03 May 2016

My kitchen helpers

Quick sharing with you guys!

I was thinking about interesting meals for Meredith and decided to create a special recipe for mummies to make for your precious prince and princesses inspired by the monkey year haha!

Actually i was having a bit of a headache cox we have to take care of cooking for my family members and lots and lots of guests this CNY so naturally we'd be a lot more busy T.T

Thank god I've awesome kitchen helpers like the Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer and the Avent 4-in-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker!!! Both help me save lots of time and is super convenient to use and to clean up! =D

I must tell you about the new Philips Avent 4-in-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker that I love! It can steam, blend, defrost and reheat Meredith’s food with just the flip of a jar! I always try to make sure that I prepare nutritious meals for Meredith and now it just became so easy. It also comes with handy containers for storage so it’s more hygienic. Leaves me with more time to play with her!

My perfect kitchen helpers ^.^ Both the sterilizer and Steamer/ Blender are really the best gifts Philips AVENT had for me!!! The steriliser can sterilise sooooo many milk bottles at one go! Meredith has SIX bottles (some for drinking water) lol. And i can sterilise them all at once!

And you see the cutesy monkey potato and carrot mash?! Perfect for the year of Monkey hor?! =D

It's really simple and nutritious! Especially since i steam the vegetable and potato instead of boiling them!!! =D So all the nutrients remains! =)

Steam both carrots and potato together (8minutes) to save time! =D And then separate them to blend!
For mash potato lovers, you HAVE to try using the Philips AVENT steamer/ blender one of these days. I have never liked mashed potato cox it's mostly powdery and sometimes too dry to down.

BUT THE MASH POTATO MADE NATURAL with Philips AVENT Steamer/ Blender is soooooo velvety and smooth and creamy?!?!?!?! Why ah?! No cheese or whatsoever added. When i make for Meredith i'd always make extra for Josh cox he loves mashed potato.

Alright! When you're done blending both the potato and the carrot, add some vegetable stock / beef stock to the carrot puree to make it light brown and for taste! =D

You can of course also use brown rice cereal if you don't want to add any stock! =)

Actually by now you mix them all up, you get a very healthy and yummy meal for your baby already! But if you wanna go the extra mile, do a cute simple little design! Like the one i did!

In case you need specifics hahaha.
When you're done, plate it on something user-friendly! I love the Philips AVENT toddler feeding range cox it's not only cute but it's also very smart! The bottom has a anti-slip design and it makes it harder for babies to sweep it off to the ground when attempting self-feeding haha! Speaking from experience lol.
So there you have, a quick hearty meal in just 15 minutes! Actually preparing and cooking took about 10 minutes only LOL. Design took another 5 minutes hahahaha.

Now i know i am always ready! Gatherings is gonna be a lot more convenient and hassle free. I can easily prepare Meredith’s food using the steamer and blender and have it done in minutes!

And of course if we have to bring Meredith's food out i am not worries also cox i know her food / snack containers have been sterilized and cleaned~ And her plates, bring out also can! She hiam my food wanna sweep it off her table also can (Although i hope not! HAHA!) cox her plate from the AVENT Toddler range is plastic and has an anti-slip base! Haha! Thank you Philips AVENT for making the life of mothers world wide much much easier!

Happy baby - Happy mummy! It works both way! =D

Our first Japan trip!!!

Hello~ Here's our travelogue to Japan haha. Not bad lah, early April go, end April blog. At least i still blog and still enjoy blogging a lot! =D

Jetting off~ I thought this would be the last time my baby sleeps in a bassinet cox the limit is 11kg and she's about 10kg. But set up liao, she fell asleep alright, i put her in, the crew ask me to take her out becox she looks too big (long) for the bassinet LOL.

I'm very sad okay, that means the next 3 hours she slept in my lap and i felt like a stone. Immobilised and heavy with a sharp pain at my tailbone fml. But the good thing is, she's always such a easy traveller, and she's so friendly with the air crew haha. So i actually have nothing to complain about.

Plus this time round i not only have Josh, Niao Niao decided to join us for her virgin trip to Japan haha. And we'd be meeting Miyabi and Michelle in Japan so i was quite excited!

