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Went to cut my fringe about 2 weeks ago and finally got my ass to the computer to share pictures about it! O.O Sorry sorry sorry for the lack of updates i know i said this many times but i am just really caught up with life. It's not just you guys that i'm missing out on..

I also meet friends lesser, meet my family lesser though i make it a point to see them at least once a week. I also have difficulties handing in my work on time becox i really haven't been feeling my best.

But i am happy =D So if you'd just be patient with me.. I thank you and i promise i will do better..

So please don't think i'm taking things for granted okay! I know i have everything that i have, thanks to my blog and my readers so i will never ever ever not want to give more love to this blog one!

Okay! Pictures!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

Nobody cuts my hair other than Sio =DDD
After a super shiok hair wash..
About done.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE SIO!!!

Becox only he can blow my hair until just nice O.O Really other people blow one either always too pong or too flat. Or cannot last for days =X You know lah i don't shampoo until every 3 - 4 days one.

Sometimes when Sio blow my hair until so nice, i don't shampoo for 5 - 6 days. Can last me through one event after another hahahha. Also love it becox he don't use hairspray on me unless i ask him to. Usually i won't ask him to, unless it's for photoshoot.

Snapped four pictures with him and he only have that one expression until i ask him "Hmm.. You only one face?" He say yes. I am like.. Erm.. ANOTHER FACE OKAY?
Hahahah another face of Sio.
Done! Thank you Sio!!! ^.^ And excuse me, my brown hair still very chio in a different brown after soooo many wash hahaha.
Sam jiejie come help me take OOTD hahaha. Need to so big project one hor i do one hair.
My romper is from a Japanese label.
Sorry don't know how to caption chio camho pictures. LOL.
Amazing how bangs can make us look younger hor!!! But also must see who cut lah =X Some people cut bangs become like ah toot or make the face look even shorter and fatter =XXX
Okay lah! If you wanna book an appointment with Sio, please call to book for him at 63385250!

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

I will talk to you soon! =DDD

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Was invited as a judge at the Beauty Queen Asia contest hosted and organised by Datsumo Labo!

I am really excited for the event becox they have shortlisted from a whole lot of contestants to find Beauty Queen Asia and to find Miss Datsumo Labo! Wonder who will be the face plastered all over?


Hahaha! Anyway! Here's what went down during the event! =DDD Happy to be judging alongside my friends who are all also avid supporters of Datsumo Labo hair removal services!!!

If you're wondering why Yutaki is on the panel too.. It's becox Datsumo Labo is coming out with a Men's Labo!!!!!!!! It's Datsumo Labo Black Label.


I know some of you guys might already be customers of Datsumo Labo, the pinky, sweet and clean version hahaha. FYL. But don't worry!!! You'd be happy to look forward to Men's Labo!

Alright! Back to the event!

Janice from Datsumo Labo briefing us on the judging criteria.
One small part of the audience.. LOL i spot Jiamin and her friend. 在闪我的相机吗? Haha!
Jiamin very nice got me cupcakes =))) Thank you!!!
Before i get asked to the dressing room to do my hair, i take a moment to snap one with my favourite Bihakuma!!! =DDD And that's me in my Liz Lisa dress. Bought it in Japan earlier!
Backstage chaos. Lol.
Lai liao lai liao.. Lena Fujii lai liao. LOLOL.
Me and Wendy with Bihakuma ^.^V
Us at the judging table!
And one more!
Up to say hi when being introduced by the very nice emcee for the evening!
Thanks to Josh for helping me snap most of the pictures below while i'm paying attention to all the contestants! Haha!

There were a lot of Japanese sponsors involved and everyone had goodies and tips for the contestants to stay beautiful and look great all time all day!

