07 July 2016

My weight-loss and body-reshaping journey with Expressions

Hello hello!

A quick pictorial to show you how my endorsement with Expressions had been the last one year. I put on a total of 35kg during pregnancy if you remember.

To help you recap, this is a footage of my 2 months of slimming treatment with Expressions. From the first day i went for consultation, once a week for two months in total (about 7-8 treatments!), to me losing 13kg in two months and then going for the photoshoot.

After the first month of me giving birth, i was stagnant at 70kg from 83.5kg. It just won't go down no more and it is really depressing becox other than having to deal with a newborn back then, i also have to deal with self-image.

So i started my weight-loss and body-reshaping journey with Expressions. To be honest it is not just about losing weight, it is also a lot about how the loose skin around my tummy is ever gonna be firmer T__T

You can look at this blogpost for more details of my treatment that helped me get rid of stretchmarks and made my belly firmer and slimmer! My stretchmarks on the sides were really damn jialat becox i don't know need to put stretchmark cream there fml. I only use stretchmark cream on the front...... -.-"
So in April 2015, i visited Expressions for the first time and did my consultation, where they also drew up a programme for me to tackle my baby belly fat and whole body reshaping! Can you just look at how i even have back fats bulging out lol.

Having being oversized for a while, i realise the worst thing is not about being fat itself, it's about all the limits in the choices you have. You can't wear a lot of styles, you can't fit into a lot of clothes, basically it's harder to be happy with the limited choices.

And it's a lot about self-image. It doesn't matter if you are skinny or overweight, are you happy with yourself? If you are happy, then everything is okay! But you have to be truly happy.

You have to know how beautiful you are and really really feel it.

And that is why after being stuck at 70kg for so long without my weight dropping, i decided to seek professional help from Expressions haha.

Becox weightloss means nothing if you ended up with saggy loose skin! Expressions uses treatment that helps you not only break down the stubborn cellulite and fats, it also helps firm up and tone the skin for full reshaping effectiveness!

Almost two months into treatment with Expressions.. This was taken from when i was in Japan, i was on their fat burner all natural herb capsules!
Eating like a pig in Tokyo but still manage to lose one kg when i am back in Singapore after 3 days!!! Expressions Formula 2 Fat Burner capsules helps break down cellulite, eliminates body waste materials, reduce water retention, increase blood circulation and appease appetite naturally!
Only after two months into treatment with Expressions, i'm photo-ready! Haha! Went for the ambassadorship photoshoot! At this point i was about 62kg. Which means in 2 months, i lost 8kg with Expressions and i was still eating normally.. Ba chor mee with extra pork lard, Thai steam bread,  boat noodle full size and thai chicken wings were my favourite at the stretch of food stalls near Expressions Thomson branch =OOO They are so sinful but didn't hinder my weight-loss journey!
Shoot turned out like this! I am so shocked that they didn't bother to photoshop me skinner haha. So what you see here is very true to how a 62kg me looks like! Except they did give me smoother skin LOL. Otherwise this is very true to picture dee! HAHA.

After that i continue to just living my life with confidence.. Being a hands-on mum (which is REALLY the BEST WAY to burn calorie hahaha and continue to juggle work.

And i am happy with Expressions, i went down to a weight that i am confident with again.. I know that's not where it stops becox like i said, you only stop when you're feeling good about yourself, that's the most important.

After regaining my shape post-pregnancy, i could go back to work, try on different clothes for picture-taking.. And really feel pretty again!
And i also got back to being a size S =DDD
Events, magazine cover, filming and even standing beside a Korean superstar? No problem yo. HAHA. Confidence is priceless.
Becox i am feeling confident about my body shape and my legs (which were so fat before T.T), ii started posting more OOTDs again!!!
Attended Expressions event. With their slim juice that not only taste nice, it helps you detox + lose weight. Tell me where to find such magic. Tell me. I drink it two days before attending the event to reduce bloating at my belly especially!!! You may get it from Expressions.com.sg
And shared with other mummies how i manage to lose weight with Expressions.
Went swimming with Meredith after a long break from the pool! AND..
I was confident enough for a two piece!!! And then i was like.. Maybe i'm meant to be a swimwear model LOL. Just kidding what the heck totally not funny..
But maybe i am =) HAHAHA. This is 9 months post-pregnancy. Compare this..
To this when i first went to Expressions for help..
This is me about 1-2 months ago.. I am very happy with my progress with Expressions cox since then, i know everything is possible. You just have to get with it!
And this is me, just a few weeks ago.. I am 52kg now. From 83.5kg. I am not intending to go back to pre-pregnancy weight cox everyone (myself included) thinks that was too unhealthy haha and true enough, i constantly fall sick back then.
Now i am happy where i am, doing the things i love.. With this little one that means the world to me =))) Thank you Expressions for helping me regain not just my body shape but my confidence as well!

To all the new mums or ladies who are unhappy with your weight / body shape issue.. All i wanna tell you is, don't give up. Surround yourself with thoughts and people who can motivate you.

At Expressions their consultants cheer you on and motivate you to help you reach your target goals and they don't make unrealistic goals for you. They make possible, healthy and motivating goals, so you know you can get there with their professional help + advance technology and machinery!

I wish you all good luck. And be happy. And never stop becoming a better you.


I strongly advice everyone to lose weight healthily. Yes results is very important but your health is priceless.

There are slimming pills all around, so readily available but those usually have very serious side-effects and once your body is used to it, and you stop (cox you have to stop after a few months becox prolonged usage will lead to liver failure or even more serious illnesses to your heart / digestive system / brain etc) you might bounce back with all the weight you painstakingly lost.

So the best way is steady, healthy and all-round approach to weight-loss.

That way your body can gradually adapt as well!

And i personally find that with Expressions, the weight-loss was not just speedy (in the first 2 months with them i lost 8kg), it was healthy. I was still eating normal, i was still going on with my usual routine. Extreme dieting suddenly can cause your body to go in shock and start to store fats okay.

So lose weight the smart way with Expressions! =D

You may find more slimming and body reshaping products and services from their website!
But if you're keen in the services and products i've used during my term with them, you can find it here! I guess these are the "secrets" everyone's been asking me about how i lose weight so fast!



Anonymous said...

how about the stretchmarks at the back? what is the progress?

Anonymous said...

you look so amazing still! glad you're at a healthy weight!

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu, I'm really proud of you!! I remember during your pregnancy, you gained a lot of weight, which I'm sure must've been hard. I thought about how brave and real you were to post unedited pics of your post-baby body. You deserve to feel good about yourself after so much hard work! I followed your weight loss journey and it has been really inspiring cause I know you struggled through it.

Unknown said...

hello...nice blog..
I,m still new in blogging

Eryn said...

Very very inspiring post. You must have spent good amount of time and effort in making yourself fit and lose all that "baby" fat. Well done!!