If i wanna collect all the mugs.. I'd just break up my purchases =XXX LOL #Kiasu # Singaporean #ThatsTheWayWeRoll hahahaha.
Spend $200 in shop for a free exclusive Elisa Litz cup or receive it with every purchase online!
Love shopping with Elisa Litz cox all the shoes comes like that.. In nice box drawers and individually wrapped with dustbag!
Inside with a shape support rod!
Was wearing this the other day and wanted a picture of it before i leave the house but look who insisted to be in the picture =_= Haha! So i gave up after one picture LOL.
Another pair the Elisa Litz team sent me~!!! They really know exactly what kind of styles i love~!!!
So sweet and simple~!!! And it's really major comfy omgggg. It's like stepping around on a bed lolol. For this good quality and style, bundle price of $138 for any TWO PAIRS is VERY reasonable!

Elisa Litz Instagram Giveaway Contest

For Elisa Litz fans please follow Elisa Litz on Instagram for latest updates and attractive giveaways!

Right now they are offering a $10 discount code for my readers: 

Enter that when you check out and you may enjoy this discount~!

Elisa Litz Instagram Giveaway Contest is happening right now and 2 Lucky winners stands a chance to win a pair of shoe of their choice each!

Additionally, 3 lucky winners to walk away with a set of Elisa Litz Exclusive free gifts i.e 4 London themed cups! Hahaha!

1) Simply follow Elisa Litz Instagram
2) Like, share their contest photo (It will commence once i post the blog post.
3) Hashtag #Elisalitz and #Elisalitzgiveaway
4) Tag at least 3 friends! The more you tag the higher your chance~

Remember to set your IG to public account okay! So that Elisa Litz can see!

Elisa Litz stores can be located at:

Bugis Junction 201 Victoria Street #02-62/63 Singapore 188021

The Central 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #02-19/20/21 Singapore 059817

Also you may find Elisa Litz on LINE via this link or this QR Code! =D


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Their shoes are very pretty -Hanna Lei

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qiu qiu please do a blog on how you lost the baby weight...you got skinny again so quickly! reading your blog all the way from london :)