27 March 2018

Amelia's weaning journey

Amelia is 8 months old now and she's been on dietary meal plan that is of a whole new world, outside of her milk in-take. For those who ask, she's on NAN H.A OPTIPRO. As were her jiejie Meredith.

For those who follow me on my mumming journey would know i always always choose only the best i could for my little ones cox sometimes uninformed mistakes or unintentional mistakes can really take us mummies on a never-ending guilt-trip for real. Haha. And also if we (working mums) can't ALWAYS be with our little ones, we need to know whatever we got to feed, cloth, accompany them, are of good quality.

So as i was saying, Amelia has been trying out food in-take other than milk, since she was 5 months plus. She's more advance physically so she could sit at about 5+ months haha. While jiejie couldn't even lift her head on tummy time at 5 months+. The two of them are really different in many many ways i don't think i can ever finish talking about it haha.

Meredith at 2 Years and 10 months old, Amelia at 8 months old.. ='))) These two little creatures i live for, i love and care for, and protect endlessly..
In this picture we took for a magazine cover, you can see how different they actually are. Jiejie is cheeky and very giggly..
Meimei 就...... HAHAHAHAHA.
Jiejie loves the camera.. While meimei..... Not so much HAHAHA.
Jiejie loves swimming, while meimei screamed murder and cling onto us like we were gonna throw her inside a deep frying machine. LOL.
She has her cheerful moments too ^.^ You know what else is the same.. The way i love them.. Although i have much lesser time for baby Amelia as compared to when jiejie was a baby.. Cox of work commitment.. But they are both my precious baobei.. T__T
And i give them both the best start. Amelia's first time having cereal. It is of a very liquidy consistency haha. SHE LOVED IT.

And i'm very happy to share with you what i chose for Amelia's weaning journey..

It's the new Nestlé Gerber® Infant Cereals.

"Mama, is it i model?"
Okay i'm ready!
Look at the huge selection of cereals suitable for weaning and beyond (6 months onwards)!

Gerber® Infant Cereals are the perfect first weaning food for the little ones as it's designed with the sky-high standards like what we have set for ourselves as a mom when we're providing for our kids.

Gerber® promise to never settle for anything less than the most nutritious, delicious food for our baby. And that to me, is the most important. Nothing but the BEST for baby.

I remember few years back, sijie was gonna start Yuxuan on cereal and she was so busy working. We were at a supermarket together and i ask her what brand she giving Yuxan cox Meredith will start on cereal very soon also. She tell me she don't really know what's good so she just go for the one that is the most expensive looking on the shelf O.O LOLOL #Superficial #Shallow #PackagingWin

But i guess for once, her hopeless theory didn't miss cox she was stocking up lotsa Gerber Infant Cereals and Yuxuan is eating well. However, the selection of cereals was limited then and I learnt that they are parallel imported by different retailers. Probably that is why sometimes it is quite difficult to find Gerber Infant Cereals out there. So I put Meredith on Cerelac during weaning.

When i just started to wean Amelia, i put her on a mixture of Cerelac (the familiar brand) and Gerber. Switching between days.. It was all going great, she's eating well, gaining weight at a good rate she's supposed to.

Then there is this pack of organic cereal that we bought at baby fair cox erm.. Cox got some promotion =XXX It was a decent brand raved by a few mummy bloggers as well.. Amelia eats it almost just as well, i tasted it too and i felt it taste good but one MAJOR problem Amelia had with it.. CONSTIPATION T_____T

When she wanna poop she will cry until omg. And she will sweat so much in pain when she's trying to squeeze her business out T___T I hold her hands and sayang her all also still feel very helpless. So we quickly switch back to Gerber.

Lesson learnt - When it comes to baby-related business, it never pays to be too adventurous and gian bng wth hahaha.

Since we've switched back to Gerber, feeding Amelia was just fun and exciting becox it's about getting to know her better, what she likes, what she doesn't.

We're extra excited when we know that the NEW Gerber® Organic Cereals, which comprise of Organic Rice & Oatmeal cereals will be launching in Singapore soon!!!

"Really not mama, don't make me happy for nothing ah!"

If you're wondering why weaning is important and how to wean your child, you may wanna read this article from Health Promotion Board.

