08 December 2017

IUIGA - Quality lifestyle and gifting at a fraction of the price

Do you love brands for their quality, or do you love brands for the label?

If you love certain brands for the quality, style and assurance, then you're going to be very happy becox now you can get the items from the same manufacturers as big and reliable brands..


Enjoy $10 off your first purchase with minimum spend of $100 if you use my referral link hehe.

I very excited okay when my manager told me i am going to be sharing about IUIGA. She told me they giving me bedding set i already very happy LOL. And then say gonna give me a kitchen ware bundle i was happy also cox Josh was very excited HAHA. Cox he cooks, i don't.

You know his last birthday he ask me for what? A slow cooker =) What an uncle. HAHA.

As soon as i hear that IUIGA is carrying products from same manufacturers as big brands but at a much lower price, i chiong liao. Before anything i already shopped and bought things from the site =XXX Becox really too many things look too tempting for my house!!!

All the products on IUIGA very minimalistic Japanese lifestyle kind of vibes. Also got European sleek living kind of style!!! ALL VERY SUIT MY PLACE LAH!!!

All their products like this one!!! Got lotsa wooden table ware as well!

Luggages, beddings, toiletries, home accessories, cookware, tableware, stationery, office supplies and a lot a lot more, with prices starting as low as $1.80!!! =OOO
For those who wanna get a new luggage of awesome quality but at a fraction of the retailing price..
IUIGA has awesome bundles for you!!!
Which one's your favourite? My one confirm is the rose gold HAHA. Btw this is not some filmsy China e-commerce bought luggage that will spoil fast okay. It's from the same manufacturer as the big brands, so it's quality goods!
Josh whipped this up with the gift bundle that's very suitable for Christmas! Of course they still have a lot of other bundles but below are the two bundles i got!

First up the Belly-Good Foodie gift set! Comes with almost everything you need to whip up something presentable and pretty enough for instagram HAHA.
And this whole set of table / kitchen ware would have cost you almost $500 SGD. But at IUIGA you can get everything you see in the bundle for just $99!!! And remember okay, discount on the price, not discount on the quality. Becox IUIGA gets them straight from manufacturers who produce the for the big brands!
Love the wooden bowls. It's gonna belong to Meredith and Amelia one each hehe.

THE cast iron pot everyone is sooo cray cray about. Now at a fraction of the price on IUIGA. Btw i cannot cook one ah, Josh cooked all these. LOL. I am just a pretty face =) HAHA. Do people even say that about themselves omg.

You have to admit this pot looks rather beautiful on the table.
So the highlight of the bundle is of course the cast iron pot!!! This French Casserole Pan is selling for $350 - $800 over Singapore dollars depending on sizes okay!!! At IUIGA it's $56-$63 on its own depending on sizes.
What i love about IUIGA is that for every single product, they show you the breakdown of cost to cost, and their final selling price after mark-up. You can find it under the "Honest Pricing" tab of every product. It's quite interesting!!! You can go kpo how much retailers are marking up haha.
Josh's whole chicken stew with mixed vegetable in a tomato cream base thick broth. Sounds atas but it's actually just whole chicken with mixed vegetables and a can of campbell tomato cream soup LOLOL.
And when the chicken is cooked..
LOOKS QUITE LEGIT RIGHT. Hahaha. The chicken turned out really tender also!!!

You don't have to be a good cook to make it look good and taste good LOLOL. You just need nice kitchen ware, tableware and a little bit of creativity haha.
Dipping bowl / individual size soup bowl.
Chopping board which also serves as serving board hehe. Perfect for my cheese platter this Christmas!
Gift a bundle of joy from IUIGA to someone or for your own household this festive =D

Meredith and mummy hehe.

If you're into bedding sets like myself, you'd be happy to know that IUIGA carries quite a big selection. I am obsessed with comfy, soft, simple designs. But the keyword is must be soft and comfy AND simple chio designs. I was telling my friends all that i feel anything with threadcount less than 600 is a bit like sandpaper on my face LOLOL.

So sometimes i see the designs very pretty but TC 160, 180, 300 all i feel omg must control and don't buy it for the design becox if not confirm will pass it away one cox won't use it after just once.

Here are some of the designs IUIGA carries.

They are freaking soft okay. I very sad they sent me queen size so we gonna use it for the guest room. Imma buy King size for ourselves!!!
But here's some cute pictures of Amelia and mummy hehe.
Two of a Kind bedding and towel bundle. Retail price is about $240 and IUIGA price is $99 for all-in!
Hehe my little ball of fats ^.^
Soft and fuzzy up on bedding and pillow set from IUIGA.
Look at how soft it is.

