26 April 2016

An intimate year with Biolane

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I've been a user of Biolane (their stretchmark cream that I've used and love and recommended to many mummies-to-be) for more than a year now and my baby, Meredith, have been a user of Biolane for just over a year..

Meredith bo cheng kor Tan, satisfied user of Biolane LOLOL.
Can you believe this was Meredith at a few weeks old?

We've been using Biolane for her, especially in love with the Biolane Gentle Moisturising Spray for her becox it's very very lightweight and gentle, just perfect for baby's skin. And as for the Biolane Diaper Rash cream, she's been a user of it for a year plus now, never once she had diaper rash. Of course picking the right diaper is also very important. But in any case you know you have an awesome barrier - Biolane Diaper Rash cream!

Also can't tell you exactly how much we (papa, mama and our helper LOL) love the H2O Thick Wipes from Biolane haha. It's soooo thick we don't have to worry about soft poop sipping through and we can fold it multiple time as we wipe! It's just very efficient okay lol. Instead of wipe one time, pull one new piece.

Biolane Liquid Talc also is da bomb!!! I've been introducing it to all the mummies i've ever spoke that when it comes to powder.. The traditional kind should be abolished =X

It's too volatile, it gets everywhere and it's really really really bad when your kids inhale it.. REALLY.

So please please please stop applying conventional powder for your kids. Especially not babies. They will get reaction to it. And it's very bad for their respiratory system!

Omg sorry i feel very strongly about this hahaha. Anyway what i'm saying is..

In this one year, from nappy rash cream, to moisturiser, to massage oil and shower gel and more, Biolane baby skincare range has helped me take care of Meredith through and through.. Biolane got Meredith covered, literally lolol. Head to toe, literally again hahaha!

Meredith running around at the first floor of our house.. Where Drago and Tiffany hang. We can have peace of mind cox we know her skin is well-protected and well covered with Biolane skincare =))

And they got her covered in the most safe, gentle, user-friendly ways. And these are the reasons why i choose Biolane over other baby skincare products.

Biolane baby care products are specially developed to protect and meet the needs of baby’s skin. Ingredients used are carefully selected for their gentle nature and they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Meredith doesn't have sensitive skin but we don't want to take that for granted.

When the haze was sooooo bad every now and then, i keep hearing kids having skin reaction T___T It must be the most sian thing. To let external condition affect your child T__T But what we can do is to just try our best to protect and condition our kid's skin!

I always always put moisturizer for her! Think of it as a layer of protection against anything that could irritate her skin PLUS it keeps her skin smooth and soft so.. ^.^V

Biolane products are also guaranteed to be alcohol and paraben-free, formulated at physiological pH to maintain skin’s natural balance. Actually it's so gentle, even adults with sensitive skin could use it hahaha. Smell like a baby, why not hor. People always do matching mummy and baby outfit, you lagi best lah you do matching shower gel and smell the same as your baby hahaha #ObsessiveMumStrikes

I'd be honest with you, i tried. HAHAHA. What. You have to try everything that you give to your baby. Food to skincare! Biolane specially designed textures, fresh and subtle fragrances makes baby care a special and tender moment. Seriously after every bath time / evening wipe down time, Meredith just feel so perfect. And this is the smell me, Josh, my friends and family will affiliate with, when they think of Meredith!!! =DDD

"You think of me?" ; )) LOL.
Also, with Biolane, your baby's eyes will become bigger with time. LOL. No i'm totally kidding.

You wanna know how shiok Meredith is after every bath time / wipe down?

We will wash her in the bathtub with Biolane 2-in-1 Body and Hair Cleanser.
Try to pass papa her bath time toys. Haha. Usually i shower her without pants (i mean myself hahaha) LOL so it's very hard to take any pictures. But she's the most cheerful during bath time really!!! Pardon the fake bikini ah haha cannot let you all see it's private and confidential lol.
You see how happy she is. Keep yelling and laughing! These are our little moments with Biolane =)))
These are the Biolane skincare i use for her right after shower time.

1) Biolane Dermo-Paediatrics Moisturising Cream to moisturize her skin! I'd also give her quick little massage when i apply this moisturiser for her haha. One stone two birds you know.

