29 April 2017

Pursoft MOMents

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Here to share some little moments that makes up motherhood for me, since Mothers' Day is around the corner. And i'd be honest here, Mothers' Day has never been a thing for me, until i became a mother myself..

Guess i wasn't lucky in that sense, i've never had a close bond with my mother.. If you realise it's something i never really talk about even though you can tell i'm quite an open person on my blog and social media. Becox no matter what, she's still my mother and i don't want people to look at her in ways they shouldn't.

You could say i was taught and brought up by my elder sisters and father. Even then, i do have a few fond memories of my mother before things went down-south for about 20 years now = l

I remember when i was in Kindergarten, sometimes she would come and fetch me after school, sometimes with a little bottle of drink, sometimes we would buy one egg tart and i'd eat it as we walked home..

Sometimes she would bring me along when she shops. One time she brought Pearl and i. She only had $20 with her, i think that's my dad's budget for her to bring us out. I insisted on a tub of $19.90 building blocks. She got it for me anyway.. And we had to go home straight after cox got no more money to shop / eat anyway after buying the building blocks O.O I remember this becox Pearl was scolding and lecturing me on the bus ride home and my mother said "不要紧啦". She said it's okay =') Those were some little fond memories..

As i grew older, i became more and more aware of what's going on and i guess i could only say.. We couldn't communicate at all.. So more and more arguments happened, and then with time, it become indifference and as i age to become adult myself, i simply accept that she's afterall still a family member, we are responsible for her so we do what we can..

We still go out on family dinner, still spend family weekends together.

Now that i'm writing about this, i think maybe i can finally understand why i've always wanted to be a mother. I realised maybe all these while, i knew exactly what was lacking in my childhood..

A mother's tenderness, strength and toughness.. The kind of support and comfort you can only find from your mother.. Kind of like what Pursoft provides me with. See this video that Pursoft did T.T

Watch until i cry wth T___T Prepare some Pursoft tissue before you watch ah.

My sisters and i probably wouldn't know how that feels like and i ask myself if i yearn for it, i do. A lot more when i was younger, when i look at my friends' mothers, and then a lot lesser as i grow up cox that's how you grow strong yourself, you find sources of strength, love and happiness to keep going!

And then when i become a mother myself, JENG KENG JENG, finally i can 散发母爱 myself hahahah.

I literally waited soooooo long to be a mother so when Meredith came to the world, i remember i was thankful even when cleaning her poop wth, it's like "Thank you for the opportunity to clean your poop and service you, my baby" LOL.

You wanna give your baby the best, you kinda have to be able to afford it too haha!
I remember i was telling Sijie how i think full-time working mummies are so freaking unbeatable, invincible and strong. And that i really respect all you full-time working mummies.

Becox i see how Sijie wake up before dawn breaks, change Yuxuan's diaper / give her milk, then prep for work, then spend 1 hour plus travelling to work by walking to the bus stop, taking bus to MRT station then take the train to her workplace then walk or take a bus in etc. And when she's coming home, she takes the same 1 hour plus route back..

And that's after you had a long day at work you know!!! And we all know the challenges everyone might face at work. Then okay, still gotta make your way home through the rush hour. Some mummies gotta go home and cook and clean somemore =OOO Are you guys bionics O.O

While Sijie tells me she thinks stay-at-home mummies are so inspiring and respectable becox they do everything by themselves and dedicate all their time and thoughts to their kids. I agree! It's so selfless and noble.

But to me being able to have the luxury of choice to not have to work, and to spend ALLLLLL my time with my kid is like striking lottery so i don't see it as a challenge but i know truth is, if i really am able to do that, i'd probably have other sets of challenges to face as a full-time SAHM. Haha.

It's like this isn't it, grass is always greener on the other side hahaha.

That's why i term myself the WFHM -

Work-from-home mummies.

LOL. This is how mummies always find a way.

So i still can do the things i enjoy - Spending time with Meredith, feed her, play with her, put her to nap, do activities with her.. And when she's napping / sleeping, i get time to do my work or run errands =D

It sounds like a perfect solution, but really, it's tough. Some work are more urgent than the others so they can't exactly wait til your daughter is asleep to be done haha.