Stretchy too!
AIYOYO BABY WHY YOU SO CUTEEEEE!!! And why you no hair~!!!!
In the bundle there's also a towel set from IUIGA.
Very presentable as a gift!
Their items comes in boxes like that. Maybe don't even need to gift wrap haha.
You're not just gifting yourself / someone else bedding set okay. You're gifting soft comfy rest to their face and body hahaha.


I also bought these slippers for the house and for our guests. Mochi home slippers leh!!! So cuteee!
They also have comfy homewear.
I also bought towels. HAHAHA. Omg IUIGA is bad okay, make the auntie in me shop so much.
I also bought the chest drawer oragniser.
Some of the items i bought on IUIGA.

Have fun shopping okay. They provide next day delivery as well so if you're thinking to get something for yourself / someone this festive, give IUIGA a chance to pleasantly surprise you with quality, at a much much lower price =D

Also remember okay, for minimum purchase of $100, you can use my referral link for $10 off your first purchase. This is my referral link hehe.

01 December 2017

Japan - Setouchi (Shikoku)

Flew to Japan a week ago and it was the first time i'm going out of Tokyo (I went to Hakone before but for like day trip then we go back Tokyo liao so i don't think it counts haha).

This time we went to Hiroshima! When i told people i'm gonna go to Hiroshima for work, i am very shocked and slightly disappointed to have 90% of them ask me along the lines of "没有辐射了 meh?", "Is it safe?", "I thought that place got bombed, can go meh"

Well i guess people who've been, as well as this blogpost, will tell you Hiroshima is more way than "can go". It's a "Must go!!!" =)

You may check out #LoveShikoku group on Facebook to check out exactly how beautiful the places within Shikoku are.

Unless i'm not human, i guess you CAN go to Hiroshima =D And it looks pretty welcoming ^.^
This was the view that greeted us as soon as we alighted from the airport limousine bus.. Can't say my heart is full from this view becox then i'd be lying cox during my 5 days stay there, everything was filling in my heart. So many beautiful sights and people i've seen and met on this trip.
Hello from the Tatara Shimanami Park! They are big on cycling here so these are actually bicycle stands! I think the pink on look quite cute =)
When we were there the weather was cold but the sun was warm. I wish Meredith and Amelia were there with us.
This would be a perfect place for a perfect family or couple picnic by the sea view T.T
Okay i don't know Japanese but i think this flag says Shikoku highland.. Something? HAHA. Maybe premium milk or beef i'm guessing hahaha.

In case you're confused, Setouchi is like a island along a very loooong coastline/ sea (Seto Inland Sea) and Shikoku (which means four provinces in direct tranlsation) falls along it. The four prefectures are Kochi, Ehime, Tokushima and Kagawa (the smallest prefecture in Japan!!!).

We didn't go to Kagawa and Kochi this time round but i'm definitely looking forward to go back to Setouchi, hopefully with my parents and my kids. And this trip i finally understand the words of Japan Tourism Board, "Endless Discovery" IT IS TRUE!!!

5 days, three prefectures, NOT ENOUGH TIME T___T I feel like there's still sooooo much more to see, although i definitely saw the highlights but not enough~ Need to go back to see the rest that we heard from the tour guide but didn't see. They even have an ART island, a RABBIT island and a Yokai (monster) island okay!!! I need to go see all of that!

Actually i think even if given 5 days in one prefectures, it's still not enough one haha. So moral of the story is, keep visiting Japan. I'm ashamed to say that of the many times i visit Japan, it's always for work, only twice was for holiday and i didn't make it out of Tokyo. I'm a pig haha.

Once i'm a free person again, i'd fly to Japan with Meredith and Amelia, and Josh of course, and explore other parts of Japan!!! ^.^V #LifeGoals

We kick off the trip in Ehime prefecture.

