30 April 2014

I LOVE JAPAN - Hakone to get pregnant + Sio's birthday!

Hello!!! I am blogging this from Korea! Today is Day 4 after my surgery and i am feeling energetic mostly already! Like.. I'd say 70 - 80% of my energy level is back haha! Though i still look like a kong ba bao walking around. I wanna wait til the staplet comes off from my hair line then i go and shampoo leh! Which will be day 7 after surgery.

Actually i was told by REGEN (Email infoglobal@regengroup.co.kr) that i can already shampoo backwards, i guess that means someone (preferably in the salon) shampoo for me. But i damn kiasi one so i think.. I can handle being a bit dirty hahaha. And just shampoo in 3 more days.

I mean really.. No big deal O.O Hahah.

Staying at Big John's Place guesthouse and i must thank Jayne for helping me find this awesome place. The house owners have the biggest hearts and they keep the place so tidy and comfy.

More on my trip and surgery experience soon! JAPAN NOWWWWW!!!

So after Gotemba Premium Outlet store, we continue the road trip to Hakone!!! There's actually a lot you can do in Hakone but i just really wanna go touch the tree that can give ladies pregger luck O.O

Hahaha. Cheesie touched it and got pregnant. Cheesie's friend who don't wanna get pregnant, touch it and also got pregnant. Lolol. So i hope it's my turn soon! =DDD

Imma spoil my daughter soooooo bad. If it's a son i guess at least he still has a father.