Health experts have recommended single-grain infant cereals such as iron-fortified rice cereals as the ideal first weaning food as they are smooth and easy to digest for our little ones. Their stomach is just starting to learn how to process and digest food other than milk so choosing the right food to help them meet their increased need for dietary iron is essential at this time.

And here's why i choose Gerber® Organic Cereals for Amelia:

- It has the HIGHEST IRON among the infant cereal brands sold in Singapore! Iron helps to support formation of red blood cells. It is also necessary for a normal immune system and contributes to the normal cognitive development. So the amount of iron does make a difference in weaning food!

- It contains Calcium, Vitamins C, E, Zinc and 6 B vitamins to support growth & development.

- It is organic certified by Oregon Tilth. I mean how can a mom has time to make your own organic cereals every day for little one?

Yes, it is the nutritional profile of the Gerber Infant Cereals that has won me over! I give it to Amelia every morning mixed with her NAN H.A milk formula (since the range of cereals does not contain milk) and also as mid-day snack, mixed with home-made fruit puree.

And there are additional plus points:

- Non-GMO: Not made with genetically engineered ingredients
- No artificial colors or flavors
- No added sugar
- No added milk (perfect for first weaning food; great for adding breastmilk)
- Packaging made without the use of BPA
- Superior solubility compared to other Organic cereal brands
- Convenient pour out bottle to suit busy parents’ lifestyle

Cerealsly a thoughtful, nutritious weaning food that ease papa and mama minds (and win Amelia’s taste bud too)!

Do use single-grain infant cereals to check for food sensitivities since they are the least likely to cause allergenic reaction! After you're sure your little one is good with that particular grain, you can then add your own twist and a dash of explorative instinct to it haha.

Like this is the Gerber Organic Rice Cereal. Good on its own but even more exciting with other fruits / vegetables / tofu! Remember to only try those that your little one has tried and has no allergy to!
With added steamed and blended broccoli.
The Gerber Organic Oatmeal cereal, perfect to go with roots and and butternut squash pumpkin!
Amelia's favourite!!! The Apple and Blueberry one. It has little bits in it!!! EVEN I LOVE OKAY EXCUSE ME.
These goes well with banana / pear or papaya! Generally anything with peach / apple, it's a tiny weeny bit sour sweet, so Amelia will squirm a little bit at first mouthful but then love it immediately after haha.

Amelia's favouriteeee so far are banana, papaya, carrot, potato and sweet potato! Haha.

She doesn't quite fancy tofu so we try other types of proteins like steamed and blend beans, yogurt, her milk etc.

Banana Strawberry, my personal favourite LOL. Now you know how our cereal at home run out so fast.
"Mama you say so much.. Is it time to eat?"
"Oh it is?"
MMMmmmmm~ (Ok this product is i bought on my own lol)
The lips puckered up like the Gerber logo baby haha.
"What big mouth you have, mama"
Sorry more picture spam of Amelia cox she's too cute~!!!

"But you don't have to apologise mama. I do think i look quite cute like this"
Amelia's serving texture at 8 months old. We will add in steamed mixture bits of vegetables / tofu / fruits depending on breakfast / snack / dinner.
But you know it's good and yummy on its own.. O.O
够了. HAHA.
Thank you Gerber for sending some love our way but most of it here were bought by me haha. For Amelia, Meredith and their laobu HAHA. It's really quite tasty!!! Don't expect a big punch of flavour (if your baby food taste super flavourful then there's something wrong isn't it LOL they are suppose to eat good, eat well, eat clean) but it's definitely super good and as natural as it can get except better cox it's fortified with vitamins and nutrients!

Also i need to emphasize how convenient it is to bring along the Gerber cereal. It's packed in boxes like that and you can just pour the amount you require out, close it back. Done. Super fuss-free and mess-free. Can easily bring out to prepare whenever you need it!

Alright! I guess that's all i have to say! End of the day, all parents just wanna give the best we can to our little kids, that we think is good for them.

I'm not proud to say i miss a lot of time with Amelia due to work but whatever time i can get with her, i take.

Like, i was the only one who caught a picture of her budding tooth. Hehe.. =')
Ask her to show me she don't know how, so i had to pull her lips down hahaha.
Whenever i see toys i think she'd like.. I'm usually always right =D
When jiejie doesn't mind, i can carrier her =DDD
"If jiejie have a problem, she can come talk to me" Haha. Little rascal face haha. Here we have Gerber Organic Rice Cereal with steamed and blend carrot.
Here mid-day snack - Gerber Strawberry Lil' Bits with sweet potato mash.
Alright! Ending off with a snuggly picture of us - Something quite rare cox jiejie always wants me, and ask me to pass meimei to auntie or papa T.T But hey, we do our best, yes?