The girls giving a brief introduction of themselves..
All of the decked up in pretty outfits from rosebullet!!! I WANT THEIR CLOTHES!!!!
DJ Tomo spinning and guess who's grooving on the stage hahahah! We all laughed so bad!!! Cox she's too cuteeeee!!!
Bikuma and Datsumo Labo staff giving everyone a quick introduction of the benefits of doing hair removal at Datsumo Labo. It's painless, it softens and smoothens your skin, makes your skin fairer and it's affordable!!! And of course, gives you hairless baby skin for a long time!
Second segment, all the ladies dressed in Yukata styled by Miki san!
And all the judges and the contestants get to enjoy a special mojito by Wharf! We have to guess the special 2 ingredients used!!! Most of us got it wrong or only guessed one of it correctly hahah.
But contestant number 6 manage to get it right!
Everyone gets an award by the different sponsors and the prizes are amazing!!! So i say everyone is a winner!!! ^.^
But there's only one Miss Datsumo Labo ^.^ Congrats!!!
Wendy passing the sash and crown to Miss Beauty Queen Asia, winner!!! She was really confident through out the whole evening!!! So i think she's really a suitable winner!!!
One with all the beautiful ladies =))) Two of the contestants was flown in from Japan just to join the competition! So much effort so i say, everyone is a winner!!!
Group shot!!!
Manage to grab a shot with the newly crowned Beauty Queen Asia! Omedetou! ^.^

Looking forward to see Miss Datsumo Labo and Miss Beauty Queen Asia more when i visit the Datsumo Labo outlets! Haha!

Thank you for having me Datsumo Labo!!! Will always support you guys!!! Just cox..


For those you hitting the beach, don't miss out
Datsumo Labo Brazillian Treatment package!

Enjoy first month for 7 Areas at $0 !!!

Visit Datsumo Labo website for more details and appointment

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Just a note on why i stopped blogging about my doggies about 3-4 years ago was becox i don't like people asking me questions about them that i don't wanna answer =X Sorry but i feel having pets is a bit sensitive like having a kid in the sense, when people doubt your love for the pet, or when people criticize you for the way you care for them.. Omg i get very upset and furious. Becox i think only you will know how you love your pet. So last time my blog is always either them or my life and then when more people read, Josh suggested, and i agreed, to stop blogging about them on this blog.

I even turned down many advertorials / sponsorships for Drago and Tiffany over the years becox i just don't wanna blog about them, you know.. To avoid getting all sensitive and unpleasant lol.

But after visiting Pet's Lagoon for grooming session for both of them, and seeing how the staff there treat the doggies with soooooo much love and happiness T.T I feel i MUST share with you all!

They only very kindly did grooming for my doggies at NO OBLIGATIONS. So i am not paid. It's just for me to try out and see if i like the services. FOR SURE, YES, 100% I DO!!!

Text or call 97253378 for appointment directly at the following outlets:
Limbang Center CCK
Sunshine Place CCK
Tiong Bahru Seng Poh Road

Some of the doggies i see roaming around freely at their outlet at Limbang Center ^.^ All the doggies sibeh happy going around making friends! Hahaha you spot my naughty Tiffany also stopped being a bitchy girl and go around interacting lolol. And PLEASE..... The Chow Chow poodle mix (top right) is damn cute??? Belongs to Nikki ^.^ Poodle Coco also damn cute! Nikki rescued and adopt her one.

Hello! Probably one of those post you see more doggies than myself lol. Happy right.
Cute doggy posters in the shop haha.
Cute accessories for your doggies and kitties and bunnies maybe hahaha!
Machiam nursery room for the doggies and kitties O.O Haha!
They bring in new doggy outfits quite regularly so keep a lookout for it! Seriously would think they are for babies O.O So cute and sweet!!!
Totally touched my heart.. T.T Key, Nikki's sister.. Just carry Tiffany up and coax her to calm down like this.. Before bringing her inside the grooming room.. So gentle and patient lah! Erm.. This Tiffany also damn buay paiseh don't know she very heavy like this??? LOL. Cling on so long.

Tiffany is super major smart one. When she know it's time to clean ear / cut nails, SHE WILL RUN FOR HER LIFE ONE =___=" Sometimes i have to lure her with treats before me / Josh whip out the nail clipper / ear solution, while the other have to capture her alive. LOLOL.

After a while she knows our trick liao and will just stay away from us, NO MATTER what yummy treats we have. And when caught finally, she will still REFUSE to give in nor relax her body one.

Just very very naughty and not co-operative lah!

FINALLY STILL CAVED IN TO KEY'S GENTLE CARE!!! HAHA! Thank you Key for taking such good care of this monkey T.T Her ears are doing better after the grooming!

A bit of background for Tiffany and Drago's grooming history.

Since they were puppies (after 10 months old) other than the weekly shower, we send them for grooming once a month, then later become once every 2 - 3 months as they grow older. And we only ever patronise two grooming pet shops and one home-grooming service.

