29 November 2012

❧ Ma Chérie ❧

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HELLO~! Today i'm gonna share with you..


You might have heard of it already cox i blogged about the launch here!

Yuppedie~! It's the Ma Chérie shampoo and conditioner treatment range!

Ma Chérie meant “my sweetheart” in French and as the name goes, the line of hair care that cares for your hair in the most luxurious sweet rewarding way.  First launched in Japan, Ma Chérie is now available in Singapore for ladies to indulge in the fragrance that lingers through their soft silky hair!

Let me ask you. What does all ladies like?




Okay lah, maybe not all-all. But definitely MOST. Haha ^.^

So take joy! Ma Chérie range of shampoo products smells like sweet fruits and floral and it's in pink packaging AND it makes your hair look good and smooth!!!

In my hands, the Ma Chérie Moisture range of shampoo and conditioner!

They also have the Ma Chérie Air Feel range that helps limpid hair that are oily and flat, to be more lively, more volume like the kind you see on Japanese girls lah, airy airy one their hair ^.^ This two bottles are the secret to your volumious hair!!!

I am in the midst of planning for my wedding and this involved photoshoot and lots and lotsa hairdo trials cox my hairstylist is a Japanese and he wants everything as close to perfect as possible.

So although most of the time you see my hair like this..

Big nice curls that needs to be hot-ironed.

Hairspraying and teasing of the hair etc..

It's no wonder my hair salon-services sponsor keep asking me back for treatment!!!

So you can't really really blame me for having bad quality hair. Since forever =X Lol. My hair was at its worst after the hands of my first few hair sponsors =X now it's a lot better already but still, can be better la! And other than the occasional treatments i do at the salon, i MUST maintain it myself!

Same applies to you!!!

You have to do some self-maintenance also one! Especially when i have dry hair!!!

What better product to use than this! It is in pink, smells GREAT and keeps my hair moisturized!!!

They have shampoo, conditioner and TREATMENT int he moisture range!!! =D

Shampoo-ing time!!! Some how the shampoo smells more like sweet and fresh fruits here!!!

Don't forget to use the conditioner when you shampoo too! =D
Done! Soooo easy to run through the hair!!!

What's the secret of Ma Chérie that allows our fingers to glide through the hair soooo smooth and easily with no tangle!!!

ARE YOU READY! For all the secrets!!!

Moisturizing ingredients included in Ma Chérie shampoo range:

    Champagne – Protect against environmental free radicals and oxidative stress

    Honey – Naturally retains moisture and add shine to hair!

    Hydroxyethyl urea – Effective moisturizing ingredient

    Inositol – Vitamin B that softens hair

So much goodness in it, you MUST try!!!

Actually i already have been using Ma Chérie shampoo for quite some time now! It was really hard to find lah!!! Cox it's a product from Japan, and in Japan it is one of the most popular choice among the Japanese ladies! And only a number of beauty shop owners carry Ma Chérie =(( But i love it a lot cox of the smell and how it makes my hair feels really smooth and easy to manage cox no tangle.

And one time from my sister's friend beauty shop, i bought 6 bottles of Ma Chérie hair products cox i just LOVE the smell and packaging so much! But it's only sold in Japan then!

BUT NOW!!! It's launched in Singapore already!!! =DDD And it's readily available at selected Watsons. You can find out which are the outlets that carry Ma Cherie, on Ma Cherie facebook page! Go like their page now! You can always PM them to find out which is the nearest store for you ^.^

I shall TRY their hair treatment since my hair is always so dry!!! Have never tried it before!

Erm.... Just one picture of me and the Ma Chérie moisture treatment?

Put a suitable amount for your towel dried hair (and not dripping wet hair!), at the hair ends especially! My hair is kinda long so i put a bit more lah. Like 3 swirls of base size 50 cents. Hahaha.

Gently apply it on your hair and wait.

Really love to see smooth hair on me hahah!!! Then you wash off..

And done!!! Look ma!!! I can glide four fingers through my hair!!!