Woke up for a short while for some snacks. See her face =_= Don't want to smile no need to force yourself okay baby hahaha.
Hop into random sushi shop at some basement of Shibuya and had a really good feast. This is THE NICEST PORK I'VE EVER TRIED IN MY LIFE. Soooooo freaking melty.
Next day to Hakone to give thanks to the tree for my smooth delivery of Meredith! And for Meredith being so healthy and happy =DDD

Miyabi was so nice to accompany us through out! The last two times i went it was always friends driving us up. This time round we had to take public transport becox if you hire and chauffuer with car, it'd cost about $800 to even $1200 SINGAPORE DOLLAR.

So we decided to take the public transport which for four adults adds up to a total of about $600. We went a very long way but later found out about the Romancecar train ride (which we took back to Shinjuku), which goes from Shinkuku station to the station where you can change to the Hakone train! So i fully, 100% suggest you guys do that LOL. To save time and to make travelling routes less complicated.

It's only slightly more expensive but you save so much time and confusion!!! Without Miyabi we would have never made it to Hakone with the route!!! That's why we are super super super thankful for her taking time off to accompany us! T___T We are very lucky!

Someone is very excited to go back to where it all begins hahaha.
First time sitting in train where you can turn the seats to face each other!!! We were all so excited! Haha! Here's Miyabi and Niao Niao! And her selfie stick =___= WHOLEEEE freaking trip selfie selfie selfie non stop lolol.
Josh and i with our grumpypants.
Does it look like she's interested about the sakura outside the window? Haha.
She's more interested in my kani and uni don!!! We can eat in the train and won't kena stomp-ed how awesome is that hahaha!

Cream roll was awesome. Everything is awesome. It's so easy to feed Meredith in Japan. She eats like everything wth. And i feel safe to let her try everything lol.
A very serene moment.. Of Niao Yi and Bidang haha..
When holding on to the handrail is too mainstream.. You bite on for stability.
We missed out station and alight at this very very scenic station instead.. Up from the station is where residential area is.. And it's so quiet.. It was really nice.. To be able to see Japan in this way.. Where there are hardly any shops, but just the beauty of Japan, and their people.. 
One for memory sake..
Josh took this.. Why is Japan so beautiful..
Standalone sakura tree.. Me and my 10kg frontpack haha.
The station..
After we got here.. I made a resolution that the next time i come to Japan, i wanna be able to get lost in beautiful places like this by simply travelling out.. To places that tourists don't usually go.
世界怎么那么大 可人的心却可以那么小. I need to reflect. So does everyone else. Lol.
A little seating area for commuters during cold weather..

When i first went to Japan, and people ask me how was Japan why i love it so much, i'd say oh the things are all so pretty!!! Food everywhere is so freaking yummy!!! And the people dress up so well!!! Everyone on the street can be fashion inspiration!!! And everyone's so polite!!!

Now when asked, i always say other than the food being very good, shopping being much more affordable than before (becox of the exchange rate =X) and many many more, i'd always remember to say, mainly why i love Japan is how thoughtful the country is as a whole..

From the packaging of products, to the way their apartments are designed, to the way the public amenities are build.. It's always built, with thoughts of how it would be helpful to another person.

For a start just go to their convenient store, everything is easy to open so you don't need to get frustrated struggling how to tear / bite / cut open some plastic. Pick up a 1.5littre water and you'd see the bottle is designed for easy grip and easy pouring to avoid spillage.

I think if i stay long enough in Japan, i might be a more socially responsible person, and a much more thoughtful and peacekeeping person in general. I mean.. I am already quite thoughtful and peacekeeping these days LOL but you know.. Everyone can strive to be a better version of themselves lol.

"Mummy, i crawl all the way up Hakone mountain can or not!"
"Just kidding!"
Meredith.. Mummy's wishes are for you to always smile so happily, to always have things in your life that excites you, to always be surrounded by people who wanna see you be happy..
Thank you for being you.. And for being my daughter..
View from our cab ride up Hakone shrine..
This is too perfect.. Josh say we should go to Hakone again, yes we definitely should..
Finally back at the magical tree where i wished for a baby 2 years ago.. After trying for years, i finally have a baby.. And she's perfect T__T
"Did someone order a cute baby?"
"Hmm?? No??"
Girl behind me is going to get pregnant lolol.
We went to the lake and boat docking area and there was this cafe.. WHERE THEY SERVE THE BEST TIRAMISU I EVER HAD....... T_____________T So freaking good can die.
Lemon cheesecake was very good also!
On the train ride back to Tokyo! We bought this on the train! It's my first train bento =DDD
Went back to Tokyo and headed to Hair Salon Nalu @ Omotesando, Tokyo!!! You see Niao Niao so happy until hahaha.
Their salon is conveniently located in Omotesando, a hip and upbeat area with lots of quaint cafes and eateries and one-of-a-kind boutiques where unique home-grown labels hideout. I stayed near that area before and absolutely loved it! So if you're in Tokyo you have to check out that area and when you're in that area, remember to pop over to Hair Salon Nalu for a quick makeover for your hair!
Plus their staff all understand English so don't need to worry about communication! They have like thousand and one Japanese hairstyle books and magazines for you to point and select anyway hahah! Overall i find the hair salon super tourist-friendly.



