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I'm in Japan now as you read this!!! Before my trip i went down to Cleo to have my hair done ^.^ Cleo Hair extended to the shop space right beside them and make it into Cleo Nails.

But i don't want a separate 1-2 hours of sitting so i requested for the manicurist to come over to do my nails as i have my hair done hahaha! Luxurious. LOL.

Actually the prices for doing your nail in the nail parlour / at the hair salon is the same la, so it's just a value-added service Cleo lets you have, to be able to request for them to be done at the same time, same place. Becox it saves you time.. I think it's especially useful for people going for event after hair and nail-do..

Also super great for pre-Christmas / pre-Chinese New Year rush. Don't have to make appointments here and there and run to a few different places.

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

Taitai in training? Hahah!
Zoe helping me do my nails for the day =D She's super nice and not overly-chatty i love it hahaha! Cleo Nail is run by her and she's specialised in Japanese nail art style so do check out their designs!
This is the nail parlour and it's right beside Cleo Hair! =DDD BET YOU NOTICED.....
HERRO KITTY!!!!!!!! CUTE HOR?!?!?!?!?!?!? Imma bring Yurou here to do our nails together!!!!!! Zoe say she has lotsa imported Hello Kitty nail stickers for Yurou ^.^ And me O.O
Everything kept simple, pink and clean for your comfort =DDD I love i love!!
My onni chan Sio as usual giving me a nice hairdo before i fly for Japan T.T I love love love his shampooing and blpwdrying.. Really is my favourite *KISSES* Thank you Sio!!!
With hair all done and Zoe gives me a hand massage after my manicure *HEART EYES* She say my water rentention is quite bad cox even the fingers can tell is puffy one O.O But it feels so much better after massage! =D Thank you Zoe!!! Please help me think of Winter nails next!!! Hahah!
Camho time! Hope you're ready. Hahaha. ZERO MAKE UP OMGGG.. But with hair done by Sio.. Seriously i think i'm good. Hahahaha!
I didn't dye my hair green! This was from my blue hair 1 month ago! It's now ash green!!! Sio is amazing. One dye, many colours lol. I think cox he only mixes his own colour!
Love love love my hair and Sio's blowset techniques T.T Imma look chio in Japan!!! =DDD
I asked Zoe for simple, pastel and sparkly haha! But then i cannot resist the Hello Kitty so.. HAHA!
But then later i feel a bit sad for the Kitty on my index finger.. Becox that is my everyday nose-digging tool so it will probably see a lot of my nostrils O.O

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

Yay! One trip to Cleo Hair for pretty hair AND now, nails! =DDD
Make your appointment quick becox year end and early next year is always crazy packed. If you want the manicurist to come over for naildo, please inform the person on the line when you're calling for your hair appointment! =D

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Hair soft and smooth.. Yet light as feather..

Pretty hard to achieve, agree?

If we wanna tame our hair we usually use moisturising haircare products on our hair.

Thing about most of the products in the market is.. It weighs our hair down!

So most of the time we end up we end up with oily, heavy and limp hair. Even if your hair is big and frizzy, sometimes near the crown it may still be imp and flat! With all the colouring and using of styling tools (hairdryer, hot iron etc) on our hair, we especially need to take care of our hair!
Now with LUCIDO-L’s latest range of the Argan Oil Series, you'd be able to achieve softer, silkier and shinier hair without the "side-effect" of heavy and limp hair!
And the (open) secret is.. ARGAN OIL.

Argan oil is also known as ‘liquid gold’ in the industry. It is an organic product extracted from the core of argan trees. And what it does is to repairs damaged hair and treats split ends as it has rich hydrating properties for our hair! Argan oil contains fatty acids and vitamin E which moisturises our hair and promotes healthy hair growth!

And as obvious as you could see.. The LÚCIDO-L new range of haircare products emphasizes on the benefits of argan oil!

On top of all the benefits that argan oil provides, one of the main reason i am attracted to LÚCIDO-L Argan Oil is the fruity floral fragrance!!!
Made up of apples, peaches, jasmine and more! Makes me wanna smell your hair all day~ O.O It's very very pleasant and i feel you can do without perfume even! Just this whole head of floral fruit garden on your hair is good enough! Haha!