Now i'd give a tip to those who have REALLY bad hair condition.

After you shower, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS remember to dry yourself (or at least your hair, if you want nicer hair the next day)  up and blow dry your hair!!!

It will help you wake up with much nicer hair!!! Straighter also! NEVER go to sleep with wet hair! You confirm wake up with pressed on curly and messy hair!

But IF you blow dry your hair without using good / moisturizing shampoo, you will end up with dry hair. Cox blowing actually also a bit harmful to the hair BUT girls gotta do what we gotta do! Dollup, do hair, do makeup! So you cannot stop all that you can only make your hair healthier! =D

So i strongly suggest you give Ma Chérie a try!!! ^.^

Blow dry time~!!!

Really is whole room will have the floral scent one!!!

Just in case you think one picture of me is not enough =X

My ear is supposed to be a floral bunny ear but so long until cannot see = /

Okay removed ears for your to see results!!! You might think the changes are small but to me it is HUGE. When i touch it it's not curly and spikey (as what my friend described my hair to be) one i super happy!!! It's soft and smooth!!!

Close up. Sooooo much better after using the Ma Chérie shampoo range!!! Much much lesser split ends, no curly dried up ends and flyaway!
You ownself see ba. Still got this shampoo ad kinda shine one i swear i didn't photoshop that.

More camho shots =X

CAN SEE OR NOT! My hair really is smooooth untillll, after using Ma Chérie Moisture range! Best part is you gotta touch to believe. Really feels very silky =D

Their shampoo is also a must have cox i'm sure it helps with the moisturizing and that it makes your hair smell SUPER DUPER good!!! First fresh fruits, after drying, floral! Amazing not!!!

But the MOST amazing product i'd say you MUST MUST MUST buy (though i wish you'd buy one whole set haha!!! ) get for yourself is the Ma Chérie hair treatment!!!

It's so moisturising and makes my hair feel smooth even after it dried up from after shampooing! The hair stays soft and straight all day long i feel!

My hair at best condition with no extra haircare. If got haircare products of course it'd be EVEN nicer!!! But for now, only shampoo and conditioner i can get this result i VERY happy already!

Did i not warn you this post is a very self-absorbed post? Lolol. I didn't.

Thou the Ma Chérie shampoo products are indeed effective, i best appreciate that it smells good!!!

You know there are a lot of deciding factors involved when you wanna make a purchase, right?

For me when it comes to buying shampoo, SMELL of it is of number one importance. Lol. And you know what, Ma Chérie series smells the same throughout all the products. Can you imagine using the entire series!!! Your hair will smell soooo damn good you don't have to use body perfume liao lah!!! Go where the wind blow, everyone can smell you liao haha.

Another amazing part about Ma Chérie shampoo series is.. The smell changes before and after drying! Try it yourself! It'd turn a little muskier after drying!

Nice smelling hair = Good mood!!! I think we all need that! Haha ^.^

Two is packaging =X

Three is of course what the shampoo / conditioner actually does for me.

I think Ma Chérie has already fit the bill for every category! Number one nice-smelling, number in cute packaging and it also super good at helping frizzy hair!

So if you are interested.. This is the whole shampoo range. The shampoos and conditioners featured below are the 200ml ones. If you're looking at purchasing the bigger sizes, they have the 500ml one, that's what i have in my bathroom since before! ^.^ And of course, they have the 50ml travel set!

Hooray! There's something for everyone! ^.^

There's also treatment for the Airy range but i didn't pick that cox my hair cannot get anymore airy liao haha. Anymore airy and volume, i will look like lion king already.
We have the Ma Chérie Air Feel range which helps limpid flat hair..

And MY CHOICE the Ma Chérie Moisture range for dry damaged hair!!!

Here's a quick list of their prices..

Inserting random shots of me taken for this session cox i am a girl like that.

Okay bye bye!!!