First meal in Hiroshima. Josh usually doesn't eat squid but he say this squid sashimi is really fresh!
While i enjoy a very flavourful chawanmushi.
By the way all my pictures are taken with the Fujifilm XE-3!!! It's quite awesome!!! The lens is quite perf, no distortion and the camera's colour balance super nice!!! I don't even need to edit the colours much actually!!!
And then~ We were brought to the mikan farm!!! I a bit sad becox Meredith would have LOVEEE it here! She loves anything farm-related and love to get hands-on T.T
We were all given a pair of scissors, and invited to eat as much as we want omggg!!!
This grandpa here who's taking care of the farm sooooooo kind and nice!!! T___T He keeps asking us to try the smaller ones, they are the sweetest, and pass them to us with such enthusiasm about his fruit of labor (for real). And he has such kind eyes, i remember feeling very touched to be able to taste the mikan from his mikan farm becox grandpa here probably spend all his life at the farm.. And he takes so much pride in taking care of the farm.. Although it's usually not allowed to take the mikan home, you are welcomed to eat as much as you want during your visit.
I had four =X Hehe. It's really very very sweet okay!!! I actually wanna have a lot more but i a bit shy haha. When you're there pleaseee eat all the small and sweet mikan for me!!!
The last time we were at a farm to pick fruits was 6 years ago haha. Good to have fun couple time like this again after having kids!
Thank you so much mikan farm for making me feel so grateful again with life, with Japan, with everything. It's the simplest of things that reminds you how beautiful life is.
While the rest of the media were still taking videos and flying their drones etc.. Josh and i sneak off for 3 minutes to take OOTD. Everywhere we turn, it's scenic. Top from TokiChoiXQiuQiu.
Josh ask to take a picture of our shadow LOL. Teenagers ma?
EVERYTHING MIKAN!!!! They even have a mikan mascot omg haha so cute!!!
And then we got to the Yoshiumi Iki Iki Kan rest stop to grab our bicycle, to start this no-turning back journey for one of the most priceless view i've seen on this trip!
When i could still smile HAHA.
We were told that we gonna cycle 7km in total and i thought "7 KM sounds very doable". LOL admittedly i have very bad gauge of distance. HAHA.
Josh really sia. I cycle until wanna die, he still got mood to snap these beautiful pictures. I give it to him okay, for knowing how to appreciate the beauty of things even when we're trying to pull through. HAHA.
Maybe about 1km in.. HAHA.
The view is quite something though. I'd totally walk the 7km again for the view. Just slowly stroll.
Half way in. On the way i see a lot of joggers, cyclists as well. So if you're into fitness you definitely should come prepared in your sports gear.
Last kilometre and my SOS came to pick me up in a car =XXX I have let Josh down HAHA. He really slowed down just to watch out for me, and walk with me during the hardest up-slope range haha. But i forsake everyone and hop on to the car. I didn't ask for SOS okay btw, i  could have finished the 7km but i think the facilitators saw me struggling so they very nicely drove up to get me.
While gentleman / saviour here took over my bike =X HAHA. Am i going to hell omg for being so bad. You know in Japan you never inconvenient other people =XXX This is maybe the most buay paiseh thing i've done in Japan ever. Haha. But thank you so much for helping me!!!
And we have Ken, Claire and Cara san finishing up!
And my husband of whom i abandoned for the jeep ride. HAHAHAHAH.

When we were pushing our bicycles (yup, i cannot cycle cox up-slope, i damn unfit hahaha) up the bridge, it was cold and quite tiring for me cox i don't usually work out at all =X

And then my ears started to hurt cox of the cold air (that's why i gotta wrap scarf around my head LOL not becox i fashion baby okay)..

I told Josh "Thank you for walking with me" he didn't think it was a big deal but other than the walk up the bridge, i mean to thank him for walking with me the past the last two years, through my lawsuits and countless emotional breakdowns.

I guess at the very end, the beautiful view and the struggles along the way make everything very memorable. Thank you, Darling. We did it. Omg wtf feel like crying haha. How can writing about one bicycle ride make me so emotional. I'm still healing okay HAHA.

Back on the bus and drinking the best corn soup from vending machine!!!
Dogo Onsen Honkan - One of the oldest onsen in Japan with history of over 1000 years.. ONE THOUSAND YEARS. 
The windows are work of an artist.
See the crane above the red tower top, every bit has a little story.
And we get to go in! It's usually not open for access to public.
Took a tour around the onsen and we even get to tour the areas that the royal family used to visit. That area was only for the royal family. They even have their own private-access door. And after onsen, guest will be served snacks and tea / milk. Wish i had the time to soak!!!
Old pictures of the princess visiting.. And of people getting married / taking wedding pictures here etc.
At Dogo Onsen Yamatoya Honten (hotel). behind me is the pantry are and the doors slide open to a huge balcony!!! The room is really quite huge.
Dinner time! Dinner was at a restaurant within the hotel. My top is from TokiChoiXQiuQiu collection hehe.
Things i'd never eat elsewhere, i turn to LOVE in Japan T__T I don't eat leek elsewhere but i love it so much in Japan. Seriously cleared all the side dishes okay. So freaking good this fish with leek especially.
Miso soup with pretty maple leaf shape fishcake inside!
Sashimi that Josh happily had two portions of cox i can't take raw food haha. He said it was fat and fresh. LOL. What a lousy food-describer. HAHA.
OMG OMG OMG WAGYU BEEF SO GOOD THAT I TOOK KEN'S PORTION COX HE VEGETARIAN =X I LOVE IT SO MUCH LEH OMG. But i only can take beef well-done and most of the beef when well-done, becomes really hard =X NOT THIS ONE THOUGH! This is sooooooo juicy, flavourful and tender T_____T How will i miss itttt!!!
Fried puffer fish omg! All very yummy!!!
I'd be very happy already with the tiny fish + rice T.T It's so simple and yummy leh.
Persimmon and yuzu warabi mochi!!! Such a sweet sweet ending to our very satisfying meal!!!
Back to the room and the staff had already got our bed ready!
My loot from Day 1 hehe. All the mikan yummies that you can only find here.
On our way to visit Matsuyama Castle. Even "on the way" looks beautiful in Japan. All the autumn sightings.
On the way up to Matsuyama Castle omg haha. You can also take the covered cabin if you're a bit humji like me HAHA.
Josh ask me to smile. Okay. HAHA.
Beautiful castle with a even more beautiful history and story behind.

