03 May 2016

My kitchen helpers

Quick sharing with you guys!

I was thinking about interesting meals for Meredith and decided to create a special recipe for mummies to make for your precious prince and princesses inspired by the monkey year haha!

Actually i was having a bit of a headache cox we have to take care of cooking for my family members and lots and lots of guests this CNY so naturally we'd be a lot more busy T.T

Thank god I've awesome kitchen helpers like the Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer and the Avent 4-in-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker!!! Both help me save lots of time and is super convenient to use and to clean up! =D

I must tell you about the new Philips Avent 4-in-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker that I love! It can steam, blend, defrost and reheat Meredith’s food with just the flip of a jar! I always try to make sure that I prepare nutritious meals for Meredith and now it just became so easy. It also comes with handy containers for storage so it’s more hygienic. Leaves me with more time to play with her!

My perfect kitchen helpers ^.^ Both the sterilizer and Steamer/ Blender are really the best gifts Philips AVENT had for me!!! The steriliser can sterilise sooooo many milk bottles at one go! Meredith has SIX bottles (some for drinking water) lol. And i can sterilise them all at once!

And you see the cutesy monkey potato and carrot mash?! Perfect for the year of Monkey hor?! =D

It's really simple and nutritious! Especially since i steam the vegetable and potato instead of boiling them!!! =D So all the nutrients remains! =)

Steam both carrots and potato together (8minutes) to save time! =D And then separate them to blend!
For mash potato lovers, you HAVE to try using the Philips AVENT steamer/ blender one of these days. I have never liked mashed potato cox it's mostly powdery and sometimes too dry to down.

BUT THE MASH POTATO MADE NATURAL with Philips AVENT Steamer/ Blender is soooooo velvety and smooth and creamy?!?!?!?! Why ah?! No cheese or whatsoever added. When i make for Meredith i'd always make extra for Josh cox he loves mashed potato.

Alright! When you're done blending both the potato and the carrot, add some vegetable stock / beef stock to the carrot puree to make it light brown and for taste! =D

You can of course also use brown rice cereal if you don't want to add any stock! =)

Actually by now you mix them all up, you get a very healthy and yummy meal for your baby already! But if you wanna go the extra mile, do a cute simple little design! Like the one i did!

In case you need specifics hahaha.
When you're done, plate it on something user-friendly! I love the Philips AVENT toddler feeding range cox it's not only cute but it's also very smart! The bottom has a anti-slip design and it makes it harder for babies to sweep it off to the ground when attempting self-feeding haha! Speaking from experience lol.
So there you have, a quick hearty meal in just 15 minutes! Actually preparing and cooking took about 10 minutes only LOL. Design took another 5 minutes hahahaha.

Now i know i am always ready! Gatherings is gonna be a lot more convenient and hassle free. I can easily prepare Meredith’s food using the steamer and blender and have it done in minutes!

And of course if we have to bring Meredith's food out i am not worries also cox i know her food / snack containers have been sterilized and cleaned~ And her plates, bring out also can! She hiam my food wanna sweep it off her table also can (Although i hope not! HAHA!) cox her plate from the AVENT Toddler range is plastic and has an anti-slip base! Haha! Thank you Philips AVENT for making the life of mothers world wide much much easier!

Happy baby - Happy mummy! It works both way! =D


Hanna Lei said...

That design is super cute! -Hanna Lei

Alice Lee-Yang said...

I used the older version of Avent Steamer Blender 5 years ago and it was already very good! Love it! 😊

Anonymous said...

yood mama :)