First one we went to, let's call it JD.. Actually it was all okay with Drago and Tyra (Drago's half sister) but then later Tiffany join the army after we adopted her cox she was abandoned right..

And then we realise that JD may not be doing such a good job cox sometimes Tiffany come back with a limp. For about half a day at least. Probably from excessive nail cutting that led to bleeding but the bleeding can be stopped with some kind of powder that groomers use one.

But the pain cannot be stopped ma. But actually we already told them again and again don't cut Tiffany's nails too much becox she was abandoned for a while, so her nails over grown by A LOT one. So the nail bed / some flesh grows with it right, so there's a limit on how much they can cut.

But then almost every single time they also bring her back with a limp like this.

So we moved on to another pet shop near our old house, let's call it PP (now close down liao lol). They have a few HUGE malamutes so we massive love to go to their shop!!! The young owners were quite friendly also!!! And they were very sharing about doggy informations and stuff. And they did the grooming themselves.

So everything was good for a while until few months later we keep seeing only the parents of the owners were manning the shop and then their house maid and a china staff took over the grooming.....

THEN MY DRAGO AND TIFFANY AND TYRA KEEP COMING BACK WITH CUT BUT UN-FILED NAILS!!!!! Sibeh freaking sharp!!! Cox we always play around and when they pounce on me or my thighs i just wanna die??? Lolol.

And then later with the owners slacking off, slowly i see the malamutes also like wearing out like that. The malamutes started to get shaved clean cox they caught the ticks =OOO

So me and Josh did not send them back again O.O

And we shifted at the same period anyway, so after a friend's introduction, we try out a home-groomer. Slightly cheaper but we don't care about the money lah. We just heard she is good.


My Drago from puppy till then.. HAS NEVER EVER STOPPED BEING SOFT AND FLUFFY ONE!!! He's australian and always have the softest fur everrrr!

But after her one cut.. Drago's fur was like a coconut husk like this T.T I sibeh upset for damn long omg sorry i sound like one of those owners who over-react but I MEAN??!?! HELLO?

Seriously from baby soft fur to hardcore stiff fur you know?!

Took him 9 months to one year before his new fur coat took over entirely. I NEVER CALL THE HOME GROOMER EVER AGAIN and i never pass her number on as she told me to lol.

Also it was so troublesome cox she had to shower the doggies in my bathroom and blowdry them in the guestroom and the fur was just ALL over the place. No thanks, EVER to home groomer for me.

So we sibeh desperate.. We send both Drago and Tiffany back to JD for their subsequent visits.. T.T

But Tiffany still come back with a limp time to time and then my last straw with them was.. One time Tiffany came back from grooming with wet and irritated ear and it turned into a very serious ear infection of which me and Josh tried ALL sort of solution / powder / spray.. All cannot help her.

So on her next (and last) grooming visit at JD, just about one month ago.. We specifically reminded them about her NAILS and her EARS.


SHE CAME BACK WITH BLOOD AT TWO OF HER NAILS. I think the nails were overcut until the powder they use to stop the blood couldn't stop it anymore T.T

That's when i decided to fuck that shit and look for other dog groomers. It was beyond momentary anger. I actually hate JD and i was like how the fuck can they do this to doggies ah?! They are so fucking commercialised, to think we supported them over the years. Bought food from them and send our doggies there for grooming most of the time *RAGE!!!!*

I think doggies to them is just a money-making business. No love no patience no care one!!!

So this is why i am sibeh damn thankful that i found Pet's Lagoon T.T

One of Nikki's doggiesssss, Coco. Puzzled. LOL "Why is this auntie so full of rage" LOL. Sorry ah, i get a bit out of control. But it's out of my system now. LOL. So i feel better.

Anyway i said doggiessss right. This Nikki (owner of Pet's Lagoon) really is have so many doggies i cannot. Some rescued, some adopted, some maybe friend give. I also don't know. But she is just so kind-hearted until.. I feel tired for her LOLOL. How to handle soooooo many doggies i don't know!

I guess it's good her whole family also very supportive and helpful ba! Pet's Lagoon also provide home-boarding services and your doggies run free in her house! Sleep on her bed and all =OOO

I sleep with two doggies i already want die lolol! How she sleep with all the doggies i also don't know! I guess she must love doggies VERY VERY VERY MUCH.

