20 July 2015

Meredith's Nursery

Sorry it took so long to do up this post. Actually it's been done long ago but i was just waiting for time, no really, i was waiting for time. More time. So that i can have time to do up the little handicrafts that i wanna do for Meredith's room. But hey, the time hasn't come and i've wasted a lot of time before i post this up, while waiting for time.

Do you know what i mean?


Becox i really have no time to explain to you one more time about how i don't wanna waste time. LOLOL.

So this is it~ My new place is done! And this is the nursery for Meredith =) She don't sleep there cox she sleeps with us but her play time and nap time is there ^.^ And when there's visitors who wanna play with Meredith we will invite them to this room to chill haha.

This is how it looks like before. It was a balcony but the landlord brilliantly have it covered up and air-conditioned it lol. For the good sunlight, Josh and i decided to make it the nursery =D
The only wall in this room so actually I can't really do much handicraft also cox no place to hang except here LOL. And i hate the window frames being black T.T Wanted to paint it but Josh tried and say it's very hard so we got sheer IKEA curtains (only $4.90 for TWO panels. Lol damn cheap) to just soften the blackness lol.
BUT FIRST OF ALL, gotta do something about the flooring!!! Meredith's gonna learn how to crawl / walk someday so i wanted the foam but didn't want the colourful ones so i got these wood prints one.
FML spent one whole day doing up the flooring alone cox i stupid!!! Go and follow the instructions on the packaging and use a penknife to trim the foam mats *RAGEEE* You can simply use a pair of scissors!!! It works all the same and it's much much much faster!!! Only the last 9 pieces then i realise "Hey why don't i try using the scissors!" FMLLLL.

First day right after the flooring was done and nothing else was here yet. The wood plank wallpaper not bad hor! And the looooong piece of wood for 3D effect to separate the wallpaper and the white wall, was bought from a carpenter shop at Jalan Berseh. Josh bought a lot of it at quite a low price and used the rest for our wedding shoot last time. We would have loveeeed to keep this corner clean and simple like this but cannot lah. Haha it's afterall a nursery not a photowall lol.
Have always loved buntings cox it's just so HAPPY ^.^ So i went to Chinatown (People's Park, the hawker centre upstairs lol) to buy these fabrics haha. One tip though, is to keep a look out for fabrics that are outside the shops cox they are cheaper like $3 - $5 / yard or metre. If you look inside it's usually $6 - 30 per yard or metre. I mean if your style very unique only expensive fabrics can do then sorry loh lolol. All my fabrics are like $5 or $6 per yard i think. Only the white lace is more expensive, $12 for 6 feet by 1 meter. That's why i also use it for my backyard so okay lah!
Cut it into stripes and then cut it again like how i drawn (in white on pink) for you.
While i cut the cloths.. Here's Josh and Meredith chilling haha. Josh is only here for aircon before he run down again to do the hard chores lol. I'm the soft chores IC lol, i use my mouth only! LOL.
 After you get these little triangles you're supposed to stitch them to a long thread but we're never gonna touch them + they will not be subjected to strong wind so we simply staple them on LOLOL.
There you have.. Anyway the ceiling light DAMN ugly omg.
The lace really is money well-spent haha. It looks so nice against the sunlight.
For one week it look nice like this. Haha. That's before all our furnitures and barangs got shifted in.
Mean time.. We fixed up the window lights for her room =))))) I am so in love cox it's everything i had wanted for my own room hahaha.
Camho more cox i don't think we will on this light very often LOL. Josh damn worried cox it's a china product so he damn scared it will zao dian and the whole place will catch fire LOL. He even plug it off the socket when we're not in the room =_="
Spot the ghost.
Okay no more spamming fairy light pictures sorry LOL. BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!
And then we really shifted in =) Meredith's $89.90 cot mobile is at least worth a nice picture lol.
Always handy, Biolane moisturiser and wipes!!!
Sorry ah the sunlight killed the whole cot netting haha. If not it would be chioer. Also Josh fixed the ugly open ceiling light hahaha.
Happy macarons cushions..
Toys and miscellaneous corner! Her books and Yurou's books and colouring items are all here! Also all her head gears are here hahaha. You know lah, she (her laobu, me) love to take pictures hahaha. As you can see.. I try very very hard to colour-control her stuff. I mean if she gets to the age where she'd choose her own toys then i boh bian lah. But now i get to buy ALL the light colours! All her toys are from Japan, except the pink pig lol.
The Philips Air Combi is the combined effort of VitaShield IPS (a natural air purification technology) and NanoCloud (a unique humidification technology). So it's both an air purifier AND a humidifier!!! =O It helps maintains comfortable moisture levels in the home so don't worry about your baby's skin drying out even in aircon room! =D And it uses a natural purification process that does not use artificial additives like fragraces / deodorizer particles etc! Read more here!
You really can breathe the difference one! We got another one for the bedroom from Philips as well and since then I NEVER WOKE UP WITH BLOCKED / RUNNY NOSE AGAIN. I thought i have sinus / allergy last time. But actually it's as simple as KEEPING YOUR AIR CLEAN. Imagine even adults like us have this problem, it's even more crucial to keep the air clean for our babies!
You might have noticed the weird food-looking cushions in the nursery haha. I got them for guests to lie around the room hahaha. What what what. A little but of quirks is okay, okay!
And of course.. Merries diapers always readily available =))) Erm.. Would be nice if Yuxuan de mama don't come and use 1 each time she visits my house HAHAHA. She damn cao kuan one! Come my house don't bring diaper one cox she also use Merries for Yuxuan haha.
This is a DIY headgear holder i learnt how to do on Pinterest.
They say to use a can that it emptied. So i use Meredith's milk powder can loh lol. You can use Milo can also! =D The roughly measure enough to wrap the whole thing up. Double sided tape it as seen.
Roll it up.
Seal the bottom and top. I like it simple but Josh suggested to add an extra layer of lace on it. Okay loh. Haha. Anyway these are the same fabrics as the buntings which essentially is just me trying to save money on fabrics LOL but ended up now they all look like they are a set! So it's chio =D
Finished product =D Simple hor! Hahaha cox i everything also cut short one! Pinterest say stitch, i say STAPLE IT! Pinterest say hot glue gun, I SAY NO THANKS SO MESSY, DOUBLE SIDED TAPE IT! Hahaha. So you follow my instructions cannot go wrong one. Why, you gonna rough handle all that precious DIY decorative items meh ; ) LOL.
On Meredith's Youtube channel.. =)