You know the number 1 rule to haircare is for us to apply leave-on hair treatment after we step out of our bath becox after bath our hair cuticles are open so we gotta seal up the hair strands and prevent loss of moisture. If we don't do so, we'd find our hair really frizzy the next day. I would know. LOL.

But when i come to think about it.. One step to ensure i have nicer looking hair the next day.. That's pretty worth it cox i can look more presentable especially in pictures and at work cox i love to camho so much haha! Also, styling our hair becomes easier!!! So i think i'd apply haircare after shampooing at home next time!!!

Now the question is.. Which one is good for our hair type!

There is the LÚCIDO-L Hair Treatment Cream and Hair Treatment Jelly.
As you could see from the previous picture, LÚCIDO-L Argan Oil Hair Treatment Cream is of a richer texture and it's recommended for thick, coarse and damaged hair type. Its Moist-Keep Formulation prevents moisture loss from our hair while deeply moisturising our damaged hair ends. It also acts as heat protection so be sure to apply this before using styling tools!
LÚCIDO-L Argan Oil Hair Treatment Jelly is recommended for dry, thin and fine hair types. It is the ONLY jelly type argan oil hair product you could find and it's water-based, so you can be sure that as powerful as it is for hydrating your dry hair, it still remains light-weight on your hair!
My pick is the LÚCIDO-L Argan Oil EX Oil! It is suitable for all hair types! What is does is to deeply repairs hair and gives a healthy glow and softness to our hair!
 It is extremely lightweight, almost like a feather! Don't worry about hair damage under the sun after applying the LÚCIDO-L Argan Oil EX as it comes with UV protection =D
To show you exactly how light the texture is. It's almost like water! So it gets absorbed and spreads easily to coat each hair strand with a light and smooth finishing! This is why i especially love it! Cox it's sooooo light and so easy to apply! After that the fingers and hair don't feel oily / sticky at all!

So if you ask me is it hard to achieve feather-like soft and light hair that is soft, smooth and manageable? I would say yes!
Find the LÚCIDO-L Argan Oil Series at leading drugstores and supermarkets (Watsons, Guardian, NTUC, BHG, Meidiya). Styling your hair becomes a whole lot easier with LÚCIDO-L!

To get some samples to try them for yourselves, fill in your request HERE while stocks last! 
Go get yours today =D

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Went to SHINKEI Japanese Restaurant for buffet with my brother-in-law, Pearl, Josh and Mich!!!

600 Toa Payoh Lor 4 Level 1
Tel: 62555598
For those who knows your way in TPY, you know the Mcdees near the library? That building where Mcdees is where Shinkei is! You can enter from the back entrance or..
The main entrance!
Love the decor and the live station where chefs whip up yummy Jap dishes!
Yakitori (Japanese grilled skewer), sashimi, handroll and more.. All freshly made from the stations!
Other than the open spaces they have private rooms for your events too!
Nice for parties and celebrations eh!
Quick intro about SHINKEI - They offer Japanese cuisine, ALA-CARTE BUFFET style! Other than the monthly specials and seasonal specials, they have more than 140 dishes in the menu for you to choose from for one affordable price!!!
Ask Si Jie and hubby along becox they love Jap food too!!! =DDD
First thing that came.. Sashimi platter. The slices are so generous O.O Thick and solid! Cox i can't eat raw food, they whip up everything on my behalf hahaha.
CAN YOU BELIEVE all these are free for you to order as much as you love within ONE PRICE for the buffet =OOO It would have cost a bomb if you were to order it in normal Japanese restaurant.
Ah Pearl going crazy hahahah.
いただきます!!! =DDD Don't panic, don't leave for google translate. I simply typed itadakimasu lol!
Some of the first few dishes that came! Cheesy mussel, chawanmushi, stir fried beef and ramen!!! They have many flavours for the ramen i don't know which one the guys ordered but it tastes good!!!
This is new on their menu!!! AND I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH IT!!! The Asari Garlic Yaki! Stir fry garlic lala lah hahaha. It's soooo fragrant!!! You must put this in the order chit when you're there!
Tempura prawns that got snapped up in seconds by everyone T.T
Heng i manage to grab one also hahaha!
Me and Michie ^.^ She stay opposite only so it was really convenient for her!!! Plus we were supposed to go see Yuxuan in Yishun anyway so i asked her along =DDD
Some of the yakitori we ordered!!!