Tiffany looking happy with Key grooming her hahaha!
One more cox she look too happy i cannot ^.^ It's good they use the furminator on her!!! For the inner coat shedding. The very last time they came back from grooming at JD, both of them had bunches of fur still stuck on their body and the driver just tell us, "Groomer say they are shedding" Erm.. I think they might as well tell me groomer say too lazy to de-shed them. I can do it myself lah but what's the point i pay so much per dog for full grooming?
Nikki going hands-on everyday with her sister and trusted groomer at the back. LOL i laughed when i see Nikki cutting nails for a customer's doggy cox i was just observing outside lah. But i keep hearing her console the doggy "Okay okay, good girl hor.. A bit more only. A bit more only okay" I was like.. "ERM, LIAR?? You only cut 2 nails, still got so many more!!!" LOL. But that's how i always lie to Tiffany and Drago also lah hahahah a bit more only a bit more only *go ahead and cut 15 more nails*
Drago looking happy hahahaha. My son hamsum hor? Fur is a bit overgrown lah haha! Seriously they never give me this smile when i do basic grooming for them =____=" Need to so bias?
"NO I HATE SHOWERING!" She does. She really hate hate hate showering.
But i think Key is the key to making her enjoy during shower........ Okay bad joke bad joke. Lolol.
HAD TO SNAP ONE OF THIS COCO AGAIN. Sibeh posey! Everytime i point my camera at her only she be like "I'm a supermodel" Lololol. Act cute much?! Nikki why your dog so cute!
"Enough dee not?" LOL.
Meanwhile.. Nikki took over Drago's nail cutting cox it was.. Too thick. Hahaha. I also have this problem when cutting his nails one. Really very thick and huge.

Anyway after this they started to blowdry the doggies so i left the place for another appointment. But not forgetting one shot with the kind and sweet ladyboss, Nikki!

Thank you for being so nice to all the doggies under your care all the same!!!
No wonder Miyake so super highly recommend them! I really can see Nikki and her sister and everyone in the shop care for the doggies a lot lah.

I also overheard her doing some free service for a doggy even when the owner didn't request but Nikki ownself kaypoh think the doggy needs it LOLOL. People ask you cut nails only why you go and kaypoh the doggy hair being tangled. LOL. I think she really is too love doggies already.

If you guys wanna make enquiries / appointment please call or text Nikki directly. She specifically told me she don't treat me or Miyake de doggies any special becox we are bloggers (LOL okay..... Self-esteem hurt LOL kidding) but she can promise she treat all customers the same.

In fact she say she feel obliged to treat our readers' doggies and kitties EVEN nicer becox she feel very stressful like if people read her shop service is how good, how good, she feel she have to keep up to that expectation like this.

So i guess she is saying she treat our readers' de doggies EVEN better lah?!

Hahaha so bias one LOL. So if you wanna give Pet's Lagoon a try, please give Nikki a text or call. She say she will personally attend to our readers enquries and appointments. 97253378.

Not relavant but just a picture of me being happy at Pet's Lagoon becox i see so many happy doggies running around hahaha. Than you again, Nikki and Key!!!

Drago and Tiffany both came home super clean, fluffy and didn't drop much fur at all from then till now! It's been about 2 weeks dee! Every night i don't have much fur to roll off from my bed at all! =))))) Also their nails and paw pad were nicely cut and trimmed! Everything is just good, very very good =))) Thank you Pet's Lagoon for taking away one stress on my mind haha.

It's really very hard to find the right groomer and it's even harder to stop using the one you are comfortable with even if it's not that good. I mean look at me lor, i got stuck with JD for so long just becox i don't dare to go explore much.

Also one time, Tiffany came back from grooming and kept scooting on the floor with her butt down..... Obviously her anal glands were over-squeezed and irritated / itchy from grooming at JD. Sigh. I wished i changed a groomer much earlier! But it's okay cox now i'm always gonna be sending them to Pet's Lagoon!

Text or call 97253378 for appointment directly at the following outlets:
Limbang Center CCK
Sunshine Place CCK
Tiong Bahru Seng Poh Road
Pet's Lagoon also provide home-boarding services where they care for your doggies like their own. Walks, home-cooked healthy meals for the doggies, free-running space around the entire house etc.