LOLOL. Kidding~

Me and Josh washing our hands with the water pool. I guess it's to like.. Be respectful cox don't touch anything that is sacred with our commoners hand hahah. We keep giggling cox the water is major cold and our photographer Sam, don't know can trust or not one. So have to take multiple shots. LOL.
Wash until hand turn numb lolol.
Samantha standing outside the place where we draw our luck!!! =DDD She and i both get AUSPICIOUS! I think there is also a SUPER AUSPICIOUS. Bitch Nose (aka Sam) a bit not appreciative cox she say "Huh, 吉而已啊 他们有大吉的嘞" Ah, Sam why don't you dig into the box and open every single charm and help yourself. Lolol. I think i damn lucky loh!! With each lot there is a little charm!!! A lot of them shown on the paper is like quite ugly.. =X I wanted only the Zhao Cai Mao and I GOT IT!!! =DDD
Hi, i don't dare to pose in front of sacred attractions one. Lol. I think it's very disrespectful.
This other fountain is for people who wanna touch the tree, to wash hand again. Bitchnose don't wanna get pregnant nor does she wanna touch the tree so i don't know why she keep washing hand machiam it's free hand sanitizer? Lolol.
Well hello 不好意思 but 我 think 我怀孕了 =))))) Hahahaha! WOOHOO I TOUCHED IT!!!! After i self-proclaim pregnant. And when climbing down the hills i walk damn slow and ask everyone to wait up for the pregnant lady can't go too fast =))) Hahahah. They ask me to go and die.
Jokes aside. I am very very happy i finally touched the tree!!! =DDD I think it will work as a booster for my pregnancy luck! Hahaha.
Erm.. We don't know if the male have to touch it but just in case.. O.O
I never pass up on making wishes =DDD
Omg my hair damn nice, done by Sio before the trip! Hahaha. Call 6338 5250 to book appointment!
Hang it up highest!!! =DDD That's what i'd always do!!! HIGHEST!!!!
Hakone is really just very peaceful and serene.. I guess if you wanna take long slow strolls, this would be a perfect place. But when we were there it was sooooo freezing cold!!!
So we only took a few pictures.. Me and Samantha Jiejie haha.
The boys..
Before we can even appreciate the scenery and view a bit more, you see Bitchnose running for her life hahahaha. It was too cold for her. So she ownself run until the stairs then act yi ge courteous to wait for us there. Lolol.
Head back to Tokyo Shibuya and went to get a birthday cake for Sio!!! =DDD This is from the Kiki Lala cafe in Shibuya! You can google it. The cake is massive chio yes?! Taste alright. Light sponge cake with light cream.. Nothing woah but still, the look of it makes up for everything haha!
OnigiriGirls with Little Twin Stars.
While walking to our dinner venue we got sooooo hungry Sio ask us to try some snacks first. So we got to this fried chicken shop and IT IS THE BEST FRIED CHICKEN CHUNKS I EVER HADDDDDDD!!!!!!! The sauces are a little quirky though! So i only went with original spice!
This is the signboard!!! You can see them having a few branches here and there so please try it if you ever pass by!!! =DDD Super duper crispy outside and sooooo juicy inside! Careful with the seasoning though! Bitchnose added a lot of the seasoning and everyone burnt their tongue cox too salty lolol.
MINE ^.^
Dinner time!!! They brought us to a very luxurious sashimi shop. 80% of the dishes are sashimi style lol good for Josh and Sam cox they love sashimi! Then i jiak simi..?
Freshness Burger Spam and Egg. Haha. BEST MEAL EVER~? Hahaha. Cox it's to celebrate Sio's birthday, his old colleagues and friends came to join =DDD
Otaku in action. They were just totaly in their own world looking at videos and whatnots. I am guessing it's pokemon. Lolol.
Food galore time~~~~~ Some liver paste that Samantha love O.o I am thinking she can survive very well on a deserted island. Cox she eats so much raw food. I will need a lot more to eat a meal. Maybe some sesame oil, some soya sauce. At least a simple fried rice you know. Lol.
THERE. MY ONE AND ONLY FAVOURITE DRINK IN JAPAN FROM NOW ONNNN!!! Cassis!!! It's actually cassis fruit + orange juice with a tiny bit of alcohol but it's soooo good!
One of the many raw fish on the table that night haha. This was a whole fish.
Deep fried a part of the fish i don't know which, steamed vegetables and raw octopus salad? =O
And more fishes for the cavemen.
A huge plate of shell types. Raw too. Lolol. Tamago which is the thing i should love but turned out tasteless =OOO Vegetable tempura that i didn't eat cox i was already full with three cups of Cassis and my freshness burger hahaha.
After they finish up the meat of the whole fish sashimi earlier.. They ask for the bone to be deep fried till SUPER CRISPYYYYY!!!! IT IS SOOOOO GOOD OMG. Like freaking keropok!!! =DDD
I was astonished by why Yoshi san de handphone got antenna one lolol. He say how come we don't have, it's for watching TV on the go.. O.O
Found an old picture of Sio from Watanebe!!! HAHAHA.
果然每个人都有过去. 许冠英也不例外. LOLOLOL. I type in Chinese, he will never find out.
Group picture with birthday boy =DDD BEST HAIRSTYLIST IN THE WORLD TO ME!!!
Not sure if 拜拜 or making a birthday wish. Haha.
He was totally butchering the pretty cake!!!! So one person cut cake, one person hold, one person give advice hahahah.
Light strawberry cream on the inside ^.^ It taste more like ice cream i think but really it's cream.
Mine ^.^
This is the restaurant name if any of you are keen! Haha. The fishbone is a MUST-TRY!!! Of course everyone loved the sashimi cox it's fresh and sweet and whatnot.. But i can't speak for that!
Went to combini and bought this ice cream!!!!!!!!! BEST EVERRRRRR! It's the ice cream version of a candy. There's a candy version. the candy also damn nice one, like chewy one. SURPRISINGLY, THE ICE CREAM ALSO CHEWY ONE!!!!!! =OOOO I LOVE IT!!!!

Okay that marks the end for this post! More posts coming up =DDD

I shall go gurgle my mouth now ^.^ I can't wait to fully recover and eat all the food i want!!!

Thank you guys for leaving me sweet messages and good thoughts on Instagram =)))

See you guys soon once i'm back!!! I'm thinking of holding a meet-and-greet with my readers / followers! =DDD Will prepare nice food and goodie bags for you guys also! ^.^

But i haven't planned anything. I just thought of doing it last night only. Haha.

Okay lah bye bye!!!

28 April 2014


Sponsored Post

SUP!!! Just wanna tell you that i found a new L.O.V.E!!!