It's already very cheap you know, considering i once walked in to a casual-looking salon in Shibuya once and it cost about $120 to wash blow hair lolol.

At Hair Salon Nalu prices start from ¥4000 which is like $50 only.. As first timer you still get additional discount of 20% off so if you haven't try NALU Hair Salon, this is a good chance for you to try in Japan!!! Somemore you ought to look chio in Japan hahaha.

Super duper affordable as compared to the market price in Japan!!!
Plus after that you instantly look like Lena Fujii =))) Not i say one. Many people say one =))) LOL.
I LOVE THE HAIR~!!! Really is got the Jappy feel one!!!
My top is from rosebullet!
Got time to camho a bit cox Meredith is with Josh haha. Otherwise my whole Japan trip is comes with attachment one hahah. Forever got one Meredith with me, 24/7 haha.
Thank you Yurina san and Deji san for the pretty hairdo for myself and Niao Niao respectively! Niao Niao look so much chioer after hairdo hahahaha.
If you have the time, remember to check out 76 Cafe right below the salon~!!! =D MUST TRY THEIR HOT FOOD OKAY. You will regret if you don't haha.
Supper was this simple, cheap and super duper yummy spring onion shredded pork rice with sesame oil. How can something so yucky (spring onion and only spring onion on rice?!) be so tasty. This was me halfway digging into it. The spring onion were so good that i gobbled them before i could snap a picture. And this is why i love you Japan. You always make me love things i never loved before lol!
And on day 3..
It's Tokyo Disneyland day~!!! Check out my bunny ears!
The Japanese just don't know when to stop, so cute the ears not enough, must have a cute fluffy little tail somemore!!! =DDD
My overall is from SeoulInLove! Meredith is wearing her first Converse by the way! Josh got it for her haha. It's still a little too big though!
In a happy land..
Waiting for something good to happen..
"Mummy look, you got bunny ears!"
She's showing affection and doting on anything fluffy hahaha! Even the tiger hairband wth haha.
"Mommy look! I'm a tiger RAR!!!" Mich was sad that she couldn't join us earlier for baby's first Disneyland experience so i told her "Don't be sad, you see Meredith's jacket for Disneyland today? M is not for Mickey nor Meredith you know.. It's for Michelle" LOLOL. 希望她会开心一点 hahaha.
Omg Meredith was seriously soooooo happy!!! She'd point to everything she sees and then look back at me to inform me! She love the monkey and even..
Gave it a kiss hahaha.
It was easter bunny theme when we were there!
While queueing for our dumbo ride!
Josh took this haha. I love it. I didn't know he was snapping away but i also don't remember why i was so happy haha.
The only picture we manage to score on dumbo ride. Lol.
After that she super sleepy dee!
At dinner! Mickey Mouse burger!
Mickey Mouse nuggets!
Sugoi ne~!!! Hahaha.
Josh went to buy these for us =))) The cape is like sgd $60 or something what the heck, he got it cox it for Meredith cox it was turning cold at night.
A very very sleepy Meredith and us while waiting for the night parade to start!
Josh went for a smoke break and again came back with silly little things like this mickey and minnie mouse necklaces that lights up! I love them! Hahahah. One for Meredith one for mummy.. And the light stick for Niao Niao haha.
During our first Tokyo Disneyland trip.. He got me this.. =))) Time really pass by so quickly.. Now beyond a good boyfriend and a supportive husband, Josh has proven to be a loving father also.. Everyone grows with time =)) Thank you Darling, for the little things you do that i sometimes overlook.. I hope we will continue to grow wiser, grow old and grow closer together.. =)))
Before the night parade started.. Some one knock out beyond nudging and calling. She missed the entire night parade hahaha.
Still fast asleep while i shop for souvenir for Yurou, Yuxuan and Junya.
Day 4 was hanami day~!!! Went to Shinjuku Gyoen this time round instead of yoyogi park, just for a change haha. I kinda still prefer yoyogi!!! It's a lot more scenic with benches and whatnot..
But the grass here at Shinjuku gyoen is wonder.. So fine and clean haha. Oh a grumpy says hi.