The Matsuyama Castle was built to be a trap entirely.

First level of trap is in the structure itself. Every door, every step, every window and way up the castle was built to make invading the castle a highly difficult task. At every corner, it's easy to shoot invaders down from the windows.

Next and the ultimate level of trap is that the Lord doesn't actually stay or go there AT ALL. LOLOL. How genius is this. Make the castle sooooo fool-proof and high defense, but the Lord is not even there. He was staying at another hidden secret place.

Becox of how genius the structure of this castle was, it was very difficult to attack it. So the castle was still kept in a very good shape. But it only got partially ruined from lightnings many many years later =_=" This lightning ah. But the people there have restored it so now it's all good as you see!

For the very first time i'm intrigued by history of castles.
Outfit and armour that Lords of their time wore during war.
May histories always be preserved and kept beautiful like this.. Thank you for such an eye-opening view at history, Japan.
Ghin zao ghin zao lol. Everything about the trip up the castle was fun except getting off the cable seat was a little unglam. Thanks Josh, for this beautiful picture of your wife =) LOL.
Next stop.. We went to a paper-making factory at Uchiko Town. It's a little town within Ehime prefecture and life there is pretty simple.
Hands-on for our very own wafu paper =D Very easy actually!!! While we leave it out to dry for 20 minutes, we go tour around the factory a bit.
The staff at the factory really make, cut dry and brush clean these pages on a notepad, page by page.. PAGE BY PAGE.. Do you know how many pages there are in a note pad.. This is some next level dedication to tradition.
Got time in between so OOTD haha.
My very own wafu paper!
We also get to check out their little shop. Filled with hand-made wafu paper products.
Can you see how intricate this piece of paper is!!!!!!
A photo to remember this place..
Quite therapeutic to be at these places where people take pride in doing good for what they do, in giving the best to people, and in the simplicity of living.
At a small cozy shop (Ryotei Uorin) for lunch. This bowl of rice was only served during celebrations / festive period cox the fish is so expensive. But in Ehime these fishes could be found near the waters in good quantity so they can be found here at very affordable prices and people here can enjoy it everyday!
Add these simple condiments and you have yourself a bowl of..
Taimeshi. They all eat until the bowls were sparkly clean okay. Just so you know how good this is. I also don't know becox i cannot eat raw food T_____T The restaurant serves other food also haha so don't worry!!!
At an old performing Kabuki theater at Uchikoza.
Only men were allowed to perform for this type of shows becox the performance have to send out a very strong message, that's what our tour guide told us.. So when the performers who had to act as a lady comes into the theater, they have a room to meditate, to get into the mindset of being a lady. Damn intense omg.
You have Japanese men taking their roles so seriously and then you have my husband who is 45 years old and Ken who is 30 yro and find joy in a silly joke on their ticketing board. LOL. They say be a 小人 (meaning villain in Chinese) can get discount LOL.
We get to walk around Uchiko town and see how their people live. It's a very small town, we barely even see the residents.
Their version of mama shop ^.^ It makes me soooo happy!!! =DDD
Some residents plant their own vegetables right outside their houses =O It was such a rare sight for urban-dwellers like myself!!
Beauty in everything.
Beauty in a picture. HAHA. Me. With that.. We left Ehime..