Okay i gtg! No time to explain why i gtg now now now maybe next time i will! LOLOL.


Unknown said...

WOW!! QIU QIU YOU ARE SO GOOD IN DIY! I have exactly similar balcony as yours! I can't wait to turn it into a nursery room too once I have my own baby in future! gonna take your idea as a reference!

Hanna Lei said...

Her whole nursery is adorable! -Hanna Lei

Michelle said...

EVERYTHING is so KE AI !!!! xx <3

starmist said...

The room is so gorgeous I'm inspired to go home NAO and makeover my room. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu, may I know where you brought your woodprints foam from?

Thank you.

Hannah said...

Meredith's nursery is so so pretty! Would u mind to share where did you get the woodprint foam from? Thanks ya

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu

May I know where to get your flooring ?

Its so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Where to buy the white shelf and the woodprints foam? please.....

Dorami said...

Hi, may I know where you bought the baby cot net? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

the nursery room seems too bright! actually you can have 2 layers of curtains, so you can adjust the brightness. just install 1 more row of curtain rods/railings. very pretty room, mereland.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know where you get the foam mats from as I'm thinking of doing it for my kids rm too!Thks:)

gab! said...

o.O Dream room!! Where did you get the macaron cushions from I've been looking for similar ones for ages!

Anonymous said...

Hi may i know where can i get the white baskets lined with floral lining from? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu
i am a huge fan of your blog and i love how you decorated your new house.
please share more pictures of meredith, she is so cute <3

i know this does not fit here but could you share with us your secret to your beautiful white skin?
i cannot get rid of my tan :'(


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely room! :) Meredith is growing to be so chubby and cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the nursery is too bright for comfort. Otherwise it's very sweet and feminine. Nice job!

Jo Poh said...

Wow Qiu Qiu! The nursery is really nice and it looks really comfortable to live in it even just looking at the photos. Your baby will be so thankful for your effort.

Also, thanks for the many DIY ideas in your post. It has really inspired me to try some in decorating my future house next time.

Anonymous said...

Hi may i know where u get the white basket?

Anonymous said...

Wahahaha! QuiQui your ideas to make pinterest handmade stuff easier is amazing! I will never be following their more complicated instructions! Because you are right, I'm not gonna rough handle them wah! Thanks for sharing!

Renovation Singapore said...

Your nursery is so adorable. Loved the triangles.

hania said...

I really like the handmade storage stuff for your baby room. You did a really great job in overall decor and designs