I really really cannot believe they offering such a huge variety of Japanese food O.O You know like usually Japanese buffet you'd expect lots and lots of sushi and maybe some chawanmushi cox i think it's more cost-effective for the company? Hahah.

But this SHINKEI offer these premium range of Japanese cuisine at such good price for free-flow buffet! Like you know how much all these would cost individually in normal Japanese restaurants right. But at Shinkei it's eat-all-you-can at one price inclusive what the heck.

All the 大胃王 and Japanese food lover would go crazy at SHINKEI loh.

Another of our favourite!!! Kimchi stir-fry pork! =DDD
California maki =DDD
OH MY GOD THIS FISH CHEEKS =OOO It's soooo melty and major flavourful! Gotta order this!!!
Everyone tucking in happy ^.^
Table full of yummy food!
And more food hahaha! The salad Si Jie super love wor. She finished the whole thing by herself cox er.. Everyone else not so into salad hahaha.
THIS IS DA BOMB!!!! It's Sweet Potato roll!! AND IT'S SO GOOD! Really is mouthful of pure sweet potato in your mouth with the crunchiness of the roll skin T.T So freaking good i want it now!
Si Jie ordered salmon skin handroll amongst the wide range of temaki! And she love it also!
Actually she everything also love HAHA! That's why she order and order and order again. Until Josh say she very yao gui (hungry ghost) hahahahah!
Mich go and order some bean sprout with garlic chips and i wasn't too impressed with the look of it but i took a picture anyway. Who would have thought it's so simple and good that Mich had to order another plate hahahaha.
Four sushi newly added to the menu! I say you must try the mango tamago one!!! Refreshing good!
Look who order another california maki hahaha!
Me lah.
There, Mich's dao geh came and she's super happy hahahaha.
Matcha Azuki cheesecake! =D It's a little pudding-ish and melt in your mouth just nice! The matcha flavour is super strong so if you like matcha, you'd probably like this!
I ordered another of the garlic clams hahaha cox it's too good not to!!! 
Ending the meal with ice cream!!! We only chose three out of the many they offer! We have Yuzu sorbet, chocolate and WASABI! Hahah! My favourite is the yuzu one! Super duper pleasing and light on the tastebud after a heavy meal =D

Get a FREE scoop of Hokkaido Green Tea Ice Cream when you quote QiuQiu ^.^

And also look out for their Christmas promo!!!

You should bring your friends / family / colleagues there anytime now!!! But if you're planning on where to dine on Christmas, consider SHINKEI too for their Christmas promo! It's quite exciting becox got lobster and fresh oysters on top of the 140 dishes on the menu! So quickly make your reservation to avoid disappointment haha. Go have a nice satisfying dinner with your family / friends / colleagues on Xmas eve and Xmas day at a price that won't burn your pockets!
Thank you for inviting me!!! I had a super yummy meal and satisfying time!!!

Pearl love the food and the idea of being able to order from a proper Japanese menu, but in ala-carte buffet style.. She love it so much she brought my parents and her kids back within 5 days to eat again.

The bill works out to averagely $20+ per pax only cox my dad is senior citizen and of course also cox kids dine for a cheaper price haha. Not sure if the senior citizen price applies when but you can call SHINKEI at 62555598 to check and to make reservations =D Their Facebook page is here!

Really quite impressed becox the menu they offered covers basically everything you can find in a normal full-fledge Japanese restaurant O.O Seriously cannot imagine how much it would have cost us if it wasn't buffet style hahaha. Find out more on their website.

Will definitely go back for a good Japanese feast!!! =DDD Thank you Cindy and Anderson for the invite!!! =DDD You guys must be the best couple team! T.T So nice and friendly and approachable.