Don't worry ah, i'm still married to Josh haha. But i found L.O.V.E!!! At KFC!

RAH!!!! SUPER HUGE BOX!!! I was really excited to find out what's inside!!!

Cox you know lah, my last few KFC engagements were all super duper exciting and addictive hahah!

This April, all of you, like me, can find L.O.V.E at KFC!!!

SO MUCH!!!!! JUST SOOOO MUCH!!!!! ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

 All in one box!!! For one low price, you get the new Surf and Turf Box:

- Surf and Turf Wrap which is an unique combination of Chicken and Fish strips! With shredded lettuce, topped with refreshing tangy salsa and mayo all wrapped in a toasted tortilla!

- Tub of all-time-favourite Popcorn Chicken

- Regular Whipped Potato

- Regular Pepsi 

- Pack of 3 pcs OREO

Talk about abundance and great value all in a box!!! For just $6!!! ❤︎_❤︎

And you all know i am all about paying less for more hahaha!!! #BudgetBarbieFTW

I really love KFC more and more!!! Not only are they super innovative with their menu, they always give MORE for LESS!!! Which works out to great value and savings for us!!!

Like this Surf and Turf box!!!

First thing i do after i open the box. Hahaha. TRY OUT THE SURF AND TURF WRAP IMMEDIATELY! And fell in love with the tangy salsa and mayo sauce at first bite!!!
Hahaha forgot a picture of the inside and went ahead to take a few bites already O.O But here it is!!! It's really a good combi! I kinda feel like i am paying for two meals haha cox two flavours in one!
Actually the wrap itself would be quite decent to make a meal already but who would say no to MORE?! Right?!?! I mean especially if it's popcorn chicken and all! Hahaha!
Pardon Sam and her pedo face ah O.O Hahaha. I asked her to accompany me that day!!! Anyway how do you eat your popcorn chicken?! I love it with O.R sauce O.O So yay! I can dip it into the whipped potato!!!
Me with Sam and Rachell!!! ^.^ And too much food!!! Hahaha!
Seriously i eat, chit chat, take pictures, eat, chit chat, take pictures.. STILL the food like cannot finish one! I think this is exactly what abundance means!

Every meal offer is a meal with L.O.V.E at KFC!!!

I hope by now you noticed what L.O.V.E means at KFC. Haha! It means..


Other than this Surf and Turf box which will be available for a limited time period, there's also a variety of other boxes that KFC offers everyday! But i'd tell you not to miss this Surf and Turf box cox..

It is so yumsie~~~ ^.^V But Rach is too busy stuffing her cheeks with popcorn chicken hahahah!

So yeah!!! Talking about everyday great value offered at KFC. Seriously i don't know how to decide nowadays when i get to KFC. I love the $2 O.R Filet burger but do i wanna give the yummy chicken rice bowl a miss??? I mean on top of all these i also want at least one piece of Original Recipe chicken!!!

And maybe a chocolate lovers' cake O.O

And a cheese fries =OOOOOOOO

KFC just offers too many choices for us EVERYDAY!!! But i am not complaining!!! Abundance of good things is always welcomed in every aspects of our life. Hahaha.

Especially when it's right in front of you ❤︎
And you can enjoy it along with your friends ^.^V
So go try the Surf and Turf box today!!!
Camho time!!!
Hahaha. Who's the drama queen.
Two days after food-tasting session at KFC....... O.O I cannot resist. Lol. Bought KFC to "slumber party" at Huiwen's place hahaha. After that we play card game and i won twice. We only played twice. Lol. Not i say ah.. She always call me stupid, 我明明很聪明!!! ^.^V

I cannot already i confirm go back buy the Surf and Turf very soon again one!!!

Alright! Follow KFC on Facebook for updates and stay connected with them!!!


For promotion details visit www.kfc.com.sg

And also check out KFC's Instagram @KFC_SG and look out for their contests!

Thank you KFC for having meeee!!! ^.^ Always happy and satisfied and fill up my stomach real good each session ^.^ CANNOT WAIT FOR MOREEEE!