You may find Gerber Organic Infant cereals – Rice & Oatmeal in the leading supermarkets from April onwards. And do follow the NEW Gerber Instagram page @GerberSingapore for more updates on fun activities, nutrition tips and cutesy babies photos. Stay tune on their page for more Gerber Infant Cereals update!

12 January 2018

What is happening

I can't brain everything that is happening right now.

At age 30 i am learning new things like how to handle an avocado to make guacamole, how to sweep and mop the floor clean so that other people will step into the cafe with a standard i'd expect when i step inside a food place.

I'm also learning how to properly put trash bags and handle trash bag full of trash, so that it won't break when i'm trying to clear it.

And learning how not to freak out each time the cash drawer CHENGGG! open. It is really very loud okay 吓死我很多次 haha.

I'm very tired i haven't stand for so many hours in a day i think. But my brain is so so so excited cox there's so many good yummy pretty cute food we wanna bring out for people.

Thank you Rachell, thank you Carolyn becox without you guys i don't know how this is ever gonna happen.

When i was a teenager i was working at a restaurant as their hostess and each time i have free time i'd doodle my own restaurant layout. I got a few concepts in my head and i told Michelle and Yuzhen we should do it and call the main company Woohoo lol.

What was i thinking. I can't think properly back then, i probably still can't think properly now but i'm pretty sure i made the right choice, to keep fulfilling dreams.

Cox they are what keeps us going.

Will do a proper post for the shop.

But for now, i just wanna let you know how thankful i am for my friends (especially Mich, who help me look after Meredith a day before we soft launch T.T If not i don't know where to put her) and my helper who help with Amelia a lot a lot. All the little milestones i'm missing out for Amelia, for my other baby. But i know it'd all be worth it becox this will be where Amelia grow up having memories of as well =') And also, this maybe will pay for her school fees okay LOLOL.

I also wanna thank our full-timers (one of them is my nephew Ah Bong) for sticking with us even though we are also learning. For not running away when they see the shop as it was before launch - CHAOTIC.

And I wanna thank Josh.. Who is always the one pushing me from the back, giving me support and boost for everything i wanna do. Who takes care of my kids and in that few days when i'm away from home, in the shop, he manage to teach Meredith how to use the training chopsticks. Meredith was helping me squirt sanitizer on all the surfaces like tables and chairs, before i wipe them.

And she was using a cloth to help wipe the black stains off the floor. I didn't believe she could do it, but my 2year10month old kid really could T.T Don't be mistaken okay she's not child labour LOL although it really sounds like she is. Truth is i tried to ask her to sit downstairs and wait for me but she insist on helping and if i don't let her she will sob silently okay very very emotional lol.

But hey, the cafe you're visiting is taken care of by many people who love the cafe to bits. It's a place we love, for you to love =)

Meredith cleaned the floor until she so baobei the floor okay, she'd tell everyone to remove their shoes =___=" Lolol. You don't have to okay. It's okay, she'd just come and complain to me at the end of the day "Sho mehghee peeper kep ong ge floor. Sho gerkih, no?" And she frowns upon it like you guys are some uncivilised pumpkins LOL. but hey, please don't mind her, shoes are 100% allowed and recommended hahaha! She is our youngest crew who needs to be counselled LOL. I'd ask Carolyn to give her a warning letter soon.

Byebye. My life is truly blessed cox i have so many good friends and family.. Thank you, God..

Or whoever is there watching over me. Thank you.

I'm zoning off again i can't feel my legs. Good night.

29 December 2017

LG - Life's Good with smart technology

You should have seen this video i've worked with LG on. For their "Knock Knock" fridge haha. A lot of my friends asked me about it okay. Say it's really cool and all. But more than being cool, it's actually really smart!!!

*knock knock*

InstaView™ Door-in-Door® from LG has a sleek mirrored glass panel that illuminates with two quick knocks, then you can see clearly what's inside your fridge without having to open the door! So cold air loss is reduced greatly, by 41%!!!