For Tokushima prefecture..
At Oboke Gorge for our boat ride and the people here are SOOOOO FRIENDLY and thoughtful!!! They prepared mikan beverages for us, with our flags stick on it. Even put up signboards with our names on it!!! I'm very touched okay. They really love travellers from all over the world so much!!! I hope more people will get to experience their hospitality!
Off we go~
The staff from so high level up still super enthu, kept waving our flag for us to say bye bye. Omg i'm very very impressed okay.
And this view.
It's like you got transported to another world of another time.
Sorry the scene too pretty i must post another picture of it.
Josh and i.
We were brought to a combini cox the hotel we are going to stay at will be quite far out so i went a little too crazy =XXX Hahaha. It's 90% souvenirs okay not all for myself haha.
My favourite hotel on this whole trip - Oboke Gorge Mannaka. It's super new i think.
They have these little snacks on the table. The previous hotel also have and it was some cakes that was really quite yummy.. Sorry i didn't take photo =XXX But you get the drift, Japanese hospitality is top-notch.
Skincare, bodycare, haircare all available in the hotel. Care for you top to toe okay.
At the restaurant within Oboke Gorge Mannaka, they even have feet warmer pad for guests T__T 肚子很饿 but 心里(和脚板)暖呼呼.
Professional commercial photographer Josh lai liao LOL.
This pesto egg tofu curd is really good!!! Tangy, savoury, refreshing.
Zero alcohol percentage de beer. Haha. Becox last night someone drank Cassis orange only got a bit tipsy and happy LOLOL. So Josh say no alcohol for me.
The konnyaku jelly was made to taste and smell like sashimi!!! IT'S SO UNIQUE! First time i see something like that.
AND THE NABE THAT STOLE THE SHOW. ME JOSH AND EVERYONE BASICALLY DRANK THE WHOLE POT WTH. Slurped it clean okay. It's sooooooo freaking good!!!!! The pork was tender and sweet.. The soup base was just omg, beyond this world. Tofu and vegetable that soaked up the goodness of this broth were the best.
All the little side dishes on top of the nabe.
I need to specifically mention this fish cox it's SO GOOD. Salty and yummy!!!
I noticed we were all using different chopsticks!!! So cute.
You've had soba noodles in Singapore. Not sure if it's also your first time seeing soba rice paste! Quite flavourful and nicely done!!!
Tempura that were deep-fried so perfectly. Light, cloud-like fluff kind of crispy texture. Oh god.
Dessert was winning as well cox the pear was sooooooooooo juicy and sweet!!! T___T Japan always make me miss food of quality i can never have in Singapore T__T Without breaking an arm that is. Can you please look at the pear, it's translucently seductive okay. I need it.
Pear so good plus Josh's photography made this picture looks like art so i must post again.
With the party, Claire and Cheryl from Ladyironchef and Ken from Zaobao.
And these are my loots from today =XXX SOOOO MANY YUMMY STUFF IMMA LIST THEM OUT FOR YOU!!! Going L-R, up to downwards okay. Red dots are items you MUST buy when you see.

- Souvenirs the people at the boat ride house gave us. They are really very warm and friendly! Also underwear becox the cutting very nice haha. And my must-have makeup remover wipes from Biore.

- Pretty Japanese sweets for Cheesie

- Fried shoyu chicken noodles and mentaiko fried noodles snack from 7-Eleven. BOTH SO FREAKING FOOD YOU DON'T BUY I WILL BEAT YOU.

- Mikan flavour Milky milk chews. Special matcha kit kat. Sweet potato langue de chat cookies and yuzu ones. BOTH SO FREAKING YUMS.

- Lots and lots of candies and chocolates (Melty kisses winter edition hehe) cox much much cheaper in Japan. Also the panda one super nice!!!

- Oden Calbee potato chips limited only in Ehime. I SWEPT THE SHELVE CLEAN OKAY. It's so freaking yummy, no regrets. It's slightly spicy but most tangy and salty and super flavourful. So good.

- Mentaiko chips

- Lots and lots of cup noodles!!! Ippudo one was quite nice!

- Kirin Lychee Salt drink that Mich bought for us to try before and we're so happy to see it again =DDD It's really really good. Try it.

- Donuts and snacks for my supper hehe. OMG THE ROUND RING DONUTS WERE SO FREAKING YUMMY OKAY. It's like mochi and donut hybrid. The meiji cheese also super nice, crumbly and savoury. Crabstick standard delicious haha. I found packets of peri peri sauce in my luggage so i dip the crabstick in and it was quite heavenly O.O