Link for your convenience ^.^

They update their Facebook page with lotsa promotions and events and hair tips so do like =D And most importantly, it's available at selected Watsons! You have to go to Ma Chérie facebook page to check out which outlets have them! But for now i'm pretty sure huge watsons like Ngee Ann City or Bugis Watsons will have them. Go grab them if you're shopping =D

Ma Chérie Facebook Page

And this is something just for my readers!

If you’re interested to go to a Ma Cherie workshop to learn Japanese hair styling, make up and skincare tips from the professional, please like the facebook page and PM them with QQ MACHERIE WORKSHOP and list down your name, NRIC, email and contact number!

Limited seats only and it’d be fun learning Japanese hair styling, skincare and make up! It's a girly day out held specially for my readers only! ^.^ Good right? 

Like Ma Chérie Facebook Page now!

Nobody, nobody but chiu..

I just wanna share these emails for me, sent to rarebits email.

Becox it made me and my girlfriends and Josh laughed a hell lot lolol.

My friends has always been fearful of my legs and feets cox i'd admit, it's not the most clean legs you'd find lolol. So i doubt it's a good idea you wanna lick my legs.
- - - - - - -
Why you cut my allowance from just now $7k to now $6k?
- - - - - - -
Say serious one, i don't usually like to share my food.
- - - - - - -
All i wanna say is.. Nobody, nobody but chiu has express likings for me like this. Lololol. And lastly, don't pour chocolate on me, so dirty and messy and sticky one, later the ants come i will ki siao.

27 November 2012

JRunway - Japan's fashion heaven right here!

Hello!!! Remember the fashion show i was talking about few posts back?! At JRunway, with Cheesie and many other celebrities from Japan involved?! Gonna share about the event that day now! =D

If you were there, you MIGHT be able to spot yourself in my pictures haha ^.^ If you weren't able to make it that day, don't worry, enjoy the pictures and check out JRunway for yourself when you can!

JRunway is located at:
Plaza Singapura new extension

Arrived early morning that day for rehearsal and hair / makeup! Love this picture taken with the Casio ex-zr1000! Will share more another time ^.^

The HUGE and spacious Japanese multi-label concept store, JRunway.

JRunway is the first in ASEAN to bring such concept to the fashion scene outside of Japan.

They bring us a good mix of Japanese fashion labels and with that good mix including different styles from the streets of Japan, and now we can shop and feel JAPAN fashion scene at our convenience!

What style are you? Sexy, cute, sweet, sunshiney / beachy, casual, street style, hip hop, gothic, lolitha, mode, what? You name it, i'm sure JRunway has it already =D And it's all from Japan!!!

Alright back to the backstage! Haha ^.^

Racks after racks of clothings in different stations @.@ Damn stress one if i am one of the models. Heng me and Cheesie both only got one outfit to model each haha.

When you walk into the shop, keep walking you'd see this mini paradise!!! FILLED with kawaii makeup and accessories all from Japan =DDD

Me and Cheesie both had our makeup done ourselves and have Number76 Style to do our hair!

Cheesie say my iPhone 4 de camera suck never mind, my new camera damn good haha.


The mini paradise i mentioned just now..

Is where..


ANYTIME (of course during their operation hours lah), ANYDAY..


You can use all the good Japanese makeup from the makeup counters at JRunway for free!!! they have hair curlers there too!!! So have fun!!! If you like what you use, please buy a new one from them lah! Haha ^.^ I got no time to shop that day btw =( The Q was crazy.

Nearing show time, everyone getting crazy busy.

Cheesie decided to have her hairstyle changed lol.

We decided not to camho with the caucasian models, we camho with ourselves then at least we all look good. If we camho with them suddenly we become less chio =X Lolol.

Cheesie looking good ^.^ Also don't know if she's werking mode / princessy / cute.

I am obviously trying to act cute. Lololol.

Josh helped me snap some pictures of the event that day cox i cannot go out ma, supposed to be hidden at the backstage haha. You know, like how special guests should be haha. And the crowd WAS massive!!! This is not the actual guest, this is just a small part, people from the media.

