16 December 2015

IMM - Singapore's LARGEST Outlet Mall

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Maybe not many of you know but IMM was kinda my hood. Lolol. For the 2-3 years when i was studying in SP, i've always loved to hang out at IMM. Cox of the huge Daiso and the huge GIANT hypermart there hahaha! It's been 10 years since i visit the west side of Singapore on a regular basis!

And i'm PLEASANTLY SURPRISED to see how IMM have changed!!! =OOO

It's now a huge outlet mall =OOO I love outlet mall omg. Buy everything at super discounted prices but you get the same kind of service, and you get to see items from many many seasons of the brands you love!!! Latest seasons as well as past seasons all put together for your shopping pleasure!

IMM is now Singapore’s Largest Outlet Mall and has more than 80 outlet stores offering up to 80% discounts every single day!!!

EXCUSE ME WHAT IS GREAT SINGAPORE SALE?! Hahaha! How about we commemorate GREAT IMM SALE, 7 days a week, 365 days a year hahah! All year round SALE at IMM lol.

If you're looking to enjoy more value and great saving, be it to shop for yourself or to buy Christmas present, birthday present etc, you MUST check out IMM before anywhere else! Could save yourselves a few hundred dollars, why not right?! =D

Before you lament about how IMM is so far (how far can anywhere within Singapore be =_= haha!) there's a reason why you can enjoy comfort of space while shopping + SUPER DISCOUNTED branded goods! Haha and it's not like it's hard to get to IMM! Just take MRT, alight at Jurong East MRT station and hop on the free shuttle bus (pick-up at JCube or Westgate) to get to IMM. The shuttle bus runs daily from 10.30am to 10.30pm!

OR you can walk to IMM using the new sheltered pedestrian link bridge on Level 2, connecting from Jurong East MRT Station!

Seriously i walk in only i see SALE and discount signs EVERYWHERE. Really can get high blood pressure one no joke. Hahaha. My heart cannot take this kind of shopaholic paradise.

There was a film crew with me that day and Josh had to pull me back to start filming cox i was just too distracted hahah. I mean what's a girl gonna do in a outlet mall that shouts 80% EVERYWHERE!

Started off filming at OUTLET by Club 21( #02-01) Outlet by Club 21 is the perfect place for the style-loving fashion shopper. It features a curated collection of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories from past seasons at exceptional savings! From international designer fashion labels such as BLACKBARRETT, Calvin Klein platinum, DKNY, DKNY JEANS, Paul Smith, Paul Smith Jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs, under its roof and they stock new arrivals every fortnight.. And offers up to 60% all year round.. SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!
Fell in love at first sight with this ethereal dress..
So freakin' chic i can't T.T It's sooooooo beautiful if i were to wear a dress everyday for the rest of my life i'd pick this i am sorreh all the other dresses i've ever worn!!! THIS ONE GOT POCKETS LOL.
It's from Marc by Marc Jacobs at OUTLET by Club21 T.T When you buy it at IMM, you save $600 over dollars on it!!!
Changed into another dress from Calvin Klein Platinum at OUTLET by Club21.
Bold and striking clutch is from DKNY at OUTLET by Club 21.
Can totally wear this for year end parties / Christmas gatherings!!! Black dress, nobody will notice even if you re-wear HAHAHA. Just accessorize it differently!
Later we moved on to Onitsuka Tiger Factory Outlet (#02-47)! It's a Japanese street style fashion label! I love how it's so casual but so nice!!! =DDD Got beanie much cuter right! Beanie from Onitsuka Tiger Factory Outlet @ IMM!
Sorry too cute one more selfie haha.
NEED this pair of black sneakers!!!
With their puffy cute bags!!! Totally looking much younger ahahah! The magic of sneakers and beanies and cute bags haha. This festive season, Onitsuka Tiger Factory Outlet is offering 60% off selcted footwear and 30% off selected apparel! =OOO
Last one sorreh~ Haha!
IMAGINEX GROUP Outlet (#02-02) is a premier destination for international brands, including Alice and Olivia, Club Monaco and Paul & Shark and a lot more, offering discount of up to 70% on a wide range of designer fashion and accessories! Some of the brands you will see at other premium malls in the heart of town but you have to pay double/ triple or even four times the price!
You can also enjoy further discounts on top of the storewide discounts:
Extra 10% off when you buy 3 or more items
Extra 20% when you buy 5 or more items
Outfit and accessories from IMAGINEX Group Outlet @ IMM!

Moving on to Juicy Couture Outlet (#02-08) Juicy Couture is a glamorous and fun lifestyle brand for the decidedly fashionable, bringing LA style and attitude to girls all over the world!
The outlet at IMM offers a wide range of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories with discounts up to 60%. Additionally, enjoy up to 15% off with purchase of 3 or above items! =D
Spotted the kids and baby section and went a little crazy. Haha.
Tried on their badass tee and leather jacket haha.
These are JC classic designs so why pay full price elsewhere when you can pay for it at a huge discount at the outlet store hahaha.
Ladies (especially working class ladies!) MUST check out MOISELLE Outlet (#02-03) It's a store in store concept offering a wide selection of mid luxury fashion for the discerning ladies! And you can enjoy all year round discount at MOISELLE Outlet @ IMM of up to 70% off!
MOISELLE is an international high fashion brand renowned for its stylish designs, high-quality European fabric and exquisite craftsmanship. With an emphasis on every hand-made detail such as exquisite embroidery, beading and intricate embellishment. Like the one you see me picking out here!
It is soooo simple and lady-like but with a little touch of cuteness from the collar and colour mix!
Would totally wear this for events!!! I love simple and cute pieces!
Instead of power suit, working ladies can also go for a softer, more feminine look with structured dresses from MOISELLE! They have plenty more designs so check it out when you're at IMM! From now till 31 Dec, shoppers can enjoy further discounts on top of the storewide discounts: Additional 5% on single purchase of $500 spend / additional 10% on single purchase of $1000 spend!