Our view out the hotel.. Quite perfect.
Next day for breakfast. This is just one of the many side dishes.. Josh is giving me a hard time having to sift through the photos cox all look very nice but i can't post all 900 over pictures right.
Steamed vegetables with miso sauce T.T So simple but so yums.
We were gonna leave the hotel and it was a cold day. Of course Josh have to have an ice cream =) LOL. He needs the direction to siao lang geng. Anyway as we were leaving, the hotel staff very warmly passed each of us heatpacks.. T___T And i thought it was very heartwarming. Excuse me okay, not just heartwarming. It's legit very warming. It stayed warm from morning 8am til even pass midnight still very warm!!!! =O Need to email them to find out what brand of heatpack they using lol.
After we checked out. We headed for the Iya Kazura Bridge. I was only brave enough for a few steps in before i chickened out =XXX
But Josh went ahead and the view from where they were.. Was like a painting.
From bridge eye view.
From braveheart Josh. Haha.
Actually you no need to scared lah becox it's all secured and fostered stronger with metal wires on top of the twines.
Josh looking over to his wife who's quite a humji.
The sound of waterfall really completes this scene. It's like i was right inside a painting of paradise.
Lai act yige.
And then we were at Naruto Park Kameura to catch the whirlpool!!! This was where the water is calm. We haven't reach the whirlpool zone.
That's me right there with one big one. It wasn't a day of big strong waves and tide so the whirlpool didn't go as high as they could but it was still quite a sight! We were on a huge yacht to see the whirlpools.
This was when we're at the zone. You look onto the bridge and see little boxes?
Those are viewing cabins for people to stand right atop the whirlpools to view them!
So in ratio you can see the whirlpools are pretty large. Just maybe not tall today.
Quite amazing when you're watching it from real life.
Last picture of the whirlpool..
And then a photo of Jack and Rose. LOL.
Lunch at Monsieur Fujita. A cozy little dining space.
Western cottage style food! The carrots were braised to perfection it was raved by everyone haha. But what really caught my heart..
Was the ultra soft butter rolls.. T____T They were so good. Paired with the Hokkaido whipped butter that they provide.. Omg. I might be willing to gain weight for this. HAHA.
After food we went to Awa Odori dance hall to see for ourselves their ancient-modern celebratory dance. Quite a beautiful performance with lighting effects all done nicely!
I really enjoyed myself as you could see. We were taught the very easy dance steps and then could go up the stage to dance along. I even took it down for team Singapore okay excuse me please call me dancing queen thank you. Is it i very talented and can have a niche career in Line Dancing at community centres next time haha.
And then the sun is setting as we head back to Hiroshima main city.
At Hiroshima Oriental Hotel. I quite enjoy all the stays in the different hotels cox really every night got something different to look forward to haha.
Head out for famous Okonomiyaki town for dinner!!! Okonomi means "As you wish" yaki means fry. Haha. This was what our tour guide Koto San told us. The shop that we were introduced to had 40 years history. Mama owner here run it for 40 years and then taught the trade to her equally beautiful daughter who has been running it for 24 years. Meaning since she was 16!
That is how you make perfectly yummy okonomiyaki!!!
Oh god. NEED IT NOW AGAIN!!! All these layers and layers of yummies!!!
This Josh. I got mayo on my mouth also he never tell me. I leave it here becox it shows how yummy the food was okay hahaha.
For that hour we were all in a small space, enjoying simply yummy food =)) And BEER! Hahahaha.
I say Okonomiyaki town becox this whole building is filled with shops selling okonomiyaki!!! Yup. Just that. So you can go try all the different shops but the one we went to was pretty yummy already!
Loots for that day hehe. I forgot to dot the must-try red but i'd tell you. L-R, up-down.

- Hello Kitty X Mire biscuits, salty and old-school! Not bad you can try it!!! Also peach cookies in the pink box was soooooo good. Monster begetable chips was a gimmick lah haha it taste normal. But it's very cute for kids. Also collagen gummies in peach and muscat flavour. And maple red bean flavour kit kat.

- CALBEE SMELLY GARLIC CHIPS SO LEGIT!!! MUST-TRY IF YOU LOVE GARLIC!!! Morinaga Caramel candy chew cookies MUST GET. Donki was selling for 100 yen. That's $1.20 for a box. GET IT. GET IT ALL. It's damn good.

- The ramen packs that has the kanji 東大, was introduced by the facilitator, saying it's from a famous ramen shop. So i bought it for Rachell LOL. Cox she pig. And circular mini donut looking cookies is a kind of old-school snack you must get at the Awa Odori dance hall souvenir shop if you're a big fan of ginger. It has a very nice sweet ginger taste!!! And it's soft baked with sweet sugar glaze on it. Really good and addictive to munch on!!!

- Jagabee gold series Camembert Cheese. OMG THIS IS SOOOOOOOO FREAKING GOOD THAT I LEGIT GOT A BIT ANGRY OKAY!!! Cox Josh kept nagging me not to buy so much cox scared not enough luggage space. So i only bought two, one for Meredith one for myself. I ate mine on the plane ride back home and i quite upset cox the normal me see camembert i confirm sweep at least 5 LOL. Also got sour plum and cuttlefish for auntie Peishi =) Becox auntie loves plum, mikan, cuttlefish that kind you know.

- More Melty Kisses. BUT THE ONE YOU MUSTTTT TRY IS THE FLAT BOX OF RUM RAISIN ONE. Soooooo legit the taste!!! Omg i regret giving one box to my san jie now.

Buffet breakfast at Hiroshima Oriental Hotel!
My go-to comfort food. Mentaiko and white rice. I am happy already.

On the bus ride to our next destination.. Koto san told us that we're not going to a happy place. And she apologised for what has happened to our people, and for all the other people who were hurt, or have lost a loved one. And told us she is very thankful we have given them a chance, to see and hear their story as well.

I already knew it will be a solemn place to be. But i didn't expect to get so emotionally affected.

At the Atomic Bomb Dome. Koto san was sharing with us a little story, from a child who grew to be a writer who has lost his parents in one day. The day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

Hiroshima was the first in human history to have suffered the damage from atomic bomb.