You know how we all damn finger itchy, mouth itchy all. Walk pass fridge must open. At night nothing to do, go open fridge. Study half way nothing to do, go open fridge. HAHA.

As if the fridge will have something new for you each time you open. Maybe have lah, maybe your milk or cheese fa-moh (turn mouldy) cox you keep opening and closing they become not fresh liao lol.

Reducing cold air loss helps keep food fresher and longer so this is why i love the InstaView™ Door-in-Door®!

I put things that we commonly use at that particular side, which is very big and spacious already! Baby food, drinks, candy bars and facial mask etc! It's like my personal mama shop HAHA.
Another winner for why i loveeee this fridge so much.. It is able to dispense crushed ice (or cubed ice)!!! And you're also able to use this panel to lock the fridge! So it's child-safe, as in safe from the kids opening closing opening and closing the fridge to reach for things that they are not supposed to.
And no it doesn't take up a huge tank in the freezer compartment! How they compact sooooo many smart functions that provides us convenience into one fridge, i can never imagine!
But they can. And still sooooo much space to put a lot more things. This is just one part, the freezer. the other part is really where all my favourite things would be.
My convenience store haha. And behind this, is another WHOLE HUGE SPACE to put more things.
Full wine rack keeps your wine in an optimal temperature! The sample picture looks very atas.
My own one also nubad lah haha.
 And utility box! Don't worry okay your fridge is not going to smell like cheese / salami HAHA.
Cox of the HygieneFRESH+ technology where there's a 5-Step Layered Filtering to remove bacteria and bad odor! Is it can put durian in fridge liao hahaha.
Another reason why the InstaView™ Door-in-Door® is perfect for my family is the FRESHBalancer™ technology. It keeps my vegetables and fruits in its optimal condition respectively by adjusting the right amount of humidity. Have you seen this amazing video by LG.

Fruits and vegetables kept in their fridge with FRESHBalancer™ technology stays fresh for a much much much longer period!!! It's proven okay. And it's becox the fridge is using Inverter Linear technology.

Energy Saving with Inverter Linear Compressor LG's Inverter Linear Compressor has revolutionized the core of the refrigerator, providing up to 32% in energy savings, top-rate durability and optimal temperature control to keep foods fresher longer.

This way the ingredients we use to cook for Meredith and Amelia can be kept fresh at tip top condition. Of course with adults we not soooo particular lah, but still good to upkeep a certain good standard even at home for the adults!

Also, many appliances are linkable with the LG Smart ThinQ™ app where you can control your LG appliances and in this case for the fridge, diagnose your refrigerator by your smart phone even when you're not at home. You may easily set the refrigerator temperature, control HygieneFRESH+™ with simple touch on your smart phone!
Thank you LG for making such smart products that brings us ease and convenience!
Who's the coolest host around. Haha. Really this will be quite a hit and talk-about with all your guests hahaha.

Next up please watch this. It shows you how stringent the research and development and testings are for LG electronics, washing machines to be specific. I am very very impressed they even make sure that their washing machines can last 10 years at least and that it's of tip-top safety condition.
Once you get the safety and durability in, the rest is just making your lifestyle choices smarter, more chic and much more effortlessly.
12kg, 6 Motion Inverter Direct Drive Top Load Washing Machine with Warm Wash (T2112SSAV).

Super duper slim and still wash a good heavy load.

Especially useful for the space-conscious ones with a good-size family and needs to wash big items like quilt / bed linen sets etc!

And with Steam Technology, all the that are always in contact with us, will be removed of allergens and dust mites etc~!!! ALL STEAM DIE THEM HAHA. I love it okay becox i have kids, i super extra hate these nasty things that make our kids fall sick!
Comes in various modes to suit your lifestyle - Whitening, Allergy Care, Eco Wash, Quick Wash, School Care, Dovet, Delicates etc..
Check out this page to see the motion of how they motion for the tumblr works, it's sooooo freaking amazing and genius, that you clothes will never get tangled up and goes out of shape etc. It's using the 6 motion direct drive technology. Please see it okay, you'd be convinced why LG is leading in home appliances. I must say again, once you understand how their technology works to improve our lifestyle and improve how the machines work, you'd be impressed how their engineers are freaking geniuses!!!
Everything comes out clean, safe and soft after wash for myself and my family.. Thanks to LG ❤︎
Another home products that will save your life. LOL. A bit kua zhang lah, more like save you a looooot of time, and that will definitely change your life. LOL.
The LG Hom-Bot Turbo+.
So many "vacuum robots" around, how do you decide which is the best?