For those of you looking for furnitures, home products and interesting ornaments be it for yourself or as a gift, you should check out Commune Outlet (#02-06)!
Commune is Singapore’s homegrown furniture and lifestyle brand! Built on the belief that every home should be an innate space one looks forward to return to day after day.
You may find design-savvy homeowners artisan furniture pieces for your homes. But beyond its promise of strong aesthetics, the brand’s conscious thought to pricing also makes the creation of beautiful and welcoming sanctuaries within reach!
And this Christmas, Commune is offering up to 50% discount off their home merchandise! I was really attracted to this colourful floor mat!!! So cute and happy got or not?!
Designer Pop Up Store (#02-05) @ IMM features a carefully curated lineup of fashion-forward labels. You can find anything from women’s wear, men’s wear, accessories, leather goods, footwear, and cosmetics from renowned American and European labels atawesome low price point!!! Spot British cult beauty brand Illamasqua, footwear label Kurt Geiger and Italian-based Roberto Cavalli’s exotic prints and many more! Enjoy up to 70% off storewide during this festive season. I bought a Kurt Geiger bag at only $40 =OOO Usually their bags would cost up to $4-500+ over =OOOOO
At BritishIndia Outlet (#02-07) you may find outfits and accessories created for the tropics and inspired by the grand romance of the Colonial era. BritishIndia stores offer timeless designs created with the philosophy of comfort and effortless dressing for both men and women in mind.
You can enjoy up to 70% off at the BritishIndia Outlet at IMM.
Comfort shoes freaks must check out RECAMPER (#02-11). For people who appreciate comfort and designs for their soles, Camper decided to develop a new channel to complete the lifecycle of those products from past seasons as these were in perfect condition for use! Except now they are going at a much lower price!!! So before you go anywhere else, where do you go?! IMM!!! =D

Seriously so far, i only covered less than 10% of the outlet brands housing within IMM. It's like a place where all these good brands gather and let go of their products at crazy discount.

More people should know of this place!!! When i told Yutaki about IMM he was so shock by the crazy discount and then when i finish telling him about the discount, he ask me when does it last until cox he scared he cannot make it in time.


Hahaha! Okay lah not forever but EVERYDAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK ALL YEAR ROUND!!!!! =OOO

If you're looking for branded merchandise but at outlet price you no longer need to travel out of Singapore to find one. We have one gem right here in Singapore - IMM! I mean, look..

Everywhere you go within IMM, you see discount..
Check out the video on my youtube soon to find out what i manage to dig and buy in Agnes b for just $10........ It makes a nice Christmas gift too!!! =DDD Some more packaging and wrapping ALL full Agnes b standard, discounted prices but no discount on the presentation and service! =D Hahaha!
Went into Coach Outlet and the shop was crazyyyyy!!! Soooo many people snatching up their awesome deals, a lot were asking for giftboxes so i guess everyone's shopping for Christmas gifts! The shop was basically a full fledge outlet shop. You can even find discount off their latest collection wthhhh. I manage to sneak a shot with their wide selection of shades!
Don't think i'd forget you~ The sporty ones!!! IMM has outlet stores by have Puma, Kappa, Billabong, Converse and moreeeeee! Omg i need to go back there. WHY PAY FULL PRICE ANYMORE REALLY~!!!
When you can buy everything for almost all the brands you typically shop from, at a huge discount!!!
Casually picked out a funky set from Adidas Outlet haha. How do i look.
Wrapping up filming! Check out the video for more!!! Don't forget to look out for my video done at IMM coming to my youtube channel this weekend! Watch how one can go crazy shopping at shoppers' paradise hahahaha.
The stuff i bought!!! Christmas presents for my friends!!! =DDD See how they are all presented in official paper bags so it's not like your loved ones will know it's discounted LOL. So long as you get something nice and suitable for them! When all the past season collection and latest collection is put together, what do you get? A HUGE SELECTION TO CHOOSE FROM!!!

The outlet stores at IMM display EVERYTHING from the past seasons (some shops sells latest collections too) and sells them off at discounted prices!

And it's not like at discounted prices, you get discounted quality. The quality is as good!

Times like this when i try out branded items and really feel and touch the quality and fill into the cutting, i can understand why people pay hundreds and thousands for certain things. But then again why pay the full amount when you can pay a fraction of it for the same item!!! =D Right?! =D

So bring your wallet (or your papa and mama, husband, boyfriend hahaha!) and head over to IMM quick~ Expect EVEN more discount and special promotion during this festive period =DDD ENJOY~!!!


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