Quickly not grumpy when godma brings her for a walk haha.
Why do you look so cheeky here Meredith!
"Cmon, gan ma! Let's go!"
"Let's go there!"
Mich and i sort of covered Meredith's face in this shot and then Meredith had to squeeze her way out to be seen in the picture wthhh hahaha she knows how to find her angle!
Hanami-ing lol.. Told Mich to carry her for me to take a nice shot of her with the sakura..
"Put me down gan ma.. Put me down.."
"This is the right way~"
"I'm a sakura girl~~~~"
Pretty kind of food.
Meredith was allowed some snack that day..
So she's very very happy. Hahaha.
Very, very happy..
Enjoying every bit of beauty that Japan has to offer.. And you won't believe it.. Everyone at the park, even the tourists are all so.. Nice and friendly and happy. I guess there's a thing about cooling weather and pretty flowers that makes everyone extra polite and nice and not on-the-edge hahaha.
Groupfie~ It's a blessing to be able to meet so many people in Japan!!! =DDD Miyabi, Sandy and Michelle, all at once!
Run free time..
She kept picking up random stuff from the grass field to show me like she found some treasure =___=" It's usually like a chipped branch, or a little stone or some nut shell wth hahaha. Next time baby, you be a archaeologist okay. Trace back to what human beings eat at picnic in 2016. Lol.
I love you Meredith!!! Thank you for being so sweet, happy and healthy!!!
Group shot~!!!
And off we went for Kimono!!! Thanks to Miyabi for helping us book!!! I'm super duper impressed by the kimono rental house she booked for us. First of all, communication was okay, secondly, you can pick from a large collection, thirdly, booking online saves you 1000 yen each, and lastly, everything you need is included - Kimono, sandals, socks, matching traditional bag AND EVEN YOUR HAIRDO WITH HAIR PIECE!!! And excuse me, this hairdo is done within like 3-5 minutes.
Erm, sorry baby your $10 kimono from Singapore Chinatown shall do.. Next time go Japan then mummy let you wear proper kimono okay T_T Sorry mummy totally forgot that you need one also until a few days before our trip T___T
For every okay shot, there's like maybe 10 shots like this hahaha.
Before we can finally get this.
Mich, me and Meredith in April 2016.. =)))
And this was in December 2014.. When baby was 6 months old inside haha.
Now she is one actionmama at 1 year 1 month old.. Everything also must "EH?! EH?! HUH?!?!" Lol.
Last time.. We had to stretch a little to stay as bffs cox of busy lifestyle, work and more work..
Then a little baby come along and pull everyone closer by a lot =))) And i am very thankful for that.. Mich is really the best godma my baby can get and the best kind of friend i can get becox she's always thinking of us even when she's overseas. Helping me get baby related stuff, video-calling us and when she's in Singapore she'd always try to make time for us. By "us" i mean for the baby, she made it very clear but it's okay. HAHAHAHAHA. I always try to package myself with the baby =DD
Baby 你有需要 pose 到酱吗?
Lol at Niao Niao she look so silly happy.
Some solo shots haha.
Act one demure in kimono haha.
It's definitely an experience!
Now the real models teach you how to do it..
So happy becox we were singing her a birthday song LOL. Although definitely not her birthday.
Love Mich's profile shot haha.
And Niao Niao look so cute here.
Pose pose pose non-stop really.
While Josh took the baby. Hahaha.
Kimono girls had to what we had to do.
Everyone say "Thank You" to the hood head of Japan Ninja Miyabi hahaha.
Went back home at night.. To poot on a serious poop face hahaha.
Next day.. Knock out on the way to the airport..
On our flight home~ Thank you Japan for being yet another wonderful experience.. I'd be back real soon =DDD When you travel, you get richer.. That's exactly how i feel this trip. Cox i spent so little money, cox got baby with me almost all the time, so i can't shop. But i gained so much experience. Haha. I'm gonna be taking baby to KL and BKK soon, all in May. Let's do it!!! Let's all get richer from travelling!!! Hahaha. I LOVE YOU JAPAN~!!! BYE BYE SEE YOU!!!

Watch this video on Meregoround youtube channel =DDD