08 December 2017

IUIGA - Quality lifestyle and gifting at a fraction of the price

Do you love brands for their quality, or do you love brands for the label?

If you love certain brands for the quality, style and assurance, then you're going to be very happy becox now you can get the items from the same manufacturers as big and reliable brands..


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I very excited okay when my manager told me i am going to be sharing about IUIGA. She told me they giving me bedding set i already very happy LOL. And then say gonna give me a kitchen ware bundle i was happy also cox Josh was very excited HAHA. Cox he cooks, i don't.

You know his last birthday he ask me for what? A slow cooker =) What an uncle. HAHA.

As soon as i hear that IUIGA is carrying products from same manufacturers as big brands but at a much lower price, i chiong liao. Before anything i already shopped and bought things from the site =XXX Becox really too many things look too tempting for my house!!!

All the products on IUIGA very minimalistic Japanese lifestyle kind of vibes. Also got European sleek living kind of style!!! ALL VERY SUIT MY PLACE LAH!!!

All their products like this one!!! Got lotsa wooden table ware as well!

Luggages, beddings, toiletries, home accessories, cookware, tableware, stationery, office supplies and a lot a lot more, with prices starting as low as $1.80!!! =OOO
For those who wanna get a new luggage of awesome quality but at a fraction of the retailing price..
IUIGA has awesome bundles for you!!!
Which one's your favourite? My one confirm is the rose gold HAHA. Btw this is not some filmsy China e-commerce bought luggage that will spoil fast okay. It's from the same manufacturer as the big brands, so it's quality goods!
Josh whipped this up with the gift bundle that's very suitable for Christmas! Of course they still have a lot of other bundles but below are the two bundles i got!

First up the Belly-Good Foodie gift set! Comes with almost everything you need to whip up something presentable and pretty enough for instagram HAHA.
And this whole set of table / kitchen ware would have cost you almost $500 SGD. But at IUIGA you can get everything you see in the bundle for just $99!!! And remember okay, discount on the price, not discount on the quality. Becox IUIGA gets them straight from manufacturers who produce the for the big brands!
Love the wooden bowls. It's gonna belong to Meredith and Amelia one each hehe.

THE cast iron pot everyone is sooo cray cray about. Now at a fraction of the price on IUIGA. Btw i cannot cook one ah, Josh cooked all these. LOL. I am just a pretty face =) HAHA. Do people even say that about themselves omg.

You have to admit this pot looks rather beautiful on the table.
So the highlight of the bundle is of course the cast iron pot!!! This French Casserole Pan is selling for $350 - $800 over Singapore dollars depending on sizes okay!!! At IUIGA it's $56-$63 on its own depending on sizes.
What i love about IUIGA is that for every single product, they show you the breakdown of cost to cost, and their final selling price after mark-up. You can find it under the "Honest Pricing" tab of every product. It's quite interesting!!! You can go kpo how much retailers are marking up haha.
Josh's whole chicken stew with mixed vegetable in a tomato cream base thick broth. Sounds atas but it's actually just whole chicken with mixed vegetables and a can of campbell tomato cream soup LOLOL.
And when the chicken is cooked..
LOOKS QUITE LEGIT RIGHT. Hahaha. The chicken turned out really tender also!!!

You don't have to be a good cook to make it look good and taste good LOLOL. You just need nice kitchen ware, tableware and a little bit of creativity haha.
Dipping bowl / individual size soup bowl.
Chopping board which also serves as serving board hehe. Perfect for my cheese platter this Christmas!
Gift a bundle of joy from IUIGA to someone or for your own household this festive =D

Meredith and mummy hehe.

If you're into bedding sets like myself, you'd be happy to know that IUIGA carries quite a big selection. I am obsessed with comfy, soft, simple designs. But the keyword is must be soft and comfy AND simple chio designs. I was telling my friends all that i feel anything with threadcount less than 600 is a bit like sandpaper on my face LOLOL.

So sometimes i see the designs very pretty but TC 160, 180, 300 all i feel omg must control and don't buy it for the design becox if not confirm will pass it away one cox won't use it after just once.

Here are some of the designs IUIGA carries.

They are freaking soft okay. I very sad they sent me queen size so we gonna use it for the guest room. Imma buy King size for ourselves!!!
But here's some cute pictures of Amelia and mummy hehe.
Two of a Kind bedding and towel bundle. Retail price is about $240 and IUIGA price is $99 for all-in!
Hehe my little ball of fats ^.^
Soft and fuzzy up on bedding and pillow set from IUIGA.
Look at how soft it is.

Stretchy too!
AIYOYO BABY WHY YOU SO CUTEEEEE!!! And why you no hair~!!!!
In the bundle there's also a towel set from IUIGA.
Very presentable as a gift!
Their items comes in boxes like that. Maybe don't even need to gift wrap haha.
You're not just gifting yourself / someone else bedding set okay. You're gifting soft comfy rest to their face and body hahaha.


I also bought these slippers for the house and for our guests. Mochi home slippers leh!!! So cuteee!
They also have comfy homewear.
I also bought towels. HAHAHA. Omg IUIGA is bad okay, make the auntie in me shop so much.
I also bought the chest drawer oragniser.
Some of the items i bought on IUIGA.

Have fun shopping okay. They provide next day delivery as well so if you're thinking to get something for yourself / someone this festive, give IUIGA a chance to pleasantly surprise you with quality, at a much much lower price =D

Also remember okay, for minimum purchase of $100, you can use my referral link for $10 off your first purchase. This is my referral link hehe.

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