I personally bought one before becox of the unbelievable discount and all the functions. But later it made me feel so unbelievably stupid LOL. It will get jammed at so many places and just zezezezeze at that same spot it got jammed. Carpet also cannot go over. The battery life lousy until. Vacuum half way must go find where the robot is to SOS it LOL. It was a joke okay hahaha.

But with the LG Hom-Bot Turbo+, my faith in vacuum robots are restored. It's really freaking smart. Paired up with the Smart ThinQ™ app it works to suit our lifestyle even better.

Our living room and kitchen is always flooded with lotsa dog fur, and we have babies. You already see our desperate need to constantly have clean floor although it's quite impossible. Haha.

But it's possible =D LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ vacuum cleaners now feature Wi-Fi connectivity. You can control the Hom Bot even if you're not at home!!! Or even if you're at home but lazy af LOLOL.

Remote monitoring and motion detection make you feel free and easy anytime anywhere and keeps your house clean as can be =DDD

Imagine you're at work but you're expecting guests over after work and you have no time to clean. Just ask the Hom Bot to work lah!

Or you just don't wanna have to go home sweep floor, mop floor after work, then just a few touches on your mobile phone, and let the Hom Bot do it's job, you go home to a clean house =D

Home View Real time monitoring function. There is an another camera in front of Hom-Bot Turbo+, which enables the customers to see Home anytime form anywhere.

Home Guard Motion detection function. 5 photos are being taken by Hom-Bot Turbo+ when a motion is detected from the censor.

So it kinda acts as a surveillance / security camera also. Perfect for those who have old folks at home!!! Can watch over them to make sure they are safe and sound.

For us we like it cox we can see our dogs, the helper and our kids if we need to be out working *stalker alert* LOL.

Now other than it being smart, does it work smart and work hard? 100% YES.

Hom-Bot Turbo+ is employs Smart Inverter Motor™ to guarantee maximum performance with high efficiency and durability in a compact size. It’s no wonder that LG felt confident enough to offer a 10-year warranty on the motor. 10 years leh wth. Outside buy ones don't know 10 days can or not LOL.

It also has longer brushes by 1.5cm so it can clean thoroughly for smarter corner cleaning. Hom-Bot Turbo+'s corner cleaning performance has improved by 89% and its cleaning efficiency has been enhanced to 94%!

Upgraded Triple Eye 3.0™

1. - It has a Front camera activate as securing camera
2. Upper camera creates a map of the house to plan efficient way for cleaning even in the dark
3. Lower camera reads the pattern of the floor and smartly clean the dark areas such as under the furniture

Digital Bumper Multiple sensors recognize obstacles and minimize collision. So no getting jammed at carpets, in between legs of chairs, or somewhere at a corner going zezezezeze.

LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ knows how far the obstacles are while others are "bump to know'. - Ultrasonic sensor of Hom-Bot Turbo+ senses wider and more precisely. It can even sense glass and transparent objects. You tell me is this not super-duper next level kind of smart technology.

One of my favourite part is that the Hom-Bot Turbo+ adopts a super easy way to clean and clear out the dust and dirt collected.

Dust bin is designed to take out from the top. Easier to use than the sliding type of conventional robotic vacuums. This minimizes hassles of residual dust around the dust bin slot and prevents flying dust when emptying.

It also has a bigger capacity (0.6L) for more dust intake so you no need to empty it so many times for one round of cleaning! For my house we clear it once a day hehe.

While it's working you'd barely notice cox it's low noise and with a longer-lasting battery life, now i no need to worry where the heck my robot go to becox it will automatically go back to the charging port okay. Look at my video!

In case you're wondering, yup, you can also mop the floor with a cloth attachment included.
Everything that can be effortless in our life should be made effortless with technology. So we can focus on important things like relationship bonds with our loved ones, with our little ones. And also maybe have more time to slap on a mask or two hehe. OR EVEN JUST SLEEP A FEW MORE HOURS. I'd take that, thanks!

Thank you LG for making my life better than just good, as you promise. HEHE.

Now it's smart and awesome. Also check out LG Red Fair happening from now til Feb 15 2018. Details here.