Nami San with another special guest, Sharon Au and Elim Chew boss of 77th Street!!! =OOO

And then there's me! Hahaha ^.^ Doing the interview for media.

Cheesie saying her piece. On stage with us, Tatsuya (left) and Taku (right). They are from one of the top modelling agency in Japan, BARK in Style.
And i yada on. Haha.

I was being asked what i think about JRunway.

Share here again what i think i said!

I think it's a very exciting project especially for people who are into Japanese fashion. Cox now you guys can find the more popular Japanese brands from JRunway shop, and you can touch and see the products for yourself, and you don't have to wait for the items to be shipped to you.

So yeah lor! Also ah, i add on a bit here lah, on stage i very shy =X Hahahah.

I think JRunway is not just a shop where you shop and go, you can really spend your time there, playing around with the makeup, changing in and out of the different labels, get advice from their trained Style Concierges, who will assist you in cordinating an outfit or give you suggestions on what you may like to try for your special events etc. You can ask them anything about dressing up ^.^

And then they will be able to find you something that will match you.

It's pretty much like the shops in Japan. When i was there, i notice their shop assistants are all very very helpful and will tell you which top will look nice with which pants/ skirts or which accessory you can match your outfit with. Like shopping with your friend who has good fashion sense! =D

So long as you wanna dress up, wanna look good, wanna have fun, wanna experience the Japanese fashion culture, then you gotta CHECK OUT JRUNWAY!

They have shelves after shelves of outfits from numerous Japanese labels.

There has been a lot of raves about the selection of bikinis at JRunway. So if you're a beach girl, you have to go pick up something for yourself!

Me and Cheesie ^.^ My blog is like 1/8 her blog already always see her face one hahaha.

Misako Aoki was there to grace the event too, she's a very famous lolitha star from Japan!

AND!!! JENG JENG!!! JRunway is the only place you can find EMODA items in store!!! They have quite a huge selection of EMODA merchandise for a multi-label shop!
Guys, don't be jelly! A lot of brands for you to choose from also!!!

One of the accessories corner. You gotta spend a loooong time there to go through everything haha.

Group shot with the hairstylists from Number76Style who did our hair that day! If you visit KL they are your best bet for nice hair cox they have Japanese doing your hair also ah ^.^

Josh visit the backstage and take one of me before the show starts. He can get backstage pass not becox he's my bf lah, it's becox he shot for JRunway ecommerce shop so they are all friends.

I am not sure how many of you came to say hi to me, but thank you!!!!!

And the Q goes all the way. Japanese fashion must be really sought after!
Or is it me and Cheesie =X Lololol.

And it doesn't stop. People just keep flooding in ^.^ Happy for JRunway!!! Cox they really spent a looong time planning for this and a loong time to execute the plan! Paid off well!!! =DDD

The pre-opening launch to media only. So they get to shop first. Followed by the fashion show!

Some styles spotted in the first show, Punk/ Street style, casual male apparels, sweet floral..

Lots and lots of camera!

We were invited back on stage to say how we feel about guest-appearing in the runway show. I just say i hope i do a good job lah. But actually i wanna say "I don't fall or trip over i very happy already" Lolol. True feelings.

Next set of outfits!!! If you like to play it safe with black but don't wanna look boring, play around with prints/ details! Find your cordinates at JRunway!

Misako San donning another lolitha outfit ^.^ Looking cute!

One of the cordinates i like!

Sigh why like this. Arrange for me to appear after a top-model looking female model lolol.

"B*tch i'm fabulous!" Hahaha ^.^ Someone (i forgot who) told me my outfit look like one of the vamps in Twilight. I think the vamp is Dakota Fanning play one. Haha. A bit.