But hey, i'm still happy i can get by by having ALMOST best-of-both-world, to be able to have a job where i can work from home and spend time with my daughter!

All these little moments.. During her meal time.. =))
Btw that's the latest design for Pursoft! It's the Chocolate Rain girl! Cute hor. Here i am trying to clean her hands for the 2927846923649th time haha.

Mums will understand. You just have to make sure their hands are as clean as they can be almost at all times becox anytime they might just rub their eyes, swipe hair off their face etc..

Now i appreciate ALL the times during our childhood where we accidentally spill drinks / soup during meal time where somehow my mum will always whip out tissue paper haha!

And i remember times when the adult tries to wipe our mouth after food, or wipe our sweat when we're playing and we'd always struggle or get annoyed and just wanna run away quickly haha. Now as a parent myself, I think these are all little soft touches from mummies ='))

"But mummy, i can do it myself =D" Hahah. Yes you best okay, Meredith.
Meredith lovessss soup but of course it's not the most fuss-free thing to feed her LOL. I'd always bring a 3-ply Pursoft travel pack out in my own bag! You think this is auntie?
CHECK THIS OUT. Hahaha! A mother shall never run out of tissue paper wth haha. The Pursoft soft pack is always available in her diaper bag when we go out =D I think if Singapore got flood or anywhere pipe leak we can just gather all the mothers and ask them to bring out their tissue paper to help dry the place wth.
The night design for Pursoft Chocolate Rain series! We put it at the bedroom, got little owls and what not. Quite cute! This is Meredith brushing her teeth after snack. The saliva free-flow one =_=

Having all these little moments with Meredith really mean the world to me.

I am eternally grateful and humbled for all the help given to me. When i look around, there's still food on the table, i am still able-bodied, Meredith is still happy, healthy and she can still go to school, my family is still tight, my friends are still close.
I think that's plenty enough, and i think that's a lot of grace and blessing upon me already =D

And you know what kept me going?

The fact that i am a mother.

It kept me going, stronger and stronger.

This is the greatest gift i wanted and was lucky enough to be given after trying for so many years, and everyday i make a conscious decision to make good of it.

And to pull through motherhood, you just have to be strong and resilient. And whatever you deal with, deal with it with gentleness, kindness and when you can, give comfort to people you love.

I may not have experienced mother-daughter bonding myself but now i can manufacture the source of strength, tenderness and comfort by myself!!! And supply it in utmost quality in unlimited quantities to Meredith!!!! =DDD And soon, her little sister =DDD

And the comforting fact here is, although i might not have vivid memories of my mother caring for me, i get to see her caring for Meredith on the weekends she comes to stayover.. =)

It's the simplest things but it's enough..

Every Saturday night when my parents sleepover, i'd make sure Meredith hug and kiss both of them goodnight before turning in.

It's something i've never ever done with my own mother, but i'm glad at least Meredith could do it with her grandmother.. Making up bits of whatever got lost in transmission during my growing up years.

You know i think tissue paper are very much like mummies. Always needed and necessary but not always appreciated enough. My mum will always push tissue paper / wet tissue / sanitary pads to us for god-knows-why i guess it's the only few things she can give us, maybe?

Since we were teenagers okay. She'd always pass these to us, ask us to carry them, just in case.

I would be so annoyed by it. But as i grow up, i realise it's VERY important hahaha.

Especially now that i'm a mum myself. Tissue paper become one of the must-haves in my bag.

And Pursoft Tissues are made with 100% Virgin Pulp fibers, free from Optical Brightening Agents (OBA) and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified! Only the best for our loved ones, yes? =)
Meredith see i take product shots she tell me "I wang take picher" Lol. Okay loh come.
I ask her "Is it soft?" She did this pose for me LOL. She's a pro.

Conclusion? It's important to be tough as much as you're tender.. =)) As a mother, as you're looking for something in tissue paper haha. Really! It's a difficult balance but it can definitely be achieved =)

Happy Mothers' Day to all you awesome mummies out there!!! Check out the video Pursoft did! It's very inspiring and touching okay T.T www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRMLb0jCx54

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May Ann said...

Nice reading your post here and your experience being a mother to your cute as well adorable child...^_^


Anonymous said...

Chocolate Rain Girl looks like Meredith!