2) Biolane Liquid Talc for her neck and folds! Meredith gets really sweaty super easily! So i don't want her to have rashes where her skin can't breathe (neck folds, arm folds, thigh folds and inner thigh area). You see, she knows how to pass me somemore lol. Routine is very important!
Don't be so cheeky Meredith! Hahaha.

At night after wipe down we use Biolane Sweet Almond Oil Spray instead of the moisturiser. She loves it. Plus my ultimate shiok massage = Knock out. Lolol.

And then after every diaper change we'd apply Biolane Diaper Rash cream for her.

And through the day if she sweats a lot during the humid day, we'd just refresh her with Biolane H2O Thick wipes or their Dermo-Paediatrics Micellar Solution. It's like giving a refreshing quick wipe down!

You tell me is this not royalty treatment. Lol.

And how does she feel about it?

 This picture says it all. LOL.
Shiok~ LOL.

If you're free this weekend, you may go try for yourselves how amazing Biolane products are. Try them on your skin, feel for yourself how it's like. The texture, the subtle sweet and fresh fragrance..

You may find them at:

Biolane @ Baby Fair
Singapore Expo Hall 4, Booth B24
29 April to 1st May
Fri-Sat: 11am-9pm
Sun: 11am-8pm

 And you can enjoy up to 50% off at the baby fair!!! This is the Baby Market exclusive set. It consist of: Biolane Pure H2O 400ml, Biolane Gentle Moisturizing Spray 200ml, Biolane Essential Cleansing Emulsion (200ml), Biolane Gentle Shampoo 300ml- $59.90, UP: $87.60.
Biolane Mum Stretch-mark Cream (Super effective, use confirm no stretchmark, no use confirm have LOL. Becox i am a perfect example lol) 200ML- $33.70, UP: $44.90 (25% off)

Biolane Pure H2O (750ml) UP: $38.90 NOW: 19.45!!!
Biolane Essential Cleansing Emulsion 750ml- UP: $44.90 NOW: $22.45
Biolane dermo-paediatrics Miscellar solution 750ML UP: $22.90 NOW: $11.45!!!
Super good deals or whaaaaat!!!
Biolane Soothing Cream 100ml - $13.25, UP: $18.90(30% off). This is great for rashes, skin irritation, sunburns and even insect bites! Don't use medicated cream / oil with camphor, it's harmful for us okay. Anything with cooling effect to soothe itch most likely comprise camphor, so avoid those. Instead you could use a gentle soothing cream like this.

Biolane Lanolin Balm and Biolane Dermo-Paediatrics Diaper Rash Cream- $38.20, UP: $47.80 (20% off) *Free Biolane Thick H2O Baby Wipes (72 sheets)! The Lanolin Balm is very useful for breastfeeding moms!!! Plus this deal is damn wu hua, you even get a pack of the thick wipes for free. It's usually $18.90 per pack!! This is on top of the 20% off!!!
See even Meredith ask you to try the Diaper Rash cream for your baby haha.
Also, Biolane Diaper rash cream have won Parents World 2016 Award under the Babies and Kids Products category hehe. So δΈζ˜―η›–ηš„, this is really good!
Protect your baby's delicate skin with Biolane. Happy baby, happy mummy.. =)))

If you're free this weekend remember to go the Biolane booth out!

Biolane @ Baby Fair
Singapore Expo Hall 4, Booth B24
29 April to 1st May
Fri-Sat: 11am-9pm
Sun: 11am-8pm

They are giving out FREE travel size product if you purchase $60 and above. PLUS receive additional Biolane Essential Cleansing Emulsion (200ml) or Biolane Thick H2O Baby Wipes (72 pieces) for free!!!!!! Super good deal, don't miss it!!!


Hanna Lei said...

Your daughter is sooooo cute! -Hanna Lei

Mary said...

That's what they give in maternity in France a shampoo for baby :)

Anonymous said...

Meredith is going to grow up pretty.
Look at her eyes

Poppy said...

Hi stumble upon your nice blog!
The first pic with your BB is very beautiful, done in a studio?