Favourite picture of myself on stage ^.^ The dress i am wearing is from EMODA ^.^

Cheesie after me. This shot of us, i believe she was asking me "How, your face got twitch or not!" Lololol. Simi sai. 我们就在那儿聊起来 hahaha.
Then she's like "Fashion show is easy, i can strut with my eyes closed" Lolol. Literately.
Cheesie werking it like a boss.
Say real one i also don't know why i keep smiling so widely and forgetting i got red lipstick on =OOO Really all also got red lip stick stain on my front tooth lor =( I think i too happy already lol.
Thank you girls for coming and for hanging out at the makeup area!!! =DDD You all so shy, can use the makeup one but you all keep waiting haha!
The first girl i put makeup on! Hello, Adrianne! ^.^ She's only 14 yro omg.
And one more.. ^.^
And one more! I think got a few more but i don't have pictures!

You know what i learnt!

I learnt that no matter what age you are / what face shape you are / how tall you are, no matter if you're cute or cool, so long as you doll up, you can and you will look good!

And if YOU want to be a star, you can.

And if YOU want people to notice you, they will.

And if YOU want to be a model, you will be.

And YOU, just gotta start somewhere!!!

So why not now!!!

Be the JRunway Ambassador!!!
Represent the J-Fashion Community!
WIN a 1 year modeling appointment with JRunway
Get to model in various Japanese labels and attend exclusive events.

BEST PART.. The prizes..

Grand Winner
- 5 Day Modelling Experience in Japan
(Flight & Accommodation included)
- Experience professional modelling / shooting in Japan
- Fashion reception experience in Harajuku and Shibuya, Japan
- 1 year modelling appointment with JRunway
- Premium membership (50% Discount) off items from JRunway store
- Paid Campaign shoot engagement for online/ print media
- VIP exclusive event
- Spokes person for JRunway
- Blog portal premium positioning for feature of winner
- Paid Runway Modelling opportunity


5 days, well-taken care of in Japan and get to do photoshoot all these!!! I also want lah!!!

Guys and Girls of age 18 - 28 can join!!!

I STILL CAN LEH!!! Hahaha! Kidding lah, i cannot join =( Cox.....?

I AM ALREADY A JRUNWAY GIRL YO. I ownself pledge to be one one!!!

Cox i also love Japanese fashion ah!

I pledge to shop at JRunway once every month at least and i will bug Nami San to give me a discount also =X I MEAN, the winner can get 50% discount leh!!! I also want some discount lah =OOO

On top of that, in that one year, you will still be offered paid jobs from JRunway and appear in various media that will introduce you as the JStar that represents Japanese fashion community in Singapore etc. Good for you lor *sour* Lolol.

Although there can be only one grand winner, all the finalists gets pretty good deal as well!!!

- 1 year modelling appointment with JRunway
- Premium membership (50% discount)
- Occasional Paid Campaign shoot engagement for online/print media
- VIP exclusive event
- Blog portal customization
- Paid Runway modelling opportunity

I don't know what you're waiting for becox even if you don't win, but you get into the finalists stage, you can get 50% off shopping in JRunway already leh!!! O.O GO!!! JOIN NOW!

Send your e-application to be JStar here! (click!)
One of me and Elim ^.^ We chatted a bit on Twitter but finally got to meet her in real life at the event! She's soooo friendly and enthusiastic about everything!!! ^.^
But she complain i too tall hahaha. Okay for you i bend knees a bit! Lolol.
One with Nami San!!! ^.^
And the guys from BARK in Style Japan!!!

They are sent overseas to model a lot cox BARK in Style is really quite regconised especially in Japan! So Taku and Tatsuya has even done quite a number of commercial modelling jobs in Singapore already!!!

SO!!! If you are associated with BARK in Style Japan, good for you!!! I will be very jelly but happy for you!!! Male or female, all got chance to be grand winner ah!

Us!!! ^.^ Join us!!! They are all really fun and easy-going people haha ^.^

I can't wait to shop at JRunway soon! For real!!!

And i look forward to work and walk with you on the next JRunway fashion show!!! ^.^

Links for your convenience

JRunway Website
JRunway Facebook Page

JRunway is located at:
Plaza Singapura new extension