It happened on August 6, 1945 at 8.15am. In that morning, in an instant, over a hundred thousand people lost their loved ones.. A kid would have lost his mother or father or both.. A mother would have lost her daughter.. A father would have lost a child.. Forever. Husband lost a wife.. A wife lost her husband and choose to grow old and live with this nightmare till her last breathe.

The mundane but beautiful connections between people that people might have overlooked.

It took them tens of years to decide to preserve the building. Cox it brings back too many painful memories for the people.
But they have decided to keep it as a peace memorial..
If you're there with a good sensitive guide, like Koto san.. You'd really appreciate the walk. I did. Though I must say i'm a little emotional so i was already tearing up.

Can't help but to feel how helpless and how much in pain the people were..

The fireball was 370 metres in diameter, with a surface temperature of 6000 degree celsius. 100 degree celsius is boiling point. Can you imagine 6000 degree celsius.

Koto san told us that a lot of them were burning up in pain from the bomb so they jumped into the river.. And many of the people were begging for water.. But if they were given water, they will die. So the people helping out didn't give them water at that point in time.. But they regretted cox they were gonna die anyway.. With or without water..

So it was said that they built a water fountain here to remember. For a while, plants and flowers couldn't grow on Hiroshima.. Today they bloom as beautifully as you can see.
In one picture you can see how the building was before the atomic bomb and how it looks after.
It will forever be a place of recovery.. Of healing. I guess that how everyone grows stronger, better, after a trauma. This was much worst than a trauma, it was a disaster.. Maybe worst than that, it was hell.
On Hirosima lantern festival every year, people get together to write well-wishes for the souls and victims of the A-bomb, for families who lost their loved one(s).
On the day i was there, strolling with our guide along the river, there happen to be a bunch of students. They were singing a happy song.. I don't know exactly how to describe how i felt then but if any word was to come close, i think the word is Hopeful. I felt hopeful in a slightly depressing place. There were so much innocence in their voices.. If there's anything that can heal the world today, i think it has to be the power little kids have.
Peace Bell in the Hiroshima Peace Park. In hope to striking off the atom(ic bombs) across the world.
I don't know when we will all be at peace with each other but i know we CAN live with each other whether or not we like it, we can. The world has enough for everyone so maybe we should stop fighting and destroying as we fight, and start exploring.
And maybe appreciate the beauty the world has to offer.
The park is maintained and kept clean also with the help of volunteers. Who come by to sweep the floor, clean up the park.
Name list of the missing people from the tragedy. And many thousand of cranes folded in hope to bring peace to the victims.
The Children's Peace Monument. It was to commemorate Sadako Sasaki and the thousands of child victims from the bomb. You can google Sadako Sasaki and read her story..

A summary is that she survived the bombing at the age of 2 but 9 years later she developed swellings and then later was diagnosed with accute leukemia caused by radiation exposure. She heard that cranes symbolised longevity and 1000 paper cranes could grant a wish so she folded 1000 of them, and more.. But she still passed on the morning of October 25, 1955 at the age of 12.

So as you can already see.. The bombing didn't hurt them for just one day, one week, one month or even a year.. It haunts them for years after the bombing even..

Later we went to the museum and could see the effects on the victims over weeks / months / years.. It's so painful to see even.

What hurts most was how hopeful the kids remained in a seemingly hopeless time, in a visibly hopeless place. The kids who physically still could, helped out other kids and help out the with the restoration and rescue missions. But they had no food.. No water..

Little kids then, have to go through all these at that time.. It really broke my heart as i was listening.. Even as i'm back within the comfort of my home, here with my two precious kids.. I could feel my heart wrenching. And my eyes welling up.

Sometimes all the world needs is a little thought. To just spare a little thought for people who might be going through struggles in their life too. Then maybe that little thought could help us grow bigger hearts.

Koto san passed us little paper cranes.. And we gave our blessing.. As the others did, for world peace.
The Flame of Peace.. Since it was lit in 1964, the Flame of Peace has been lit continuously. It will only be put out when all nuclear bombs on earth are gone. Koto san said something as we were walking through "This flame is not going to be forever. When the world has no more nuclear weapon, this flame will be put out" so much faith for peace she and the rest of the Japanese people holds..
The memorial cenotaph. To remember the victims.
And through this, you could see the Peace Flame.

We then proceed to the museum and it was a very.. Heartbreaking experience. As you walk through the exhibition.. You could sort of enter a time tunnel..

A class photo taken before the bombing..

The city on a calm morning..
Everyday people going about their everyday life..
This was how the place looks like before..
In an instant..
It became like this.
It was down to nothing.
I saw this photograph from the exhibit, taken after the bombing.. I don't know who these people were crying for.. But i'm assuming it's for the people who died.
They put up actual belongings of the victims.. And told their story..
I remember this was the first story i read and my vision was already blurred.

