19 July 2017


I wish to clarify some points which were mentioned in my post, published on 19 October 2016.

First of all, if it wasn't already clear from the second paragraph of my post, and the TODAY article which i had referred to, i was being sued by Churp Churp and no other company. While i had mentioned Nuffnang in my post, i was not being sued by Nuffnang at that point of time (although my contract with Nuffnang is a relevant matter in Churp Churp's lawsuit against me).

Nuffnang is a related but separate company from Churp Churp. Any reference to Nuffnang in my post was inadvertent and not intended to cast any aspersions towards it.

If you have clicked on the link to Huiwen's article in my crowdfunding post and read it, it would be very obvious that my reference to "war chest" (which are Huiwen's own words) has nothing to do with the funding of any lawsuit against me.

The only reason why i had even written that post and created the crowdfunding link in the first place, is that i was defending a lawsuit by Churp Churp, and i couldn't do it on my own - my legal fees were something i needed help with to continue fighting on.

Hope this clears up all the misunderstandings we had so everyone can move on from here =))

And thanks to everyone who has helped! I'd thank everyone properly but for now, i think this is important to put across first =D

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