Out of the 146,000 reported death, there were also about 250,000 people who were exposed to lethal post-explosion radiation.. So there were many people who didn't die on the spot..

A lot of them manage to make it home with injuries and loose draping skin.. To say goodbye to their parents / loved ones.

And even in my best imagination, as a mother myself, i cannot imagine how a mother would have felt then. 

Little Hiroshi died 21 days after the bomb.. How did you think it was for him and his parents in that 21 days..?
This tricycle belongs to a little boy..
That little boy.. Their parent could only keepsake the tricycle as his kids were dead.
A photographer took these pictures in tears.
All these little children..
Lunchbox of little brother..
The brother (who died) didn't wanna go back to Hiroshima that and the elder brother said some harsh words for him to go back. Now the brother said he feels he caused his brother's death. War killed his brother but other than dealing with the brother's death, he have to deal with his guilt. War was not started by the people who will suffer from it. It was started by a few people of that country. This is the kind of damage that was so unnecessary that could only be learnt from mistakes in history.
Marbles of this little boy, they were the only things his father could find, to remember him by.
Diary of Tomiko chan.. Who was baby sitting her little sister.. She has such a pure wonderful heart.. And was leading such a content happy simple life.. Why does war have to take all of these away.
In a short film made by a victim who had lost his mother.. He said his mother walked a long way just to bring them to safety after the bombing. Full of injuries and blood. But his mother kept going.
May the mistake stay as it is forever.. A watch that stopped on 6th August, 8.15am 1945.

We walk out of the museum for the toilet. Aunties, uncles, old grandma grandpa all had tears in their eyes. I don't know if they'd lost someone, or are they just like me.. Feeling heartbroken for the lost souls, for the lives changed, for the people who died. For the many decades they will need, to recover..

But i am thankful for the trip. It makes me treasure the peace that we take for granted.

When we left the museum, there was a counter that states it was 26403 days since Hiroshima was bombed.

And only 77 days since the last testing of nuclear bomb around the world.

When will we really live without threats of people who try to play god.

If there's a real god, may god bless all of us with bigger hearts.

Onwards to Itsukushima Shrine and Miyajima island.
And they prepared bentos from famous shops for us. Thank you #LoveShikoku team.
See these harvest board on the waters. They are harvesting fresh oysters. I didn't think much of it when i was told cox i don't eat oysters. The last time which was also the first time i had oyster was 12 years ago and i hated it so much cox it tasted so bad. I never wanna try it before cox it smells bad HAHA. So 12 years ago i met Josh and he swears by this oyster shop we were at and say the oyster is sweet-tasting. Lies. Haha.
Miyajima Island.
Greeted by these little creatures! Hahah. Oh deer!
I a bit scared so these two are the best shots hahaha.
Hehe. Thank you Claire who could speak Deerish for asking the deers to look into my cam HAHA.
Cute! But please don't lure them with food haha they will follow you if you have food.
Following Koto san for the best Miyajima maple leaf shape manju and best matcha tea they say!
I WANT ALL. So pretty!!! Made fresh and served fresh!
With a cup of hot green tea!
I was trying to figure out how come their red bean paste is sooooo smooth and fine. Then Koto san say it's becox they remove the skin of the red bean. Such dedication haha.
On to the shrines!
Famous gate at Miyajima Island.
Cleansing our hands before entering..
Swish and swooh this left and right in front of yourself to purify your soul haha.
So beautiful!
Praying for good things for good people.
Drawing lot to see how's my luck. Wanna make a guess what lot i got? VERY GOOD, GOOD, NORMAL, BAD or VERY BAD. Hahahahaha.
They say the structure is beautiful. Take a picture, they say. I'm a nice obliging traveller. HAHA.
Going up the shrines can be quite tedious so please wear sensible shoes.
500 disciples of Buddha. So cute leh they even knit caps and scarfs for them.
After that we went to a famous coffee shop - Itsuki Coffee at Miyajima island and i had the best granola i ever had!!!! IT'S SOOO GOOD! The fresh cream bun is the hotseller, i think it's good. But really, the granola omg.
A hot cuppa for that weather was pretty nice.
At Miyajima Island you could see osyter shops everywhere. And i thought to myself, i'm already 30 years old. How can it be there are soooooo many people who love oysters, and sooo many people right now queueing for oysters.. Should i just try it? I did. And i did it at the very last minute when we were already going off. IT WAS PHENOMENAL. I ordered 2. And i downed it. And then i order another 2. They were sooooo fat and fresh. Now i know what Josh meant by fat and fresh. It's life-changing.
Check in to Hiroshima Airport Hotel.
My fish was awesome.
The medium rare beef they raved about. Haha.
Breakfast before we check out..
Last of these beautiful red trees..

With that.. I end my #LoveShikoku tour..

Thank you for having me, Japan. I'd love to be back soon.

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